Whitney’s Wonderful Whatnot~ Thrifty Birdhouse

So my latest whatnot… this AMAZING birdcage planter. Ashley and I were out running errands on Saturday. I mentioned that I needed to run into Lowe’s and get some spray paint. I left her in the car with the kids and ran in to get only what I was going for. That was until Lowe’s put their clearance section within a few feet of the paint aisles… I was unable to maintain self control and had to go “peek”. So glad I did!! What I found was a super cute metal indoor/outdoor birdcage planter reduced to $20. Normally I don’t buy anything that is not a shanty project but this I couldn’t turn down. I may someday use it for it’s intended purpose but as for now it will be in my dining room as an accent table. You can imagine Ashley’s face as I am walking back to the car with a 4ft bird cage… I can’t say it was a face of surprise! I will be posting this whatnot with Rhoda’s Thrifty Finds over at Southern Hospitality. Check it out… LOTS of goodies there! http://southernhospitalityblog.com/those-thrifty-finds/

  • Revamped French Maison

    I adore that birdcage. I've been eyeballing the same one at Lowe's the past couple of years but haven't been lucky enough to find at the great price you picked yours up for. I just love that the inside can be a display for just about anything during all seasons, it can be used in the garden, on the porch… love it!


  • Kahra

    You two are so creative. I've been inspired by a few of your projects. I may even run to Lowes to see if they have a bird house like that one….and I hate birds! But it looks great.

  • Wendy

    That is really cool!

  • a little bit vintage

    Super cute! Love, love, love the window! 🙂


  • Sue

    What a perfectly cute display piece. I like that you've placed the finials in it and placed it in front of the old window.
    🙂 Sue

  • Julia

    Your girls always have such creative things on your blog! Good work!

  • Enchanted Rose Studio

    Fabulous piece! I love it! Great find!


  • Cheri Peoples

    That is one great piece. Love it.
    Come for a visit.
    Its So Very Cheri

  • marty39

    What a great piece. I love it. It looks great with the finials inside. Great find. Hugs, Marty

  • Grits414

    Love it!!!! It would travel all over my house!

  • Bonnie

    How cool is that? Great find! I'll take one of those and the window beside it!

  • Allison

    I like it! Always fun to find something unexpectedly!

  • Kitty Scraps

    OH MY WORD! Would you look at that?!?! What an absolutely fabulous display piece! I love it, it's beautiful! I can just imagine all the different things you can put inside it for the various seasons and holidays. And you got it for a steal! Why doesn't my Lowe's ever have anything half as wonderful as this? *smiles*