DIY Christmas Gift – $5 Chalkboard

Happy Wednesday guys!

I am so pleased with my latest project, and I can’t wait to share it with you today!

As many of you know, I am constantly trying to think of great gift ideas on a very shanty budget.  These bad boys cost me under $5 to make, and I had 6 of them whipped up during nap time today.  Here is how they turned out…

I love these chalkboards!  They are a perfect gift for just about anyone on your list, and they can be used in any room of the house.  They also make perfect teacher gifts!

Let me show you just how easy these are!

First you will need your supplies…

You will need to buy an 8′ 2×12″ board from Lowe’s or HD.  These run about $12 for the board, but 1 board will make 6 of these chalkboards.  I cut mine into 14″ pieces.  If you don’t have a saw, or a handy hubby, you can had Lowe’s or HD cut it down for you for free!  Just find a nice guy in the lumber section and tell him what you need!

To add a little something to the top, I decided to use wood finials.  I always find mine at Lowe’s.  If you can’t find them there, craft stores carry these as well.  They may look a bit different, but they will work!

Now use a drill (Ladies if you don’t own one of these, add it to your Christmas list… You will thank us!) to put a small hole in the top of your boards.

 Now for the fun part…  Time for stain!

This stain is great!  It only takes about an hour to dry!

Once it dries, you are ready for your chalkboard spray paint!

This stuff is the BOMB.  It turns just about anything into a chalkboard!  Once it dries you can pull off your tape!

How easy peasy was that???

Want to do the math? Me too!

Want to see a few more shots??

You like the tags???

Make sure to come back tomorrow!  I made them, and will be offering them as a FREE printable!  LOVE!

Hope you love them!  Mine will be going to my kiddos’ teachers for Christmas!  I will be making more for family too!  So easy… So quick… But OH SO Cute!  Good combo! 😉

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  • Stacie Muller

    I’m so excited to make these for my favorite things party!!!

  • Kristen Cherry

    Can you tell me the measurements for the craft finial? I am trying to order them online since Lowe’s no longer sells them. Thanks for your help.

  • Courtney Payne Carmean

    So I’ve been using these on a few projects and I just found out that they aren’t being sold at Lowes anymore! : ( Have any idea where I can find more for sale?

    • sseiber6

      Hobby Lobby or Micheals? Just a thought.

  • Have my wood, hoping to do some this weekend. I’m thinking of using a magnetic primer under the chalkboard paint. Fingers crossed!!+

  • I love these, they look fantastic. I would maybe do two coats of chalkboard paint for longevity. The finials are a great touch!

  • Wow. Seriously LOVE these! My hubby will be thrilled to have another project to help me with. LOVE YOUR SITE! 🙂

  • Any good ideas on how to hang them?

  • Great project but I agree with sanding and one coat of chalkboard paint. I would also seal the stained wood before applying chalkboard paint, that might help to give the spray chalk board paint a sealer underneath.

    A hanging hook on the back or a short stand on the back also cool idea to add. Still very affordable project.

    FYI, those nice guys at Lowe’s are not always doing free cuts, so paying for the cuts is still not bad, also you might ask first and continue to shop they might not have time to do it right away.

  • Kathy Owen

    Love your chalkboards girls. I like making chalkboards too, but I see I’m going to have to get a little more creative! Thanks for the idea.

  • Polly Jones

    Wow,,I bet the spray is better than the paint on that I have.. you have to sand it and still not get the smooth chalkboard feel,, but it is still very cute.. I use it on gift tagsand boxes so they can be reused…

  • Carra

    These are great but I have a couple comments. First, you left off the sanding step. You would absolutely want to sand the edges of these before painting them. Also, my HD and L will only make the first 2 cuts free. After that, its’ $.25 per cut. Would still put these under $5 but just wanted to make people aware. And last, is one coat of chalkboard paint enough? Thanks for the plan!

  • Can’t wait to give these a go! Absolutely love them!

  • Jennifer Leible

    LOVE this! do they stand up?


    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I was thinking about adding some rolled burlap/fabric flowers to the bottom corner for added detail. What glue would you use to adhere those with? Also…I’m assuming you did some sanding on the edges? My sister and I are hoping to make these and she’s coming all the way from Iowa for thanksgiving to do it! =)

  • DeDe Bailey

    Love them! Pinning now!

  • Cari Morgan

    WoOhOo! I’ve been squeezing my brain for teacher’s gifts this year and it’s Shanty to the rescue! Do you like the spray chalkboard paint vs the paint on kind? (obviously spray is much faster – just wondering if it erases well.) THANK YOU for solving my Christmas mystery!

  • Love the adorable chalkboard of yours, it is a wonderful way to encourage some doodling, writing some thoughts, leaving messages for your family and even your to-do-list!

  • Kim

    Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I am soooo on the lookout for great gift ideas right now and this is perfect.

  • Chrissy Farnan

    You gals are amazing extraordinaire!! I saw your FB post on this great project and within an hour my trunk was full of all the supplies. I could not get to Lowe’s fast enough!! LOL!!

  • So excited ladies….I can do this. I have been admiring your site for some time and wondering if I could do the beautiful things that you ladies accomplish, but I feel like this is a great starter. Thank you ladies!!