DIY Centerpiece ~ Mini Planter Boxes

Hi friends!

My new DIY Outdoor Table has been in need of a centerpiece.  I got busy yesterday and knocked these babies out quick!  This is a super easy project, and the results are so fun!  Here is what I made…

These are so simple to make, and super cheap too!

I also think they would make make a great wedding centerpiece or an herb garden!

For my wood I decided to use yellow pine boards from Home Depot.  They are full of knots, which I love!  The shantier… The better! 😉

I bought 2 – 1x6x8 pine boards.  My total cost for the wood was under $10.

The build of these boxes is super easy!  For each box, you will need 3 pieces cut at 6″ and 2 pieces cut at 7″.

I used Wood Glue to attach my 6″ pieces first.

I attached my 6″ pieces like this using  Wood Glue and 1 1/4″ finish nails.

Then, I just attached my 7″ pieces like this using  Wood Glue and finish nails again.

This is what the inside of your boxes will look like.

Pretty easy, huh?? I built all 5 of mine in less than 30 minutes!

I also drilled a few holes in the bottom to help drain the water.

To finish these I used my very favorite spray paint!

But this time, I had a little help!

spray paint holder

It’s my new Rust-Oleum Comfort Grip!  Saved me so much time and made my fingers happy too! 😉

spray paint grip

Yup… That’s a match made in Heaven right there!

So… I painted my boxes…

And then sanded the heck out of them.  I wanted them to look shanty and barely painted.  I used my Corner Cat sander, but you can use a sanding block too!  Just takes a bit more elbow grease!

After sanding…

That’s it!  I also made some super cute wood tags for them!  I will be sharing those later this week!  In the meantime, here are just a few more pics of mine!

Hope you like them!  My flowers will bloom soon, but for now you get to see leaves ;-)!

I would love for you to PIN these and share them below!  Thanks so much for stopping by guys!


  • Katie

    Hey, you had three 1x6x6 and two 1x6x7? Wouldn’t you need two 1x6x8 if you’re aligning them to the 6in box that now has two 1in thick planks glued onto it, totaling to 8in wide?

  • Sue Hill

    These are great and now that I bought a nail gun a month ago, I’m having such fun building things. One question though, did you use pressure treated Ecolife (Southern Yellow Pine)?

  • Guest

    These look great! I’m going to use them as a project with my girl guides. How did you hold the pieces steady as you nailed them?

  • Paola

    😮 I did the same this week! Cant Belive it I havent seen this post before!!! Really this is a huge sorprise for me!

  • Hollie

    What sandpaper grit did you use for this project?

    • I used an 80 grit paper on my sander. Hope this helps! 🙂

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  • Cant’ wait to see how you made the little tags! One day my children will play by themselves while mommy builds things! Till then Pinterest!

  • Erin Stevens

    As usual you guys come up with a great idea. I think I will make a set and use them as an herb garden. I had one planned already. I think I will also add some rocks on the bottom. I have had root rot problems in the past and I read it helps. The tags will be great for showing what I have planted. So looking forward to that post too!

    Oh btw I made a couple of your projects for my daughter as wedding gifts. I made her a set of apothecary jars and the plaque with their initials, wedding date, and the saying “it all began with one kiss. I blogged about it and included your blog for the tutorial. So thanks for that as well. So glad I found this blog. It has really been a life changer for me. I mean I actually own POWER TOOLS!! woohoo! Go NANA!! What is crazy is just how close you ladies are to me. I am in Mesquite! Check out the gifts I made for her.. Again, thanks to you ladies!

    • Hi Erin!!

      What a great job you did on all of those! I loved them and I know she did too!

      Your comment was so sweet! You are just down the road. My hubby drives through Mesquite a lot!

      Thanks so much again and way to go with those power tools Nana! 😉


  • Love the table and planters. I hope you will link these up to The CSI Project. The challenge is Summer outdoor decorating and parties. Come on over! You just might win!!!!

  • Absolutely adorable! I’m usually nervous to work with wood; but I think I could manage this! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks so much Audrey!! These really are so easy… Go for it! 😉

  • Rhoni T

    extremely too cute, i am thinking herb garden and those little wooden tags could have the names of the herbs, maybe going long ways, super great idea I’ve been wanting a herb garden for awhile but needed an easy way to move it inside during hot hot days and cold days!! Remember to put a coffee filter in the bottom when planting, keeps the soil from falling out!! 🙂

    • Rhoni… Thanks! What a great idea with the coffee filter! Thanks for that!

  • Jeanice

    Cute! I’ve been making some of your DIY things for a while now and my Lowes and Home Depot stopped selling this spray paint! I had to order on amazon. Ever run into this problem anyone?

    • Erin Stevens

      home depot carries it as well as Ace Hardware. I found this out when I tried to locate their particular color and type of rustolium too.

      • Jeanice

        Maybe just my home depot stopped carrying it. I will try ace hardware, thanks.

        • Hey Jeanice…

          Lowe’s doesn’t carry it, but most Home Depot’s do. You can also buy it online in a case of 6 for around the same price on Amazon. Hope this helps!

  • Awesome! Love the twine bows. What are the plants? I am having major problems with my outdoor planters keeping plants alive in 100 degree weather, any suggestions for hot outdoor plants?

    • Hi Terri!

      Well I don’t know how mine will do either! I do have pretty much full shade in this spot, so I am hoping they don’t die. These are impatiens. I was told to baby them. If these don’t work I am going to plant a cactus… Love this heat :-))

      • Sue

        They are New Guinea impatiens. They want the sun, unlike the classic impatiens which thrive in the shade. You may be swapping these out sooner than you think! :^)

        • Haha thanks Sue! I am no green thumb… Fingers crossed they at least bloom! ;-))

  • Natalie

    Thats so cute !! Going to try those asap 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  • Korrie@RedHenHome

    These are super cute!

  • Melissa-TheHappierHomemaker

    These look awesome! What a fast and easy project-thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Melissa! They are fast which makes me love them more! 😉

  • Rachel @ Thrifty Inspirations

    This is such a great idea! I could truly use these for all kinds of occasions! Totally pinning this! Thanks!

    • Thanks so much Rachel! Glad you like them!! 😉

  • Tonya @ Love of Family & Home

    What is it about a little wooden box that is so dang cute?! I love those added wooden tags as well! These are adorable!!

    • I know it Tonya… I could put a box anywhere 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment!

  • debbie_mann

    love em.. I was thinking wedding centerpieces as soon as I saw the pic on facebook.. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love these! It was wonderful to meet you girls at Haven! Please forgive me for bowing down in the elevator! Ha! Happy 4th!

    Take care,


    • Haha Trish! You are too funny! It made us smile :-)) so good meeting you! Excited to go back next year!!