The New Nursery Plan

Hey guys!!

How is everyone?  I am back in business!  I was surprised 3 weeks ago to meet my new little guy.  He was actually due this Thursday, the 10th.  He had a much different plan!  So, for those of you that haven’t met him just yet…

Meet Brooks!

He is wonderful and healthy and I am so thankful for him!

I did share my original plans for his nursery a few months ago.  I found some fabric and had great intentions of making his bedding. Those plans changed when I was put on bed rest 8 weeks ago.

My husband is a recreational pilot, and I ran across Pottery Barn’s Madras Bedding.  I loved it, and decided this was the direction I wanted to go.

I started with a very easy project to get back in the swing of things.  I recently came across some great watercolor airplane prints on Etsy.  I fell in LOVE.  However, they didn’t quite meet my “shanty” budget at $20 a pop.  I decided to use the sheets from the bedding to recreate the look.

Here are the sheets from the bedding…

I loved the airplanes on these, so I decided to take pictures of them.  I did change the tone of the pictures a bit on Photoshop Elements so they wouldn’t look like sheets in the pictures.

I also bought 8 cheapo frames from good old Walmart!

That’s about it!  I just put each picture in a frame and hung them on the wall above the storage system I built.

Here are the results…

This was a $24 dollar project that I love!  I’m excited to get the bed out of the box and see it all come together!  I have some fun curtains to share too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’m off to feed the fam!  It’s Paula Deen Taco Soup night at my house… Whoooooop!


  • Kat

    Your family is just like my niece’s. She is excepting number 5 (a boy) who will be welcomed by 2 older sisters, an older brother, then an older sister. Not sure the age of your little ones but hers are all under 7. Congrats!

  • So glad Brooks is doing so well & y’all are settling in! Isn’t it nice when you can finally manage some creative time? Take care, girl!

  • Hi! Stopping by from tt&j. Congrats on your new addition.. hes adorable! I love the nursey too. Very chic! Also, I would love for you to share this at my friday link party. Its new so I would love to have you link up 🙂

  • The nursery artwork looks super cute, but WOW — it’s hard to follow a baby picture like that! Cutest baby picture I’ve ever seen. Brooks is a cutie pie! Glad he’s doing well. <3

    • How many variations of “cute” can I squeeze into one post?! 😉 Totally justified here…

  • I’m a new follower. Congrats, he is adorable! LOVE the nursery too!! 🙂

  • Stephanie Brooks

    What a little angel!! And I’m so flattered you named him after me:-) LOL Congratualtions on your new bundle of joy!! Just seeing his precious face makes me long for a sweet newborn to snuggle with:-)

  • Rhonda Tomlinson

    Brooks is adorable. Congrats and so happy that all has turned out so amazingly. Love the sheet print and how clever to take pictures of the airplanes. I really like that it isn’t so childish, the print. This summer I was blessed with my first grandchild, Brently, aka Mr. B. He too had a rough start into this world, he was stuck in the birthing canal and wasn’t breathing when he was delivered. After 5 days in the NICU he was able to go home with his Momma & Daddy. Mr. B is now 3 months old and is turning into quiet a little haas. Even though I have 3 boys, (23-21-16) this little man just melts my heart everytime I see him. Love you girls work!!!

  • He’s such a little cutie!! Congratulations! I love that you used edited photographs of the bedding, that’s such a great idea!!

  • that’s a great idea to take pictures of the airplanes. So adorable!!

  • Emma

    He is beautiful. I love your idea of taking a photo of your sheets, I may have to copy it!

  • Congrats on your little one! He is adorable! When are you coming back to skype? We’ve been asking about you on there!!!

  • june

    That is so clever – I would’ve never thought of simply taking a picture. I will have to mentally file that idea away. I love your moulding and color on the walls too. Congratulations on your baby! And you are supermom to be feeding your family at 3 weeks already! I was completely useless around the house for at least a month after my son came along.

  • Doris Bertoch

    He’s precious! ….AND I cannot tell you how much I love the fact that you can make such fabulous things for next to nothing! You are my idol!

  • Congrats on the sweet baby boy! Love the decor!

  • What a handsome little guy! Great decorating idea for the bedroom! Thanks for sharing

  • Congrats! What a special little one – enjoy.

  • Janet

    What a cutie!!!! I have a premie who is now 27 yrs.old..he was born almost 2 months early..he just couldn’t wait to see what the world was all about!! So glad he is healthy!!! ENJOY each day!! cause before you know it he will be 27 just like mine.

  • Great work on the baby AND the airplanes! Congratulations!

  • Congrats! Very cute picture.

  • Congratulations! He’s precious! And his room looks wonderful!

  • Congrats! Ohhh he’s so handsome! And your room is stunning… love the aviator theme. 🙂


  • OMG… Brooks is sooooo ADORABLE!!! Congrats… His room is coming along nicely… Love your blog!

    I too am a DIY’r, please check out my blog if you get a chance 🙂

    • Shanty2Chic

      Thanks so much Diana! I will check it out for sure! 🙂

  • Oh my, is he precious or what…Congratulations. We have all been praying for that lil man of yours…and you too. Glad your back in business…..does he have a tool belt yet?

    • Shanty2Chic

      Thank you so much Missy 😉 No tool belt yet but give it a few more days!!

  • How adorable! Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

    • Shanty2Chic

      Thank you so much Latoya!!