Flat Rolled Rosettes – No Sew Baby!

This will be my first of three tutorials on fabric flowers.  I went googleing a few weeks ago for some tutorials and after reading a few, I came up with a few of my own methods that I felt saved me lots of time.  The first one I want to share with you gals is a rolled rosette.  These are super easy and quick to make.  I start with a piece of felt the color of my rosette fabric.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $.25 a piece.
For these flowers you will want to use double sided fabric… Not sure if there is a more technical term but that is how I see it.  You want a fabric that is not just printed on one side.  For my fabric I used this silky solid I found at Joann’s for $2.50 a yard.
I started by cutting a small cut about 1.5″ from the edge of my fabric.
Then I just grabbed both sides of the cut and ripped it all the way to the other end of the fabrc.  That left me with a 1.5″ strip.
You will need a button for your center piece.  I love the look of vintage buttons so I chose these from Joann’s that gave me a vintage look.
I folded my fabric in half.
I then put a drop of hot glue on my felt.
I put my folded fabric down on the glue and then glued my button to the top of that.
Now it’s time to roll! I kept my fabric folded in half as I rolled my fabric away from the center button.
I would roll about 3-4″ and then wrap them around the center button.  As I wrapped I hot glued the rolls down to the felt.  I did not have to use much hot glue at all.
Keep rolling and gluing!
The tighter you roll your fabric the skinnier your flower will look.  I would loosen it up a bit at different places to change it up a bit.
I finished rolling until I had about 2″ left of my fabric strip.
At this point I waited for the last of my glue to dry good and then I used a pair of scissors to cut the felt around the flower.  I was careful to use very little glue on the last wrap around the flower so I could cut my felt just a bit smaller than the width of the flower.  Once that was cut I glued my remaining fabric to the back of my rosette.
That’s it!  You are done.  The back is a bit shanty so if you are worried about that just cut another small circle of felt and cover the back.  Here are a few that I made…
I used two strips of fabric back to back on this last rosette.  I cut them a bit skinnier and didn’t worry about folding them in half…. So cute!  These will all be for clips but I will be making more for around the house.  Next I will show you girls how to make the folded rosettes I used on my wreath.
They are just as easy and again… No sewing!  I’m sure there are so many ways to make these cuties but I wanted to show you guys how I had the best luck.  Let me know if you have any questions at all.  Thanks so much and have a great weekend!!

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  • Gigi613

    Great post! So easy to do compared to some tutorials I have seen. Thank you!

  • Kim McCall Weathers

    I have a question. Do you finish the length wise edges of the fabric? It looks like they are finished off some how or are they raw edges? Maybe use fray check? Thank you and I love your work! I wish you were close by to visit and play!

  • Do you have to use buttons? I am making the Monogram Spring wreath and it doesn’t look like you used buttons for those rosettes.

  • Lori

    are there supposed to be pictures here?

  • vintagegypsy

    Thank you for such a detailed description of the rosettes!!! Keep the good stuff comin….

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  • I love this tutorial!! I have tried a million rosette tutorials and I always have trouble with getting my flowers to come out right. This one looks great, easy, and I know its going to work! Love your blog, thanks for all the great posts!

  • DaniaO

    Absolutely Genus! fabulous tutorial!

  • Holly @ Roller Coaster Life

    Mine did not turn out this easy =( Im sad! My fabric didnt want to stay folded and the edges were all stringy!

  • Tara

    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial. I have been looking for any easy rosette tutorial and have failed. So I am very appreciative of this. :))

  • Laura

    This is really brilliant! I love glueing directly onto the felt, it's less messy than glueing to itself. Thank you for sharing.


  • Isabel

    I have been looking for some flowers but the tutorials I found were a little confusing. Thank you so much for posting this, Im going to try it right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Carissa Mason

    Thanks for the awesome tutorials!!! I love your website and will be back often!

  • Camille

    WOW! My sister emailed me this link and I adore these! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial—I will be making some this very weekend. : )

  • Veronica

    you make it look so easy… They are too cute…

  • decdiva1

    i am sooo gonna make these as soon as i get my fabric! thanks for the instr.

  • Katie

    That brown one is beautiful!!

  • Whitney

    Cute idea! Question: If you fold the fabric strip in half, wouldn't it be okay to use a print?

  • kakalderman

    Cute! I look forward to making some of these to go with my suits for work for the summer. I did a quick little tutorial with a glue gun and a slightly different flower – http://www.whathappensatnaptime.blogspot.com

  • Sylvia (at) Lily’s Pad and Petals

    GREAT tutorial and can't wait for the other two. I will try this one today. Been looking for a simple version and this is it. And oh so pretty.

  • the thrifty ba

    oh my cute! guess where i am headed tomorrow…

  • juanita

    These are perfect and just what I needed. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  • Ron and Connie

    I've been making these (in a smaller version) for years. The way you make them is soooo much easier! Thanks for the fabulous idea!!!

  • TCahal

    Very pretty!! I really like the two-tone pink one! TFS!! The instructions look very easy to follow along with.

  • Tales From My Empty Nest

    These are super cute and they look so easy. Thanks so much for sharing the instructions. I want to make some. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Love & blessings from NC!