DIY Bench for the Entryway – $15!

Hey friends!!

I recently had an itch to change out the bench in my entryway.  Staying on my ‘shanty’ budget, I started skimming Ana’s site for some ideas.  I ran across her Providence Bench and fell in LOVE.

My favorite parts….

It cost me under $15 to build… Yup! Love that!

It took me a couple hours to build and finish… Woohoo!

Here is how she turned out…

This was a very simple build.  I used 2 – 2×4’s and 3 – 2×6’s to build the entire thing!

I also used my Kreg Jig® to assemble it.  Here are a few tips on where I put my pocket holes.

This is the bottom inside of the legs….

And the top of the legs…

I also used the Kreg Jig® to plank the top of the bench before attaching it to the base.

This is the back of each of my diagonal pieces.  I wasn’t worried about covering the pocket holes because I knew they would be facing the wall.

And my bottom piece was attached like this…

I used 1 1/4″ screws through the bottom into the planks to attach the top.  I also used Gorilla Wood Glue for all of my joints.

That’s it!  I gave everything a coat of Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut.

I love how versatile this bench is!  I think I could use it in almost any room of my house!  It’s so cute and did I mention it was $15?? Yah.  That definitely fits my budget!  Here are just a few more pics…

I also love that using these plans you can really modify the bench to any length you need!  Way to go on these FAB plans Ana!

Thanks so much for stopping by guys!  I would love for you to share and PIN this below!  Have a wonderful week!


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  • queenbiotch

    Made replica of this bench. Cost $36 and took one week with all staining and polyurethane finish coat. Still a great deal but could never have made for $15

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  • Stacey

    My screws have just been falling out of my pine and I’ve tried both fine and coarse threaded screws with my Kreg Jig, any suggestions?

  • lfhpueblo


  • Stacey

    What color stain did you use, I LOOOOVE that color!

    • Dominique Hanson

      “I gave everything a coat of Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut” From above

  • Cathy Jo

    What is your flooring? It is gorgeous!!

  • Jamie Scholting

    The PDF version of the plans has an “error”. Do you know how I can get the plans another place? Thanks.

  • What is the height & length of your bench? I absolutely love it!

  • I’m in love!!! All of the details of your entry space are perfect. I just have issues building things..maybe this will be a good one to start with. I wish I could buy one from you;)

  • C.Pastir

    Where did you find the cute pillows in the basket that is in your entryway?

  • Sj

    Where did you buy your front door from?? It is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Megan

    Do you ever do a protective coat of poly or anything like that on your wood projects? if so, what do you use?

  • Amanda

    I love your front door!!

    • Sarah Inman

      I was about to say the same thing! It’s gorg!

  • Mist

    Where did u get the shelve from? I have a hard time finding ones that can hold weight and look nice

  • Are the 2×4’s you are using framing lumber? If they are how do you get them to look that nice? Do you have to really dig through the pile? Do you sand them? (sorry, this will be my first project and I’m full of questions)

    • They are called select studs. They are just a little bit pricier than the cheapest studs. I get mine at Lowe’s and there are few that don’t look this nice. Hope this helps and good luck!

  • Jana

    Love everything about your entry, what is the paint color? Thanks!

  • I finally got my Kreg Jig and i will be starting on my sawhorses first. after that i might have to make this bench!!!! love, love love it. do you have any tips on how you select your wood?

    • Hi Carolyn! Sorry!! Just saw this message… We always look for the straightest pieces we can find. Ash and I like to see knots when we are staining too, so we like to find pieces with lots!

  • Charlotte Smith

    love the bench and the shelf/hooks above it… are the plans/instructions for that accessible somewhere on your blog as well?? Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Love the bench. Where can I find a Kreg Jig? I have never seen one anywhere. I see them on DIY all the time.

    • Lowe’s and HD carry them! You can also get them on Amazon. Ash and I use the K4 model. Hope this helps!

  • Dani

    I love the bench it is absolutely adorable…this may be a sill question, but what is a Kreg Jig and how is it helpful in making the bench? Thank You!

  • Nicole

    Seriously LOVE this bench. People would pay a fortune for a bench that looked like yours. Awesome job!

    • Thank you so much Nicole!! You are sweet! 😉

  • Do either you or Ana have the measurements for a King Bed? We LOVE the entire room and CAN’T wait to do the pieces! Thanks a ton!

    • Hey Jesse! If you find a bed on Ana’s site that you like, you can modify the width of the bed to fit a king. You will just want to make sure to add some extra support boards under the bed to accommodate for the wider width. You can try asking Ana for exact size on her FB site too! Hope this helps!! 🙂

  • Love this, I think I will try this but longer to go with a rustic table! I gave you guys a link on my website!! Love your work 🙂 I pinned it too

    • You are so sweet Heidi!! Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see yours when you get it all finished!

  • cyndi

    Love the bench, but can you tell me where you got your front door?? I am looking for one like that!

    • Thanks!
      We purchased ours from ResDoor in Ft. Worth, TX. We love it! Hope this helps!

  • Korrie@RedHenHome

    Beautiful! You and Ana are a great team!

    • Thank you Korrie! Always love your sweet messages! 🙂

  • Stacy

    Oh I love it! I wish I knew how to build stuff…maybe it’s time to learn.

    • Yes ma’am it is! It’s fun and addicting! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Love this & I love your floor- what stain did you use for it? Did you do a tutorial on your floor too? You are amazing! <3

    • Thank you Hannah!! YOu are sweet! We hired a contractor for the stained concrete when we had the house built. I wish I could say I did it, but not on this one 😉 Thanks again!!

      • Candi Daitch

        I was just about to ask the same thing, it looks amazing! What a great option to hardwood, how does it hold up (ie is it easy to clean, does it chip/scratch?)

  • Becca

    $15?! That is amazing! Great job!

    Becca @ The Sassy Penguin

    • Thank you Becca!! I do like the price tag too ;-)!!

  • Teresa Kessler

    Very nice I too wonder is your floor stained concrete???

  • Runt

    That looks fantastic! You can’t not love it for $15!

  • Meg

    Love this bench! And your front door! Did you make that too?

    • Haha thanks Meg! Wish I could take credit for that one!! 😉

  • ajhucklebuck

    This is so gorgeous! I LOVE your design skills! 🙂 Can I just ask–What is your floor covering? Every time you post I oooh and aahhhh over your newest build, then ogle your floors. 😀

  • Katie

    Gorgeous bench! I wish I had a place in our house where we could put this!

    • Thanks so much Katie!! 🙂 I just get rid of something when I want to build something new ;-))

  • Shondie

    I’m going to try this today!!! Gorgeous!

    • Awesome! Can’t wait to see it Shondie! 🙂 Thanks!