A Gorilla Sized Mother’s Day Giveaway!!

Hope you guys enjoyed my magnet board project yesterday! I couldn’t have made it near as easy without one of our favorite brands!

In true “Shanty” fashion, we felt it was only appropriate to give away a whole lot of glue for Mother’s Day!!

Most of you probably know how much we love the Gorilla brand!!  Want to see a few things we have made with our Gorilla Glue??

Here are just a few…

Tin Magnetic Memo Board

Ashley’s Shanty Cupcake Tower

Shanty LOVE Sign

We also use Gorilla Wood Glue on every woodworking project we do!

For Mother’s Day, we will be giving 5 lucky Shanty readers these HUGE Gorilla Glue prize packs!!

Oh yah! That’s a whole lot of DIY!!

How do you win??

It’s super easy to enter!

Just  follow Gorilla Glue on Facebook and leave us a comment here telling us what you would create with all your new glue… Something for Mom maybe?? 😉

You can also enter by PINNING this post below!! Just push the PIN button and Pin away! Leave us another comment here telling us you did!

That’s 2 possible ways to win!

Good Luck!!!

  • delome

    Pinned it!

  • delome

    crafts to sell at a silent auction fundraiser for my son’s mission trip 😀

  • I’m just starting out as a woodworker, so I’m sure I will have lots of thlings to glue pretty soon! The Julia nightstand and the cupcake tower are at the top of my list right now 🙂

  • Jill L
  • Jill L

    ‘Like’ The Gorilla Glue Company and I would be using it to make the craft posted on their fb page. Flowers made out of tp rolls, spray paint and Gorilla Glue!!

  • Kim Eastman

    Yay!! Please include me in give away…I have a gazillion projects ;)…one being for Mother’s Day!!

  • Dianne Hardekopf

    After losing my job, I have lots of time on my hands, when my daughter told me about this site. I’ve become the crafty one in the family now 🙂 Im making the planter boxes for my daughter & daughter-in-laws for mothers day & then I’m giving the GG epoxy a try by making the magnetic board for my son & daughter-in-law for their anniversay. Then it’s onto the knock-off shelves for my daughter’s anniversary. Whew, I’m getting crafty 🙂 I Love site 🙂

  • I “liked” Gorilla Glue on FaceBook. I have several projects going right now but the glue would come in handy in my kids’ room updates.. new mirrors, small tables, reworked dressers.

  • C.C.

    Pinned this on pinterest!

  • C.C.

    I liked Gorilla Glue on FB! I think I would use it to make a outside table for my kids.

  • Shannon Brey

    Followed on facebook – I love using gorilla wood glue – would love to try all the other varieties!

  • I followed on Fbook! I would try the wood/tin memo board you just posted!

  • Amy Walker

    I like Gorilla Glue on Facebook. I would love to try to make a nightstand for my daughter’s room!

  • I pinned this!

  • I am following on FB
    I would use this for many things around the house and all my crafting I definetely want to make the cupcake tower!

  • Shannon

    I liked on Facebook. Hoping my husband will help me make a new bed for Mother’s Day…lost of Gorilla Glue needed for that 😉

  • Shannon

    I pinned this post…so badly want to make that LOVE pallet sign

  • Cora

    Following on Facebook! I have been itching to try so many of your projects! I just bought the Kreg Jig and some wood, mama needs some Gorilla Glue!!! The things I want to make the most are the mason jar plater box for my mom and the recent magnetic board for myself =]

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cora


  • pcar1963

    Pinned it!!!!

  • Suzanne B.

    You have been pinned! The unbreakable bond. 🙂

  • Suzanne B.

    Hiya, following Gorilla Glue on Facebook! I would use the glue to fix a vintage floor cradle and a chair someone was getting rid of. With a little help from a Gorilla or two I can get them back together and they will look awesome in my bonus room. Going to fill the cradle with my funky pillow collection made out of old bed spreads. Next, I am thinking about that cupcake tower because I am always thinking about cupcakes. Tasty! And I have an unexciting plastic tower. I like this one ten times better.

  • Tiffany

    I am dying to make your cupcake tower, so stinking cute!

  • Debbie Chioffe

    Oh Man..there are a million things that I can do and can make with that amazing assortment of Gorilla Glue products! I love Gorilla Glue and its strength and versitility make it easy for me to create masterpieces and fix everything. What I actually think that I would do is make Mom a macaroni frame..haha..or I should say finish one! The other day, I was rummaging around and straightening up for my Mom and I came across a box filled with all sorts of things. In that box was a frame that was three quarters finished with glued macaroni and other tidbits and glitter. There was a note attached to it in my Moms handwriting that said “Debbie age 5 – not a good day at school”. Well thinking back I cannot really remember the exact incident but I do remember pouting very often as that was the first year that they separated my twin sister and I into different classrooms. Apparently I was constantly leaving mine in search of her or busy throwing a fit..too busy to finish my Macaroni Frame. I think that I will finally finish it and surprise her with it..maybe even have my sister present her with it too! haha.

  • Pinned and commented. I have the top of a trash to treasure bistro table to make. Can’t wait to get started!

  • Mendy

    I have a couple picture frames ready to make (:

  • I want some huge corbels for my laundry room for some open shelving. The ones in stores are waaaay too expensive, so I’m about to shanty up a couple for myself.

  • Followed on FB! I would use it to create a cute cupcake stand! And tons of other projects on my to-do list 🙂

  • Pinned!

  • I follow Gorilla Glue on Facebook! I will definitely be using lots of wood glue for projects from this site and Ana’s! I actually just ordered a Kreg Jig, so there is lots of building in my future!

  • Tonya

    Oh, I LOVE Gorilla Glue too! I “liked” them on Facebook. And I have tons of projects that I’d use it for…nightstands, buffet, end tables…I have all the plans ready and waiting from Ana’s site! 😉

  • Susan

    I pinned it to my “How to’s” board. I also use a ton of wood glue. I seem to find every broken chair, table,etc…
    They just sit there in someones yard sale or trash pile looking sad and pitiful, and I can’t help but bring them home. All they needed was a little love and a WHOLE LOT of Gorilla Glue. Now if I can just find them all good homes!

  • Ashley

    My husband got us a babysitter for the weekend and i plan on making my VERY FIRST project. I am so excited ! I plan on making the Chestwick platform bed/headboard and the magnetic tin memo board. 🙂

    • Ashley

      Oh yeah – Pinned it!

  • angela

    I pinned it!

  • angela

    I’m following on Facebook and would use the glue to make the cupcake tower, my soon has been enamored with every since you posted the tutorial. 🙂

  • Morgan

    Gorilla Glue would help me make the wooden headboard I have planned for my master bedroom.

  • I’d fix the millions of things my kids break on a daily basis. 🙂
    Thecreativevault at hotmail

  • Nichole

    and I pin almost everything you make!

  • Nichole

    I have been collecting wood to make a sign just like yours! and I can’t wait to make a cupcake stand!

  • Theresa J
  • Theresa J

    I follow on fb. My daughter is the would make something fantastic I sure.

  • Suzanne

    I follow them on FB!!

  • Mandy Powell

    Pinned it!

  • Mandy Powell

    I would love to make the apothecary jars and some of the mason jars crafts!

  • Pat n fl

    I pinned this

  • Pat n fl

    I use thier products all the time so it is hard to say what I would make with it. I liked them on Facebook

  • Karen H.

    Pinned and liked on FB….. I have a myriad of frames and shelves on my to-do list. The glue would sure come in handy for both projects and repairs around the house.

  • Joyce Ostermiller

    Ok, I followed Gorilla glue and pinned them. Thanks!

  • Joyce Ostermiller

    I love Gorilla glue products. I do lots of DIY things with odd things I find at thrift stores.

  • Danielle C.

    I also pinned this to my DIY project board! 🙂

  • Danielle C.

    I liked GG on facebook!! 🙂 I would make the adorable magnetic pin board, and I’m really excited about making several signs out of some old fence boards I have left over from some signs we made for our outdoor wedding!

  • Ashlee Boren

    I Just looked them on Facebook and just pinned how much easier they make lifes mishaps and how fun they make my projects because their products are simple, easy and fast drying……and when you are doing projects that’s what we like. Thanks girls.

  • Tati Reese

    I LIKED Gorilla Glue on Facebook and Pinned this!!! I would make EVERYTHING with Gorilla Glue!! Mother’s day gifts, EVERYTHING I need for my Son’s 1st Birthday next month (I’m making EVERYTHING myself!!) AND I would FINALLY be able to start on the thousands of home decorating projects I’ve Pinned, and get our New house Looking Amazing!! OH I SO want to WIN this!!! PLEASE&THANK YOU!!
    <3 <3 <3,
    Crafty Mommy

  • Stephanie P

    I liked gorilla glue on fb and I would use all of this amazing glue to create everything on my DIY pinterest board (like wreaths for Mother’s Day and planters for the summer)!

  • Stephanie P

    I pinned this giveaway!

  • Lacey B

    pinned this

  • Lacey B

    liked gg on fb
    i am always working on something so I am sure I could find a use for the giveaway items

  • I like them on Facebook and I would make my mom a wooden box for her jewlery

  • kristen

    I LOVE gorilla glue. Where would I start? My to-make list is seven feet long! 🙂 What a great give-away!

  • Ashley

    The hubby is making me some awesome tables from Ana White, featured on Shanty! I’m so excited it’s my mothers day/birthday gift! And next is a super cute sign like the love sign only this one is filled with cute things related to our own little family, to include a picture! Love the Shanty girls!

  • Shawn

    I like gorilla glue on facebook – and I want one of those cupcake stands! maybe this week!

  • Katie C

    There are too many projects to list! I’d probably start with making a laundry pedestal for my new washer and dryer:)

  • Lindsay

    I like Gorilla Glue on Facebook. I would use this to make a cute patriotic craft that I saw on Pinterest. It has a metal star glued to the front, and I couldn’t figure out how to adhere it until now….Gorilla Glue would be perfect!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sally P

    Pinned it!!!

  • Sally P

    I liked Gorilla Glue on Facebook… I’d love to win and use my glue for a couple of tables I need to fix and paint!!

  • I just pinned and Facebook-shared this. Thanks again!

  • My fiance and I are about to move into our own house and I’ve got a whole list of things I want him to build for me- I know that Gorilla Glue would be perfect for building the spice shelves I want! Plus, we do a lot of jigsaw puzzles and we use Gorilla Tape on the back to keep them together if the front art has sparkles that Mod-Podge would cover up. Thanks!

  • ElizabethR

    I just followed them on facebook. I would love to create memento window flower boxes for my parents for mothers day. I would like to put their last name on one, Est. (date of their wedding) on another, and then a little lyric from their first dance. I hope that you pick me!

  • Benita Robinson-Lee

    I love this glue, held my very first cabinet together that I paid for with my hard earned money!! Can’t wait to try some of the projects I’ve seen, and with such a wide variety of choices in glue!

  • Regina

    Pinned it!

  • Regina

    Pinned it !

  • Danielle

    I love the gorilla glue and would use it for all the crafts at my wedding!

  • I liked! This would be something I’d use in a daily basis! First project? I’d live making some wall art.

  • Rice

    Pinned it! 🙂 I really want to try some of your side tables – our living room is glaringly empty of them!

  • sangeetha

    Liked on fb, as a mom and with a mom 8000 miles away, I think this pack would be to treat myself

  • Lora W.

    I like Gorilla Glue on FB and i would make really cool teacher gifts if I won. I don’t know what, but they would be really cool. =)

  • Bethany


  • I liked Gorilla Glue on Facebook – my next project is just waiting for the glue – it’s a vintage rocking chair with a wee split in it’s lovely seat……bring it on!

  • Hi, I pinned the “Gorilla” – love gorilla glue – can’t do a darn thing without it!

  • Rika

    I also Pinned this giveaway.

  • Rika

    I “like” Gorilla Glue on FB. I would use the glue to make the magnet boards and a couple of other projects that I have planned.

  • Amanda L

    BTW – I would totally use the Gorilla glue to work on our wedding centerpieces!

  • Amanda L

    I just pinned this too!

  • Amanda L

    I already like Gorilla glue on facebook. 🙂

  • Brenda Strom

    I pinned….I want to make that magnet board for Mother’s Day. Love the glue for the flower planters I made 4 ofthem. Thank you!!!!

  • Heather

    I pinned this post! Umdrower

  • Kim Smith

    Pinned it…Kim Smith

  • Kim Smith

    I would use the glue to work on all the projects on your site….everything you do, I want to make too!
    Kim Smith
    Altha, Fl

  • Amy Teague

    I have also pinned. LOVE ALL YOUR IDEAS

  • Karie

    I just joined pininterest this week and starting pinning. I recovered a rocking chair seat this week after seeing all of your DIY projects. I love all the ideas and hope to make a magnet board soon. The gorilla glue basket would really give me a head start on some fun projects!

  • linda b

    I would glue some pallet flower boxes!! And probably a whole lot more!

  • linda b

    I pinned gorilla glue!!

  • darla

    I love the cupcake holder and I love the signs you made a long time ago that spell “joy” I hope I win 🙂

  • Tricia Hicks

    Pinned it!

  • Tricia Hicks

    I would make one of those super cute magnet boards!

  • Love gorilla glue, and use it to glue broken jewelry pieces to artwork! going to facebook!

  • Janet

    I have only used the wood glue but looking at the basket I’m thinking the epoxy might fix some ornaments, yes ornaments with missing parts that’s are in the junk drawer! I’ve tried the glue gun and it didn’t work!

  • Janet

    I love this stuff ! I love all your recommendations,
    I pinned it. http://pinterest.com/pin/99712579220040109/
    Also asking for a dremel or the kreg wood rip cut you have mentioned for mothers day!!!

  • Terri Betz

    I’m just dying to make a Cupcakes stand for my wonderful daughter for Mothers Day! Thank you for the chance!

  • Stephany A.

    I just pinned it to 🙂

  • Stephany A.

    Ill be moving in a two months and have so many DIY projects to complete. Gorilla glue is already at the top of my shopping list this would just make it so much more economical for my frugal soul 🙂 I totally like them on Facebook!

  • Sissi

    I would love to make a fabulous triple planter for my backyard. It is in serious need of some love!! (followed gg on fb!)

  • Meredith Sheehan

    1. I pinned the post! 2. I am following Gorilla Glue on FB. 3. I would make everything you showed in this post….all too cute!! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • I pinned this post! (I pinned the memo board yesterday, too, and it’s re-pinned over 20 times just from my little boards.)

  • I moved into a new house last fall, and I still have a LOT of decorating to do. I liked Gorila Glue on Facebook, because if I won one of the prize packs I could make some of those decs. The magnetic memo board, or the cupcake stand!

  • Mary S

    I pinned for gorilla. Love the glue but haven’t tried anything else.

  • Shelly Kerry

    I’m “stuck” on gorilla glue and your website with all of the amazing projects. Hoping to win this wonderful give away to put towards good use to other wonderful projects.

  • Jami Cobb


  • Anne Marie

    I follow gorilla on Fb and would use the glue to do alot of necessary repairs I need to complete around the house and outdoors as well.

  • Jami Cobb

    “Liked” them on FB. Would love to try it on the hair accessories I make for my girls!

  • Jenny K

    I p-p-p-p- pinned for Gorilla!

  • Kimberly

    I also just pinned about the giveaway 😉

  • Kimberly

    My husband and I are about to purchase our first house. I have a long list of DIY projects that I am looking forward to making in order to make our house a home. We have a little girl and another one on the way & I can’t wait to decorate their new rooms with projects from your great site. The awesome Gorilla Glue package would come in super handy as I tackle all of my DIY to-dos!

  • Heather S.

    I would love to win this gorilla glue Mother’s Day giveaway! As a mother to 3 boys, I’m sure I could use it fix things and I would love to try out so many of your projects, Shanty 2 Chic! I love the magnet board project you posted this week! I have liked Gorilla Glue on FB as well!!! Hope you pick me! LOL 🙂

  • fawn strunk

    I pinned the giveaway on pinterest..

  • fawn strunk

    I would make signs galore, mason jars cause I am in love with all them. I would fix furniture and more.. thanks for the giveaway

  • Amie C

    I pinned the giveaway on pinterest.

  • Amie C

    I liked Gorilla on facebook. I have a million ideas for Gorilla glue. But my first oneis a wall handing made with shims for my dining room!

  • Nic

    I am making the mason jar planter this weekend and need some gorilla wood glue! We use nothing else in our hourse!

    Love your projects!!

  • Catalina Torres

    I PIN it! I have a niece and a nephew that do lots of arts & crafts projects! and my little brother is very artistic too! http://pinterest.com/toren75/

  • Megan L

    I would start with the magnetic memo board for my “office”, then head into building some custom bookshelves.

  • Denise Chavez

    Good Friday to you!! Where to start on what I could do with all that Gorilla Glue!! I just discovered your amazing blog about a month ago! And I am hooked! We are currently in the process of re-decorating our whole house. So much fun but expensive too. That is where your great ideas our helping us. We have already made a few of the Mother`s Day casserole holders…..love them, in the middle of making the diy coffee table that your sitting on in your blog….ha ha and also just bought an old dresser for $20 that my husband is refurbishing for me. So much fun having projects we can do together!! Thanks for all your amazing ideas and please keep them coming. Happy Mothers Day!!

  • Lisa Timbeck

    I have pinned this!! I LOVE your ideas, they are amazing!! If I won… I have a LONG list of DIY I would like to attack..including your mothers day project!

  • Bobbi cook

    I liked Gorilla on Facebook and I would use the wood glue to make the mothers day box you guys showed us. I want to try the contact paper on it to and write nana for my mother! I love how y’all used the contact paper and then peeled it off with tweezers!!!

  • Carleen

    I pinned about the giveaway.

  • Carleen

    I would defiantly make something for mom since mother’s day is right around the corner.

  • Andrea D.

    I would make some art projects with the kids to give to my mom and my mother-in-law. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  • Tabitha M.

    I just pinned this.

  • Sandra Holmes

    I pinned it!

  • Steve

    I pined this and followed Gorilla Glue on Facebook. I would like to make the Love sign

  • melissa mathews

    I also pinned this! With GG I would DEFINITELY make some planter boxes! I’m trying to teach my four year old son how to plant and take care of flower and veggie seeds… I have some old vintage window frames that I plan on letting him help me stack and glue together 🙂 all of this stuff would definitely come in handy!!

  • melissa mathews

    I liked GG on fb!

  • Sandi

    I pinned this wonderful giveaway!

  • Sandi

    I would love to make a “Love” sign for my headboard using of course gorilla glue!!!

  • Sandi

    I Like Gorilla Glue on facebook ! oh ya!!!!

  • Alyssa

    I’ll be using Gorilla Wood Glue when I make stadium seats out of pallets for my garage/media room. Pinned on Pinterest and Liked on FB.

  • Rebecca

    Ohhhh, I love the magnet board! And I’ve pinned you’re giveaway on Pinterest!

  • Blythe

    Liked them on FB! I would for sure finish my Mothers’ Day gift I’m making for my mom!!! 🙂

  • Anne

    I’d love to make the tiered stand!! Thanks for the chance to win any kind of Gorilla Glue. It’s great!

  • Delight

    liked Gorilla Glue on FB!

  • Delight

    I’d make my mom that cute mason jar holder or magazine rack you did. SO cute!

  • Patricia Wojnar Crowley
  • Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    I like Gorilla Glue on facebook!!! I would make a new house number sign for my house!

  • Michele

    I like shanty 2 chic in Facebook!

  • Michele

    I pinned this giveaway!!

  • Delight

    I pinned it!

  • I pinned this wonderful giveaway!

  • Gorilla Glue is great! I want to create a wood collage and GG is the first item on my supply list.

  • Kristen Manson

    Pinned it. What a great giveaway to get all those products together!

  • Mindi

    I pinned your giveaway! Thanks for the chance, I LOVE gorilla glue!

  • Mindi

    I follow Gorilla Glue on Facebook. I would make one of the cute things from your blog! There are so many cute things to choose from, but I am thinking for my mom a cupcake tower, or the magazine tray, or planter box, or the mason jar planter box, hmmm see….so hard to decide, maybe I will just make them all!

  • Theresa

    I just pinned this giveaway!

  • Theresa

    I picked up some pallets the other day. Ready to start gluing!! This would come in rather handy!

  • Melissa

    I liked GG on FB and I just used GG to make the mason jar planters to use as centerpieces for a bridal shower I am throwing this weekend!! Love, love, love this product!!

  • Melissa

    I pinned this giveaway 🙂

  • Tracey

    I just pinned the Gorilla Glue logo on my DIY board! Just starting to get into making my own stuff so this gift basket would really come in handy!

  • Roberta

    Been a big fan & user of the GORILLA for a long time!
    Crafting & repairs, too many uses to name just one !

  • I already like GG on FB and I just pinned the logo to my Favorites page! 🙂 I just finished the mason jar planter (which is my kitchen utensil holder), and need more glue to finish up my casserole tray! 🙂

  • Tiffany

    I liked Gorilla Glue on Facebook and I would love to win the prize so that I could do all kind of projects that I’ve seen on here and on Facebook so Please pick me!!!!

  • Natalie

    I think I would try the live sign and cupcake tower:) Im so inspired who knows all I could try!! Its so exciting !!

    What a fun giveaway ! Thank you for the chance to win

    Happy Mothers Day

  • Amy Mitchell

    I have my twins’ baptism coming up & have already made the planter boxes, but would love one of those cupcake stands to match!

  • Amy Mitchell

    I pinned this post.

  • Wendy

    i would make a cake stand for my Mom!

  • Wendy

    Pinned It!

  • Marci

    I pinned it and liked on facebook. I have endless possibilities for the Gorilla Glue! My craft room is spilling over with projects! This would for sure be put to good use! Thank you!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Sue

    I would use it to make my grandkids a teeter-totter or see-saw. Need something strong and dependable to be sure the projects Grandma makes them are secure for these monkeys.

  • I like them on FB! I love that cake stand…I have a piano recital coming up and would love to put some cupcakes on one like that!

  • Jennifer Alexander

    I would make a wooden planter box. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Wendy Asher

    I follow Gorilla Glue on facebook. I have too many projects to use the glue for to list. I’m re-doing two bedrooms 🙂

  • Susan

    I don’t Facebook therefore I can’t Pin; I do, however, follow you! I’d start by making the tiered cake stand!

  • i have SO MANY projects in mind that need gorilla glue. really is the BEST glue for making things stick!

  • Beth Gallagher

    I like both you and Gorilla glue on FB! 🙂 I would definately make a couple of magnetic boards as well as a 5 tier cupcake stand! Here’s hoping I’m a lucky winner. Thanks for the chance!

  • Heather Collins

    Pinned! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • laura

    I pinned your post! @mommy2kidsnc – Laura R

  • laura

    I like Gorilla Glue on Facebook. I would love to win this so I can build some small tables for a crazy corner I have in my house. It needs to be custom so I have been in the planning process for awhile. This will give me the jumpstart I need.

  • Victoria Oakley

    We use Gorilla Glue around the house alot. Thanks for the chance to Win. Pinned!

  • I pinned the giveaway also
    http://www.pinterest.com/imacrafter – under giveaways

  • I like gorilla glue on Facebook and I use it everyday in my garage- cant wait to win and not have to buy more. : )

  • If I win (or not) I’m using Gorilla Glue to repair a bookshelf for my daughter’s 3rd grade classroom. She’s a teacher and can always use bookshelves and storage for all her teaching supplies!

  • I love their products and sure would love to win. I follow them on facebook and left a comment there. I have several projects in the works but I could definitely use some of this to finish working on my gun cabinet transformation. Thanks for the chance

  • Megan S

    Following Gorilla Glue on FB!

  • Kacey

    pinned it

  • Megan S

    It’s been pinned!

  • Marilyn B. Hughes

    I follow Gorilla Glue on FB. Let’s see, what would I do with it? Well, I have a REALLY old square piano stool that needs part of it’s decoration glued back on, so that would be one thing. I also have a fire screen that needs some gluing done along with several display boxes. So, I have several projects I would use the glue for.


  • Megan S

    My Hubs and I are making your flower boxes over the weekend…and of course we bought some gorilla glue for the job!

  • Christy Sanning

    I liked them on facebook. I’d love to do the cupcake holder!

  • Angela Payne

    Hubby and I use Gorilla glue for all kinds of projects. I am getting ready to make your mason jar planter box and have several of your cool projects pinned to make in the near future! Love your cupcake stand so much! Thanks for all the great crafts and fun easy things to make!

  • Amy Teague

    I “liked” on FB. I would make several magazine tray and casserole trays for gifts. I am also working on making a “new” dining room table.

  • Erica

    I love Gorilla glue. We always have a bottle around the house. Who needs super glue when you have Gorilla Glue. I have a 100 year trunk that I am going to use Gorilla Glue to give the TLC it needs to become like new/old. I also have an old chair I found at a flea market that want to makeover in Wyoming Cowboy style. Gorilla Glue would insure my DIY stayed that way I want it.

  • Terri Monteverdi

    I pinned!

  • Terri Monteverdi

    I liked Gorilla Glue on FB – and there are so many things I want to make that it’s hard to narrow down… but I have to say that a new scrap wood headboard is really close to the top of the list!!!

  • Robin

    Already like GG on FB but will leave a message telling them you sent me back to their page!

  • Robin

    Pinned the post. Would love to win. Would first fix a small child’s chair that I have that has split. Want to also make a wood wall hanging similar to the one you made that says Love.

  • Jennifer h

    I liked GG on facebook. I have a couple pallets and really want to make a sign or some type of art with them.

  • Lana

    I pinned it! I would LOVE to WIN some Gorilla glue to use for all my projects! I think the 1st thing I would use the gorilla glue to make, would be a memo board for my mother & mother in law for mother’s day!

  • Kayla A.

    Comment #2-Liked GG on FB!

  • Kayla A.

    Pinned & liked! I would make your skinny shelves with the ledge for my daughter’s playroom.

  • Marion B.

    Already a FB fan! Pinned it! And I love to use gorilla glue for all my Ana White building projects, plus I really want to build some super cute message boards for moms. 🙂

  • TriciaW

    I would love to turn my office into more of a library. I want to make shelves from the ceiling to the floor! Now that I know how to make easy yet gorgeous shelves (thanks to Shanty 2 Chic!). I can see this dream coming true with a lot of glue 🙂 I am following on facebook and have pinned it!

  • lorena

    Tienes un bellisimo y util blog.muchas gracias y muchos exitos…….
    Me encanta Gorilla Glue….son geniales…..
    Lindo fin de semana para todos…………….

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  • June

    My next project is some pallet wall art~~I love Gorilla Glue, and already like them on FB! Thanks for the opportunity to win :0

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    I would put together a pallet headboard for my little girls first big girl bed! I have never used gorilla glue before this stuff looks amazing!!!!!!!

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    I wold LOVE to win so I could use it to build bar stools for the kitchen island I just built, using Gorilla wood glue and Ana White plans. I also would love to have the T-shirt! It would be my “saw it in the store, loved it, went home and built it” t-shirt.

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    I would love to make my Mom the cupcake stand, and one for me too!

  • Christine Owens

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  • Kathy H

    I’ve ‘liked’ Gorilla Glue on Facebook. If I should be the fortunate one to win; I think I’d start with some decorated birdhouse, trying some different techniques with pebbles, egg shells or little tiles… or maybe buttons! Be blessed, Kathy

  • STJ

    Awesome. I think I would do a pair of those mason jar planters, and modify the casserole dish to hold them.

  • Heather

    There are so many things that I want to make from your site. I have made a few so far. Gorilla Glue would just help with those.

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    I like Gorilla Glue on Facebook, We have a bunch of Barn wood that I have several projects in mind and a couple repairs I need to work on. I would also like to make a magnetic message board like yours

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  • I liked gorilla glue on fb! we are moving this summer and I would use the glue for all the awesome diy ideas i get from you guys!!! my parents are also moving in to new home this summer and i cannot wait to help my mom diy some goodies!!!

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  • Well…there a great, old sideboard that I got at the Goodwill earlier this week that I’m going to repair and refinish. I could use Gorilla Glue on the doors that I’m re-making.

    I liked GG on Facebook.

  • I like GG on FB! I would use the glue to make all sorts of projects for my baby girl’s new big girl room. Starting with some crates to hold all of those toys!

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  • I want to make a cake stand!

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    I’d most likely use it to fix my projects where other glues failed 😉

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    I’m working on a table for our kitchen. Love gorilla glue!

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    I would love some Gorilla Glue! I plan to make your mason jar planter box to hold some flowers for my mom for mother’s day.

  • Shell We

    Oh I love Gorilla glue also. I have a few pieces of old furniture that have seen better days & I would so use Gorilla glue to hold them together.

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    i would use the gorilla clue to make one of those cute magnet boards. i feel in love with it when i saw it on your blog. way too cute!

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    I would make a cookbook stand for my mom, since I bought her a series of baking books for Mother’s Day. She loves to bake and is just getting into decorating.

    Oh, and I ‘liked’ Gorilla Glue on Facebook. 🙂

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  • The cupcake tower is definitely on my “to do” list.

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  • I pinned it – thanks for a great giveaway! Love all the projects you’ve used it on – looks like it can do so many things! (:

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  • I am working on one of your projects for my mom. The DIY decorative mirrors. I am also working on a ton of other projects now to be sold and/or donated to the subdivision my mother lives in. They were hit by a very large tornado last month. 75 homes had serious damage. Some were condemned. So I am making quite a few things just for them to have in their new or repaired homes. Something to let them know they were remembered as well as what a blessing it was that no one was seriously injured and how precious life is. When it comes down to it, the important things are still there. I am also working on quilts for the young children (though Gorilla glue is not needed for that!! lol). So I am one busy gal right now! The glue would certainly come in handy! I have quite a bit now, but I am sure I will need more!!! lol I mean we cannot have too much of it can we?

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  • There are a TON of things I could do with that prize! I’d most likely attempt some pallet art similar to your adorable “LOVE” sign. (I’d stencil “all you need is love is all you need”)

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    I’ve put my husband on kid table building duty lately a d we are running super low on wood glue! I’d love to make that magnent tin!

    • Nancy Nelson

      I am in the midst of a new adventure here in Mobile Alabama. I have never tried Gorilla Glue but I would love to and promote it here. I work with furinture all the time and think it would be an asset.

    • Nancy Nelson

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