DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Benchwright Coffee Table

Hello!  I’ve been building again…  I found a coffee table in the Pottery Barn catalog and fell in LOVE!

Well it’s $699 and OUT of my budget so of course I turned to Ana!


She whipped up plans for a similar coffee table that cost me $100!  Score!

You can get Ana’s plans HERE!

Here are a few pics during my building process:)

My Kreg came in mighty handy for this build!  It really is amazing how solid it makes a piece of furniture!  Whit and I highly recommend purchasing one if you are going to build your own furniture!

Pic of the bottom shelf.  It’s two 1×12’s and I secured them together with the Kreg.

Hidden pocket hole underneath the shelf.

Now for the drawers….  The table itself was VERY easy to build but the drawers were the biggest challenge I have faced building so far.  That being said, they were “doable” and I am so glad that I tackled them:)

Here is a picture of the drawer slides and the drawer frames you build.  What makes this a little tricky is that the two frames you build for the drawers to slide in and out of have to be pretty identical.

TIPS for drawers:

~Do NOT use furring strips

~Make sure your boards are straight

~Build the first one based on your table measurements rather than the plans just to make them exact.

~I built the first one and then placed the second one on top of the first as I built it to make sure they lined up exact.

~No build is perfect.  If your drawer slides a little crooked, only you will know:)  The drawer face makes up for a lot of human error;)

I finished her off with my new FAVORITE stain!

Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut

It dries super fast, doesn’t smell as bad as most wood stain and the finish is so even and rich!

Ready to see my finished product???

 I bought the pulls at Home Depot for about $5 each.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this coffee table and I LOVE that I saved $600 building it myself with Ana’s Plans!

If you love it would you please pin it below 🙂  Thanks so much! ~Ashley

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  • Pinned it, tweeted it, facebooked it – now just need to make it! I love the drawer description (if a little crooked you are the only one to know 😉 – I have to laugh – the last project we did a dresser – we did five drawers on (the one on your page) I think the last one was perfect! Can totally relate as I sit here laughing! Great post – thanks as always for sharing!!!

  • Amanda

    Gorgeous!!! I want to make this, but wondering if I could modify it to have “faux” drawers? I am a beginner with building furniture and I don’t want to get in over my head:) any ideas? Thanks so much and GREAT JOB as usual:)

  • Emily

    What are the dimensions of this coffee table?

  • Inspire Me Heather

    Your coffee table turned out gorgeous, you’ve done a lovely job! I have this linked to my coffee tables post too today, for inspiration!

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  • Can you please come by my house and make this for me?! You did an amazing job! Love it!
    I wanted to stop by and let you know that I’m featuring it on Friday’s Fabulous Furniture Finds today! If you have a minute please stop by and check it out!

    Blessings! Barbara @ Chase the Star

  • Angie

    Starting this project this weekend.

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  • Amanda Welborn

    This. Is. AWESOME! I would love to start building my own furniture, but I’m really nervous. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Wow, totally amazing job Ashley! This coffee table really works with any living room themes. Thanks for sharing this DIY project. Looking forward for more ideas.

  • Katie Clark

    OMG! i am in love with your site. I have been looking at all of your tutorials and I love this one. I have needed a coffee table for a long time and it seems that you and I both have very expensive taste in Pottery Barn, but its not in my budget either. I am gonna make this as soon as i can! Thank you so much for your time in doing this and everything else. I am gonna be a fan for life 🙂 🙂

  • Carol Reyes

    Wow! The table turned out amazing. Turely a masterpiece, job well done.

  • debra gordon

    Hi there – I’m intrigued. What’s kreg?

  • Litchfield Hills

    Based on the inspiration provided by you and Ana, I am working on this. How did you make sure that the legs were all perpendicular to the base, and parallel with each other? Thx in advance.

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  • Wanda Alviar

    I love this table but i think im going to to make the legs longer and make it a console/sofa table.

  • This is amazing!!! Definitely on my list of things to do!

  • Ashley –

    I have been lusting over this exact PB table. You made it look so easy. Where did you get the drawer slides and what type of wood did you use?


  • So inspiring!
    I was just looking for Ana’s plans today – it’s time to build some stuff for the teen room.
    Your coffee table is lovely.
    Off to pin!
    ~ Dana

  • You.Girlie.Are.AMAZING! And you make it all look so easy for us too!
    You truly inspire! I want to try so many new things now. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

  • Love it! Your finish is absolutely amazing. Did you use something before the stain?

  • I actually like yours better than PB’s! Great job.

  • Ohmyfreakinheck you just saved me from buying a so-so Craigslist coffee table find I was headed to purchase later this evening. This is PERFECT for our space and I cannot wait to run to Home Depot instead and buy materials tonight 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!!! Pinning right now!


  • julianna

    Do you use Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner when you stain your pine wood stuff?

  • Mendi

    That looks amazing. I was actually looking at purchasing the Kreig Jig but have been waiting. Did you just use the basic Jig because it seems like they have a few to choose from.

  • Kellie

    This table is AMAZING! I just love to see your e-mail in my box to see what other AWESOME project you made. This table ROCKS!! WONDERFUL JOB! 🙂 Pinning now 🙂

  • Seriously?!? How many times are you going to make me say it…you are awesome. 🙂 Love the table.

  • Liz

    Daaaaang girl!!! You did such a great job! I can barely get my house picked up each day let alone build a darling coffee table 😉 I am just jealous lol!

  • Stephanie

    Amazing!! I just love how your table turned out Ashley! You did such a beautiful job!! I read through Ana’s plans and wondered about the legs. Did you use your Kreg Jig to join the 1×2 and 1×3 together or just wood glue and nails? They look so perfect! I would love to try using a stain. but everything I’ve made from her site has been painted which seems more forgiving of my mistakes.

  • Oh my word you rock!!! That is awesome!

  • Wow, this is amazing. I love how it turned out ~ Very Talented

  • Sally L

    WOW!! I love your table! Great job! I am planning on refinishing our two end table and will have to try out this stain. Thanks for you wonderful ideas!

  • Mindi

    Seriously Beautiful! I just found your blog through Ana’s site. I have been admiring what you and your sister have built! I LOVE the stain and I am considering several projects just so I can use it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Ashley

      So happy to have you Mindi! I am amazed at how awesome the Rust-Oleum stain really is! I have used stain for many years now and I’m sold on this stain. It has such a professional look to it!

  • Andrea

    That’s awesome. I like your version better. I need to get more power tools.

    • Ashley

      Thank you Andrea! The Kreg and a drill are must-haves in my opinion;)

  • AMAZING!! Your version is seriously, GORGEOUS!!

    • Ashley

      Thank you Tonya:)))

  • This is amazing! I can’t believe you recreated it so perfectly. I don’t think I could personally make it come out like that but I pinned it and will try it out! Thanks!

  • nancy

    Lovely piece of furniture! I currently bought the 40 dollar Kreg jig kit, happy with it, but I wish I would have bought the one you have. I am currently working on the shelves your sister made. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Keep sharing with us your amazing woodworking skillz!

    p.s. question: do you put anything over your finished stained furniture, like polyurethane?

  • Ashley, how funny that I am waiting on plans from Ana to build the console table for this same group?! We just finalized the major details and hope to get started in the next week or so. Keep up the great work!

  • seriously. LOVE

    i found your site not too long ago and have already made some stuff. tutorials are AH-MAZING.

    my next project… the platform bed. whooooooo

    • Ashley

      Thanks so much Nicole! You will have to share your finished photos with us!!!

    • O my sweet goodness! You did an amazing job! This may just become one of my “to dos”! Thanks for sharing!

      • Ashley

        Awesome! Thanks Stefanie;)

  • I love seeing all the great stuff you make:) Ana has great plans too. I’m in awe:)

    • Ashley

      Thank you Jill!!! I love Ana’s plans too:))

  • It looks terrific! I got a Kreg for Christmas, and have yet to get it out of the box. I wish you were near me to help me through my building jitters!

    • Ashley

      Thanks Korrie! I was intimidated of the Kreg when I opened it and I didn’t like that it had a DVD for instructions but the instructions really are great! Also, look at Ana’s video of the shelves she posted! She gives a great tutorial on the Kreg and I think that would make it less intimidating!

  • Thank you again for another great share! You are truly my inspiration for all things DIY, especially giving me the courage to start building. Thanks again, you guys rock!!

    • Ashley

      Aww thanks so much!!!

  • WOW! You did an amazing job!

    • Ashley

      Thanks so much!

  • wow! awesome job! love the sturdy yummy result! put your feet up, right?! xo

    • Ashley

      Thank you:))

  • Ashley another great build. I just got my Kreg jig this week and I feel the same as you, I will never go back and now I ‘ve been trying to hide every screw with a pocket hole. LOVE that jiggity jig. And Ana rocks as usual, I’m smack in the middle of building another PB knock off for her site but thank goodness it doesn’t involve drawers. I just steer clear of drawers because they are so frustrating but looks like you had great success.

    • Ashley

      Thank you Jaime! I used to steer clear of the drawers too but after tackling the first set I have warmed up to them:))

  • Ashley, you amazing lady! This coffee table is so gorgeous! Thank you for building and sharing your talent! Love it! Ana

    • Ashley

      Thank you Ana! I LOVE it! Great plans;)