Shoe Clips – DIY

Hey friends!

I had an epiphany over Easter weekend, and I am here to share the results with you.  I love shoes…. Almost as much as I love DIY.  I was looking for the ‘perfect’ shoes to finish off an outfit and had no luck finding them.  That’s when I decided to improvise.  So, I made a bunch of these…

Shoe Clips Pinterest

Shoe clips!  This is a super simple way to dress up any pair of shoes.  If you have girls like me, they will love these too!  All you need is a little glue!

I will quickly show you how I made the bow shoe clips, and you will see that the possibilities are endless.

You will first need a piece of ribbon like below…

DIY Shoe Clip ribbon

I folded my ribbon like below, and hot glued each fold in the center as I went.

How to make a bow

This folding technique works on solid and double sided ribbon.  If you have ribbon that is printed on only one side, you can make 2 separate little bows and glue them together… Just as easy!

Next I used some hot glue to add fun buttons and embellishments to the center!

Shoe Clips DIY 1

Finally you need to add your shoe clip!  This is what they look like…

Shoe Clip Blank

I found my shoe clips at JoAnn’s and on Amazon.

Here is a set from Amazon…

All you do is glue it to the back of your bow.  I used a heavy duty craft glue like this one.

That is it!  So simple, so fun and SO cute!  You can clip them on any pair of shoes.

DIY Shoe Clips 3

DIY Shoe Clips 2

Shoe Clips on Flats

DIY Shoe Clips 4

They are also super cute on flip flops!

Shoe Clips on Flip Flops

DIY Shoe Clips

And, like I said… The possibilities are ENDLESS!  Rosettes, lace, buttons, you name it!  On these I used really large gold buttons I found at JoAnn’s for half off (which of course made them even cuter)…

DIY Shoe Clips 5

I just cut the shank off using end cutter pliers like this…

Cut shank off button

By the way… These are my ALL TIME favorite pliers.   I use them all nearly every time I build and craft.  They are amazing.  Here is a great pair like them on Amazon.

After I cut the shank off, I glued the shoe clip to the back.  Done.  Simple!

Shoe Clips DIY 2

So, now that you all have seen entirely too many photos of my feet, I will wrap it up!  This is a fun and cheap way to accessorize any outfit.  It’s a great craft to do with your girlfriends or your daughters… Or just by yourself 😉

I would LOVE for you to pin and share this tutorial below!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Let me know if you have any questions at all!


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  • Christina Konze

    Are the metal clips uncomfortable against your toes? I was thinking of when I wear a pair of heels for like eight hours, would the metal become a bother?

  • Wendy

    Did any of your accessories fall off of the clip? I ask because I tried making some and used E6000, but my flowers came off the metal clip after a couple of times of taking them on and off my shoes. 🙁

  • lizrobison

    Love these! Cant wait to make these with my daughter.

  • Vanessa Zaleski

    This is genius. So cute to dress up plain flip flops. 🙂

  • I totally have those gold buttons from Joanns. I think I got them in silver though! Great minds think alike. I am going to try this!

  • Lisa

    Cute, but would like to see a pic of the bow attached to the clip without the shoe.

  • Laurie Hutchinson

    So cute! What a great idea!

  • chunky heel shoes

    every thing about this pic screams me! i love
    fashion you know. Cucuy couture

  • Definitely pinning this for when I makeover a pair of old ballet flats!

  • Jodi Stuber

    so super cute…. love!! pinning for future craft-reference 🙂

  • Terry Schultz

    I’ve been looking for these type of clips forever! Thanks 🙂

  • Traci Creel

    Super cute idea.

  • I love this!! You guys are the best!!!

    • Thank you Allison! That made me smile! 🙂

  • Gabbi Zaccheria


  • Ali Thompson

    That is a great idea! Especially when traveling, change up any pair of shoes without the bulk! Thanks!