HomeGoods Giveaway!

Thanks so much to all of you who entered our great giveaway! Β Nicole Quincy was our lucky winner! Β We have emailed you with more info Nicole! Β Thanks so much πŸ™‚

Hey friends!

Thanks so much for all of your sweet words, shares and pins on my new DIY dining table I shared on Friday! Β I decided to put benches on the sides (which I am currently working on) and I knew I wanted to find some fabulous chairs for each end! Β I knew immediately where I was going to go! Β HomeGoods! Β I actually have 4 of them dangerously close to my house. Β I frequent them. Β It’s a bit of an illness.


I found several that I loved like these…

Homegoods Chair

Dining Chair from Homegoods

But… I ultimately decided on these babies!

Dining Chair Homegoods

They match my dining room window panels perfect, so it was a winner!

I loaded them up and hit the road!

Dining Chairs

I think they are a perfect pair… Don’t you??

Dining Table DIY

Our friends at HomeGoods want to make our readers HomeGoods Happy too! Β So… we are giving away 2 $50 gift cards to HomeGoods! Β Just follow the link below to get entered!

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  • Anita Robertson Worley

    Can’t wait to find a HomeGoods close to me. Love the chairs!!

  • styleezta

    I found some great baskets for my bathroom!

  • txveg

    Love those chairs!

  • Emily Tomaka

    I have never been to a homegoods store before, can’t wait to go check it out!

  • carissa

    I got the cutest rocking chair for my new little man πŸ™‚

  • teggie

    I love so much at Home goods, I can’t just pick one particular thing!

  • Whitney

    Their apothecary jars and planters are the best prices I have ever seen! I love so much…I could go crazy with a gift card!

  • Sarah Turnipseede

    I love everything I’ve ever bought at home goods! I just moved into my first apartment 2 weeks ago so I bought a lot of kitchen staples as well as cute decorative pieces! My favorite is a beautiful gold plate that I’m using as a table centerpiece!

  • Courtney Taylor

    Oh goodness I LOVE Homegoods!! I have purchased a lot of things from Homegoods but probably my favorite score consistently is clearance throw pillows. I don’t care about the cover but I love the down inserts for cheap!

  • Theresa Gedo

    Love HomeGoods! And I could put a gift card to great use!! πŸ™‚

  • Carmen N

    I didn’t even realize we had a HomeGoods close by, so obviously I don’t have any great finds … yet.

  • Debra C

    Bath towels and dish towels

  • Susanne Haring

    Love HomeGoods!~

  • Alyssa

    LOVE me some HomeGoods! Awesome giveaway! πŸ™‚

  • Anne

    I’m a Home Goods fanatic!!! Must go there at least once a week. I’m always on the prowl to find something special for my home…there have been so many successes, but the one item that still draws my eye is a large white ceramic artichoke!

  • Amanda

    Love your selection! I can’t wait to get to a Home Goods!

  • Stephanie E

    Love Homegoods! Cannot walk out of that store without something. Baby books, candles, picture frames, throw pillows, stationary…love it all!!

  • Erika W.

    I love finding inexpensive decor, like pillows! My favorite find has been some great Halloween decor!

  • Adrienne N.

    I LOOVE Home Goods!! I have actually been popping in there as much as I can lately because we are looking for chairs for my den! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Natasha

    I always find the best vases and small decor items at Home Goods!!

  • Sara Parten

    Best find to date was a huge basket on clearance. I wished they’d had two more but I absolutely had to scoop that one up!

  • Jessica w

    I have an awesome throw blanket that I LOVE!

  • Dianne

    I have two lovely chairs upstairs in our library loft we found at HomeGoods. Now I want a chest for the foyer!

  • Judy

    You can always find fun stuff at HG! Dangerous!!

  • Donna Payne

    I am in love with Homegoods! Everytime I go there I plan on only looking and not purchasing anything but it never works! Something always seems to find it’s way in my cart.

    They always have such cute aprons and that usually gets me in trouble cause at least one always comes home with me and I do NOT need anymore aprons.

    Thanks for the chance to win something from one of my all time favorite places.

  • Megan Ashman

    I love Homegoods! We bought a few things for our wedding reception from there, and I adore all of the kitchen and dining things there. Oh and the lanterns!!

  • indiapiedaterre

    The one by me had a huge Savafieh rug for $150 – only!! I didn’t get it. πŸ™ I went back, it was gone. Oh well there will be many more things …

  • Katie Hogan

    Love the grey chair in the second picture!

  • Carly

    I heart homegoods! My favorite find recently was my fancy “vintage” bathroom mirror!

  • Ashlee Bradshaw Barnhill

    I just love going for all the inspiration:)

  • Debbi Dresser

    I was so happy when we got a Home Goods in the area tho it is about 45 min away. My fave find was a head planter….I had been wanting one for quite some time.

  • J Benevento

    I drive an hour to the nearest HG – so worth it! Fave find thus far is a gorgeous mirror that MAKES the room! Thank you!

  • Lisa

    Love it and love Home Goods!

  • Katie Stoeffler

    I have found so many great things at Home Goods!! Thankfully there isn’t one to close to me. πŸ™‚

  • Chelsie Hansen

    Favorite find is a Lamp for my baby girls room. Love shopping a home goods!

  • LD

    Favorite find is my foyer lamp!!!

  • Corey Rollison

    Totally a HomeGoods fan! I love their furniture. Trying to find an opportunity to go with my little one! #HomeGoodsHappy

  • rachel

    Everything! I love that they have great mirrors, lamps, wall decor, and rugs, to decorate my home with. It makes my place feel so much more inviting and comfortable to live in.

  • jenny shedd

    mirrors! ! throws! ! sheets! ! anything really. .. what could you not love at home goods?

  • Stephanie Wright

    Lamps! Homegoods has amazing lamps!!

  • eesh

    Lovely chairs! Just wondering if you stripped the legs and stained them to match the table? In the store picture they look much darker but they seem to match perfectly in your house so was just wondering!

  • Jeanette

    I Love Home Goods! My favorite find is a pair of white Poppy Paintings with beautiful frames from the wall decor department! I have also found amazing bedding, crystal candle holders for the Holiday table, and a beautiful horse statue!

  • Maureen

    I found some nutcrackers last year that were the German ones and they were at a fabulous price. I also found some pieces to my Spode dinnerware there also at a great price. These make me really happy.

  • Susan

    I am obsessed with Home Goods, by far one of my favorite stores!!

  • moseleyo

    I love the neat deals I’ve gotten at Home Goods.

  • Jessi Mills

    Love that fabric, and I love Home Goods!

  • Jeremy H Crawford

    My wife has been begging for a new table. Guess I have no excuses now.

  • Karen Vetsch

    I love the lanterns I found at Home Goods!

  • I think the rugs get me every time!

  • becca holt

    I found an awesome rug for the living room and love home goods!!!

  • Benetta

    I LOVE Homegoods, i cant stay out of there, told myself this year for Christmas i wanted a gift card from there lol one of my favorite finds is my canister with a chalk board area to write on that i keep my coffee in !!

  • Stacy Grogan

    my favorite find was a hand carved wooden giraffe, love it!

  • Corrie

    I love Homegoods! My favorite find (so far!) has been a table for my daughter’s nursery. I just recently moved to a city where there is a Homegoods, so I’m sure there will be many more trips to this store!

  • Ashley L.

    I LOVE home goods! And those chairs are adorable!!

  • Melissa

    I just recently discovered this store and instantly loved it! I found a wonderful seashell tray that worked perfectly with my project.

  • Great choice – and to think they match the drapes so well, it’s like it was a plan! I personally – LOVE some Homegoods! My brother-in-law is a District Manager for the Arizona area stores, and the new El Paso TX store. I have to support the Homegoods teams shopping ours in Ballwin MO. – Happy Tuesday You guys! πŸ™‚

  • Melanie Nisbet- Riley

    Oh my gosh, my favorite store! I would be over the moon thrilled to win one of these gift cards!

  • Melissa Mills

    I love everything about homegoods!

  • Ashlee G

    Yeah!! Love Home Goods!

  • Jamie

    My favorite Homegood’s purchase has to be between two of my favorite things. I got this big, burlap lined wire basket that I use to hold throw pillows & blankets. My two old loves to throw & wipe things on them so during the day, I keep them in the basket. The other is an adorable, off-white chippy painted towel holder. There’s a basket at the bottom that I use to hold my son’s washcloths.

  • DesertChildAZ

    I don’t get to Home Goods as often as I would like but when I do, it’s dangerous!

  • Katie D

    I love Home Goods. My two favorite finds from there are an Ikat print chair for my living room and a mirrored chest for my front entry. Both always get a lot of attention and compliments!

  • Cindy DIYbeautify

    Love the chairs, and what a bonus that you already had curtains to match!! It was def meant to be πŸ™‚

  • Benny Sequeira

    I love the pillows and rugs.

  • cathy

    I enjoy looking at you site to see what you are up to. πŸ™‚

  • Phillis

    I’ve never heard of Homegoods. Will have to find one soon!

  • Amber

    So embarrassing…*blush* I forgot to tell you my favorite find…a chubby little ceramic of pig that I placed on my kitchen table…It is my”touch of whimsy”. It makes me smile EVERYTIME I see it. I also collect white dishes & baskets that I adore… Oh and there are pillows that I LOVE…Oh my, see what I mean, I love so many things about Homegoods.. this question shouldn’t be so hard!!! Lol!
    Anyways, I should go… lol

  • Lana S

    I love HomeGoods! I always find something I love!

  • Amber

    I feel for you, four? Wow, on one hand, I’ll be honest. I am TOTALLY jealous! On the other hand, I agree, that would be SO DANGEROUS for me too…Truth is, I always have to make sure that I have spare change when I go there… not because they are expensive, their process are BEYOND AWESOME! But because they have so many great items at such great prices that I want to completely buy out the store!
    Hope you have a lovely day ladies!

  • danica

    I love this store!

  • stampa

    Thank goodness for Home Goods! Just picked up two chairs there a couple of weeks ago that are perfect in our living room.

  • Emily

    I found these awesome 2 chairs that look like they have postcards and notes written all over them #homegoodhappy

  • Lacey Dellinger

    Love Home Goods!

  • Jessica Ryan

    I recently discovered Home Goods. I never heard of them until I moved here. I am in LOVE with the store. I love their lamps. It gives me tons of ideas for DIY projects.

  • Sarah

    I love their pillows and lamps. I like to be creative with “add ons” such as those! Unique and fun colors/prints!

  • Heather Varnum

    They have awesome rustic buckets for my newborn photography! Mirrors too!

  • Brittany

    I love Homegoods all around. My favorite find so far is a large mirror with a shelf attached to it in a Vintage white color.

  • shantell V

    I have not been to home goods before but I see lots of bloggers shopping there. I’d love to go sometime πŸ™‚

  • Mary Wroblewski Light

    Oops, forgot to tell my favorite find at home goods was a shower curtain for $12 that matched perfectly!

  • Julia Nosovitch

    LOVE Home Goods, especially the kitchen items and dining room linens.

  • Mary Wroblewski Light

    I have only two home goods close to me. I would really love a gift card! Thanks!

  • nora dolder

    My favorite find yet was a blue velvety desk chair. So pretty.

  • Daphne

    Alas, I can only shop online.I love all my finds

  • Allison

    I love to go to HomeGoods and wander the store aimlessly, I ALWAYS find something I can’t live without! What a treat πŸ˜‰

  • Ana

    I love the unique pieces of furniture, lamps are to die for and the household items are high quality (towels, bath stuff, decor and fancy kitchen spices/jams/jellies) πŸ™‚

  • Chelsea

    My boyfriend and I are building our first house together, and this would be perfect to get started on making it a home! : ) Thank you!

  • Lara

    I love that they have unique furniture at reasonable prices. It is always so fun to make a “find” there!

  • Katie Kimsey

    I honestly love everything I’ve gotten from Home Goods! I even found the perfect lunch box there one time!

  • Barbara Lawson

    I really love the table and pinned it. I have never shopped there , but certainly would like to have the chanc. Love your chairs and they do go so well. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Aimee

    We have been frequenting Home Goods a lot lately as we settle into our new apartment as newlyweds. We love it!! What makes us #HomeGoodsHappy is our new painting on the wall, two chairs, and two floor lamps. All great finds and deals! We tell all our friends to check out Home Goods!

  • Calli

    I love love love my kitchenaid skillets, mixing bowls and measuring cups I bought at homegoods!

  • Laura

    My favorite home decor store!

  • Natalie Benkovich

    I love how much you get for your money! I got these great frames for my hallway there

  • Mary

    I have actually never been to a Home Goods. I’ll have to check it out.

  • Ashleigh H

    I love their rugs, pillows, decor and their awesome furniture!!

  • Sarah

    obsessed with this store.

  • Laurie

    Wish there was one closer to me!

  • The only thing I’ve purchased at Home Goods is a platter to go on my kitchen wall. It is still waiting to be hung, but maybe I need motivation to go back and get some matching plates for it.

  • Michelle

    I am so in LOVE with this store! I am always into finding new ways to decorate my house!

  • creep4ward

    I love finding really super discounted kitchen supplies and cookware like nice name brand pots and pans for so much cheaper than in specialty stores.

  • Lyndsay Bell Hughes

    I love strolling through finding interesting decor items and additions.

  • Karyn Lisk

    I find so much there, but my Favorite has to be a beautiful linen 3 drawer night stand, with great curves and nail head trim! it’s stunning, functional and the perfect size!

  • Deidre Reinhart

    L.O.V.E Homegoods!!! Best place to furnish a home on a budget, even if you don’t have to be on one!

  • Melissa Viscount

    I love Homegoods! I founds beautiful rugs at awesome prices there for my sun room and living room! Melissa at Two It Yourself.

  • Denies Carballo

    I have a rug, side table, pillows, dog pillow and lots of other things I love from Home Goods! I swear by their rug selection it’s the best quality and price!

  • Will Acosta-trejo

    I think winning would make me #Homegoodshappy!

  • Shauna Fisher

    I love HomeGoods! They have the best finds and at great prices! I soooo hope I win, countless ideas!

  • Karen H.

    I don’t actually live near a HomeGoods and have never shopped at one… but I’m sure I could work around that!

  • meganbullington

    So amazing! I love all of your stuff but I am definitely going to have to make this table!

  • Ashley Rae

    I like all the little trinkets at Home Goods!

  • Sharla Moore

    I love Home Goods!!! Which I had some as close to me as you do!

  • Linda Petteys

    Me too! I have never been to a HomeGoods store but there is one about 30 minutes away and I will be checking it out!

  • katie loehr

    we can be in Homegoods Addiction Annonymous together! I hit 5 Marsh/TJ/Homegoods stores today on my day off. Love the hunt πŸ™‚

  • gloria mccarthy

    Those chairs look awesome! Luv, Luv, Luv Homegoods!!

  • Karen May

    Wow! I didn’t even know I had a Home Goods so close to me. I have never even been there. But that is about to change!!! It looks awesome!

  • Lori@Color It Simple

    Home Goods always gives me the warm fuzzies. I love the chairs you picked out they are purrrrrfect!!

  • Lisa Gregory Erdmann

    Oh my gosh, four?!!!! I die! That would be so dangerous for me! Love the chairs, look great . The table is fabulous, too. I don’t know how you girls have time to do anything else, you are always building. You are rock stars with mad skillz!

  • Elaina Elder

    Got Items For My Wedding From Home Goods That Were Perfect On The Big Day And Are Now Used Daily In Our Home!

  • Margaret Whelan Yani

    I never leave Home Goods without a treasure for myself or my daughters. I wish I could find the first chair you posted-it is exactly what I have been looking for. Part of the charm is Home Goods is never knowing exactly what you will find.

  • JenniferGrayeb

    I LOVE HomeGoods. Just saw a rug there yesterday I am dying for!

  • Jane B

    Love me some homegoods!

  • Ashley Hammond

    I LOVE HomeGoods! My best find? A beautifully unique 9’x12′ rug for under $200. πŸ™‚

  • Laura Yarborough

    I’m so excited because we are getting a Home Goods in my town! Just waiting for opening day.

  • Cristi Frklich

    I once found a 6ft x 4ft wrought iron wine rack. It was lovely…I passed it by that day and went back to get it a few days later and of course it was gone
    πŸ™ I quickly learned my lesson to buy on impulse, good for me but bad for my wallet.

  • Tammi Velez

    Last time I got my husband an awesome lamp for his bedside table and a great hourglass for me.

  • Chris

    I found some awesome kitchen gadgets there. Got some as a gift for my mom, and she loves them.

  • Heather Rodriguez

    I really love all the cute wall accessories I’ve gotten at Homegoods!

  • Chrissy Putnam Mishler

    Love me some Homegoods!! My favorite buy is a really awesome ottoman from there that matched my bedroom decor perfectly!!

  • jen b

    I love Homegoods! My latest favorite buy is my red vases. I purchased numerous red vases to put on my buffet table. It looks lovely!! So glad we have a Homegoods close to us!!!

  • Margaret Streater

    I love HomeGoods, I’m so sad that I moved and now the nearest one is an hour away, but I still make the HomeGoods run when I can.

  • Lindsey Drennan

    My favorite is finding accessories at HomeGoods! Or finding things that you can upcycle into something else unique!

  • Lisa Hallmark

    Love the look of these!! And yes Homegoods is where I would have gone too to look for chairs too!!

  • I LOVE me some HomeGoods, in fact I am heading there tomorrow because with my new couches, our existing table has got to go and I want an ottoman to take it’s place. Dawn Goldson Smith

  • Fat Quarter Challenge

    I LOVE Homegoods!!! Me wanty that prize real bad πŸ™‚

  • Juli Phillips

    Love HomeGoods! I am a busy momma of 3 in grad school & I know if I’m looking to find something new & awesome for my house in a flash, HomeGoods is the place to go! I NEVER leave empty handed – sadly! ha ha!

  • EllieDaVa

    I love Homegoods! It is always the first place I look for a new item for my house.

  • Quinlan

    Too many favorite finds to count just one! I find something awesome every time I go in there!

  • Mary Milnarich

    love the thankful tree on Home Goods pinterest site. Plan on making one

  • leah

    Lanterns!!! I found great ones on clearance for $5! Love Homegoods!

  • Hillary

    I’ve found some fabulous metallic, yet classy mirrors at Home Goods. But I’m definitely a fan of the lamps!

  • Simon_Says_Win

    Too many great finds to pick just one. Table runners, frames, vases, etc.

  • Jackie Terando McClement

    Love your enthusiasm and LOVE Homegoods! I’m always excite to see your take on decorating and DIY, and live vicariously through you!

  • nicosuave

    fingers crossed!!! im in need of a new desk lamp πŸ™‚

  • Debbie

    Love, Love, Love Homegoods!!! My favorite place to go for Home Accessories. The chairs you picked are absolutely gorgeous – would like to have them in my home!!!!

  • tink83

    I just bought the most beautiful entertainment cabinet. Only 400 bucks! what a steal. I Love HOME GOODS

  • Erin Martinez

    I haven’t made it to a Home Goods since its a drive for me, but this would certainly motivate me.

  • Doreen

    We do not have Homegoods in my area but my daughter moved to a town that has one. In two weeks I will be visiting and shopping!

  • merry Macdougal

    I love those chairs! They’re perfect with the drapes.

  • Ruth Beasley Cain

    Love Homegood

  • Judy

    I was there for the first time a few months back. I would love an excuse to go back! Love everything there!

  • Alex Anna-Marie Struble

    I just discovered HomeGoods this year. My husband loves the cooking tools aisle! We bought a ceramic coated wok there and we love to try to invent stir fries with it πŸ™‚

  • grace

    they have good price and love their collections!

  • Deidre Miles

    Love Home Goods pillows, rugs, art and lamps! I drive 2 hours just to check out their great deals!

  • Leticia Vasquez

    I love cute chairs

  • Patti Welch McGarry

    I love their glassware, chairs and lamps!

  • Beth Shurtleff

    The chairs are gorgeous!

  • Deb Ponder

    Really dresses the table nicely. Great find

  • prettyeyes_416

    I love their chairs!

  • Ryan Katie

    Love the table and chairs and the whole room:-)!

  • Beth Miller

    Love Home Goods!

  • Shannon Raiford Harris

    I love frequenting my HomeGoods store too! Often. Perhaps we need to start a support group! I am super jealous I only have one to shop and you have several!

  • Kate

    Love the chairs!

  • rachel

    All their great furniture!

  • Lizz Dietrich

    I love going to home goods with no real need for anything, and see what kind of random goodies I find!

  • Tami Nedrebo Lebahn

    The fact that we are finally getting a Home Goods in West Fargo, ND! I cannot wait for it to arrive!!! Then I will let you know what my favorite find is!!

  • Deanna

    would love to win, lots of things I like at Home Goods!

  • Renee Dilks

    love all of their candles! i have a bit of a candle obsession so i’m always able to stock up at great prices πŸ™‚

  • Nancy White

    I love Home Goods, so many unique treasures that I would love to have!

  • Diane Boom

    Love all the glass ware they have

  • Alaine

    I love the variety of styles there!

  • Carla Clarke

    Love the constant new stock they get in!

  • Marlena

    There are so many great finds to narrow it down, but my recent great find are all of my Thanksgiving decor.

  • Brandy Ketler

    I was just in there today! Love this store and its my Birthday! I’d love to win!

  • Lindsay

    I love the unique finds and trends at HomeGoods! Supply is constantly changing, so I know that even if I can’t find that perfect item I’m seeking, go back in another couple weeks, and I usually have great luck! My most recent purchase was some fabulous bath rugs–love!

  • Laree Ipson

    I found the perfect basket to hold all my kids bath toys there!

  • Kristie

    Always makes me happy to see your emails. These chairs are so pretty. A wonderful compliment to your new table. If your benches are anywhere near as cute as your kids play table benches, I’m going to love them!! I’m itching to try your projects, and I’m really wishing for a Kreg Jig. Maybe Christmas!!

  • Denice

    I found some interesting dishes

  • Michele DeFrain Long

    I LOVE just the plain white towels similar to an upscale Kitchen Store. Perfect for an applique or monogram at a GREAT price!

  • Angela Griffin-Yarmak

    Those chair’s are amazing and look great with the table!

  • Rory Sedlacek Reding

    Love love me so Homegoods! I would love this giftcard!!!

  • Amy Raymond Olszewski

    HG is called “Mama’s Store” in our house it’s that bad. πŸ˜‰ My fav purchase (so far) has been a driftwood wreath I scored for $45.

  • Jami Cobb

    They have such great seasonal decor!!!

  • Jen

    Holiday Decor!


    yay! Love HomeGoods!

  • Chaley

    Love the chairs! The match your curtains perfect! Had you not told us, I would have thought you covered them with the same material as the curtains! LOVE IT!

  • Amy Edwards

    Love the decor they have

  • Adriana Lizarazo

    Love the Chairs!! They are the same style I am looking for πŸ™‚

  • megan

    The perfect pink ceramic lamp for my daughter’s room.

  • Alison Turner

    i love my lamps i got there!

  • Milli

    Love all of those chairs! I love the yellow in that print!

  • Katie Leahy

    Finding exactly what I’m looking for on clearance makes me #HomeGoodsHappy!

  • Brynn

    Seriously I’m supposed to choose one thing that makes me home goods happy?! That’s hard πŸ™‚ I guess i’ll have to choose their fun dishes and kitchen stuff. But my favorite find has to be my fabulous living room rug!

  • Bree N

    Love the fiery red Staub 6.5 qt french oven find!

  • amy425

    I could go crazy in Home Goods. I LOVE it. I love just finding decor to put on my tables or on top of my cabinets.

  • Laura Hajek Strack

    I love Homegoods and I never leave the store empty handed! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Runt

    I LOVE Home Goods. I recently found this tiered fruit server/tray but the only one left was crooked. I was totally bummed! Of course, there were 100 other things that caught my eye though. With a a baby on the way I’ve been frequenting the baby section. So cute!

  • Heidi Smith

    I love Home Goods!! I always find so many things there that I can’t live without!

  • KC Sims

    Home Goods, ooh my!!! I love home goods & I always seem to find something good every time I go. I love the new table & the chairs pair perfectly, can’t wait to see the benches. Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card.

  • Michele Grunwald

    I just bought a brand new home and Home Goods is the place I go for inspiration. I always find exactly what I am envisioning in my head. And I like that they have items from all around the world. I love that they have just about every accessory for every room possible (indoor and out!).

  • Anne Marie

    The entire store makes me happy – my best find was the perfect wreath for my front door – had looked all over!

  • Joanna

    My favorite find has been a cedar chest for my plant shelves. Love the look of it and I get comments all the time.

  • lacicollier

    Love that table

  • Susan Mowris

    Home Goods Happy is finding the perfect rug for my new grandbaby’s nursery!

  • Molly Staggs

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the Home Goods gift card! Love your new chairs. πŸ™‚

  • Becky Jones

    Your chairs are adorable..would love to win and find some goodies of my own πŸ™‚ thanks!!

  • Trish Finocchiaro

    Love the chairs with the table!

  • Tricia Zmrhal

    Love Homegoods! And the super inspiring blog!

  • howaaman

    I love the cute baskets!!

  • Crystal @MyBlissfulSpace

    Love HomeGoods and love your chairs! (And table! :))

  • Jennifer Leible

    I love Home Goods!! It’s my go-to place for all my home decor – no joke!!

  • Lora

    enter this

  • Kaycee Widen

    I love Home Goods….spend way too much time in there πŸ™‚

  • jenny

    obsessed with chairs. But my favorite thing found there has been a $12 tinted pink trifle bowl. it is perfect for making a dessert statement!

  • Lauren

    I love their little pieces to decorate my bookcase!

  • Guest

    I LOVE their shabby chic wire baskets! It also love their bathroom furniture!

  • Sally Previde

    Love Home Goods. I shop there at least once a week. I think my favorite buy was an animal print frame that I use as a headboard in my animal room.

  • Jennifer Pomeroy

    Obsessed with this store! I try and go atleast once a week to see what’s new. I LOVE buying seasonal decorations there!

  • Jenn Penney

    currently obsessed with making over my son (2yr.) and daughter’s (4yrs) bedrooms – can you say #HomeGoodsHappy!!!

  • Leann G

    Love HomeGoods!!!

  • Linda Southworth

    LOVE that HOMEGOODS! I have found a number of things but a really pretty comforter set that was clearance– clearance as in good buy!

  • Leslie Stewart

    #Homegoodshappy is any day I can walk into a HomeGoods! I don’t think I have EVER left the store empty handed!

  • Lisa Cooper

    Hallelujah!!! HomeGoods is finally coming to Greensboro, NC! Can’t wait to see what great finds I will discover for my home.


    LOVE “Home Goods”!!!

  • Sam Christensen

    #homegoodshappy is me just walking in the store. i always find amazing things! my favorite find was an amazing mirror for my entry

  • Jenn

    Recently got some cute pillows that I was searching for!

  • Kim Engel

    I love HomeGoods! Stop in every week to see what’s new. My favorite find so far was a pair of orange Ralph Lauren down filled Euro pillows for my guest room! Love em!

  • Mary Gonzales

    Want to visit a Home Goods store soon, haven’t been to one yet!

  • Breann Suttles

    I love Homegoods. They always have what i need. I dont have one around me (i live in OK) but i never go to TX without going to one.

  • Sandi Holt

    I don’t believe I have anything from there but sure would love to.

  • Susan J. Sias

    Love Shanty-to-Chic and Home Goods! Recently picked up a stool for the bedroom!

  • Melissa

    I love Home Goods, too. They have several cute rugs that I love, but haven’t made the investment yet. My favorite find is actually just a random (and perfect!) pillow with a chickadee on it….
    i absolutely adore it.

  • Megan DeLatorre

    Love the chairs!

  • Meredith Hoepfl

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite… I would have to say a chevron rug I have in my living room; it adds such a nice pop of color and pattern to the room!

  • Ashley

    My favorite thing about Home Goods is all of the Halloween Decorations that our out right now. I love this time of year!

  • Amy

    Love HomeGoods! Our closest store is a bit of a drive. Although, that is probably a good thing πŸ˜‰

  • Brenda Bennett

    Home Goods is my absolute FAVORITE store!!! I LOVE all the pillows I have gotten from them! EVERYTHING is amazing there!!!! I always get #homegoodshappy when I walk in!!!!

  • Ashley Addison

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a favorite find yet. I rarely get the chance to shop there.

  • Amy Hertzler

    We just got a Home Goods store, so I don’t have a “find” yet. As soon as I can get in the store, I’m sure I’ll find all kinds of great things!

  • Chacha Garcia

    I love Homegoods. I’ve found the cutest accesories for my little boys’s room.

  • Jen M

    Always great finds at Home Goods!!

  • Spyarchive

    Great store – great find on the chairs!

  • JessieC

    Found a great coffee table for our living room.

  • Beth Gallagher

    Just LOVE HomeGoods! Trying to do holiday gifts on budget is always interesting. My favorite was vinegar bottles!

  • Jenn, Endlessly Inspired

    I am obsessed with HomeGoods. I go at least once a week. In fact, my two-year-old son often gets on his riding toys and says, “Bye! I going to HomeGoods! πŸ˜‰ My favorite find was a gorgeous entertainment center.

  • Angie

    I love getting a good deal! I would say my best find was some home decor items for my living room.

  • Jessica Paugh

    I love HomeGoods – always a great place to find awesome decorative items!

  • pigenholed

    I would love to try out HomGoods, I’ve never bought anything from them before.

  • Katie Cleveland

    I love Home Goods and I love those chairs!

  • Melissa Gray

    I love HomeGoods! I’m anxiously awaiting the opening of a brand new one finally in our area. Then I’m sure I’ll have tons of favorite finds :). Eeeek so excited :D!

  • Michaela Hamilton

    I love Home Goods! I’ve been trying to fix up my home {on a very tight budget} and Home Goods is my favorite spot! I would love to win!

  • Christina Conyers


  • mary

    I love HomeGoods! My favorite find was a small table for my grandmother’s porch. Now she can sit outside & enjoy the outdoors with her things close by on her table.

  • missagail

    I absolutely love following your blog! I wish I was half as handy as you girls are! One day I will be brave and try my hand at one of your projects! πŸ™‚

    My favorite find at HomeGoods so far has been all the vintage furniture and accessories! They make me so happy! πŸ™‚

  • Melissa Albaugh Belt

    I just discovered a Home Goods near me and I love them!! I have been missing out! I would love to add a chair or two to my home!

  • Tamara Scherbovsky de Caggiano

    Love homegoods!

  • Leslie Paladino

    Pretty patterns on pillows, chairs, curtains, or pretty much anything makes me happy. My fav HomeGoods fine so far is a pair of gorgeous curtains I got for $15!

  • micaela6955

    what makes me happy are the colorful dishes and table decor at HomeGoods… I love to add a splash of color to my home, and they have lots of amazing things to do just that. Love the chairs too!

  • Christina Cate

    Beautiful chairs, I love Home Goods!

  • Nikki S

    Love HomeGoods ….. Just bought a bunch of Fall decor and put it up in my family room … loving it!

  • Olivia

    I love Home Goods! My favorite find has been a chest that I turned into a toy chest for my son! Those chairs you got go perfectly in your room!!

  • Shelly T

    I love the gray and yellow in this room. I’m working on adding these colors to my room. Looks beautiful.

  • Janet

    Favorite find was some cheap apothecary jars for candy last Christmas. Last time I was in there though I took pictures of a sideboard that was rather pricey for HG but had a shanty blue color painted on it that i really loved and thought I could check your site and make it!

  • I love going to Home Goods and make a quick roundabout to see what is new. My best find is a graphic canvas that has made it’s round around the house. It just looks great anywhere!

  • Sara

    I am an hour + away from a Homegoods. I always get home and wish “Man I should have gotten two of those”. πŸ™‚ The distance is probably a good thing, otherwise I would be there weekly!

  • Kristen

    Love Home Goods!!

  • Jillian Allen

    I found a really cute kitchen cart that I use for my popcorn machine in our ‘game room’. One of my favorite stores to go treasure hunting, for sure! #homegoodshappy

  • Meghan Tupper Cullen

    I have a pretty flexible work schedule and have made a Homegoods trip part of my weekly to do list. I stop in every week, browse around for excessive amounts of time, and always walk out with something.

  • Susan L

    Just seeing my price when I check out and then lookin g at my loot! Woo woo!

  • Diana Carofano

    Always find neat stuff at Home Goods. Found some great chairs.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Sara Cook

    I always find cute things to give as gifts. πŸ™‚

  • Caitlin

    I love all the great chairs at HomeGoods! I need two new ones for my living room πŸ™‚

  • Nicole Rackley

    My favorite Home Goods find is my desk chair, which is similar to your dining ones but in maroon tones instead :)!

  • atschwar

    Is there a home goods in San Diego?

  • Lindsay Spears

    We just got a home goods in my area. I am IN LOVE!!!


    My favorite find so far was an awesome TV console for only $250!!!! It is black and has tons of storage for DVDs, games, and cute doors with windows that are perfect to display pictures!

  • Valerie

    Best place for amazing housing finds! #HomeGoodsHappy

  • Tina

    Home Goods Happy is finding that perfect accessory for that little nook that needed a little extra something. My favorite find to date? The most gorgeous mercury glass Christmas tree!

  • Regina Chupp

    Love love love Home Goods!

  • Sarah

    Just moved into a new apartment and need to furnish it so this would be great! Thanks for the offer

  • Stephanie Johnson

    Homegoods always makes me happy! I honestly cannot make up my mind as to what my favorite find has been. My twig wreath, my mint candelabra, and pretty much everything else in my house is from Homegoods!

  • Kyra

    My favorite find was my sons firetruck bedding that he LOVES!

  • roseannn

    i would love to go shop at Home Goods one of my favorite stores

  • Krystal Mullins

    Love those chairs!

  • Sheri

    I love that nail head chair in the first picture! Home Goods has great stuff. I can’t wait to see your benches!

  • Brianna

    Love Home Goods!

  • Beth Griesbaum

    Love those new chairs!!! I’ve gotten a bunch of towels to decorate our bathroom from Home Goods. Always love looking at the furniture too!

  • Katie

    Love Home Goods! And I love the benches and two fabric chairs look of your table! My favorite Home Goods find was probably………gorgeous and dreamy art work for above my bed that like you are staring up the tangled sails of a sailboat! Love them so much. Thanks Home Goods πŸ™‚ Everything I buy there makes me home goods happy πŸ™‚

  • Mykah Graves Rose

    Love Homegoods! I have not purchased anything from there yet, but I sure would love to!!

  • Lisa

    Best find…. huge master bedroom mirror at a fab price!

  • Deann Sturgiss

    i have never had a chance to get to a home goods store. I live in a small town and we dont have alot here. i do hear of many of my friends that go here and LOVE it!!! So I hope I win and have an excuse to visit one of the stores!!!

  • Susan Burns

    Love HomeGoods – addiction here too =)

  • Molly

    Beautiful chairs! I LOVE Homegoods!!!

  • Nicole Levy

    Finding Ridel wine glasses makes me #HomeGoodsHappy

  • Laurie F

    Oh so many things make me Homegoods happy! I love that place! I’m about to put my house on the market and we’re expecting to have to take a huge loss! But we are outgrowing our home and want to expand our family so we have to move. I have been accessorizing my home to make it look gorgeous and minimize our loss. I hit Homegoods and scored a bunch of good deals on wall art, rugs and more. A $100 gift card sure would help right now!! There is some adorable bedding I have my eye on there that would be perfect for my little guy!

    P.s. Why are we forced to create an account with Disqus in order to post a comment no matter what option we choose?? It seems like signing in with one of the other options should be sufficient enough!! Very Frustrating! Just another password to have to remember

  • Those chairs look so wonderful with your curtains!

  • Myschel

    I am constantly redecorating and love HomeGoods for baskets and other accessories!

  • Jeana

    Love Home Goods!

  • Samantha

    Hello Shanty!! I just eyeballed some lamps I had my eye on i walked out the door without AHH hope i can make it back!! Love those chairs I saw them at my closest homegoods a couple hours away!!

  • Angelina Hankins

    I love going to Homegoods just to walk the entire store for inspiration and sometimes finding that special something!!

  • cori

    I just discovered home goods this summer and man, I am hooked! I love the organizational things – bins, baskets, totes, etc. I also love the little things- accents for every room in the house. You can buy a whole house worth there and your home would look “curated”, not like you just bought out one store πŸ™‚

  • Anni

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Homegoods!!!!

  • Janet Meeks

    Lovely lovely!

  • michelenorm

    Be grateful for your proximity. I have to drive over an hour to get to the nearest Homegoods. You can always count on finding more than you want there!

  • Amy

    Homegoods is my favorite store!! Pretty much everything in my house is from there!

  • Mindi

    Your chairs look amazing, and of course your table too! I love home goods!

  • Chris H

    Love Home Goods!

  • THerald

    Love all homegoods! Visit them in every state I visit. Never know what you will find. Most recently a small busy statue to hold my necklaces!

  • Laura @ The Turquoise Home

    Umm, who COULDN’T use a gift card to HomeGoods?? Thanks for hosting!!

  • kristin lavender.

    i love homegoods because i feel like it inspires me in a lot of ways! fresh colors, new designs, and accents for the home all in one!

  • Kimberly Deacon

    I love Homegoods, my most amazing find was a Family photo frame. It is very large and holds all my Sons wedding pictures. I wish I had bought 2.

  • Leigh Sehr

    What makes you #HomeGoodsHappy?? What is your favorite find yet? I love HomeGoods! My favorite finds were a huge tall clear vase and my white pitcher. <3<3<3

  • Bren Wilkins Rauch


  • Lisa

    I think I might possibly love everything in homegoods! I have found many goodies in their store.

  • Kelsey

    I found some amazing chairs there last week too!! LOVE homegoods.

  • jean raper

    love homegoods! i love their picture frames, and rugs – reasonable prices!

  • Ashley C

    I love shopping for shelving! There is something for every nook in my house (at every price point!)


  • Esmeralda Franco

    I just moved into a new house And i hace no furniture but Im Sabina to buy all the tools to make my own πŸ™‚

  • Alicia Wolski

    I just went to HomeGoods for the first time a week ago and I loved it! I could live in that store. I found some reusable water bottles for my kids to take to school. I had been looking for something like that for weeks! I will be going back as often as I can.

  • Rachal

    I fell in love with this table when you posted it! Then I found the 2×4 version on ana’s site. My dining area is joint room so the 4 x4 would have been too much for me. I can’t wait to build it! I am a little intimidated though.:-)

  • Katie

    I love how every week there are new things to enjoy at Home Goods! I found the perfect full length mirror there for my master bedroom!

  • Jen

    While shopping this weekend, with a tear in my eye, I had to pass by my Home Goods…I was running late for my hair appointment. CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK THIS WEEKEND!

  • Meagan Kyle

    I’ve never lived super close to a HomeGoods (we are a military family and move quite a bit) but I made a trip for a few items when my daughter turned one recently and LOVED it! I found what I needed to make her a cute first birthday outfit and a burlap/fabric birthday banner. I could have gone crazy with things for the home but had to stay focused on the task at hand;-)

  • Guerrina Waters-Hernandez

    I love the grey/white/yellow together! Truly perfect!


    My favorite find was magazine holder.

  • Larissa

    We don’t have a HomeGood in our area so when I get the opportunity to hit up a HomeGoods there isn’t a single item that I don’t love. I slowly walk through each aisle much to the unhappiness of my kids. LOVE HOMEGOODS!

  • Danielle Dron

    I love the chairs! Always looking for something new from HomeGoods!

  • Ashley Beathard Winebrenner

    I just got a chrome antler wall hanger for our new nursery — adorable! I wanted to buy one of everything when I went in — I havent been in a LONG time. I need to go more!

  • leigh dusek

    I love their chairs!! I always look for a new one.

  • Melissa Yatsko Boyd

    Love the deals on wall decor πŸ™‚

  • tabathastimpson

    i LOOOOOOVE homegoods….but mines about 45 min away…i know…sad. But on a #happy note…. i did get an ahhhmazing deal on a gorgeous clock.

  • Lindsey Kearney

    I haven’t been Home Goods happy, because I haven’t been there yet! There is one about an hour from me though, that I’d love to make the trip and check out! I love all the beautiful things you find there!

  • Sofia Mesones Moure

    I discovered Home Goods two month ago, and I love this place!!!

  • Michelle

    I love the Seasonal items at Home Goods! Its the place I go to for all of my picture frames because they have the best selection πŸ™‚

  • Teri Cherrington

    I love your table! And I can’t believe how perfectly the chairs match your window panels. <3

  • Verna Hornbaker

    I love Home Goods – especially when giving an usually themed party or dinner. I have purchased things with nautical, African, seasonal, holiday themes and a few pieces make it so special. I also love the beautiful glassware and serving pieces. They make a great gift.

  • Britt

    We recently got a Home Goods in the Seattle area and I can’t wait to check it out!

  • Danielle

    Loved the table and obsessed with this store!

  • Erica Walsh

    I love all the stuff you DIY!

  • Danell Anderson

    Home Goods is where my paycheck goes to die a beautiful death.

  • Tracy Olson

    Love Home goods, great finds!

  • Kristi Dalnoky

    So far a beautiful cake stand, but we just moved into a new home & we’ve got a LOT to do, so I would LOVE to find dining chairs…living room pillows…wall art…lamps…you name it! Please, oh please, make me HomeGoods happy! haha Thank you!

  • Pamela Pierce

    I can spend HOURS in HomeGoods! My favorite finds are 2 wire baskets for the bottom shelf of the diy coffee table that I built from your site.

  • Elizabeth Beaulieu

    Home goods happy is knowing I got a great deal for something gorgeous!

  • Kinsie

    My amazing kitchen chairs are from home goods!!

  • Deb Christensen

    I LOVE the children’s section; I could easily drop a small fortune in that section alone!!

  • jamie

    I want to go shopping for my new house!

  • Kylie McGowan

    Love their lamps

  • Heidi

    Love Home Goods!! Had them in the area when I was in Nashville, however we are just about to get out first here in the OKC area, can’t WAIT until it opens!!! Its been too long to even remember what my best find was, but I’m sure I’ll be finding more soon!!

  • Lauren Gyllenhammer

    My favorite items at Home Goods are all of the decorative accessories. I always can find something for a steal.

  • Christina Crannell

    My favorite store, get in lots of trouble there πŸ˜‰

  • kim

    went shopping one day and went to 4 home goods stores, love that place

  • Nicole Kathryn

    I spend countless hours just wandering around Home Goods on a regular basis. It’s pretty much my happy place. My husband has gotten used to it πŸ™‚

  • Teresa Salash

    I found a mirror for my salon there. Beautiful and a great price.

  • Tiffany Eaves

    Yellow chevron throw for my son’s matches his bedding. (Actually my Aunt’s find…but I still love it!)

  • Kassie Adams

    Love Homegoods!! The chairs are perfect for your table!

  • Connie Whitelock

    Wishing we had a Home Goods nearby.

  • lisa mcfarland

    fantastic store – love the linens

  • Bylly

    I love the seasonal decor! Great affordable place πŸ™‚

  • Jess Riordan

    I love home goods! Used to work there!! πŸ™‚

  • Anne Loyd

    I have found great deals on lamps!!

  • Hannah Dell

    Love Homegoods!

  • Kimberly Evangelista Weber

    What makes me #homegoodshappy is all the home decor they have for a great price! LOVE that store!

  • Tai Bender

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Homegoods! Everything there makes me happy! Adorable egg plate I bought on my last visit. Pig shaped paper weight. Area rug…endless love!

  • Lindsey

    Love HomeGoods!!! And we’ve got a nursery to furnish… πŸ˜‰

  • Shanna

    Love Home Goods!!!! Love all the linens…fluffy throws are my favorite : )

  • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

    I’m soooo jealous! the closest Homegoods is 1.5 hours away… but that’s probably a good thing since I’d be BROKE otherwise. πŸ™‚

  • Nicole Elias

    I always find exactly what I need at homegoods. I have the best accent pieces, and have my eye out for the perfect reading chair

  • Heather

    I had been searching for almost 2 years for an accent pillow for my son’s Vintage Airplane nursery and FINALLY found it at Home Goods!! It was the perfect size and colors!!

  • Leah Ann Lindsey-Simpson

    LOVE THIS AND LOVE YOUR BLOG! As soon as I get some space, I will be building away again!

  • amystahl

    I simply loooooove this store….its for sure a weakness for me!!! Have found so many marvelous items….but I do love my chalkboards!!!

  • katy

    my home is straight out of Homegoods. I don’t have a single favorite find, they are all awesome finds and I kn ow when I’m looking for something specific Homegoods is the place to go!!

  • flairshare

    Love HomeGoods – I think my previous comment went through???

  • Suzanne Sabol-Showen

    Love that store!!

  • Funny you would ask. We just went there yesterday actually! I’m too new to Home Goods to have a fave find yet (ours just opened recently) but I have to say, their seasonal decor yesterday really caught my eye.

  • Amanda Segsworth

    I’m always shopping at our local HomeGoods so I would love to win a gift card!

  • Tina

    Just recently discovered the awesomeness that is Home Goods! Obsessed!

  • Alison Fretwell

    I just found a 5×2 squishy-soft bathroom rug for my oddly shaped bathroom. AND it was on clearance. Now I’m on the hunt for a pair of lamps, I know they’ll deliver.

  • Brandi Hocker

    Love HomeGoods!!! I can’t wait for our store to open!! 11 more days! No longer have to drive several hours for a store πŸ™‚

  • Alicia Grupico

    Love that store!!

  • Denise

    Love HomeGoods! It is my first go to store when I am looking for unusual decorative accessories or gifts.

  • Aymie Nielsen

    LOVE me some Home Goods! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Sarah R

    #homegoodshappy whenever I walk ino that store!!!!! Clearance section is amazing

  • Jennifer Majkozak

    Funny that I saw this post as I am sitting in the parking lot at Home Goods waiting for them to open so I can finish decorating my master bedroom I just remodeled!!

  • Tracie

    Oh goodness I find some amazing stuff there, it’s trouble πŸ™‚

  • Yvette Hilaire

    I love HomeGoods! I found some beautiful acrylic lamps that would go perfectly in our family room! I am always looking for fantastic finds at a bargain!

  • Ashley Belnap Whiting

    I’m LOVE that store!!! Could spend hours in there!

  • Rebecca Hubbell

    Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway! I’ve seen some great pieces of furniture in there lately that I would love to have!

  • Kasey Corcoran- Peterson

    Love Home Goods!!! Wish I had one a little closer!! Its a treat every time I get to visit!!!!

  • LinhC


  • Katie Hadlow Zack

    Love home goods!!!!! Would adore this. Thanks for An amazing giveaway!!

  • Michaela T

    Honestly my fav home goods find so far is all the little decode items. They are great prices and bring the room together!

  • Katie Nelson

    I need chairs! πŸ™‚

  • Gwen Babb Parmer

    I bought a large shabby clock (looks like a one of a kind refinished piece) there a few months ago and it looks AMAZing on my living room wall!! I get asked all the time where I found it!!

  • Deana Stephens

    My favorite find from home goods, was a oversized chalkboard for my kitchen.

  • Meghanne L

    Love Homegoods! I bought the best comforter for our bedroom there and it is first place I go for Home stuff!

  • Lindsay Beckman

    My sister and I found the best rug at the best price for her living room. We were giddy after we found just the right one! Love Home Goods!

  • dizee_1

    I LOVE Home goods! Would love to win to update my dining room also!

  • Kelly White-Lamp

    Love your blog and love Homegoods!

  • Jamie Austin

    I have actually never been to HomeGoods and I am dying to go!!! I just found out that there is one opening a couple of hours away from me at the end of September. I plan on going opening day! So excited! Hope I win!

  • Emma Strobelt

    I just moved in to my new apartment and could really use some decorations from HomeGoods!

  • Sarah Elizabeth Moske

    I love when I find great kids toys!

  • L R

    thank you for this giveaway. love homegoods!

  • Jana Cobb

    I love, love, love Home Goods and was sooooo excited when they opened in Austin, TX!!!!!!

  • Shanna Donelson

    Holiday decor ! I love homegoods !

  • Laurie Howell

    I love Home Goods. It is my favorite store. My husband is building us a table and I need chairs also. I am hoping to win !

  • Steph White

    I have found many little things that tie everything together within our home. LOVE Home Goods!

  • Jill Wilhelm

    I always love their furniture and they are my go to place for home decor!

  • Ashley Dodson

    I LOVE Homegoods! I’m there at least once a week just to see what’s new. My favorite though are cake stands.

  • Katelyn Lockhart

    I can’t choose just one favorite HomeGoods find! Everything I buy there is not only the perfect fit my for new home but also the perfect price. πŸ™‚

  • Katrina Goodwin

    I’ve never been to the local homegoods that’s 40 mins away but after seeing the cute chairs posted looks like it on my to do list for this coming weekend!!

  • Sandy T.

    I always find great stuff on the clearance shelves at Home Goods… I recently scored a beautiful white plate for 70 cents!!

  • Robyn Bingham

    I love HomeGoods for their variety and ever changing inventory. My current favorite is my new family room lamps.

  • brandy

    I would love to try a Home Goods store.

  • allison nielsen

    I bought the cutest blue and red coral pattern lamp from HomeGoods. It looks so amazing! Wish there had been more than one but I still love it nevertheless!

  • LMC

    I love all of the Homegoods furniture- great finds at a great price!

  • Amanda Callahan

    My favorite find is the gorgeous mirror hanging in my dining room from Home Goods! πŸ™‚

  • stephland3

    I found the cutest pictures to hang in my daughters room there!

  • Jen Franklin Kearns

    I love finding cute & affordable accent rugs at Home Goods!

  • Mandi

    Oh I sure could use some chairs.!

  • Liz

    I bought these amazing fabric baskets from Homegoods to use in place of a dresser (couldn’t find a vintage one I liked at the time), and they have been amazing. They’re both pretty and functional!

  • Kim Lesko

    My favorites are three great wood shelves with distressed metal trim, several large garden planters and a large mirror for the mudroom!

  • Brielle Kennington

    I’ve never bought anything at HomeGoods but I love that store. There are several really close to me as well. I’ve been looking for Accessories for my living room and Dinning room.

  • my fave find so far- mixing bowl set for $ it and use it every day.

  • Danielle Price

    I could ( and sometimes do) spend hours browsing Home Goods! Was just there yesterday and picked up a couple cute boxes to store pictures in!

  • Sebnem Yenisehirli

    Love home goods and the chairs!

  • Lynn Cooper

    I love their inexpensive baskets! Oh and a distressed ampersand.

  • Michelle Garcia Kizer

    I bought all of my bathroom accessories at Home Goods. Can’t wait to see what else I can find for my new home!

  • Bridget Goldsberry

    I love HOME GOODS! I love the pillows!

  • Stephanie-GatheredInTheKitchen

    I love HomeGoods!! Such an awesome giveaway! I simply love everything there!

  • Sarah Moses

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Home Goods!! And your dining room is GORGEOUS!

  • Michelle Balsizer

    Love homegoods for large picture frames!

  • Amanda Tramel

    When I find the one thing that accents & ties everything together!! I found the perfect quote to go in my living room a canvas house rules sign…perfect way to teach them while their young!! #HomeGoodsHappy

  • Meghan

    I love everything at Home Goods- and have found some great curtains and a set of side tables

  • Carol Cole

    I like all the unique things. A pair of lamps.

  • Journeytheworld

    Finding a unique piece of furniture or decorative item makes me #HomeGoodsHappy. My favorite find is a five tiered plant stand that wouldn’t even fit in my car but I managed to get it home.

  • Amber Wright

    I love this store! Mainly for cheap photo frames that I can repaint! Love this chair, though.

  • Diana Castaneda

    I LOVE HomeGoods!! Thanks to the Shanty Sisters πŸ™‚ We just moved. So I can only Eye Shop! πŸ™

  • Kodi Calabrese

    I love Home Goods but a favorite of mine is their fall and Christmas items!

  • Anna Kimball

    Home goods is awesome! I love looking for furnishings for my new house.

  • Jeanette Caban

    My favorite find was a distressed side table that was on clearance!

  • Caitlin S

    LOVE Homegoods!! And love the furniture there!

  • Kelly Faro

    Every find is a good find at Home Goods.

  • Maria Rosales- Dean

    Absolutely love Home Goods. They always carry everything you can’t live w/o and that you really you don’t need.

  • Kim Cleveland

    I love everything about Home Goods – especially the prices! Would love to win a gift card!

  • kw

    I have yet to be able to get to a Home Goods store. I just found out there is one by my dad & cousin’s house. That has become a number one stop on our next trip to visit.

  • meg anderson

    love the chairs! my favorite find is a gorgeous glass lamp, but let’s be honest – every find is a great one from homegoods!

  • Erika Livingston

    I love home goods. My favorite find was a glass jar I had been searching for

  • Anything that will add your style to the room It could be a vase, pillow or a bowl.

  • Alex

    The unique selection at each Home Goods is awesome. It would be impossibly for me to tell you about my favorite find to date since they are all so great!

  • Julie

    My favorite finds are all of my beachy knick knacks I got for our living room. LOVE HomeGoods!!!

  • Teresa

    I love Home Goods! Found them when furnishing and decorating my daughters first rental house. It’s one stop shopping!

  • Cyndi

    Yup. Those Chairs are perfect! Love this store!

  • Hannah

    I think I have the same curtains in my craft room and now I need this chair too please!!

  • Haley Gautreaux

    I LOVE shopping for girly items for daughters’ rooms at Homegoods! And browsing the kitchen knick knacks puts a smile on my face. πŸ™‚

  • Jen Hatton

    Homegoods is just awesome. I get into so much trouble there. The decor is amazing, the kitchen items are great (I am all about glass storage containers and they have SO MANY OPTIONS) and my kids like the fun gluten free snacks we find there too. My favorite find is a huge branch made bird cage that I use in my living room and is filled with candles. So unique!

  • Valerie Gula

    Who can pick just one favorite?!? πŸ™‚

  • Lauren Brooke Conlin

    This might sound silly, but my favorite find from there happens to be my cheese grater! My family is big on freshly grated cheese, and I looked everywhere for one that was a reasonable price! Sure enough HomeGoods came to my rescue! πŸ™‚

  • Taylor Verner

    Is there anything NOT to love there?! I get all of my seasonal updates there.

  • Jennifer McCarthy

    I adore Home Goods! So many cute things!

  • Erin Cnossen

    Love the chairs!

  • Lorrie

    Very cute chairs and love that they match the curtains!

  • Cari Stevens-Hawkins

    Love Home Goods!

  • Jeni Voris

    My favorite Home Goods finds are the ones that I find when I am not looking to buy anything :). You always find the best stuff when you are planning to only “window shop”.

  • tammy b

    good choice on the chairs, then look fab with the table! my favorite find so far is a little one, i found the perfect footstool!

  • AnnaMarie Mondro

    I *heart* HomeGoods <3 – best find was a clearance decorative urn but I'm also a sucker for their stylish home organization products!! πŸ™‚

  • cassiha

    There’s a store opening in my town in October! So excited!

  • JennKay

    HomeGoodsitis is a very incurable disease!

  • disqus_hWulj5a9PC

    I’ve never been to Homegoods, but would love to check it out!

  • Rachel Richey

    I love Home Goods! I found the perfect frame there this weekend to complete my girly bathroom.

  • Amber

    I have to drive an hour to a get to a Homegoods store but it is always worth it. I need some major updating to my house.

  • Angie

    It’s the best!

  • Stephanie Busey

    I LOVE homegoods. I believe there is a homegoods illness going around because I have it too πŸ™‚

  • Jessica Overman Belsito

    Love everything there – need to buy decorative things for my new house – mirrors, shelves, etc.!

  • Jenn Korolewski

    Oh my goodness… I L.O.V.E. Home Goods! My favorite find has been a wall shelf that fit perfectly for what i had in mind for my kitchen.

  • Julie C

    My fav is the rug I have by the entryway. It was on clearance and such a great find!

  • Megan Perry

    I could spend all day at this store! Love it!

  • Gina Keeley

    Love all things HomeGoods! Had a bit of retail therapy at HomeGoods this weekend as well! My birthday (today!) present to me!! πŸ™‚ Gavanized ottoman with burlap top = awesome!

  • Kristy Cox

    too many to choose just one!! I seriously LOVE that store!

  • Misty Richmond

    Would love to add a splash of color to our house from Home Goods.

  • Beth Minch Dover

    Love the chairs, especially with the awesome table build! Can’t wait to get started on another one of your projects (and will then need some new chairs to go with it!) πŸ™‚

  • Michelle Hall

    I Love Home Goods! My favorite find was a mirrored dresser!

  • Shannon M.

    I love the chairs! I could use two like that myself.

  • Christina Chaney

    I love Home Goods and my best find was a darling chair for my little girl’s 1st Birthday party!

  • Carrie Eastman

    I love there chairs and throw pillows!!


    LOVE me some Home Goods πŸ™‚

  • cara

    LOVE these chairs! Homegoods is my favorite!

  • Heather Carlson

    Cozy blankets for sure!

  • Megan W

    Home Goods is my Happy Place! We found a leather chair on clearance (nothing wrong with it) that goes perfect in our living room. #bestfindever

  • Teresa Pomerantz

    That first chair is awesome- I am redoing my craftroom and it would look awesome! Thanks for hostessing a giveaway!

  • Erin Peyton Day

    Love Homegoods and love you all!

  • Kristen Madson

    Oh man I always crave new chairs and rugs and those options and prices make me so happy!

  • Leah Jeanne

    I love Home Goods !! I love the furniture and I got THE best fabulous mirror there !!

  • Michelle Neira

    Would love to win this to get me some chairs for my table too!!! Thanks

  • Jen Bowen Gash

    Home Goods is my faaaavorite!!

  • Lisa Allen

    Homegoods is a dangerous place for me….I like everything there! I organized my daughter’s closet with baskets, hooks and other stuff I found there.

  • Holly

    I love everything about HomeGoods! The pillows, the lamps, the baskets…love it all!

  • ashley miller

    I love Homegoods!! Gets me in trouble everytime. If I lived near 4, my hubs would never let me out of the house unsupervised!

  • City_Girl

    Love it! I just LOVE their home decor items- I’ve found fabulous picture frames and little knick nacks there.

  • Emily Waits

    would love to win this! I hear there is a Home Goods coming to central Oklahoma soon!

  • DanniDSC

    I have a love/hate relationship with Home Goods. I love it because its amazing, and hate it because its amazing. My poor pockets πŸ™

  • Kelsi G

    Love the lamps there! And I’m getting one close to my town this fall! Would love to shop at the grand opening!

  • Jennifer S

    EVERYTHING about Home Goods makes me happy!! I was thrilled when they finally opened near me in Southlake!! I’m on the hunt for some awesome mirrors for our bathroom remodel – and I am not disappointed! I can’t wait to find just the right pair – lots of fun choices! My favorite find, though, has been the sugar free drink syrups in my favorite flavors – Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, Peppermint Mocha.

  • Robyn Swensen

    I don’t currently have a HomeGoods near me, but we have a new one opening next month. I am so excited!!

  • Gina Stoney

    Had to laugh about your 4 stores. I have 2 stores near me and I’m always popping in. It is an addiction!

  • Holly

    Homegoods is amazingly reliable!!

  • Melanie McLean

    Next month we will have TWO Home Goods opening up in my area. I plan on being there the first day!

  • Beth R

    Throw pillows for our living room and bedrooms!

  • Korrie@RedHenHome

    My favorite find was preserved boxwood topiaries!

  • Kristin

    I have actually never shopped at Home Goods, but we are currently having an addition put on our house, with new rooms that will require decorating. πŸ™‚

  • Liz

    Everything! πŸ™‚ I love HomeGoods. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Alyssa Kartzman

    I am in the process of decorating our home so this would be perfect πŸ™‚

  • Chelsea Homan

    So far, my best finds have all been dishes. I also have an addiction which I think I inherited from my mother who is a walking campaign for being #homegoodshappy!! πŸ™‚

  • Lauren Honaker

    Pretty much everything at that store makes me #HomeGoodsHappy! My favorite find to date is a 3-tier basket that is perfect for storing my ribbon and other wrapping supplies!

  • jacie

    My best find was my Paisley area rug, I’d been looking everywhere for it! Also a night stand in my daughters room that I distressed and looks adorable.

  • Erin

    lately it was this awesome light that we have sitting on our buffet. oh and a hippo animal head. i just need to hang it in our shelves. =)

  • Karen LaVoy

    One of the best things I found at HomeGoods was long dishwasher gloves, with a decorated cuff at the end. The extra length is fantastic and the pretty makes me hate dishwashing just a little less.

  • Jennifer

    I love Homegoods! I appreciate the prices and selection. But they need to open a location closer to my house πŸ™‚

  • Amber

    I was just at HomeGoods on Saturday looking for things for our morning room. We are making a farmhouse table and we need a couple chairs like yours and a rug. It is my favorite place to shop for the house!

  • Holly Browning

    Homegoods is one of my favorite stores – this is an awesome blog. Thanks for hosting a giveaway. πŸ™‚

  • Nicole Schmidgall

    My incredibly comfortable duvet cover makes me #HomeGoodsHappy ! I can’t decide between my gorgeous morrocan inspired living room area rug and my two silver leaf night stands as my favorite Home Goods finds ever. I really can’t get enough of that place!

  • dhdo411

    I just went into one of these for the first time. Looks like a place I could spend a lot of time AND a lot of money!

  • Chris Faus

    I love the home goods store!

  • Kara Beard

    My footed turquoise bowl makes me Home Goods Happy. I could spend all day in there!