Mason Jar Planter Box for Mother’s Day

Hey friends!

Ash and I got to thinking about Mother’s Day the other day.  We came up with something super cute, quick, and of course CHEAP!  Woohoo!

This one will be for our Meme!

This is beyond easy to make!  You can click HERE or the photo below to get the full set of FREE printable plans!

Mason Jar Planter Box Free Plans

Here are the supplies you need…

Total cost for materials???

First attach your 12″ pieces together like this…

We used Gorilla Wood Glue and finish nails.

Now add your 2 1/2″ ends like this…

Now it’s time to finish it! We decided to ‘shanty’ ours up a bit!

You like the finish?  It was super simple and you will be surprised to see what we used!  I will share that in a next post!

Now for the screen door pulls (or any handle you like)…

Put one in each end!  That’s it!

Now just add your flowers in your mason jars!  We chose these great Asiatic Lily’s for ours!  Meme loves flowers and bright colors, so these are a win-win!

What do you think???

Are you thinking what we are?? Shanty yet OH SO CHIC at the same time?? ;-)

We think she will love it!  This is a great way to personalize flowers for someone!  It can also be reused over and over for so many thing!

And in case you missed it… $8 for supplies?!?  Yes please!

We would love for you to share the love and PIN it below!  Thanks so much for everything guys!  Have a great day!

Shanty Sisters


  1. Loved this project !!!!!! This is the one I did with a little different colored paint it was a wedding gift!

  2. How do you keep from getting.vasoline
    Mixed in your top coat and getting patchy and slimey?

  3. What kind of brad nails did u use and what size

  4. I have a question the the instructions on this page it says 2 1/2 ends but on the printable instructions it say 2 3/4 ends wondering which one it is lol

  5. Kellie horsman says:

    Loved this project!

  6. so where do we find out how you did the finish for the wood!! soooo darn cute! i have my shopping list, and ready to make these for my mom, MIL, & sis~! Thanks for the adorable idea!

  7. this is great…I’m sharing this one with the kiddies…hint hint…

  8. kidsgardener says:

    Great Idea!- to make it even more fun grow mom a TickleMe Plant in the mason jars. They are live plants that will close their leaves and lower their branches when she tickles them. Just search TickleMe Plant to see a live one

  9. Ok, this is a dumb question, i know, but i love details….! Did you use a nail gun, or just a hammer? I DIY dumb but would love to make this!!

  10. What size mason jars did you use for this project?

  11. Kristyn says:

    Love, Love, Love! You guys seriously make everything look so FAB and EASY!

  12. Love your wooden box…I want to make like 5 of them now ! ;)

  13. OMG! I am in love with this! How cute would it be to have a little window box with mason jars in it? I’m thinking herb garden. You have just made my day!

  14. This is so cute! I feel like making a whole bunch of these. And I will! Thank you so much for sharing. -K
    Pinning this next!

  15. Where did you buy the screen door pulls (handles)… I can’t find them anywhere cheap! (And I LOVE yours!)

  16. I love this! You make it look so easy! I would love to give it a try though! Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. What a cute project! I adore it :) what size mason jar did you use?

  18. LOVE!

  19. Bought all the stuff today. My 13-year old son is excited to whip these up for his mom and her friends! Thank for the great idea.

  20. Super cute, thanks for sharing! I’m thinking it would be super cute to put silverware in the jars. : ]

  21. Very nice! I love the handles on the sides…not to long ago I picked up a wooden box at a thrift store…and now handles are a must…thanks for sharing!

  22. This is great even for Easter Dinner Party.

  23. Karyn Lisk says:

    Wonderful project! Question though…do you need to put holes on the bottom to Derain the water? Do flowers/herbs or anything else growing stay long? I’ve seen herbs in jars but not sure hoe to do the water thing! Thanks for all your great projects!

  24. Mollie Villella says:

    I absolutely LOVE every little thing you do!!! I just went to buy the lumber, handles and nails for this project and am going to start today! Now…I am waiting patiently for how you achieved that wonderful finish! Thanks so much for sharing. :) Have a glorious day!!

  25. You have a lot of great ideas. This one makes a perfect gift for anyone, especially someone who loves to garden. A lot of your projects seem pretty easy to follow. I’ve been following your blog for a bit and have been enjoying each project that you post. You seem to know a lot about woodworking. Have you taken a course previously or is this something you have learned to do yourself?

  26. PRECIOUS!!! You have such an amazing eye & incredible talent. I love following your blog and getting inspired from your ideas. Now I need to learn how to use power tools! ;o)

  27. SUPER IDEA! Gosh, I am amazed at all your terrific ideas. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  28. $8!!! That is a great project and I cant believe it is only $8!!

  29. That looks lovely! I love it with the bright lilys!

  30. Oh my gracious! You girls think of the cutest cheapest things all the time! I love it! Such a great Mother’s Day gift! :))

  31. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’m thinking it would be adorable with herbs growing in the mason jars too. Can’t wait to make some!


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