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Hey guys!  Our sweet friends, Monica and Jess from East Coast Creative, are sharing their awesome skills with you all today while we are in Chicago!  More details on that to come but in the meantime, check out this cute duo and their special talents!
Hey Shanty Readers! We’re Monica and Jess from East Coast Creative Blog ,and you might remember us from a guest post a while back.  We love Ashley & Whitney and when they mentioned going out of town, we were more than happy to come and visit again!
When we think of the Shanty Girls, we immediately think a few things…
#1- Blogging duo (like ourselves!)
#2- Two crazy adorable mamas
#3- Awesome woodworking projects!!
Over on EC2 we don’t have quite as specific of a niche when in comes to DIY… you never know what you’re going to get from us, but we thought about it and we have done a decent amount of projects with wood lately!
So, today’s post is kind of like those awesome Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 90s (I’m pretty sure I always ended up stranded in the mountains based on my choices).
 We’ll share a few tid bits about some of our favorite wood-related projects and you can “Choose” what “Blog Adventure” you’d like!  I promise you won’t get eaten by a mountain lion or anything! Here Goes!
Choice 1- Guest Room Makeover  Choice 2- Huge Framed Art  Choice 3- Typography Frame
For our Guest Room Makeover, we used reclaimed shutters to make a headboard! Thin, luan board and a Staples print can give you a HUGE piece of art for less than $20 bucks! And Jess gave a piece of reclaimed barnwood a modern look with some paint!
Choice 4- DIY Farmhouse Table  Choice 5- Pallet Wall  Choice 6- Barnwood Coffee Table
I needed a huge table on a budget, so I connected two old tables to make an awesome, new one!  We used pallets and a whitewashing technique to create an amazing wall. And simple Adirondack tables were turned into a coffee table in no time!
Choice 7- Anthro Dresser  Choice 8- Barnwood Art  Choice 9- Faux Planked Wall
When we can’t afford it, we knock it off! You should see the before picture of this dresser.  Jess used her mad art skills to create this custom piece of art.  And not every home has the character we all long for, so sometimes you need to add it yourself. We did just that with this faux planked wall!
Choice 10- Table Vanity  Choice 11- Wood Slice Wreath  Choice 12-Faux Sofa Table
Got an old table that could be a cool vanity? We sure did!  Hurricane Sandy knocked down a ton of trees here in PA, but we turned one into a unique wreath! And, what’s cooler than cool?? A  faux sofa table that takes about 30 minutes to make!
Choice 13- Picnic TableAnd lastly, a project we built completely inspired by the Shanty girls! Their plans are awesome!

We hope that you enjoyed your little adventure and that you didn’t come face to face with any creepy monsters! Ha!  And since we mentioned that you never quite know what you’re going to get from East Coast Creative, we thought we should also give you a little Valentine’s inspiration as well!
This project was actually our most popular post from 2012! Who knew DIYers love Valentine’s Day so much?!? If you’re looking for the BEST Surprise ever, we’ve got it for you!
We know Whitney and Ashley are always sharing awesome printables, so we wanted to join in the fun and give you a few that we’re loving right now!
We hope you’ll come on by to see the fun, creative and crazy things we’re up to on a daily basis! Thanks so much, Whitney and Ashley, for having us! Always a pleasure. ;)


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  • Melissa Boyce

    Oh my gosh, I LOVED those books as a kid! Just seeing the book covers got me all excited and then to see all your choices…can’t wait to dive in and check them out!

    • http://www.facebook.com/monica.mangin Monica Mangin

      Melissa, I’m glad I’m not the only kid from the 90s that was a fan! But honestly, my survival skills were weak, I was always ending up in trouble! Glad you got to visit our blog!
      Monica and Jess

  • http://www.facebook.com/kimberleedbowman Kim Bowman

    Can I just do every project you girls have listed? ;) I never knew about your blog until now- new fan :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/monica.mangin Monica Mangin

      Ha! You’ll be one busy girl Kim! haha! So glad you found us! :)
      Monica and Jess