DIY Decorative Wall Mirrors!

Hey hey!!

Hope you all had a GREAT holiday weekend!  We did for sure and I decided to kick of 2012 by dusting off a few of my tools.  I kind of took a break from building when I was put on bed rest back in September, but I’m finally back in action… Woohoo!

So… I actually bought the supplies for this next big project back in September as well.  I have been so excited to finally get them done!  I made 3 mirrors for my dining room and I LOVE them!  They are super easy and cheap… My kind of DIY!

I started with a 4×8 sheet of 1/2″ MDF from Lowe’s.  I had a them rip it into 20″ pieces.  So, each piece was 20″x49″ and there was a scrap piece left as well.  This sheet was around $20 and my Lowe’s cuts for free.  This is all the cutting you will need to do to the MDF which is great!

I found this trim that I liked for around $3 for an 8′ piece.

I used my miter saw for this next part, but you can also use a little hand saw for projects like this.  I used one before getting my big saw.  It was $12 at Lowe’s.  You will need a little miter box too.  Here is a set at Lowe’s that would work perfect!

I cut 4 equal pieces of trim for each mirror at 10.5″ each.

My first step was attaching this trim to my mdf boards.  I used Gorilla Wood Glue and my brad nailer to attach my top trim piece first.  I attached it 4.5″ from the top of the mdf board.

I then attached my other pieces to form a box.  Each corner is cut at a 45 degree angle.

I found these great wood medallions at Lowe’s for about $6 a piece…

I used some of my wood glue and a few nails to attach it to the center of the square.

Finally, I used a cheap base molding to trim the top and bottom of each mirror.  I bought two pieces from Lowe’s at about $5 a piece.

I just used some wood glue and my brad nailer to attach them.

Now I was ready for paint!

I gave them each a couple coats of my very favorite!

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Heirloom White

After they dried I attached the hardware to the back before attaching my mirrors to the front.

I used D-rings and metal wire on the back of each board, and used anchors on the wall with screws to hang each board from.

Now for the mirrors!

I found my great mirrors at Ikea, but really any mirror that fits will work on this part.  Walmart sells great behind the door mirrors that would be perfect for $5 a piece.  These are the mirrors I used from Ikea…

I used Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive on the boards to attach my mirrors.  Just squeeze it on, attach your mirror, and let it dry!

My final step was to hang them up and take a few pics!  What do you think??

I hope you love them! They really were super easy to build!  They took about an hour to construct all 3 with my crazies running around me 🙂  And of course I had help hanging them too…

Yes… She is in her jammies, with her “pretty” on her head and wearing one of my house shoes… Love.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Let me know if you have any questions!


  • Color of the paneled wall looks great with mdf!

  • Jason & Jamie Koenig

    What were the 5 dollar mirrors you saw at walmart?

  • Krysti

    Did you paint the table and chairs yourself? If you did, can you tell me what brand/ color you used? Thanks!

  • Anne

    Wow, just stumbled onto your site and am so impressed and inspired. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Anne! Glad to have you here! 😉

  • Kathy

    Hey I love these and I also love your floor. What is that?


  • Casey

    I love those window treatments! Were did you get that curtain panel ???

  • Laurie

    What is there to say? You are a GENIOUS!!! You make people with a very limited budget have the hope of building around them a lovely, custom living space. Can’t thank you enough. 🙂

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  • Becky Griffin

    Hey~ Love your blog and your ideas! I actually had my husband hunt down the Rustoleum Painters Touch in Heirloom White because you rave about it so much. I used it on a project for Christmas and it turned out fabulous. Question – what color is the trim in your home? The baseboards and ceiling trim? I was wondering because I couldn’t tell from the pictures of your dining room and I wondered if it was heirloom white too! 🙂

  • These mirrors are gorgeous. I love how they turned out.

  • Absolutely lovely!

  • Wow! I’m continually in awe of what you are able to create! Your mirrors look so beautiful hanging in your dining room. Thanks for sharing a tutorial. 🙂

    • Shanty2Chic

      Thank you Janet!

      • I just featured them today, thanks again! 🙂

  • Bobookie

    The mirrors are cool and creative, but I really love your floors!! Are they concrete? Also, your baby is adorable, complete with “pretty” and single slipper!! That last pic just brought a big ol grin to my face … thx!!!!!

    • Shanty2Chic

      They are concrete… They look cool but I feel like they always look dirty. That may be the 5 kids…. 🙂 Thanks!

  • BizzyMom

    What do i think? I think you did an amazing job..! I like that you did 3 for impact instead of just one..

    • Shanty2Chic

      Thanks so much!!

  • Genius. They fill up that wall nicely.

  • Katie

    Love the mirrors. Would like to do some moulding on my vanity cabinet doors to fancy them up a bit. I think they are melamine. Can I attach the moulding the same way you did to mdf? Also, what is the best paint to use on melamine? Thanks for any help you can give me : )

  • This is elegant, tasteful and needs to be in a magazine. The entire dining room is really lovely. I’d like to eat in here! You should be proud of the whole room!

  • Karin

    So glad to see unusual mirrors. I have been searching for ways to make unique mirrors. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Windy Phillips

    Very elegant look. I may have totry this for my dining room. And we’re fans of one shoe (or sock) around here, too.

  • Love it…. Thanks for sharing.
    This looks so good. Simple and elegant.
    Greetings from Germany

  • Very cool result! These mirrors add such a nice touch to your dining room! I will certainly show these pictures to my husband 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Oh these are fabulous! I love them : )

  • Fabulous! Love the set of three!!

  • What beautiful mirrors you’ve created! They add the finishing touch to the room.

  • Wow what a lovely addition to your room. I have a friend who’s been looking for a large wall mirror for her study and I think she needs to take a look at these.
    I am envious of your help, what a cutie.

  • Thanks for the beautiful inspiration and easy to follow instructions.

  • Inspiration for my powder bath. Thanks for sharing.