Dremel Trio Giveaway!

It’s that time!  We are so excited to give you all the opportunity to win your very own Dremel Trio!

I shared the Shanty Cupcake Tower I made with mine yesterday!

This is one of my favorite tools that I have ever owned!  The instructions are very simple and easy to understand, assembly is quick and it cuts so smooth!  I mentioned that it allowed me to cut 3 circles in about 10 minutes!

Here are a few other exciting features you will get with the Dremel Trio:

~ Not only will it rout, it cuts and sands too!

~ It will cut multiple materials including wood, plastic, drywall, sheet metal, wall tile and more without switching tools!

~  The Trio has a 360-degree cutting technology and plunge-cut ability allows users to make quick and controlled cuts, while its unique, 90-degree pivoting handle facilitates added control, comfort and accuracy.

My absolute favorite feature is that you can start cutting anywhere on a surface with the plunge cut feature!  It drills a pilot hole and you’re good to go!  I also LOVE the attachment that cuts perfect circles!!

That’s a whole lot of bang for $79!

Now for the giveaway!

~Leave a comment here letting us know how you plan to use the Dremel Trio

~Follow Dremel on Facebook HERE (come back and let us know you liked them)

~Pin this post! (come back and tell us you pinned it)

That will be 3 entries:)  Good Luck!  On your marks, get set….GO!


  1. I am 73 years old and just started a new workshop,I think this would be the jewel in my shop.I am building my Daughter a desk.

  2. vintagegypsy says:

    If I won this Dremel Trio Id make that DIY Cupcake Tower NOW!!!! And would live happly ever after!!!!!

  3. I love this tool. Would make life so much easier for this woman! I can whip out all kinds of cake boards and cupcake stands!

  4. I pinned it! Love it, i would use this cool dremel trio for creating a replica cupcake stand in tutorial, but also to finish my craft room island i have been working on but stalled due to needing the right tools, also for making a desk for dear daughter (13), and many other crafts i need to finish and start. I don’t FB , or i would totally follow it, but looked it up online to see what other crafty things i can do…. Oh the possibilities! Thx!! Love your awesome Blog!!! I already follow on pinterest!!!

  5. I would use this Dremel Trio tool to begin by making a Firetruck Bed for my 4yr old sons room, which I Am DIY redecorating from a baby room to a Big Boy Room. Then I would continue with making him a desk & dresser or armoire…Something that a new DIY Mom can do with your great ideas & easy to follow instructions on a small budget! I really NEED this Fantastic Dremel Trio Tool!

  6. I would love to have one to make this project; its so pretty

  7. Bpettit says:

    Oh I can’t even count the ways I will use the dremel trio! I pinned and liked! I would use this to update my kitchen cabinets first with a little router action. Then help in the creation of a bench. And many more DIYs to come!

  8. Mary Bradley Fritz says:

    Liked on Facebook and pinned on pinterest!

  9. liked on Facebook and pinned on Pinterest!!! :)

  10. I would use it to help me build my daughter’s dollhouse and accessories for her room!!! I could think of a million ways to use it. It looks very fun.

  11. Amanda Root says:

    I just pinned it! I have also fb it, and commented on it too!

  12. I am following Dremel on Facebook!

  13. I pinned this!

  14. i liked dremel on facebook :)

  15. i pinned this!

  16. well first, i’d totally rip off your cupcake stand, then i’d go to town on some pallets and create..a bunch of junk! :D
    i’d love to win…and now i’m gonna go like this on facebook and pin it on pinterest.

  17. I would love this little machine to help me build some furniture out of reclaimed barn wood.

  18. Pinned!

  19. Following Dremel on Facebook

  20. The first thing I would use it for is to revamp some old chair that have been sitting in my garage for MONTHS!

  21. C hendrickson says:

    Wow! I don’t think I’d ever put the dremel trio down…it looks that awesome! I would use it in my recycle/upcycle business to remake and repurpose furniture and accessories.

  22. Lisa Garner says:

    I would love to add this little tool to my collection.

  23. I want one SOOOO bad! I can’t even begin to tell you how many different projects I would make! Pick me! Pick me! :)

  24. Bobbi cook says:

    Followed Dremel on Facebook and pinned! I also left a comment the other day;)

  25. oh, and I pinned it to my tool wish list

  26. I want to use it to make little trays…I want to put a mirror in the bottom and I can’t find a board that is the right fit for the bottom if I use the mirror

  27. Christine says:

    I pinned it and liked it on FB! How would I use it? Well as soon as you mentioned drywall I knew this would be the perfect tool to finally get started on the mini-built-in shelf I’ve been wanting to install in the bathroom!

  28. I “liked” Dremel on FB

  29. Figuring out how to use it is easy… I want to make this cupcake tower!

  30. I would cherish it as my very own tool and use it for all kinds of things. It seems we always have a tool shortage around our house:).

  31. I pinned the Dremel!

  32. I like Dremel on FB!

  33. I want to build a buffet for our dining room! Routed doors would be SO much prettier!

  34. I have a ton of projects that I could use this on.

  35. I would love to win this! I think I would start by making some cute frames

  36. We just moved into our first house and are so excited to start making things – headboards, bookcases, toys, etc. Thanks for the giveway.

  37. And followed on Facebook! :)

  38. Woohoo! I pinned this giveaway!
    Let’s be friends. It’ll be fun: http://www.pinterest.com/jenwoodhouse

  39. I liked Dremel on FB….I hope I win!
    I am a brand new DIY’er because of Shanty2Chic, and I don’t have ANY power tools.
    I sure could use this tool. Would love to make the cupcake tower!

  40. enter me!! Always ‘crafting’ something!!

  41. Theresa Broadus says:

    Liked Dremel on facebook!!!!

  42. Theresa Broadus says:

    Pinned it!!!!

  43. Theresa Broadus says:

    How would I use a dremel…..let me count the ways!!! I would use it to cut and sand for all my diy projects that I have to wait on my husband or dad to do for me now. I would be one happy girl!!!!!

  44. Oh and liked on facebook and pinned to my pinterest board! Obsessed with Pinterest!!

  45. I can not wait to use this tool. I have so many projects in mind to use it with. I am hoping a nursery soon and know this will definitely come in handy!! Lots of home projects as well! Thank you!!!

  46. Pinned it! Liked it! I had previously bought a router, and took it back because of the price. Couldn’t justify it. This looks exactly like what I need to cut circles!! I have a spool table I would like to cut a piece of plexiglass for and was wondering how I would go about doing such a thing. This is the tool for me! I would also like to build a couple of pieces of furniture for my son’s room. We do not have an IKEA nearby and I think I could build him some pieces equivalent to what I want from IKEA. Especially with plans from Ana!! One of my next purchases from Lowe’s will be the Kreg Jig. I have been saving up. Can’t wait! Plans on the horizon are some laundry basket dressers, my son’s bedroom furniture, planters, that adorable cupcake stand, and if I get really good, maybe master closet organization. I have much more I would want to do, but there are not enough hours in the day. Thanks for all of the inspiration! ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  47. Has anyone won the Dremel Trio giveaway yet??? Still dreaming and drooling. lol

  48. Rhonda Tomlinson says:

    I pinned IT!!
    I liked IT!!
    I would use it to make all my craft goodies, like your cake stand,( how cute is tha)t! And to use around the mini-farm. I love making play furniture for my grandkids, all the girls got kitchen play sets for Christmas. (yes from annawhite.com) and I want to make the only grandson a work bench. He is still learning to walk, so that gives me plenty of time to get it done. And if I don’t WIN (I really want to win) I will be visiting the BIG Blue or Orange box the first of the month to check this baby out, up close and personal. One way or the other, I am bringin’ one home!!

  49. fawn strunk says:

    I pinned on pinterest

  50. fawn strunk says:

    I folloe dremmel on facebook

  51. fawn strunk says:

    I love all dremmel products and would love to make some furniture or actually complete one project.

  52. jennifer e. says:

    How would I use the trio? Well, I’d finally be able to tackle projects that I’ve been “bookmarking” for a very long time! I’d love to cut/sand on my own w/out help from my husband!

  53. Leah Williams says:

    And finally I pinned this post!

  54. Leah Williams says:

    I ‘liked’ (LOVED!) dremel on facebook!

  55. Leah Williams says:

    How would I use the dremel trio? I’d use it to save my starving college student budget from material interests for my home and make it myself instead! I’d become a cutting and sanding pro (make my dad proud, since he first taught me to use a power drill when I was 10!). The dremel trio and I would be an unbeatable team, we’d take on the world one diy project at a time. We’d build and create to perfection and make everyone who sees our end products jealous of our skills.

  56. First thing I would make is a box to hold a set of old sewing machine drawers saved from the rubbish, they’ll make awesome crafting drawers, or maybe spice draws for the kitchen.

  57. Jennifer! says:

    Hi! I’m not sure if the giveaway has ended yet, but I JUST found your site on Pinterest…and repined your giveaway and liked on FB….. I am soooo impressed and excited about your site. In fact, I went and purchased my 1×2 and 1×8 lumber today to make the shelves you posted!!

    So… how will I use this tool if I’m lucky enough to win? I am just now getting into this DIY craziness and becoming more and more inspired by you!! I hope I can use this tool for many many projects to come!!! :)

  58. Juliet B. says:

    I pinned it under “wish list”. :)

  59. Juliet B. says:

    The first thing I would do with the trio is to finish the two doll house for my girls. I would cut windows and make doll furniture with it.

  60. I pinned it.

  61. I “liked” Dremel on Facebook…

  62. I would use it to finish my bathroom, make things I have seen out of pallets, and a built in in my living room.

  63. Make that amazing cupcake tower!

  64. I have too many projects to count, but this tool would definitely be used by me for all those projects on the to do list.

  65. Jessica Cato says:

    I have the perfect project in mind. I would like to win this so that I can make a raised dog bowl stand for my dog.

  66. Jessica Cato says:

    Liked it!

  67. Jessica Cato says:

    Pinned it!

  68. I would love, love, love one of these. Where to start with the projects……My first would be some art for my wall.

  69. I’d love to finish my crown moulding without having to borrow tools from all over town!

  70. Pinned on Pinterest

  71. Following Dremel on Facebook.

  72. I would love to use this Dremel and make the cupcake stand, some circular wall art pieces, and so much more!!

  73. pinned it!

  74. I would make a mother’s day plaque with pics of the grand kids!

  75. I have been lusting after one of these for a while!!! I plan on first using it to make a mug stand to put next to my percolator. I can never find one that I like so I figured I will make one. Thanks for the giveaway! -Jessica

  76. I like Dremel on Facebook.

  77. My family is moving next month and I plan on doing a LOT of redecorating in our new place. This would DEFINITELY be put to great use!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  78. Heather S. says:

    I pinned it! :)

  79. Heather S. says:

    I liked it on facebook!

  80. Heather S. says:

    I would use it to make a TON of new woodworking projects that I can’t wait to enjoy and share. Who said tools were boy’s toys!?

  81. I liked it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. I pinned it! Thanks for the chance

  83. I would use this to make the platter/plate rack I have in my head!

  84. I would love this….I could name a million things to make and it would definetly make my life alot easier when making small cuts, instead of pulling my huge miter saw out I could do this so much faster! Thanks for all your great ideas!

  85. Katie S. says:

    I would use it for numerous Pinterest-inspired projects I have on my list! What a great tool!

  86. I would use this to make the cupcake tower I love that idea! Also projects around the house!

  87. I pinned your dremel giveaway post!

  88. I like dremel on facebook!

  89. Carrie M. says:

    This would be awesome for replaning the doors in our house from where our house settled after the earthquake! :)

  90. I pinned the post! :)

  91. I would first use it to make the cupcake tower and then who knows.

  92. Pinned it! As always, love, love, LOVE your site–thanks for the opportunity!!

  93. I would have loved to use this tool making rounded corners on a bookshelf I just built. It seems perfect for cutting carpet tiles in my office and sanding future projects.

  94. “LIKED” on facebook!! :D

  95. What an awesome tool! Would love to use this for making crafty items, things for my little ones, and of course a few Ana White pieces!! :D

  96. I would love the use this to cut a circle for a clock that I have wanting to make forever but didn’t have the tool to do it.

  97. I liked on Facebook

  98. We just bought a new house! We are planning on renovation the Kitchen and our Family room. Im sure the Dremel Trio will come in handy for multiple projects.

  99. I already like them on Facebook!

  100. I would love to make the cupcake stand!

  101. Rebecca Robinson says:

    Liked them on Facebook!

  102. Rebecca Robinson says:

    I would love to use this to make frames for my nasty builder grade mirrors!

  103. I want to make the cupcake stand!!!

  104. Shawna De Long says:

    I pinned this in my DIY: For my home board! Already dreaming up projects! Best of luck to everyone!

  105. Shawna De Long says:

    I liked it on Facebook! Who wouldn’t like this? :)

  106. Shawna De Long says:

    I would use it to create all sorts of DIY goodness for a backyard wedding at my family’s cabin….memories to last a lifetime! Best of luck to everyone!!!!

  107. i recently started refinishing/painting furniture on the side and this would come in handing when repairing old furniture. i am constantly having to make new pieces to replace old ones but i just don’t have the tools for the job.

  108. I would love to try woodworking with the Dremel!! I pinned and liked it!

  109. Taura Pennington says:

    Cutting Circles!?! I have been wanting to make a dog feeder for a month or two, but circles do not do well w/ a jig saw, so I have put it on the back burner…would love to give this a try!

  110. Cheri Shelton says:

    I liked on Facebook! Thanks for this opportunity!

  111. I pinned this also … http://pinterest.com/imacrafter

  112. Cheri Shelton says:

    I pinned on Pinterest!

  113. Cheri Shelton says:

    I have a very crafty side, I definitely get this trait from my dad (DIYer_all the way)! My husband Is deploying to Afanistan later this spring ; this gives me all the opportunities for me to do the things I enjoy with my wood piled in the garage. Having the Dremel Trio will help me get a jump start on installing my wood flooring in the wer level of my house, also I would like to install and build my deck patio walking down to a stone paver fire pit. This will definitely make the time go by much faster for me while I wait for him to come back home in March 2013. Thank you!

  114. I follow/like them on facebook .. thanks for the chance to win!

  115. oh my,, so many ways to use this. I have frames that i’ve been wanting to build and another cupcake tower too. Im sure I could find many more uses for it also.

  116. I have a renewed love for crafting…would love to do some of the woodworking crafts that I have found on Pintrest, but I don’t have the tools. This would come in handy for sure

  117. would love a dremel.. i do tons of craft things.. and that dremel would come in super handy

  118. Would love to make the cup cake holders for our Family Mothers Day party aand them give them as gifts after.

  119. I pinned, liked, and followed :0) All the fun new diy ideas using this Dremel are enough to make my summer full of new projects that I could use this tool for! I have wanted a cupcake tower for quite awhile, and this one is great because you can use it for other things too! I would start with this project :0) My teenage daughter wants a cupcake party, so this will be a great reason to get it done soon!

  120. I would definitely build your cupcake stand! I plan to build it regardless but I’l like to have that tool to do it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. I pinned this! So excited about this giveaway! Maybe I’ll be your winner;)

  122. I would love to make a headboard for the master bedroom.

  123. Paula Robinson says:

    I liked Dremmel on FB

  124. Paula Robinson says:

    I would make one of everything you make!

  125. I would use the Dremel for many MANY house projects.! :)

  126. Pinned this

  127. I follow them on FB

  128. Who cares? I’d find projects just to use this bad boy!

  129. I like them on FB!

  130. I’m not sure what I would make yet…but I would LOVE to win this! I think my hubby and I would be fighting over who gets to use it first! :)

  131. i pinned the post :)

  132. Cara Christensen says:

    I have a list a mile long for uses for the Dremel tool…item number one would have to be your gorgeous cupcake stand! Love your blog and thanks for all the great giveaway opportunities!…I pinned it too!

  133. I liked the website :)

  134. I would use this tool for all the projects that I have pinned and have yet to start! The cupcake tray is super cute!

  135. I would use that Dremel to make that great cupcake stand. My first thought when I saw that tutorial last week was, “Man, I need one of those!”. Now’s my chance!

  136. I would use it to fix all things I am still waiting on my husband to do….. somehow he never has the time to fix my list.

  137. Whitney Butler says:

    We are buying this old house to remodel. It’s great and very Mid-Century Modern, but it needs a lot of love. I can think of a lot of projects this would help out with. I have nothing at the moment that makes cuts that are anything other than a straight line. We have penny tile to hang and so much old wood to be sanded. I could make lazy susans to organize my crazy pantry items, or trivets. I also have ideas for side tables for the living room that go with the MCM style (round top and bottom with dowel-like connections between, stained with that lovely dark walnut you introduced me to. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creativity with everyone, it is such an inspiration, and thanks for the giveaway!

  138. I pinned the post! Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. I like Dremel on FB!

  140. We are working on upcycling an old armoire for our baby due in August, this would be great!

  141. I pinned it and I would use it to make a new lamp! Thanks!

  142. Oh, how I could use this tool to make the ottoman I have been thinking about. This tool would help the ideas go from being in my little brain to being a reality!!

  143. Allison Christensen says:

    I have been eyeing this tool for quite some time. I would use it to make that adorable cupcake stand you made! I love your site…. you have such great ideas.

  144. Nancy Robinson says:

    I pinned this on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/pin/30680841181693912/

  145. Nancy Robinson says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook.

  146. I follow Dremel on Facebook!

  147. Just pinned it!

  148. Aisha Steege says:

    this looks like a great tool to use to use as an easy router! I do wood carvings with my dremel rotary tool and would love to be able to cut cool shapes with the plunge cutting feature! I love the kind of guide it has, and I have had my eye on this tool for a while!!!!

  149. First on my list would be some new picture frames but that cupcake tower would need to be made shortly after!

  150. Mary Geiger says:

    Oh man it would be so sweet to have this. I would use this all the time in my crafting and wood working. Also going to be looking for the saw now that you have introduced me to it. Hopefully next time I get to a big store they will have it or might just not be able to wait that long and have to be looking online to order it.
    Pinned it and liked it! Actually LOVE it!

  151. Nancy Robinson says:

    If I won the Dremel Trio I would start off by making some extra storage/shelves by cutting out the drywall in a couple of my interior walls and make some detailed shelves to go over a couple of the doors. Once that was finished I would start on some of those projects I always drool over on the Dremel site. I would love to etch some vases or create some of the terra cotta luminaries and so much more.

  152. Debbie Stephens says:

    I would love to make some lazy susans for my classroom to organize supplies in student groups!

  153. Amanda Bates says:

    I pinned it on pinterest!

  154. Amanda Bates says:

    I pinned Dremel on facebook!

  155. This would be perfect! My sweetie has just left to pioneer our new home in TN, and of course a lot of tools went with him. I am suffering serious tool withdrawal and this would fix so much!

  156. Amanda Bates says:

    I plan to use the dremel to make my headboard and to make framing for my bathroom!

  157. Victoria Oakley says:

    Pinned, FB Liked, I think this would be a great way to start out learning to work with wood. My husband is making a wood working station for us and it would be a for both of us.

  158. AAAAAAND I “liked” Drimmel on Facebook. Because I really DO like Drimmels. Very much.

  159. I pinned this contest. WOOO HHOO!!!

  160. We just bought a house built in 1976 and I need a Drimmel to do ALOT of things! I want to tile a backsplash in my kitchen, replace my baseboards, frame my windows and door openings, put up crown moulding…I have so many things to cut!

  161. I definately Pinned this!

  162. I liked Dremel on FB

  163. I pinned it! :)

  164. I would make the Shanty Cupcake Tower!

  165. I “like” them on FB!

  166. I would LOVE this!!! Maybe I could do more things myself, and not have to wait on Dear Hubby to do it for me! LOL :)

  167. Jennifer Wilcox says:

    I like the Facebook page.

  168. Jennifer Wilcox says:

    My first project would be a new bed for my daughter.

  169. Brittany Pajank says:

    I would love to use this to build my new console table :)

  170. I am working on a display unit for my lighter collection, that’s where I will use it. I pinned it, liked it on facebook and I still like it.

  171. Jennifer Wilcox says:

    I repinned this post.

  172. I plan to make a photo collage featuring my new granddaughter

  173. I would use this to make a cake and cupcake stand

  174. pinned it!

  175. This would be a dream! I have been wanting to make side tables in my master bedroom forever!! This would definitely be the best!

  176. Hi I also liked this on FB!

  177. Hi I pinned this! Here’s keeping my fingers crossed!

  178. Hi I would love to win this! I buy all the tools in our family and this one seems like it would be handy for alot of little things around the house!

  179. A beautiful cupcake stand :)

  180. Shared and liked.

  181. I would start by making the shanty cupcake tower!

  182. Victoria Homan says:

    I would like to make the cupcake stand. That is too cute.

  183. Kristen Manson says:

    This would be so useful, I bet many of the projects on your site could be built with it! Fantastic giveaway!

  184. Victoria Homan says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook.

  185. Victoria Homan says:

    I pinned.

  186. We’re pregnant with our second child and I am nesting like crazy (just like I did with #1)! I would use this Dremel Trio for the countless future projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest!

  187. What a fantastic tool!! I would use the Dremel trio to make a cupcake stand using your tutorial, and probably a cake plate or two!! I would also use it to rout edges for some name signs for my kids’ doors and probably a bookcase too! The possibilities are endless… Thanks for the opportunity.

  188. Ive pinned this post, liked Dremel Facebook page and if I win I’m going to reshape and sand everything in my house and then move on to the neighbors (via garage sale finds of course)

  189. Pinned! <3

  190. I liked on facebook!

  191. I would make SOOOOOOO many things with this!

  192. I follow Dremel on Facebook

  193. I would love a Dremel so I can install frames on the rest of my bathroom mirrors.

  194. Nicole R says:

    Pinned it…Liked it…And too many ideas to count as to how to use it! But for one idea, to make some wooden pan holders for pots and pans right off the stove!

  195. Pinned on pinterest too!

  196. Stephanie P says:

    I pinned this!

  197. I liked Dremel on facebook!

  198. Stephanie P says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook!

  199. I would use it on my very long list of ideas for the house!

  200. I love the cupcake stand and would hope to make one with the dremel.! Please pick me.

  201. Like Dremel on FB

  202. Danielle M says:

    I saw these cut out whales on pinterest that I just love, would love to make them! Fingers crossed.

  203. Sandy Keys says:

    I LIKED it….
    I PINNED it…..
    I’ve POSTED….

    I WANT IT!!!!!!!! I could use it so many ways – especially want to make the cupcake tower…. Pick me!!!!!!

  204. Theresa J says:
  205. Theresa J says:

    I like Dremel on facebook

  206. Theresa J says:

    I really want to make picture frames

  207. This looks like such a handy tool! I could complete lots of projects from my todo list with this! The first thing that comes to mind is cutting some trim for a shelf I want to make.

  208. I would use this wonderful tool to make all sorts of wonderful creations such as crosses, frame for my tin flags, cut the flags out, a cabinet for my daughters dress-up cloths, shelves I could go on forever. I promise it will get plenty of use at my house!!

  209. Marsha McCreary says:

    Would Love to start making some of the great projects on ‘Shanty’!

  210. Marsha McCreary says:

    Pinned on Pinterest :)

  211. Marsha McCreary says:

    Liked on Facebook :)

  212. Followin Dremel on Facebook :)

  213. I would use the Dremel trio to sand a box and router the top so I could inlay a tooled leather piece. That is the first project. Maybe cut out a treble clef and some notes from a sheet of brass for my musical garden. The ideas are flowing. Thank you

  214. I would love to have this little jewel to help me with some picture frames I want to make out of old wood :)

  215. pinned it

  216. liked it on fb, tweeted it and +1 it

  217. I have been looking for an affordable shanty cupcake holder. I would make several cupcake holders. In different colors with this tool

  218. Amanda Root says:

    liked on fb!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. Amanda Root says:

    i really really want it!

  220. I pinned this post. Thanks for the chance to get this awesome tool!

  221. Liked them on FB!

  222. Ronald Clay says:

    Pinned on Pinterest

  223. Ronald Clay says:

    I have many holiday crafts to make, specifically I want to make a North Pole scene for the yard.

  224. I need this to make a shelf with hooks for my newly remodeled bathroom. I can’t find one that I like. I thought I would have to get someone to make one but with this I can do it myself.

  225. Ronald Clay says:

    Liked Dremel

  226. I would love to make some frames with this tool, the cupcake tower is adorable too!

  227. Cindy V. says:

    I would make my own version of the cupcake tower, and my husband would probably beg me to share it with him.
    He’d find a way to have a use for it!

  228. Ashleigh says:

    I’d love to make the cupcake tower, could have so many other uses as well!

  229. Ashleigh says:

    I “pinned” it on Pinterest!

  230. Ashleigh says:

    I “liked” them on Facebook!

  231. I LOVE the versatility of this!!!! I would make a tile mosaic for my daughter’s bedroom if I were to win!!!! Hopeful! :) Thanks so much for the opportunity. Liked on FB, tweeted, googled, etc!!!!

  232. Pinned it!
    Liked on FB!

  233. Whitney Salahub says:

    I liked Dremel on FB and also repinned this on pinterest.

    My husband and I are newly weds, and we just got married less than a year ago. It actually hasn’t even been 6 months! We are planning on buying a house soon! However, since we are just starting out- we have little funds for nice furniture. I still want to make our house a wonderful home.. and I love your website.

    I would use my dremel tool for.. well.. really everything! Any kind of grinding, sanding… polishing.. LOTS of things to do with a newly purchased starter home.

    Thanks so much!

  234. Followed on Facebook Dremel site

  235. I have been crafting a lifetime. I have had sawdust up my nose since childhood helping my father making all of our furniture for the home I grew up in. I am an absolute tool freak, and I would fill your page with a list of the projects I could REALLY use this for. There is a craft project on my bench daily as I am now retired and have plenty of time to make things for my 4 daughters and their families homes. Right now the popular wants are the cute sayings on wood. This tool would be an answer to a prayer. Thank you for the opportunity to win one !

  236. I like Dremel on FB as Jessica Lee.

  237. I would make a cube shelf first of all, but I have tons of ideas racing through my head!

  238. Pinned it!

  239. Ann Mickunas says:

    I “liked” it on FB!!
    I pinned it!

    If I won the Dremel Trio, I would use it to build the kitchen island my husband and I have been planning on buidling. I also think I will be making a few of those cupcake towers because they would be awesome Christmas gifts!

  240. How would I use this? Yesterday I pulled my paints out of the attic. I have a scroll saw up in the attic too. I have decided to start tole painting again and thought I could conquer my fear of using that saw (I have only tried to use it once in 13 years) And then I happened to stumble upon the Dremel Trio pinned by another pinner on Pinterest. I thought…oooOOOoooH! What a cool tool. I repinned but and then went to see where this tool came from and I arrived on your site! So to answer that very first question…I would use the Dremel Trio to cut out my wood projects to start painting again and sell so that I could make an extra income for my family.

  241. Like Dremel on Facebook

  242. This would make life so much easier! I cut coroplast into cute little critters amongst my million projects. Nothing has worked well so far an this has so much potential! Wishing myself luck! – Paper Mama

  243. Pinned and liked on fb!

  244. Ooh! Ooh! Wooden wall art! :)

  245. I’m hoping to win this dremel, and making my fiance accessories for his work bench. I’m follower of Dremel on Facebook, and have pinned this post :)

  246. Pinned it! Love the cupcake tower so I suppose that would be my first Dremel Trio project!!

  247. I’ve always wanted a Dremel, I have an old broken Craftsman version which I burned out trying to cut off metal spikes from a candle chandelier so I could put in colored glass candle cups. Need the new guy because he is so versatile so can make all sorts of things, like a cupcake tower!!!

  248. Already like Dremel on FB.

  249. Pinned the cupcake tower.

  250. There are so many projects that I would love to do but don’t have any of the tools needed yet. This Dremel Trio looks like an amazing tool that could be used for so many things!

  251. Liked this on facebook

  252. I would use it to make some barnboard frames! :D
    I liked Dremel on FB! thanks for the entries!

  253. First i will be building a cupcake tower…cuz the one you put together is…AMAZING! Then i will start working on cutting up the old shutters, palette and wood desk top to make all sorts of fabulous crafting things!! I can’t wait

    ~ Jillian

  254. MARY ELLEN says:

    Pinned it, liked it, want it!

    I would make cupcake owes for all my friends!

  255. Rochelle says:

    I pinned this post!

  256. Rochelle says:

    I liked Dremel on FB

  257. Rochelle says:

    I would definitely be doing a ton of projects – cupcake tower, signs, pallet shelves, anything I can think of really! I’ll have to narrow it down to my top 100 projects on pinterest!

  258. We’ve just started remodeling our house, starting with the mudroom. I can’t even begin to tell you how hamdy this would be for us.

  259. Beth Stephenson says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m very slow with this technology stuff. Just liked you on Facebook and it said you are in Ft. Worth! I’m in Coppell. Love so many of the projects you do. Found you on Ana White. Thanks for the inspirations!

  260. Beth Stephenson says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook!

  261. Liked, pinned and posting. I would love one of these, I need to make some little tables for my front porch. This tool would be perfection! Thanks!

  262. Besides all of the projects I have from you to do, I’m about to paint my kitchen cabinets. The edits are awful and this would be perfect to sand them with. Thank you for the chance!

  263. Danielle says:

    Pinned on Pinterest! You gals are awesome!

  264. Danielle says:

    Liked Dremel on FB! :)

  265. Danielle says:

    I want to win! So I can basically make everything on your blog, I’m a bit obsessed. :)

  266. Pinned it

  267. I can’t think of what I wouldn’t use this for. Would be so nice to cut circles so easily!

  268. I would love to use the Dremel to copy all of your amazing projects!

  269. Finally a tool I can handle when my husband “doesn’t FEEL” like cutting projects out for me. (Always!) Empower Nana!

  270. I would try to convince my husband to star with the cupcake stand! Would love to win this little gadget….

  271. It is pinned, it is liked and all I can say is IT IS AWESOME! I am a new crafter and looking forward to starting a blog filled with wonderful creations I can make with this wonder tool!!!!! The first thing I want to make is a bench out of an old headboard I scored off the side of the road AND I’m going to copy your slammin cupcake holder!!!!

  272. I liked it and pinned it :) Now how would I use it? I am new to crafting and can’t wait to learn all the new projects I could do with the Dremel! I totally lack the artsy gene and I love your blog! It gives me inspiration I would never have thought of on my own :) Thanks!!

  273. I “liked” Dremel on my FB

  274. I would love to have this tool….there are sooo many projects from your website I would love to make.

  275. I liked the Dremel FB page.

  276. I repinned this to pinterest (and started following you) Love your site.

  277. Wow, the cupcake stand is awesome. Absolutley going to try that. However, the Dremel Trio will be used in building center piece stands for all our tables for my upcoming wedding. Very excited to get started building. Thanks for highlighting th dremel trio.

  278. to make this cupcake tower!

  279. I love your blog and your ideas. I found your sight through Ana White months ago. I’ve never commented, just lurked. Please do not add me into the giveaway. This tool looks awesome though. Thank you for introducing another power tool just needs to be added to my growing collection, lol. I love, love, LOVE the cupcake holder as well as most of the other things that you’ve created!

  280. Liked of FB!

  281. So many projects I dont know where to start!

  282. Meggan Berry says:

    As for what I would use it for, the ideas are endless!! Ever since I came across your blog I’ve been in love. I do the things I can, but dont have any tools to do stuff like the cupcake stand. I would use the Dremel for things like that. To make picture frames or add wood accents to furniture or cabninets. I could go on and on!!
    Thank you for your blog!! It’s so fun I love it!! Xoxo

  283. Meggan Berry says:

    I pinned it on my DIY board!!

  284. Meggan Berry says:

    I like Dremel on FB!!!

  285. I would love to win this! The possibilities are almost endless. I can’t even narrow down what I would do with it just yet. I know the sanding feature would be helpful. I have a furniture piece I am refinishing. That would totally make things easier.

  286. Pinned! :):) Here is the link (just incase) http://pinterest.com/pin/13933080067378166/

  287. I “Liked” Dremel on FB!

  288. How wonderful! I would most definitely use this to create my DIY wood wall art and layered wood wall frames! I imagine the possibilities are endless!!!

  289. Jenny Glade says:

    I liked Dremel on FB.

  290. Jenny Glade says:

    We just got a cabin. I want to make a sign and do some various projects. Love your blog.

  291. I’ve pinned the post, too :)

  292. I like them on FB!

  293. This is awesome. I love the plunge/cut feature. Do you know how easy it will make cutting out picture frames? Super easy. I’d be making a whole mess o’those.

  294. Amanda Root says:

    There are too many Shanty and Ana White projects that I will be making! The cupcake tower included! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this tool!!!! I only have a miter saw so to have another one to expand my projects would be incredible! :)

  295. I “pinned” this blog.

  296. I “liked” Dremel on FB.

  297. I would use it to re-purpose some old picture frames as a start! There’s so many projects that I could use this for!

  298. Pinned on my board as well :)

  299. Liked on Facebook

  300. What wouldn’t I use the Dremel for? I have soooo many projects that are in need of the Dremel :)

  301. Just went and “liked” Dremel on Facebook!! =)

  302. So many ways and soooo little time!! First thing is making a cupcake stand for my daughter’s upcoming wedding in August!! The directions are PERFECT!! =)

  303. I would totally make the cupcake tower and then I would let my use it too :)

  304. Mission done!! Repinned the post!! :) Following Dremel on facebook!! and that’s a loaded question, how i’m going to use MY dremel tool. Got the supplies to make a gaming/org station so that will be a good start and of course the shanty cupcake tower. have a party coming up so your tower is a must.

  305. Pinned this as well! Thanks again!!

  306. I liked Dremel on FB! ;)

  307. I’d start with your adorable cupcake stand, and knowing my OCD tendencies I’d just keep cutting!! Thanks so much for the inspirations and the opportunity!!

  308. I pinned this to my craft ideas board.

  309. I have liked Dremel on Facebook.

  310. I have been wanting to make my grandson his own little rocking chair but have not had a tool to use to make it. This would be perfect!

  311. molly trinca says:

    I’ve liked this post on facebook!!

  312. molly trinca says:

    I’ve Repinned this!!!

  313. molly trinca says:

    I would Revamp my whole house with it… Starting with the kids bedroom!!!!,

  314. Pinned!! Have a nice Day! =)

  315. Liked it on Facebook!! =)

  316. WOW…What would I make with my Dremel tool!! Where should I start!! This awesome tool description sounds really easy to use and I love to create!! Let’s see, I need shelves, I want cute shelves in almost every room, wooden picture frames and I would really love to make a couple outdoor side tables which this tool would really come in handy for all of these! Oh, my creations would be never ending!

  317. Kris Aikens says:

    I liked the Dremel Trio on Facebook and I’m hoping for some luck tonight!!

  318. Kris Aikens says:

    I pinned this cool tool!

  319. Wow, pulling my entry will be like pulling a needle out of a haystack but here it goes anyways: I would learn to do some really cool projects that I’ve been holding off on because I haven’t had a tool like this one. I would definitely start with the cupcake stand though, to learn how to use this awesome tool!

  320. Kris Aikens says:

    I would use it to help make your beautiful cup cake towers for my friends wedding shower. It is exactly what we have been looking for!!

  321. Pinned <3 I want to make a dresser and revamp my bathroom cabinets. I just moved into a run down condo and it requires a heck of a lot of TLC… and major $$, which I don't have. The Dremel would help me finish my goals and make my condo not just a place to sleep in, but a home.

  322. I like Dremel on Facebook!

  323. I pinned this!

  324. This sounds amazing! I could really use something like this for cutting out wood for crafts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  325. What a cool tool! I could use this for so many things, but I think I would mostly use it to cut cake boards. It would be so helpful!

  326. Sandra Belue says:


  327. Sandra Belue says:

    I would use the Dremel to start my wood-working hobby. I’d love the smaller sized tools Dremel makes.

  328. I would love to have the Dremel to help me make bookcases for my hallway. Thanks for the giveaway!

  329. I would use the Dremel for all sorts of stuff! Making wall art (I need to cut round for a cool distressed clock), for outdoor entertaining projects, and maybe to add some decorative coolness to a nightstand…..

  330. Now following Dremel!!! What a cool gadget!

  331. Gretchen says:

    I would finally finish the trim on my new floors. I know, not particularly crafty, but it will allow me time to get back to my crafting!

  332. Just found out from my wife that we paid $80 to rent a plastic cupcake tower! My sister gets married in the fall, so I hope we can prevent her from making the same mistake.

  333. There’s a raised planter box on Ana White’s site that I’d love to make!

  334. Stephi V says:

    I would use this to do fine wood working, like finish the headboard I’ve been working on!

  335. Stephi V says:

    I pinned this!

  336. I would make frames, cake stands and so much more. following on FB

  337. I follow Dremel on FB.

  338. I would love to win this! I love that it sounds easy to use and help make simple cuts and sand. I could use this for so many projects on my list!

  339. Melissa S says:

    I would use this for all long to-do list of projects for our first house :)

  340. I like on fb

  341. Teresa Maraldo says:

    I am new to Pinterest and DIY. I’m so excited about all of the many DIY projects I have pinned, but need good tools. The first thing I want to do is convert my children’s unusable Jenny Lind crib with drop down sides into a bench. I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing away such a precious item and am so glad to have a way to repurpose and preserve the memory.

  342. I will use it to remove flooring and cut out wooden crafts

  343. Teresa Maraldo says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  344. Teresa Maraldo says:

    Pinned this!

  345. Melissa S says:

    I liked Dremel of facebook! :)

  346. I like dremel on fb

  347. i would use it to make a giant round clock.

  348. Amberly Walker says:

    I have some ideas for window boxes and a bird feeder….need this tool!!!!

  349. Amberly Walker says:

    Pinned it on Pinterest on my “PRODUCTS I LOVE BOARD!”

  350. What wouldn’t I make with it? That’s the real question. My husband’s router has been sitting in the tool box for a year- I’m too intimidated by it to use it- even after watching countless Youtube videos on how to use a router. I think the plunge cutting would be the feature I’d use the most. I can imagine taking my pallet creations to the next level with a tool like this. Definitely pinning this one so I don’t forget about it!

  351. I want to make one of your cupcake towers! LOVE it!!!!

  352. melindap says:

    I have no tools! but this looks like a good, versatile, 1st tool to buy! I would love to make plant stands for my back porch, & cheese boards out of some nice wood. Definitely getting interested in woodworking! Thanks for the detailed instructions… I hope to copy your design & create some of my own!

  353. Pinned your post! :-)

  354. Followed Dremel on FB!

  355. I have been planning on making some new shelves for my craft space!! :-)

  356. Carrie A says:

    I pinned this for an extra chance! Thanks again.

  357. Rachel Kramer says:

    I liked dremel on Facebook.

  358. Carrie A says:

    I would use it for diy projects around my house. I’m really afraid of big power towels, but see this tool as one I could master! I really hope I win!

  359. Rachel Kramer says:

    I would love to get my hands on a dremel…the projects would be endless!! I dont even know where I would start!

  360. Pinned on Pinterest

  361. I now “Like” Dremel on Facebook.

  362. I would love to add the Dremel to my “toy” collection. My first project would be the cupcake stand.

  363. Eileen Murray says:

    How would I use this tool? How would I NOT use it would be the shorter list!!
    Let’s see, off the top of my head, I’m definitely making the cupcake holder…..but not for cupcakes because they don’t last long enough in my house to “hold”…..I’ll put little pots of flowers on it.
    I will use the tool to route the rabbets for on the cabinet doors I’m gooing to make as soon as Ana posts the door plans.
    I will use the tool for sanding in teeny tiny places that I normally don’t bother with in my infinite laziness
    I will use this tool to shave my legs, LOL…..just seeing if you’re paying attention!! I WANNA WIN!! ;-)

  364. Eileen Murray says:

    I pinned this to my “wood projects” board!

  365. Eileen Murray says:

    I totally “LIKED” Dremel on my facebook!!

  366. Cristi Peterson says:

    I pinned it! :-)

  367. lissette says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to use it to make a cupcake holder!

  368. Cristi Peterson says:

    I am following Dremel on Facebook!

  369. Cristi Peterson says:

    I have many projects lined up for this summer! Can’t wait to get started and the dremel trio would make life so much easier :-)

  370. Jennifer Ford says:

    I would love to make your cupcake stand – all by myself (and this tool looks like it may be the perfect first powertool for just me!!)

  371. Amy Mitchell says:

    I pinned this giveaway!

  372. Amy Mitchell says:

    I follow on FB

  373. Amy Mitchell says:

    I would definitely make that cute cupcake stand for my kids’ baptism in a few weeks.

  374. I bought a ton a scrap wood last summer. I’d love to start playing with it…making ANYTHING!

  375. Kellie Prince says:

    Just pinned it. Fingers crossed!

  376. Kellie Prince says:

    I liked them on facebook.

  377. Kellie Prince says:

    I think I will make the cupcake stand you did, I already planned on making it but the dremel tool would make it a lot easier.

  378. Heather C. says:

    A cupcake stand for sure!

  379. So many things so little time!! First I want to make you cupcake stand, Thanks for the chance to win.

  380. Pinned this AWESOME giveaway! Thanks

  381. “Liked” Dremel on facebook!

  382. I actually need a cupcake tower for my son’s 1st birthday. I will use the Dremel to build that to start! Thanks!

  383. Teehee, lots of people are talking about hiding it from their husbands, but I might actually give it to mine. There are dozens of things for which I know he’d be able to use it.

  384. Pinned!

  385. I “Like” Dremel on Facebook

  386. What an awesome giveaway! If I had the Dremel Trio I would create a cake stand per your previous post. I LOVE it and have already added the tools necessary to my wish list. Would be even better to win some of the tools. Thanks for the chance to win!

  387. Bobbi Cook says:

    I would love to have this to make a wooden ladybug for my daughters room. Her theme is ladybugs, and that would work great to cut the circles! And on a side note, I love this site! Thank you guys for sharing your creativity and knowledge!

  388. Teri Swanson says:

    I like Dremel on Facebook!

  389. Teri Swanson says:

    I pinned this post!

  390. Teri Swanson says:

    I would use it to routing and cutting. It is dificult to make “fancy cuts” when all you have is a miter saw!

  391. Tarah Clark says:

    I would use it to add detail to my kitchen cabinets so I can refinish them :)

  392. Tarah Clark says:

    I pinned this post on Pinterest :)

  393. Tarah Clark says:

    I liked Dremel on facebook!

  394. I would use this to build a bookshelf. I pinned this giveaway and liked it on facebook.

  395. I would love one of these, I have been looking at them for awhile to help me cut metal for my jewelry.

  396. I would love to make some wall art for my daughters room!!

  397. I would use it for the many projects on my to-do list.

  398. Bettie F says:

    Have several projects this would be great for. Working on a mirror at the moment.

  399. Liked on FB!

  400. Pinned!

  401. There are many little projects I would build and one of them would definitely be that adorable cupcake stand!!!

  402. Paula Blouin says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook!

  403. Paula Blouin says:

    I would definitely make one of these great cupcake towers for my self and make more for gifts for my friends. I love it!!!!!

  404. Kimberley says:

    I would like the Dremel for alot of projects I have going. I don’t have any power tools and with all that this can do I really think that it would be a great item for me. I would really like to build the cupcake stand for my daughters soon to be wedding….

  405. Kimberley says:

    I Liked Dremel on Facebook

  406. Kimberley says:

    I pinned on Pinterest

  407. I would build a cupcake tower. I have been making cupcakes since before they were cool.

  408. Lilian Craig says:

    I would use the Dremel Trio for fun projects. As a stay at home Mom, I have lots of time on my hands and my hands need tools :)

  409. Lilian Craig says:


  410. Lilian Craig says:

    Following on Facebook – awesome!

  411. I am moving to a new house next month and I want to make a lot of things! I love the cupcake holder and I would love to try one of those.

  412. Mary South says:

    I would give it to my husband for his birthday coming up in May so he can make my built in desk.

  413. Krystal F. says:

    I pinned this article.

  414. I would love one of these to build a play kitchen for my daughters.

  415. Too many projects-too few tools. the Dremel Trio would be a dream! Liking on Facebook and pinned.

  416. Jerri C. TN says:

    The Dremel is on my wish list. There are so many projects on my list; jewelry board, barn door headboard, removing tile/grout from our bathroom wall….etc… Thanks for the chance to win.

  417. marcia archer says:

    Liked and pinned! Thanks!

  418. Jami Wells says:

    I L.O.V.E. your cupcake stand… I would love to make one! I have also been wanting to make some cute picture frames.

  419. Jami Wells says:

    I pinned this post to my Inspiration Board.

  420. Jami Wells says:

    Liked Dremel on Facebook.

  421. Tracy Smith says:

    Followed on Facebook and Pinned it! The better question to ask me is what WOULDN”T I use the Dremel Trio on. I’m currently working on Saloon doors and I’m SURE that it would be great to use on those! Hope I win!!!

  422. I am moving and I have NO furniture or accessories. I plan on making most if not all of my furniture, with the help from this tool, your DIY projects and Ana White. I’ve already made my farmhouse bed, next is the benchright coffe table, a tv stand, farmhouse table, outdoor furniture & bedroom dresser and much more. So, as you can see this tool will be used and appreciated. Thank you

  423. Elizabeth Rollins says:

    Already follow Dremel on Facebook and of course pinned this! This project came at the perfect time. I’ve been in search of vintage style cupcake displays for my wedding in October. We are having cupcakes instead of cake and now I can make these displays! Just need the right tool to make it happen. Thank you for the great idea.

  424. marcia archer says:

    I would start my dream line of jewelry making. Finish a bunch of DIY projects that I started but couldn’t finish because I didn’t have the proper equipment. I have always like to fix things and build stuff so family always calls me ms.fix it! I would be ecstatic if i won the dremel. Thanks!

  425. I looked on FB and pinned your cup cake stand and all the other projects you make.

  426. I pinned this!

  427. I have so many projects that would be easier with this! If I don’t win I might have to buy one!

  428. I would LOVE to use a dremel trio to make faux movie reels for our basement! I need to be able to cut those perfect circles.

  429. I would use the Dremel to finish my baseboards.

  430. Would use it on tons of projects!!!

  431. I pinned it on Pinterest!

  432. Andrea D. says:

    I am a facebook fan of Dremel. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  433. I would use for craft projects!!

  434. I liked Dremel on FB!

  435. Andrea D. says:

    I would use it to make a window bench in my living room. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  436. I pinned the giveaway! Thanks!

  437. I liked them on facebook!

  438. I can’t even tell you how long I have wanted one of these! I have a MILLION projects that I could do with this baby. The main thing right now would be to cut circles for the tops of some stools I am going to make for my kids!

  439. I can think of so many fun projects to make with this tool! It would be so much easier than pulling out the big boy tools.

  440. I will use it to make furniture and decorations for our “new” old house :)

  441. Heather Smith says:

    The first thing I’d make are some magnetic boards with some sheet metal and wood scraps I have. Then I’d start copying the long list of things on your site I want to make. Thanks for the chance to win. :-)

  442. Heather Smith says:

    I liked Dremel on FB(and I already like you:-)

  443. Heather Smith says:

    I pinned the giveaway and the cupcake stand! :-)

  444. Susan Morris says:

    Liked Dremmel on Facebook!!

  445. Susan Morris says:

    On a Cupcake tower just like yours!!!!

  446. I want to make a map pasted to wood for my office so we can see the area that our office covers. I love my job and want to make my surroundings there look better.

  447. Well I can only think of about 50 things to do with this cool tool! I think the garden pergola is top of the list!

  448. Channing Franklin says:

    Pinned it, liked it and I would use it to clean up the edges on glasses I’m making out of wine bottles for my mother in law!

  449. Teach my sons how to use it. Would love to make shelving to be hung over my family room windows.

  450. I have plenty of projects in mind for this new toy (:

  451. I pinned it! :)

  452. I liked on FB! :)

  453. I would love to have one and use it to make the cupcake stand!

  454. I would like to make some frames

  455. I would use it to recreate some of your projects!!

  456. I liked them on Facebook

  457. I just want to make something! I’ve heard they are the best tools.

  458. Liked Dremel ob FB

  459. Love the giveaway…I would use it to finish the closet doors I’m building

  460. I pinned it and the cupcake tower.

  461. Liked on FB!

  462. I already like Dremel on Facebook from the last giveaway.

  463. pinned it!

  464. I would make some cake stands and the the cupcake tower, along with other items now that I am retired and have more time to do crafts.

  465. Oh, what wouldn’t I cut. After cutting over 100 paint sticks with an exacto knife, I need this!

  466. I’m in love!!! I pinned and liked and followed! I want one so bad i have to many projects going right now that it would be perfect for! i am in the process of starting a business with a friend where we sell things that we make and also re purpose so this would defiantly come in handy! I would also like to say thank you because of your website i learned about the kreg jig which i am also in love with! ( and also purchased the day i learned about it! ) So thanks again you are probably my favorite diy website out there! keep up the good work!

  467. Krystal F. says:

    I liked Dremel on FB.

  468. I’d start with the awesome cupcake stand you just made. I always have to rig something up when we serve cupcakes for a party.

  469. Krystal F. says:

    I would love to make the cupcake tower for my mom. She makes custom cakes and I think this would be an adorable display for her mini cakes.

  470. Pinned!

  471. I liked Dremel on Facebook!

  472. I would probably make the cupcake tower, too! I pinned that yesterday when I saw y’all post it!

  473. I also pinned this–(and posted it to FB!)

  474. I would put it it use making crafts for my Crafties group and sharing it with them!

  475. I will definitely be making the cupcake stand first, but I’ve also wanted to make a large clock. Thank you!

  476. I followed Dremel on FB!

  477. I love to craft and build. I see this making so many of my projects so much easier.

  478. If I win I will make a craft table for my small space along with bookcase to keep all the things in place and handy.. Thanks!

  479. I like dremel on FB

  480. And now it has been pinned! :)

  481. Liked on Facebook!

  482. I follow Dremel on fb! I would love to win this!

  483. I liked Dremel on FB. I would use it to make small wooden toys for my work with preschoolers who have disabilities.

  484. Liked on Facebook.

  485. pinned this post

  486. I would love to try making the cupcake stand!

  487. I plan to use it for EVERYTHING!

  488. Follow Dremel on FB!

  489. I would make all kinds of fun crafts for my house!

  490. debra gordon says:

    Liked it! Debra

  491. debra gordon says:

    Pinned it! Debra

  492. debra gordon says:

    I have an idea for a mirror involving cutouts – the dremel would be perfect! Thanks for this opportunity. Debra

  493. Megan Nance says:

    I like on FB also

  494. Megan Nance says:

    I have a lot of projects in mind but the one that stands out would be making my own desk. It would be so easy to make in the long run with a tool like that.

  495. I pinned this post. I pinned it before knowing about the giveaway! I’m quite good at pinning your posts :)

  496. The Dremel Trio would be perfect for SO many projects! I know one project that I would use it on first, which includes cutting wood trim :)

  497. Melissa L. says:

    Just ‘liked’ Dremel on Facebook!

  498. Melissa L. says:

    Just pinned it!

  499. Melissa L. says:

    We bought a foreclosure home which needs LOTS of work all over and I’m super sure this sweet tool will more than come in handy!

  500. I’d make that adorable cupcake stand. Everyone’s gotta have one, right?

  501. Liked on FB

  502. Cupcake tower!!!!!

  503. Lots and lots to do with this tool. For starters a round sign board…

  504. Aubrey Harris says:

    I pinned this on pinterest!

  505. Aubrey Harris says:

    I like Dremel on FB!

  506. Aubrey Harris says:

    I”d copy your cupcake tower!

  507. Anna Kessler says:

    I liked it on FB and pinned this! :)

  508. I liked on FB!!

  509. I’d use the Dremel for all my new Pinterest DIY projects!

  510. I would love to win this! My husband will finally make me some shelves and I want to make that awesome cupcake stand!!

  511. I pinned this post!

  512. I really need one of these for all my projects starting with that super cute cupcake stand.

  513. Kristin r says:

    I think I would start by making a cupcake stand – love that! And then start working on the list of a hundred other fun things I have going in my head now!

  514. I pinned this giveaway!

  515. hazelruth says:

    I am following this baby on facebook

  516. hazelruth says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook!!

  517. I liked Dremel on Facebook

  518. hazelruth says:

    I would read the manual and go through the house and fix, repair, and make things to make our house better! I have wanted a dremle for years and years – it would be a blessing!!

  519. Jenifer S says:

    I’d love to be able to cut circles that easily, and there’s a lot of projects I could spiffy up with a router. Hope I win!

  520. And I’ve liked Dremel of fb, too. Thanks so much!

  521. And pinned. Pick me, pick me! :-)

  522. I would LOVE to use this to help make all of the fittings for our eave cabinets (built into the attic trusses) of our new little house. It would be perfect!

  523. I already like Dremel on FB!

  524. I have so many projects around the house. Using the Dremel would make everything so much easier. My first project would be to build a headboard.

  525. I would start with that AWESOME cupcake stand as my first project! I sure hope I win this baby!

  526. I think I would try a picture frame first.

  527. Karen H. says:

    I pinned this giveaway!

  528. Karen H. says:

    I “liked” Dremel on FB!

  529. Karen H. says:

    I want to make so many things…. picture frames for a gallery wall, a simple table, and, of course, I want to make the famous Shanty Cupcake Tower, as well! I love it!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this awesome tool! I have no tools of my own, so this would be a wonderful way to start my collection!

  530. and I went and liked Dremel on FB. Which I should have done a long time ago.lol

  531. I pinned you!

  532. I would make ALL THE THINGS! :D

  533. TeacherMomma says:

    I pinned the Dremel giveaway!

  534. I would use this awesome tool to make custom displays for my handmade goods. I love the look of the cupcake tower and would use the basic idea and fit it to my needs. We are already big fans of dremel and own 2- this tool addition would be the icing on the cake!

  535. TeacherMomma says:

    Not sure what my first project would be, but I know many ladies that would point me in the right direction to make my first piece!

  536. TeacherMomma says:

    Liked on FB :o)

  537. I’m always building new furniture and have so many projects this would be GREAT for!!

  538. Liked them on facebook!

  539. Suzie Hurst says:
  540. Linda Easter says:

    First project will be that cupcake towel! Love! Pinned it! Liked it!

  541. Suzie Hurst says:

    I already follow Dremel on Facebook!

  542. Suzie Hurst says:

    I would use it to make some rustic picture frames. My hubby also said “we’d” use it for crown molding for our living room!

  543. I have a pallet collection going on and I am ready to do something creative with it. If only I had the tools…

  544. If I won for sure the phrase of the day would be “mums the word”, otherwise I think the son-in-laws would be knocking down the door to use! I have many items on the “to do” list that sure could benefit from this tool!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  545. Mary Beth says:

    Liked Dremel on Facebook :)

  546. Mary Beth says:

    Pinned :)

  547. Mary Beth says:

    OHMYGOODNESS! It looks so easy! I’m in love & want one for myself :)

    • Mary Beth says:

      Clearly I don’t read instructions! I’m so excited to try making a cupcake stand on my own :)

  548. Would love using it on all my projects around the house. Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  549. Oh the possibilities! First I would have to hide it from the hubby. Then, I would either make a frame or your cupcake stand. GREAT giveaway!

  550. Amber Wells says:

    My husband is a 2 time Iraq War veteran with PTSD and this would really help wih his therapy. It would also help me to make things for our kids!

  551. I pinned this post on Pinterest!

  552. Pinned it! great tool

  553. b's mommy says:

    <3 FB

  554. I pinned it on my Cool Things board

  555. b's mommy says:

    I would recreate Shanty-2-Chic amazing ideas and projects! What girl doesn’t love a power tool?! Watch out guys!!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  556. Amber Wells says:


  557. Amanda B says:

    And I’ve pinned this post! Yay!

  558. Linda Deaton-Gilbert says:

    I liked Dremel on FB and pinned this post. I love the idea of having my own tools that are easy to use, don’t require a lot of heavy lifting or storage space. My first project will be the cupcake stand : )

  559. This is the only powertool I haven’t been banned from, would love to have one of my own.

  560. Amber Wells says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook

  561. I already like Dremel on facebook :)

  562. Amanda B says:

    I liked Dremel on FB!

  563. I don’t have tools to work with. This would be an awesome tool to have since it can be used for a variety of things. I would use it to make the cupcake stand for gifts for my family, friends and parent volunteers in my classroom. I will also use it to make math manipulatives. This would be fun to do this summer!

  564. Amanda B says:

    Oh, I would use it for all sorts of things- I really want to make a giant Scrabble board for our back yard, and some fancy little steampunk boxes for Christmas presents this year!

  565. I liked Dremel on facebook. :)

  566. I like Dremel on facebook

  567. I’m a new DIY’er and i post this to Pinterest,my new found love. a tool like this will allow me to really explore DIY. Love it!!

  568. I would use the Dremel Trio to help me convert a walk-in closet to a writing “studio”!

  569. Linda Deaton-Gilbert says:

    I love the idea of having my own tools that are easy to use, don’t require a lot of heavy lifting or storage space. My first project will be the cupcake stand : )

  570. Not sure what my first project would be? I just love Dremel’s tools – I can use them much better that hubby’s big tools

  571. Tweeted! :)

  572. lIKED :)

  573. Pinned! :)

  574. Just pinned it to Pinterest:)

  575. Jennifer McNeil says:

    I would use the Dremel Trio to refinish a couple of antique pieces I have from family members. I have been needing something like this for awhile and haven’t bit the bullet yet!

  576. Liked on FB

    FB should have a “love” button not just a like.

  577. Jennifer McNeil says:

    I liked Dremmel on Facebook!

  578. I “liked” Dremel on FB!

  579. Jennifer McNeil says:

    I pinned this on Pinterest!

  580. I can’t even being to list what I would use this for. The first project would probably be a table for my Grandmother that I’ve been promising her:)

  581. I JUST moved provinces and I am starting my refinnishing tool supply from scratch. I would LOVE to start my collection wih this beautiful Dremel. The potential for fun and beautiful projects is endless. Great Give-Away! Wish me luck…EEEK!

  582. I want to use the Dremmel Trio to build corner shelves in our master bedroom. We’ve been living here for 9 years and my hubby still hasn’t had “time”. I want to prove to him AND myself that I can do it without touching his big boy tools :)

  583. I’m following dremel on fb. Thanks!

  584. I posted the link on my WhimC crafts facebook page

  585. What WOULDN”T I do with this tool!!! I need new accessories for my home: like the ones you make! Love all of your pallet projects: that’s what I would use it on! THANKS!

  586. Pinned it :)

  587. I follow Dremel on Facebook

  588. We teach a craft class for ladies that they can go home and repeat themselves. This would be an awesome tool to introduce them too! We’ve seen so many ladies excited about power tools! :)

  589. Pinned it!

  590. Liked on FB

  591. Your projects are so inspiring and would love to make one of those cupcake towers especially!!!

  592. I would make me some crafty shelves!

  593. I would use it to make cool crafts like the cupcake stand!

  594. “liked” on Facebook :)

  595. My son and I want to make the Pottery Barn look-alike bed frame that you did and this would be a great tool to use for the project.

  596. Too many project ideas to list!! for starters… picture frames.

  597. Love to use this for projects around the house!

  598. I would use it to build my chicken house!

  599. When I saw the cupcake holder yesterday I thought “wow, I sure need a dremel!” sure hope I win one. Going right now to like them on FB

  600. I pinned this giveaway on Pinterest!

  601. I don’t “like” anything on FB and don’t have a pin board but I can say what I’d like to use it for: My first project would be the one you posted yesterday! My 8yoDD’s face lit up when I showed it to her and we’ve already made tentative plans for what we’d use instead of the separate boards (not having the tools to put them together).

  602. I liked Dremel on Facebook!

  603. I love the cupcake tower you made, so I will definitely be making one of those if I won!

  604. I pinned this post n Pinterest!

  605. OMG, I would LOVE to WIN a Dremel! I have wanted all the Dremel products, since Christmas! I discovered around Christmas all the wonderful things I could do with a Dremel! If I WON a Dremel TRIO, my 1st project would be a large picture frame. Of course if I WON the TRIO, my family may get sick of all the things, I would make! Thanks for a chance to Win a Dremel!!!

  606. Stephanie says:

    Ohh I could finally have my own Dremel without asking my Hubby ” Can I borrow yours” and then all the lil crafty wood projects-Letters for the walls,star cut outs… the list is endless!!

  607. I already liked Dremel on fb!

  608. I like Dremel on FB!

  609. If I won, I would give it to my husband for Father’s Day….and then use it when he’s not home ;)

  610. Melissa Williams says:

    Pinned it! It’s on my “for the home ” page!!!

  611. I would make one of those cake stands! Love.

  612. I own Pink Zebra Boutique in Gilbert, AZ. I would LOVE to create & refinish items to sell in my boutique, so I can be amongst my other artisians I have participating in my boutique. What a nice FLAIR to add to my own business!! It’s been pinned & I’ve already “liked” Dremel on Facebook, but wish there was a “LOVE” button instead =)

  613. Hillary H says:

    I pinned, I liked and I’d LOVE this tool! I have been dying to make those adorable scalloped framed! :) Thanks for the chance! :)

  614. *Pinned!*

  615. Melissa Williams says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  616. Courtney says:

    I also liked dremmel on facebook.

  617. *Following on Facebook*

  618. I would use my Dremel to create the perfect headboard that I have been DREAMING of…all on my own :) !!!!!!!!!

  619. Courtney says:

    About to move into a new house, and this handy, dandy tool would make some of my crafty dreams a reality!!

  620. I re-pined!

  621. Melissa Williams says:

    Oh that little tool could help me fulfill all the craft wishes I have! Pick me pick me! :-)

  622. I have lots of project on my to-do list this year. The Dremel Trio would be so handy for some of them!!

  623. I liked them on Facebook!

  624. I need to build storage in my laundry room. Would love to have this to help!

  625. And Pinned!

  626. Pined and Pinned!

  627. I would use it for lots of things but that cake stand would be first!

  628. Liked.

  629. Just liked them on Facebook.

  630. IzZy Iz (Isabel Riley) says:

    I liked it FB!

  631. I’d LOVE to win….I’d made a cupcake stand and then a fruit stand and outdoor patio furniture and……I’d put it to good use! :)

  632. We’re having an inground pool installed.
    Poolside benches!!!
    Or maybe planters.
    Oh, we need a tiki bar.
    And an outdoor kitchen.
    Where to begin??!!!

  633. My husband and I just bought our 1st home!!! We move in a week! Eeeekkkk!!! I have so many little projects like the cupcake stand and redoing an old antique headboard that this would be used on to make our new house our HOME!!! I have zero tools so this is just the house warming I need!!! :)

    Thank u!

  634. Liked it on Facebook.

  635. This will be so handy for all the remaining furniture projects I have on my to do list! Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  636. Pinned it.

  637. melissa mathews says:

    Oh goodness I’d love to win this! First off, I “liked” Dremel, & repinned this :) now, what would I use it for? I’m a single mother of 4 under 6 and recently found a hidden talent in refinishing furniture and since you said it cuts AND sands, this would be a DREAM to have! I’ve done a few pieces of furniture but money is a little tight so its hard to afford all the tools I really need – this would *definitely help solve that problem! I could also make cottage/beach/chic wood signs, that awesome cupcake tower, TONS of things from your project gallery plus redo all the furniture I find along the way!!

  638. Liked on Facebook! Hey they have some pretty neat stuff up there!!!

  639. I would have my husband make me a coffee table if I had this!

  640. Pinned!!!! Other friends of mine are going to swoon!

  641. My hubby and I are redoing our first house, an old 1930’s cottage and we would LOVE this tool! I’d especially love it to finish a wooden clock I’m building for the living room!

  642. I pinned this on pinterest to show what you can make with the Dremel Trio!

  643. I create all kinds of mixed media that would be so much easier with a tool like this. Thx for offering it.

  644. Liked Dremel on facebook. Of course I liked Dremel….I LOVE my Dremel 3000!

  645. Well, I’d make a cake stand, of course!!

  646. Amazing! I don’t know what I would make, but definately find something!!

  647. I would make your darling cupcake stand and the adorable picture frame that you shared a few weeks ago! :)

  648. I pinned this post!

  649. Angela Olson says:

    I would use it o help with some of Ana’s awesome plans!

  650. Angela Olson says:

    I liked Dremel on FN!

  651. Tricia W says:


  652. IzZy Iz (Isabel Riley) says:

    So we closed on our house yesterday so excited would love to make a nice rustic but chic coffee table on casters . Plus I have my list of projects I have to break into that would be perfect to use this tool….

  653. Oh, I would love to make one of your cupcake stands with this tool. Also a lazy Susan would be cool to make. I liked them on fb and also already pinned your post. Thanks for the opportunity.

  654. Stefanie Phillips says:

    I pinned it!

  655. Stefanie Phillips says:

    I liked Dremel on fb :)

  656. Jacqueline says:

    I would use it to make a table top, just for starters!

  657. Stefanie Phillips says:

    I love this! I would love to start creating things at home, but currently don’t have a saw. This would be a perfect starting tool for us!

  658. Marie Cheek says:

    I actually pinned this post about a week ago before I even new about the contest. I think the cupcake tower is adorable!

  659. Courtney says:

    I would use the trio for some DIY remodeling we hope to do this summer.

  660. Marie Cheek says:

    I “liked” the Dremel Trio on Facebook. I really do like the tool.

  661. I already have plans to make the cupcake tower, which is probably my favorite thing you guys have posted so far….but I also want to cut out some polka dots for my daughters polka dot themed room!

  662. Stephanie P says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook

  663. Stephanie P says:

    I pinned it

  664. i like Dremel on facebook!

  665. Marie Cheek says:

    I am so excited to find this tool! I have been wanting to make a bench and put a curved back on it. I need the dremel to cut the back out. Of course I would use it for much more than that. I am huge on DIY and repurposing so the the 3 in 1 tool would come in quite handy for my hobby. I really like the idea of 3 purposes in one as that saves storage space.

  666. Stephanie P says:

    I would use my Dremel for making household projects and home decor.

  667. I pinned it!

  668. I would like to try out the circle cutting abilities! It looks really cool!

  669. pinned it!

  670. Liked dremel on facebook!

  671. I would L.O.V.E. to make that cupcake stand! I have been enjoying all the woodworking projects lately!

  672. Raquel Braun says:

    I would probably use it on all the projects I want to do from your site!

  673. Shannon Spears says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook!

  674. Raquel Braun says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook.

  675. Raquel Braun says:

    I pinned the giveaway!

  676. Shannon Spears says:

    I am redoing my childrens bedroom and my livingroom using multiple projects for your website and Ana Whites. This tool wood be such a big help and time saver! Havent even seen it in stores near us yet!

  677. Marion B. says:

    Liked dremel on facebook! :-)

  678. Christine Owens says:

    Already liked Dremel, hopefully Dremel likes me :)

  679. Marion B. says:

    Pinned it!!!

  680. Just pinned it!

  681. Christine Owens says:

    Pinned it!

  682. i would make a cupcake stand!

  683. I would use it to make some of the wonderful Shanty2Chic projects!

  684. Gina Welsh says:

    I would definitely start by making that cupcake tower! My next project would be taking a weathered cedar fence picket and cutting it to use as a frame around our boys bathroom mirror (nautical-themed bathroom)!!!

  685. I would make a stand for the duct tape dress form I just made!

  686. Christine Owens says:

    I am a co-leader of a Cadette girl scout troop and we need to make a green project for our 100th anniversary.

  687. I’ve been so inspired by all of the DIY on here and Pinterest…I’m dying for my first power tool!! I’d most like;y start small and work my way up to bigger projects!

  688. Marion B. says:

    I’ve wanted one of these for othe longest time now, since I saw somebody on Ana’s site saying how awesome it was. I went to Lowe’s months ago to buy it and they totally talked me out of it saying it wasn’t what I needed. So I bought a super cheap jigsaw that just doesn’t cut it. (Yeah, I definitely just said that cheesey pun! LOL) I’ve seriously regretted not buying it when I had the funds. There’s so much I’d do with it – this cupcacke stand is gorgeous, for on, finish the little kitchen I’m making for my daughter, little stools, notches, etc. Thanks for doing this amazing giveaway!!!

  689. Tricia W says:

    I liked deemed on FB

  690. Kimberly says:

    I’m planning to make a large frame!

  691. Tricia W says:

    I would spend some quality time with my Dad learning
    How to use these tools, make quality projects, and especially
    Make memories that will be the most valuable project
    Of all!

  692. I would love this tool! Working on doing some board and batten in my over 100 year old home and I would def. be able to use it for that!

  693. I pinned this on my boards!

  694. I would use the Dremel to make some picture frames!!

  695. Darla P. says:

    I think it would be fun to try to make the cupcake tower! Thanks!

  696. I liked Dremel on facebook!

  697. I just recently became a stay at home mom to my 5 month old son Jackson and if I won I would use it to get started on all of the crafts I have been wanting to make forever but just haven’t had the time until now! :)

  698. So many projects I would do with this tool!!!

  699. Christy Sanning says:

    I liked them on facebook!

  700. Christy Sanning says:

    I pinned it!

  701. What a great give away! What fun my son and I could have working together to make something really cool for his room!

  702. Becky H. says:

    I have pinned this and am following Dremel on Facebook.

  703. Christy Sanning says:

    I’ve never used one of these, HOWEVER, I can think of tons of projects I’d like to to try with it, first being that cake stand!!

  704. Becky H. says:

    Would love to have the Dremel Trio to create some of the crafty projects found on your sight!!

  705. I pinned this!

  706. I would use this for crafty things-but to be completely honest, I think my husband would confiscate it for his workshop!

  707. Kimberly says:

    I “pinned” this post! Can’t wait to hear!

  708. I liked and pinned and LOVE DREMEL and your site here as well. So much fun and creativity. I too love to make things and this will help a lot! Thanks for so much fun and sharing your ideas and of course these give a ways!

  709. I LOVE the cupcake stand! My sister wants to do that for her wedding, but we haven’t been able to find a nice stand… this could definitely work!

  710. I am a facebook follower!

  711. Kimberly says:

    I “liked” Dremel on Facebook!

  712. I “liked” Dremel on Facebook!

  713. Kimberly says:

    I would definitely be making one of these amazing cake stands if I won this!!!

  714. I would love to make these display stands with my Dremel Trio. The possibilities are endless with this easy tool!

  715. Beth Worofka says:

    I would love to make the stanty cupcake stand for my Mom’s upcoming birthday and then I would pick a project a week from your website that I have printed out to do. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE GREAT IDEAS!!!

  716. Tammy Mitchell says:

    I already followed and pinned!

  717. I also got the post Pinned

  718. Tammy Mitchell says:

    I love your site. Your ideas and tutorials are awesome. I always have to have my husband make the items with his “bigger tools”. I definitely need to get me a Dremel. Thanks so much.

  719. I liked them on Facebook as well.

  720. Hope I’m lucky enough to win this Dremel tool. I have seen them used many times and would love the chance to have my own and get as good as you at using it. Getting ready to go Pin for another chance.

  721. Courtney says:

    Pinned it!

  722. Courtney says:

    I could finally do all of my Pinterest projects! :)

  723. I love creating birdhouses and little garden whimsies. This tool would be ideal to use! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  724. Courtney says:

    Liked on Facebook

  725. I like the idea of having a small tool for routing, for my woodworking projects. The plunge cut would be great too!

  726. Beth Worofka says:

    Liked via facebook! I love all shanty-2-chic projects and would love the Dremel Trio so I could do more.

  727. I would use the dremel on anything I wanted to and anything possible.

  728. Beth Worofka says:

    Pinned it! Whoop Whoop!

  729. I liked it on Facebook, I pinned it and oh gosh what I could do with this lovely toy…I’d first have to try the cupcake tower…my daughter-n-law loves to cut out large letters and modge podge pretty material/stones etc…also need to cute some backerboard for a few projects. So excited! Thanks for the chance!

  730. OH, and I pinned it. Leaving no stone (chance) unturned!! Thanks for all the fabulous ideas you share. You have revved my decorating engines!!

  731. Sooo want to make this cupcake stand, but I would also use it to make some cute chargers that I would cover in chalkboard paint and write the menu on for dinner parties. Would use it for ball themed decor (baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls), could make table tops, coasters, decorative dots for my daughter’s room, bottoms for your apothecary jar tutorial…..and the list goes on and on. Will be sitting here dreaming of winning this and being able to do some fabulous things!!

  732. Amanda in GA says:

    I pinned this post :)

  733. Just liked Dremel on facebook!

  734. I liked on FB and mentioned that I went to their site because of Shanty 2 Chic!! :-)

  735. I have about a thousand projects in mind for this tool! I think I’ll start with a doll cradle for my daughter.

  736. Dremel follower

  737. A headbord and so much more

  738. Pinned

  739. I like Dremel on facebook.

  740. Amanda in GA says:

    I like Dremel on FB

  741. Amanda in GA says:

    I would finally be able to do all the projects I keep pinning from Pinterest ;)

  742. I would use one of these all the time! It looks fantastic. I really want to learn how to rout with it. I would be very happy to win.

  743. I pinned this post

  744. i liked dremel on facebook

  745. I pinned this one pinnterest.

  746. I liked the dremel fb page

  747. I just liked dremel on FB!

  748. I am probably most likely to use the sanding feature most, but I would love to make my own fancy frames!

  749. Debbie Christianson says:

    What won’t I use it on? I have so many projects waiting for this tool!

  750. I would use this tool for so many things. it would be nice to have it , so i dont have to depend on my husband to help me. This tool looks so manageable. I think first cut out some stars to make a patriotic door hanger!

  751. I was eyeballing this the other day at Lowes. I would cut trim to frame out my bathroom builders special mirror. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  752. Michele J says:

    I liked dremel on facebook!!
    OOOOO WEEEEE what i could do with this little guy!! Half of the projects i do, i wish i had a router to enhance it!!! Circles? I loooove circles!! I could make the mirror i dreamed of a few years back and couldnt!! I could make the shanty chick exra large wall clock for my living room!! The list goes on and onnnnnnnnn!!!!!
    I pinned this also…
    I hope i win this!! This of all tools is my dream tool!!! :))

  753. Would love to make this cupcake stand and well as many other projects for the house. Currently working on planter box and kids hanging book shelves!

  754. i pinned this and I liked Dremel on fb!!!

    My husband and I are moving to the Vancouver area from China in a few months and I plan on DIYing anything i can! This tool would come in so HANDY!!!

    I love your blog!!!

  755. Pinned!!

  756. Deanna Lyon says:

    Liked it and pinned it. We are actually starting to build some custom built ins in our bedroom this weekend. I would love this for some of the ideas I have in for frames a bench and a few other accessories to complete it!

  757. I would build my little girl her first play kitchen for her birthday in August.

  758. I would use this tool for frames and little projects I am wanting to try- I am new to DIY and anxious to learn how to use tools!! My dad is a huge fan of Dremel.

  759. Liked on FB!!

  760. Anne Mfarie says:

    I would definitely make your cupcake stand and would love to try to make some picture frames.

  761. I want to make this cupcake stand! Your ideas are awesome and the instructions are so clear and easy to follow. Love your site!!

  762. Wow,There are so many things running through my mind to do with this amazing tool. I love how it is perfect for a woman’s hand. I would definitely start with a barn quilt project, probably. How’s that for being decisive?

  763. Oh my! I’m so excited to see you’re doing a Dremel Tool Giveaway!! There are so many projects I would use the new dremel tool with – especially your new cupcake stand you posted yesterday!! Thanks so much!!

  764. I have some furniture I’d love to re-do with it!

  765. Garricyn Richert says:

    I want to make this cupcake stand for my closest friend and I as she gets ready to move from 3 houses down to 1000 miles away! I love thinking we’d both have these in our homes. Going to paint a scripture around the edge of the plates. So fun!

  766. Garricyn Richert says:

    Pinned it! :)

  767. Oh! I would really like to try and make a fancy frame with routed edges. How fun!

  768. I would love to try to make the cupcake stand.

  769. Peggy LaJeunesse says:

    Pinned Post on Pinterest. In tools I want and how to use them.

  770. Peggy LaJeunesse says:

    Liked on FB

  771. Peggy LaJeunesse says:

    When I got divorced, I got the inside of the house and he got the garage. Yes I got the better deal on that because I could could sleep, cook, clean etc. But… as time has it I am needing to be more resourceful in my gift giving, craft making and household updating. The tools needed are so expensive. My list of projects I would love to do but do not have the tools for is very very long. It starts with some wonderful picture frames. I need a router to shape the outside edge in layers, I need a plunge to do the holes on the back as well as a way to cut circles for the place for the photo. Sorry this was so long but I could give you a list of 50 ways i could use this tool in about 5 minutes. This is also now on my “Wish/Pin” list. LOL Thank you for coming out with this tool.

  772. The first project would be sanding and refinishing our bedroom dresser, and then lots of other crafty projects around the home!

  773. Jennifer P. says:

    I “liked” Dremel on FB. Love their products.

  774. Jennifer P. says:

    I would love to make these cute cupcake stands. They would be perfect for my niece’s baby shower!

  775. I plan to use that dremel tool for many Of my DIY projects I have laying around because I don’t have a dremel!!! :) I am suppose to wait till my birthday but I can’t wait that long to get one…… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I promise I will put to to good use ;)

  776. “Liked” them on good old’ FB!!!

  777. Pinned it!!

  778. Erin Wiley says:

    I’ve “liked” Dremel on Facebook.

  779. Erin Wiley says:

    Your cupcake stand has been pinned!

  780. Erin Wiley says:

    I have so many projects to use the Dremel!! I would make some nice frames and expand my plan for the headboard in my son’s room!

  781. I liked Dremel on FB!

  782. I’m gonna use for everything, but cooking dinner!

  783. I have been wanting a cake stand so if I were to win I would definitely make your beautiful cake stand along with several other wonderful projects you have on your website. LOVE them ALL!!

  784. Pinned :) Love your giveaways!

  785. I would make so many things. But first we ( of course with my little helper) would make some stools for our play table we just made. Thanks for the Awesome giveaway love all your projects

  786. I would make so many thing. But first I( of course with my little helper) would make some stools for our play table we just made. Thanks for the Awesome giveaway love all your projects

  787. I pinned it 2

  788. I follow them on FB

  789. Nicole D. says:

    Pinned to my craft board and Liked Dremel on Facebook.
    I would use this tool to recreate all of the amazing projects you guys post. I am currently working on the headband stand for my two girls. I would love to have this tool to create the cupcake stand you posted yesterday. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and that stand would be really cute to display. Keep these tutorials coming please!

  790. Allison C says:

    I would use it to make a sofa table and wall shelves for my living room. Thanks for the opportunity.

  791. Pinned this post!

  792. Following on facebook!

  793. I need this tool to make a cupcake stand, I love it!!

  794. And liked on Facebook!

  795. Pinned!

  796. Would use it for the multitude of DIY projects that I keep putting off because I lack such tools as this…specifically, transforming kids chairs into dog bowl holders! This would be amazing for all sorts of uses around the house.

  797. Oh the things I could do with this, kids projects, outdoor projects you name it I love it

  798. already like dremel on fb

  799. Since I don’t have space right now for big tools, I’d use the Dremel to fix my furniture projects on my Do It Yourself list.

  800. I am a brand new DIY’er and could really use this tool. I don’t have any power tools of my own, but I do occasionally use my husband’s cordless drill.
    I would love to make this cupcake tower or any of the awesome items that Shanty 2 Chic has made.

  801. I don’t have a website…My Joyful Creations consist of wooden crosses I have to get my husband help me with then but I wouldn’t with this! And I use etching for glass but I wouldn’t have to with this!!! Please pick me!!!

  802. I pinned this post

  803. MikieSmith says:

    I pinned the tower, and it has been repinned!!

  804. MikieSmith says:

    I would absolutely make the cupcake tower first =)

  805. I liked it on fb! Would Love it if there was a button!!!!!

  806. Tracie Jeanne Jack says:

    I “liked” Dremel on FB too… I’ll have to pin later :)

  807. I liked them on fb!

  808. I want one SO bad!! It would be such a big help and blessing for me to help me make my Joyful Creations for fundraisers for the Heart Association and Relay For Life!!!!

  809. Doris Bertoch says:

    Pinned! Now you can pick me! :)

  810. I would love to make a wooden clock for my son’s room…

  811. Doris Bertoch says:

    I’m already following Dremel on Facebook.

  812. Tracie Jeanne says:

    I would love to build some custom frames…. I would adore a little dremel trio!!

  813. I would make one of those fabulous cupcake stands! It’s on my to do list!
    By the way, tried the Vaseline painting method today and I LOVE it!

  814. Doris Bertoch says:

    Oh, my goodness. After watching the demo videos, I can see that the possibilities are endless with the Trio! I’d totally use that baby to rout the edges of the wood frames I make. It looks so much easier to handle and easier to see the project around.

  815. I also pinned your cupcake stand. It’s gorgeous!

  816. I breed English Bulldogs and my puppies need a new whelping box/puppy pen. I would use the Dremel to make the box. I also have many other crafts and home improvment projects I would love to use it for. Thank you.

  817. I pinned the Dremel Giveaway. ;)

  818. I liked this on Facebook. ;)

  819. I pinned it to my creativity board!

  820. I liked Dremmel on Facebook!

  821. i would use the Dremmel tool for diy projects galore! It would be so awesome to have my own easy to use tool instead of asking my husband to pull out the big guns!

  822. I like Dremel on FB…

  823. We have picture frames to make, a new coffee table, some shelves and more…..

  824. Lauren Denham says:

    I pinned it under my DIY board, I liked Dremel on facebook and this is the reason why I REALLY REALLY want it. I really want this give away!! I love and collect Mississippi related items and I want to cut out a wooden detailed exact replica of the state of Mississippi. I want to put a hook on it and make a key rack out of it and place it right inside my front door. :)

  825. I pinned it!,

  826. I liked it on FB

  827. I would use it to make everything that you have showed on here because I am now addicted to you blog and want it all!!!

  828. I pinned your beautiful cupcake stand which I was drooling over (the stand, not the cupcakes…LOL altho they look good too) when I read your blog post yesterday. It’s really gorgeous!

  829. I “like” Dremel on Facebook

  830. Oh my goodness – the question is what wouldn’t I make – I have pallets sitting in my side yard waiting to be made into a table top – that would be job #1! Thank you for the chance to enter the giveaway!!

  831. I plan on using this for our furniture upcycling and also for the custom family name plaque’s we make. I know he will be more then happy to put it to use. I liked and pinned. :)

  832. I would use it to frame out builders mirrors in our house, refinish some furniture with the sander… oh, the possibilities….. :)

  833. LikeD on FB, dremel has over 10,000 likes!

  834. I pinned the cupcake stand and linked to this blog post!

  835. Ambar Zepeda says:

    Pinned- DIY and Crafts!!

  836. My husband asked me to Make a washers game. I would attempt that first!
    Love, love!

  837. I liked Dremel on Facebook.

  838. I’d love to have this! I think the first thing I’d make would be the cupcake stand (I can totally imagine it as a permanent decoration on my counter!) and then I am sure I’d come up with something else!

  839. Ambar Zepeda says:

    I would definitely use this to make the shanty cupcake Tower!! My daughter will be 2 next month and I plan on making a few in black with pink and white polka dots as the theme is Minnie Mouse!! I’ m sure they will be a big hit!! I’m just getting into DIY crafting and this sounds like a great tool to have to start off :D

  840. Jana Price says:

    I have to say that one of the best Christmas presents I ever received from my husband was a Dremel. I would love to continue fun creations with the Dremel Trio. I am currently creating an entertainment center. It would be fun to build something with my daughter. She would love the cupcake stand!!

  841. I pinned it under ” my to do list” , which I noticed there are 4 other shanty pins under just that tab!

  842. I like Dremel on FB (Amber H)

  843. Jana Price says:

    Post was pinned!

  844. I’ve always wanted to make a large ampersand. Maybe even a nativity set (:

  845. Jana Price says:

    Dremel…. I like Dremel in a box. I like Dremel with a fox. I like Dremel here and there. I like Dremel everywhere…..even on Facebook!

  846. i would use it to finish up my headboard!

  847. I would use it to sand older furniture for re-painting and re-purposing!

  848. Liked on FB

  849. ashley f says:

    I like dremel on facebook and pinned this post :)

  850. ashley f says:

    My husband and I are getting ready to build a house and I’m super excited about trying some of the projects you have featured and I think this tool will be perfect to help me with that!

  851. I’d use it to make the darling cupcake holder in today’s post. It is so cute, not just for displaying cupcakes either!

  852. I liked it on Facebook….& would like it in my craft world too!

  853. There are lots of things I’d love to make,but I’d have to say that the first on my list would be some decorative art blocks, and because I love to sew colorful cloth napkins, I might just have to make myself some beautiful napkin rings!

  854. Tammie S says:

    I need my ‘own’ tools!! :-)

  855. I have some trim in the bathroom that could use treatment, I have a headboard that I could use this on…My son would enjoy working with it…Let’s see I could build some fancy work for my kitchen shelves…I can think of 100 things to do with it. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  856. I pinned this post

  857. Faye Sanders says:

    I pinned this post on Pinterest!

  858. Pinned it and gave you guys props!

  859. I follow dremel on facebook

  860. Followed Dremel on FB :)

  861. I liked the trio on facebook.

  862. Faye Sanders says:

    I follow Dremel on Facebook

  863. I pinned the trio on my for the home page.

  864. I would have my husband use it to finish up the wood floors and baseboards!

  865. Faye Sanders says:

    I want to make the cupcake stand with the dremel trio

  866. I would make that awesome cupcake stand and put it to good use on many other projects :)

  867. I pinned it!

  868. Cindy S. says:

    Would love to win this! I have lots of furniture projects, starting with
    cutting out a headboard.

  869. Erin Young says:

    Just like everyone else – I want to make this!!!! :))) Just like you! :)

  870. Erin Young says:

    i pinned this! :)

  871. Erin Young says:

    i like dremel on fb. :)

  872. I would use my Dremel Trio to create all the amazing things on http://www.shanty-2-chic.com plus some more projects of my own! Including that awesome cupcake stand! I am now following Dremel on Facebook and I have pinned this post! Done, done and done! Thank you!

  873. would love love love this! i make so much furniture, and I cut a ton of wood out for craft projects… what a handy little edition to add to what i have!!!

  874. Liked Dremel on facebook!

  875. Yes, I liked Dremel on FB.

  876. I would like to cut up an old door I have and make a hat and coat rack!

  877. Would love to try a cupcake stand, love yours!

  878. I would try out the dremel on making a router tray. Very curious about the versatility.

  879. I would use this to make some frames, redo the baseboards in my house, and refinish some furniture.

  880. I pinned this!

  881. Samantha says:

    Just pinned away! :) Oh man I would love to win, I NEED that cupcake stand ;)

  882. Liked them on fb.

  883. Samantha says:

    I just followed Dremel on Facebook!

  884. NellyKelly says:

    What a great giveaway… This has been on my wish list for a while now! I’d due it for lots of home decor items, and I might just start with a cupcake tow idea I got somewhere ;) fingers crossed…

  885. I liked them on Facebook

  886. Ashley Pitcher says:

    I pinned this post too!

  887. Samantha says:

    Love this! I would love to make that cupcake stand! And to be able to make great circles :)

  888. Following on FB! Lisa Papada

  889. I would love to make the entertainment unit from Ana white!

  890. Heather Martin says:

    I pinned it!!

  891. Dana DeVries says:

    I plan on making cupcake holders like this for the great girls in my life! =)

  892. PINNED!!!

  893. Heather Martin says:

    I have so many DIY projects that I could use this for. where do I even start to tell you!! My Round wall shelfs, my diy headboard, etc…

  894. oooooh man sooooo many projects could be completed!!! I would definitely make a stand like yours but with bowls for the kitchen and a mini one for my daughters’ dress up jewelry….AND some awesome play tables for outside for the kids!!! OH MAN I’M SO EXCITED!!!

  895. Dana DeVries says:

    Pinned it!

  896. I will use the dremel tool for all sorts of projects! I love to make signs and re do furniture!

  897. Jenny Due says:

    If I owned this, I’d probably run out and get all supplies to make the cupcake holder. I love everything either of you make and love trying to duplicate it. ;)

  898. I’ve kind of been wishing I had some homemade wooden puzzles for my kids. Sounds like this is the tool I need. :)

  899. Pinned! Eek!

  900. Jenny Due says:

    pinned on my Shanty 2 Chic Love board!

  901. Facebook should have a “love” button! :o)

  902. Jenny Due says:

    I follow Dremel on FB :)
    Everyone should. ;)

  903. If I had this sucker I’d finally finish the bunk bed makeovers in my garage along with some pallet art for our foyer. Oh and not to mention all the cornice boxes I want to make for all the bedrooms! Sigh.

  904. Pinned it!

  905. I like Dremel on FB

  906. Following Dremel on Facebook.

  907. I’d love to use this for installing our wainscoting.

  908. Ashley Pitcher says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook!

  909. There are so many crafting projects that I would love to use this with. One of the first would be the Shanty Cupcake Tower.

  910. Becky Healy says:

    I would love to have the Dremel Trio for all the craft projects I’m dying to try. Liked on FB and pinned.

  911. Ashley Pitcher says:

    I would do so much with this tool, well my husband would! :-) We would work together making all your neat DIY projects. I love so much that you ladies have done and really look forward to making them ourselves!

  912. Cindy S. says:

    I pinned it!

  913. Krista Hawkins says:

    I liked Dremel on FB too! :)

  914. Krista Hawkins says:

    I NEED that cupcake stand!!! I already showed the hubs what our next project will be! Thanks for the givaway! :)

  915. I pinned it!

  916. I would love to be able to cut circles for a play table and stools for my daughter. : ) Plus make that tray!!

  917. Cindy S. says:

    I followed Dremel on Facebook

  918. Kena Thompson says:

    I would use it to make all the stuff you make…I need this tool and I am pretty sure my hubby would use it too!

  919. First thing, I am going to make three of those stands..one for me and one for each of my daughters…and then maybe some more for Christmas gifts. By the time I get done with that you will have some more good Ideas for me to to consider I am sure…I won’t even have to think… :)

  920. I already like Dremel on facebook!

  921. like Dremel on FB

  922. pinned!

  923. can’t wait to use this for many of my projects. I have been looking and wondering about it at Lowes.

  924. Pinned {zigmommy, this & that board} :-)

  925. Already follow Dremel on Facebook!

  926. Stephanie House says:

    Liked Dremel on FB…now if I can win it would totally make my month!

  927. We build most of our own furniture so this thing would have endless uses around here! I’m particularly excited about it’s routing capabilities!!

  928. Stephanie House says:

    Pinned to my pinterest page! just hope I win! I can’t afford to buy it after I got that riding lawnmower!

  929. I already life Dremel on FB….. :)

  930. Pinned and liked. What wouldn’t I do with this baby? My jigsaw refuses to hold the blade for more than two minutes at a time, but I keep holding out for a better tool. I’ve been doing wood cut outs, but having your blade fall out five times while making a single cut gets a bit maddening!

  931. Sweet! What would I not make might be a better question… :)
    I would start with a cupcake tower, then expand to book ends, easels for my studio, gourd art…….

  932. Pinned it! :)

  933. I pinned this post

  934. I’m following on FB

  935. katherine says:

    would love to win! :)

  936. Stephanie House says:

    So I will be using the Dremel Trio to create centerpieces for my daughter’s upcoming wedding! Love your Cupcake Tier Holder and it’ll look great at the wedding. In between there I will use it to make a headboard for my son from a pattern from Ana White’s page (which I got from you guys) …and then probably more shelves for the room I am going to be using for all my crafts & such when said daughter leaves the house!!! yippee I get a play room! …

  937. Kim Hansen says:

    I would love a dremel to cut shapes out of wood for craft projects:)

  938. pinned it

  939. Kim Hansen says:

    I liked Dremel on FB:)

  940. I want to make some round picture frames. That tool looks awesome!

  941. liked dremel on FB

  942. I would love to learn to use a Dremel! :)

  943. I would so make the cupcake tower . . . too cute :)

  944. I want to build a bat house! :) and cut out some large monogram letters.

  945. Pinned this post!

  946. Julie Robinson says:

    Pinned with pleasure :)

  947. Julie Robinson says:

    I like Dremel on Facebook

  948. Christina says:

    Pinned :)

  949. I “Like” Dremel on Facebook

  950. I follow dremel on facebook.

  951. Christina says:

    Dremel liked

  952. I need to make an ironing board but don’t have any tools. This would help!

  953. The Dremel Trio would be the perfect tool to have when revamping furniture. There would be so many possibilities :)

  954. Julie Robinson says:

    Love the Dremel products! Could use a new one. Ready to make some plaques and antique look signs for my home. Thanks!!

  955. Christina says:

    I would use it to build stuff to help organize my craft area. and make my hubby jealous!

  956. Sharon N says:

    I would use this to make some cool picture frames. Thanks for the giveaway!

  957. For everything. Building Ana White stuff.

  958. KiM Smith says:

    Oh my! My mind is racing with ideas of what I could do with this! Number one would be the cupcake stand( which I pinned)! I also liked Dremel at the last giveaway! I have to wait on my husband for my wood cutting projects! With this, I could do it myself! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  959. I liked Dremel on Facebook and pinned this to Pinterest. The Trio would be helpful in completing a long list of carpentry projects, from shelves to lamps and beyond.

  960. This is pinned on my “Great Ideas” board!

  961. Charlotte says:

    Pinned it in Sewing/crafts!!’

  962. I pinned the contest!

  963. I want to cut out frames and crosses to distress and give as gifts!

  964. Would definitely use it for projects around the house!

  965. I followed Dremel on the Facebook

  966. I already liked Dremel on FB!

  967. What won’t I make with it?? The first thing I will do is make a round table top!! After that, the sky is the limit!!

  968. Pinned it!

  969. Gaila Coursey says:

    I already follow dremel on PInterest

  970. I pinned.

  971. I pinned it!

  972. I already like Dremel on FB

  973. I liked Dremel on Facebook!

  974. I “like” Dremel on Facebook!

  975. I would use it to make all kinds of crafts!

  976. I “like” dremel on FB!

  977. Let me count the ways…. cleaning out old grout, cutting out a broken tile, crafting, sanding small areas. It would get great use for sure.

  978. Julie A. says:


  979. Gaila Coursey says:

    I follow dremel on Facebook

  980. Just pinned the giveaway on Pinterest! :)

  981. Julie A. says:

    Liked on FB!

  982. I already like Dremel on Facebook!

  983. I liked them on Facebook.

  984. My son always comes up with such awesome creative projects. We are often limited by the tools available to us. This would help us bring those ideas to life, without hampering the creativity!! :)

  985. Julie A. says:

    My husband would actually love this. And it’d probably be helpful with all the furniture that I want him to make for our home!

  986. Gaila Coursey says:

    I would love to have tools that are just mine and not my husbands.This dremel would be a great start

  987. I would give this as a gift to my hubby. :)

  988. Patty S. says:


  989. i “pinned” this “my style” board on pinterest!

  990. I pinned this.

  991. Charlotte says:

    I “liked” dremel on Facebook. :)

  992. Ohhh…the things I would do with the Dremel are limitless! The crafty things I am imagining make me dizzy! I might even let Mr. B borrow it…once!

  993. Debra Gresham says:


  994. I want to make a cake stand!!

  995. I have so many projects at my new house, this would sure come in handy.

  996. I would use it in many ways as I refinish and repurpose furniture. My husband may try to steal it but I will find a good hiding place for it. ;)

  997. Patty S. says:

    Following Dremel on FB :)

  998. If I won this I would give it to my wife. She loves to make arts and crafts. :D

  999. i would use this dremel for crafting around the house; esp things like the shanty cupcake tower!

  1000. Patty S. says:

    Where to start! My project list includes a centerpiece for my dining room table, picture frames & “art” for my family picture wall, growth chart for my kid’s rooms, and more! This would make them all much, much easier!

  1001. Charlotte says:

    I so want a cupcake tower! That is what I would make!!!

  1002. Debra Gresham says:

    I would like to ‘upgrade’ some plain frames.

  1003. i follow dremel on facebook!

  1004. Melina Jones says:

    I pinned this to my DIY board! Awesome!

  1005. Melinda M says:


  1006. Melina Jones says:

    I liked Dremel on Facebook!

  1007. Melinda M says:

    I “liked” Dremel on FB :)

    • I so want to make that cupcake tower! But, I need that Dremel to make it!!! Liked Dremel on Facebook and pinned cupcake tower on Pinterest.

  1008. Melina Jones says:

    I would build an awesome cupcake stand like that with the Dremel Trio. I’ve been looking for one like that for a long time now but they are so expensive!

  1009. Melinda M says:

    I would keep it at my craft desk (away from my husband LOL). I would use it with my youngest son who has shown an interest in woodworking.

  1010. Sharon C says:

    Followed on facebook

    • Pinned it
      Liked it

      How I will use it? Let me count the ways, perhaps making that aquarium out of the apple cube that I have always thought of. Perhaps just for rebuilding my ottoman that my doggies ruined. Or just for some other cool pin DIY project