Closet Organization – Shoe Organizers DIY

Happy Monday morning!

I hope you all had such a great weekend!  We are so pumped to share lots of exciting news with you guys over the next week or so, but in the meantime… Let’s organize everything!  That has been my motto since Christmas.  I went to unpack my suitcase over the weekend, and got annoyed at my lack of good shoe organization in my closet.  I had an itch… And I scratched it!  I built some shelves for my closet to store my heels!

closet organization - high heel shelves

How fun, right?  These are the easiest darn things EVER, and all three cost me $4 to make.  I would say that fits my shanty budget quite well!

I used furring strips for my shelves.  I used a 1×2 furring strip, and a 1×3 furring strip.  If this is your first time buying wood, just ask the guys in the wood section where the furring strips are.  Make sure to find ones that are as straight as possible… It may take a little digging!

Here is how I cut mine…

shoe shelves diy

Obviously we all have different closet spaces.  I started with 3 shelves, and may add more up later.  Just measure your wall space and cut all boards the same length.  If you don’t own a saw, you can ask the nice guys at HD or Lowe’s to cut them for you! (Ours cut for free)

Now add a line of Gorilla Wood Glue down your 1×3’s like this…

gorilla wood glue

And attach your 1×2’s like this.  I used finish nails, but you can also use wood screws.

diy shoe shelves

I kept my shelves neutral, and gave them all a quick coat of my fav…

rustoleum heirloom white

To hang mine, I used a stud finder and found the studs on the wall.  These are also so simple to use.  Then, I used wood screws and drilled directly through my 1×2’s into the studs of the wall.  This will leave the wood screw showing.  You can keep it like that, or use a little wood filler and dab some paint over the top.

Here are mine all finished up…

shoe organizer

high heel storage

closet organization - high heel shelves

Well I guess all I need now is more pumps… Darn, right?? 😉

So ladies… This is such a fun and functional DIY project.  It’s the perfect beginner project as well.  And if you are still feeling a little intimidated, just wink at the hubby and say please!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Have an awesome week!