Mother’s Day Gift & Free Printable

Good Morning guys!  Happy Monday!  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be a fun time to share this great printable I did for my mom!  I love handmade gifts that are big on thought, but don’t make you broke.  To me, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to show someone how much you care about them.  This gift fits the bill!

Here is how it turned out…

DIY Mother's Day Gift

I just love it.  Our mom is one of our best friends, and I knew this saying could put it into words for her.  As I was making it, I started thinking about all the special women in my life, and I decided to make a printable for each one.  To print these, just click the link below of the printable you want.  This will open up a new window.  Then, you can just push print from your browser bar… Easy peasy people!

Print ‘MOM’ Printable

Print ‘DAUGHTER’ Printable

Print ‘MEME’ Printable

Print ‘GRANDMA’ Printable

Print ‘SISTER’ Printable

Print ‘NIECE’ Printable

Print ‘AUNT’ Printable

Print ‘GRANDDAUGHTER’ Printable

Now let me show you how I made the gift!  These are 8×10 printables, so if you want you can just print them and throw them into a frame.  I printed mine on white card stock.  Any paper works, but I like the way it looks best on the card stock.

I started by getting my wood.  You will need a 2×12 piece of pine wood from the hardware store.  These are sold in 8′ pieces, so you can cut yours at home or have the nice guys at the store cut it for you!  Our Home Depot and Lowe’s will do this for free!

You want your boards to be 15″ long like this…

2x12 Board for Mother's Day Printable

Now these boards are around $15 a board at my store, but one board will make 6 of these gifts.  So, they end up being under $3 a piece for the lumber.  If you don’t need to make more than 1, you can tag up with a friend and make them together!  Works for us 😉

Once I had my wood cut, I stained my board with 1 coat of my very fav…


Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Early American

You can find this stain at Lowe’s!  My favorite thing about it is that it goes on in 1 coat and dries in under an hour… Woohoo!

While that was drying I printed out my printable and cut it out with some scissors!

Free Printable Mom

After my wood block dried, I used a sander to rough my edges up a bit.  This is optional… I just like the finished look better!

Then I added my printable using furniture nails.  I find these at the hardware store as well.  They are on the hardware aisle by the screws and nails.

Furniture Nails

I start by pressing it in a bit with my hand to get it into place…

How to attach nail heads

And then use a hammer to get it in the rest of the way!

Nail Heads

I found my clips at Hobby Lobby!  You can also find them on Amazon below!

I used a new product that I absolutely LOVE to glue these babies down!

Gorilla Glue Gel Super Glue

Gorilla Glue Super Glue Gel

This stuff is the bomb.  It’s super glue but in gel form.  It makes it SO easy to work with.  I just put a few dabs on the back of each clip and attached them to my board.  It dried quick too!  LOVE.

Super Glue clip to wood

My final step was adding a few pics for her!  These are 3×5 prints…

Photo Gift Idea

That’s it!  The board will stand up by itself if they want to display it on a tabletop, or you can add some sawtooth hangers to the back and it can very easily be hung on a wall!  Again… Easy Peasy!!

Nothing says I LOVE YOU more than a gift you made with your own 2 hands!

DIY Mother's Day Gift

Free Printable Mother's Day Quote

Mother's Day Quote Free Printable

I hope you love it!  And I hope all the ladies in your life love it too!

I would LOVE for you to pin and share this gift idea below!  You guys are great and thanks so much for stopping by!  Let me know if you have any questions at all!


Free Printables

  • Raven Bozza

    I’m trying to find these clips online. Can you tell me what they are called?

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  • Ashley

    Is there any way you could make me a copy that says “If we didn’t have you as a mom we would choose you as a friend?” I think my siblings would approve it this more as a gift from all of us! 😉

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  • Lauren Townsend

    The clips are at hobby lobby

    • Sara Ann Georgiades

      I can only find silver clips at hobby lobby, not the black or bronze like you used!

  • Dawn Abbey

    I have tried several times to print this with my laser printer onto
    plain printer paper and have been unable to have it show the
    “chalkboard” look with the kind of random lines (if you know what I
    mean) rather than a flat dark “black-board”. I have printed from the
    PDF, Microsoft Word, GIMP with adjustments made. Hmmm? How did you
    print yours Whitney?

  • Kim

    I agree…with the “we” comment. I LOVE this idea…yet I’d like to share this gift with my mom but from my sister and me! :o)

  • Jennifer Gerstman

    I love these!! My daughter and I are making and selling these for our Mission Trip this summer. I had a special request for MaMa, is there any chance of getting that as a printable? If not, I understand. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  • Melinda Adams Speth

    Hi! I know this is an old post.. but I’m making this for Christmas!! Do you happen to have a MIL PDF? I need this for my Mother In Law…

  • Kati

    Where can you get pictures printed in 3×5? My local CVS, Walgreens, nor Wal-Mart does a 3×5 print?

    • Lauren Townsend

      I couldn’t get 3+5 so I used 4+6 worked just as good

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  • megan

    Also, I would love to make this as a Christmas gift and have Family as an option; )

  • megan

    This is adorable! I’m making two tonight! Thank you! Mother’s Day Gift- check.

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  • Brandy

    How do I print just one?

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  • Samantha

    Has anyone tried printing on black card stock to use less ink?

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  • Tina Phillips
  • Tina Phillips

    I absolutely love this idea. I will be making some for my daughters. I am wondering if you could possibly make a printable that says “a brunette and a blonde with an inseparable bond” as a best friend one? I would greatly appreciate it and would even be willing to pay you for it. My email

  • Janie Shields

    We need a “cousin” printable. Love these!!

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  • Ashley

    Is there a way you can update the images individually?? I too would like to give my mom the gift from my siblings and I…so it would read ‘WE’ instead of ‘I’. If it is not that easy, I would love to know the fonts used.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Jennifer Schoen Linkous

    Would love “cousin”

  • Allison Clark

    Any chance you could do this downloadable for us Aussies with “Mum” rather than “Mom”? I would be forever grateful! Cheers

  • Jessica

    Wish I would have saw this sooner!! I just love it!

  • So I can’t find the bronze clips for the pictures. Can anyone help me
    out. I don’t see the link for Amazon either. Do you know where to find
    them or even what they are called??? Thanks!

  • Guest

    So I can’t find the bronze clips for the pictures. Can anyone help me out. I don’t see the link for Amazon either. Do you know where to find them or even what they are called???

  • Gina

    I made one, then my two bosses wanted to make them then another co-worker is making one! We love them, great idea!!! Easy to make! I can’t wait to present it to my sister and my mom!

  • Natalie Schuck

    This is really cool! What a nice mother’s day gift!!! 🙂

  • Chelsea

    This project brought my mother to tears when I presented the finished product. Thank you so much for the wonderful idea! It said everything I needed it to. THANK YOU!

  • disqus_9qeWIPOwUA

    You said white card stock ,did you mean black or is there something I am missing. I love this idea! Soooooo cute!

  • Stephanie

    I made these for my mom, mother-in-law and sisters. They turned out soooooo good! Thanks for the idea and printable. I also bought some cute embelishments (paper flowers, bottle tops, buttons, etc) which just added a little something fun! I can’t wait to give them as gifts.

  • Wow, wish I had a mom to give this to. Such an adorable project.

  • Bethany

    I made 2 of these out of an oak panel only 1/8″ thick and my advice is to not use oak. It was impossible for me to nail in the furniture tacks. I had to bust out the drill! Thanks for the printable!

  • Really such a nice printable gift ideas. I never read this kind of unique and creative gift ideas for mothers day. This gift makes mothers day occasion very special. Your mom will also like a lot and can keep it for a longer time as a memorable gift.

  • Betsy Larkin

    Would someone (like me) be able to purchase one from you?

  • Donna Payne

    I love it! I only wish I knew how to change the words to “Memaw” cause that is what we call our grandma. This project looks so doable – great tutorial!

  • sabrina

    Would be nice if there was one for a couple like ” if WE didn’t have you as a mother….”

  • These are really great and putting on my list of DIY’s. Thanks 🙂

  • Totally making this for my Mom and MIL and stepmom!!!

  • Naomi Fink

    I really love this, but in Australia, we say ‘Mum’ 🙁

    • Naomi, If you have the right computer program you can switch the O in mom to a U.

      • Alyson Kuklinski

        I also need “mum” here in NZ and i SO want to do this!! What computer program do you need to use? (not so flash with computers!)

  • Alisha Dunaway

    My local Lowe’s (we don’t have Home Depot) won’t cut anything wider than 8″ 🙁 BUT I’m totally going to make this!

  • nancy

    this is such a wonderful idea! I was not-so-secretly hoping to see one for cousins 🙂

  • moseleyo

    These are great but I wish you had one that said “If I didn’t have you as a daughter…”

    • moseleyo

      Whoops! Just saw the one for “daughter” – should have looked more closely. Sorry – and thank you for the wonderful printables & tutorial.

  • Khadija

    This is awesome, how can I print out one panel and not the whole thing? My stepmom died of cancer recently and I want to make this for her mom. I hope she likes it.

    Thanks so much.

    • Khadija

      whoops, found it…read your blog this morning pre-coffee!