DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

I am just slightly excited about this project I am sharing today.  Ok, just kidding.  I’m giddy!  I shared a little sneak peek on INSTAGRAM last week, and I am so happy to finally reveal the whole thing!  I have imagined it in my head, and the results are even better than I was hoping.  I have always wanted a full length mirror.  It makes checking out the final outfit before heading out the door so much easier than using the reflection of my glass shower door or my blank computer screen 😉  I thought it would be so great to add some function to this new mirror.  May as well kill two birds with one stone! I decided to build a big storage case behind the mirror to hold all my goodies and I am LOVING the results!  Here is how it turned out!

DIY Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Organization

How fun is that guys?  Who doesn’t love a some beautiful function in their bathroom?? I DO!  I will walk you through the entire build below, and you can also download the FREE printable plans HERE or by clicking the button below!

DIY Bathroom Storage Cabinet Free Plans

Let’s get started!

Supply List

2 – 1 x 6 x 8 pine or whitewood boards

4 – 1 x 4 x 8 pine or whitewood boards

1/4″ hardwood plywood cut to 19″ x 63″

Full Length beveled mirror (found at Home Depot)

3M Stainable Wood Filler

ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

3M Advanced Abrasives 120 grit sanding paper

3m safety glasses

4 decorative hinges

1 pull or knob

magnet closures

wood stain of your color choice

I bought all the supplies and wood for this project for under $100.

I started by building out the mirrored door.  I used this great mirror I found at Home Depot for $25.  I love it because it is beveled and it’s also a great quality mirror.  It won’t give you the whole clown house distorted view when you look into it as some of the cheaper full length mirrors will.  This project is done off the specs of this mirror.  If you choose to use a different one, you will need to fix your measurements to fit it.

Home Depot Full Length Mirror

I started with my 1×4 hardwood plywood back.  I had the nice guys at Home Depot cut mine down for me.

How to make a bathroom organizer

Next, I cut my wood for the frame.  I used 1×4 pine boards for this part.  You can also use whitewood to save money, but make sure it is straight!

3m safety gear

Wood Bathroom Mirror

Next, I used my Kreg Jig to make 3/4″ pocket holes in each end of my 16″ pieces.

Kreg Jig K5

Wood Mirror Measurements

Before attaching all of my pieces I like to use a sanding pad to quickly remove the splinters on the edges.  This paper works great because I can keep it in my pocket and pull it out as I need it quickly… Perfect before attaching your boards!

3m abrasives sand paper

3m sanding paper

I attached my 16″ pieces to my 67″ pieces using 1.25″ pocket hole screws.

pocket hole screws for Kreg Jig

After attaching both ends, my frame looked like this…

Measurements for DIY Mirror Bathroom Case

Next, I added some wood glue to the frame and attached it down on my 1/4″ hardwood plywood.

How to add trim to mirror

I used my Ryobi cordless stapler to attach it from the back.

Ryobi AirStrike Stapler

After building out the door, I moved onto the frame of the case.

For this part, I used 1×6 pine boards.  I cut two pieces at  23 1/8″ and two pieces at 68 3/4″.  Again, I added 3/4″ pocket holes to my shorter boards.

frame measurements

I used my Kreg Right Angle Clamp to hold everything together while I attached it using 1.25″ pocket hole screws.

Kreg Right Angle Clamp

building a bathroom cabinet

Next, I added my top and bottom braces.   These were the same length as my shelf pieces, so I cut seven 1×4 pieces at 23 1/8″ each.

shelf pieces

 These will be used to attach the cabinet to the wall.  You can see here where I added pocket holes to these boards before I attached them.  This is a shot of the back.  These brace pieces will sit flush with the back of the cabinet.

back of bathroom cabinet

Now, it should look a bit like this…

Bathroom cabinet frame

Time for the shelves!

I added 3/4″ pocket holes to each piece.  You can attach yours wherever you would like, but here is where I attached mine for your reference.

Shelf Placement

Before moving on, I filled all of my pocket holes with wood filler.


I filled each hole and then used a scraper to flatten it out.

Scraper for Wood Putty

This wood filler is stainable, and I prefer using it over the plugs on holes like these.  This covers them well enough, and it’s also very easy to do.  Once the putty dries, I use the sanding pad to go back over it again.

Putty for pocket hole

That’s it for the build!

I stopped here and stained everything using Varathane stain from Home Depot in Dark Walnut.  I love this stuff!

After the stain completely dried, I attached my mirror to the door.  I used this mirror adhesive I found at Home Depot to attach it.  I just ran a thin bead on the back side of the mirror all around.  Then, I laid it on the door and used tape to hold everything in place.

Frame out a mirror

My final step was attaching it to the wall.  I used a stud finder to find my studs in the wall and marked on my frame where the studs would be.  I then used 3″ torx or wood screws to go through my braces and into the wall attaching to the stud.  I did pre drill before going through the brace pieces to keep the wood from splitting.

Hanging a bathroom shelf

I also added 2 to the bottom brace piece.

Hanging the bathroom shelf

I made sure everything was level before attaching the door…

Hanging the bathroom cabinet

To attach my door, I used two clamps to hold the door in place while I added my hinges.  I attached the hinges to the door first and then the frame.

clamp the mirror

How cute are these hinges I found at Home Depot!

Cute furniture hinge from Home Depot

My final step was adding some magnet closures and my pull to the front.  These just screw into place… Super easy!

magnet closure

pulls from home depot

And here she is all finished up!

DIY Bathroom Organization Cabinet

A little shot of the goodness inside…

Organize your rubberbands

I used 3m Command strip hooks to hold my rubber bands and also for my curling and flat iron below.

DIY Bathroom Organizer

And these are those great SnapWare containers I use in my pantry for this shelf!  These are great because they won’t break if they ever do get dropped.  5 kids… It could happen 😉

Bathroom Organizer

What do you think??

Bathroom Organization

DIY Bathroom Storage Cabinet

I personally LOVE everything about it!  I finally have a full length mirror, and a ton of storage at the same time.  Can’t beat it!  I would LOVE for you to share and PIN my storage case with all your friends!

Happy Building!

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  • Jessica G Buchanan

    I am unable to find the blog on the containers that you buy. Can you please help

  • Claudia Rivera

    This is what I was wanting to do!!!! Thanks for the awesome plans! Mine will be for a mirror I already have that is 34×24.

  • Fraise

    un projet qui peut s’adapter dans toutes les pièces de la maison. très sympa cette armoire murale. merci.

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  • Namrata Arora

    where did u buy the transparent boxes with white lids (that contain Bobby pins, Q tips)

  • Chelsea @ The Johnsons Plus Do

    I’ve always loved this project of yours! I would love to feature it on a blog post I’m planning on Small Bathroom Ideas. Do you mind if I use a photo and link back to think post? Let me know.

  • Morgen Emmaleigh Griess

    Ok… big problem with the measurement on the door. The sides should be at least an inch longer for the size of mirror suggested. So instead of being 67 (on the pattern) It should be 68 inches.

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  • Jaidenne Verratti-Winchester

    I am working on adding a bathroom downstairs in my home and I chose not to add a door but found clear organizers that I could fit between the studs (I actually bought those before I built the cubby) I backed my cubby with pretty tiles and it is right beside the sink in this small bathroom so it works nicely to store essentials. Thanks for the inspiration that you give us all!

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  • andrewfinnestad

    Wow, great instructions. It’s nice that 3m cares enough to give you items to try as well as sponsoring real people.

  • Marianne

    I am in the process of making this cabinet! I am just waiting on the mirror to be delivered because all the Home Depots in my area are sold out of it. I want to make the shelf too… do you have the plans for how you made that?

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  • NisseL1

    Great jobb, thanks for sharing!

  • Where do you get the snapware?

  • Jeff Randall

    Thanks for the awesome instructions! Just hung mine last night. My tiny bathroom is all done in weathered barn wood decor from families 100+ year old farm, so i attempted to artificially age/weather the wood using the vinegar/steel wool technique over top of a dry brushed white coat. pretty happy with results!

  • Guest

    Thanks for the awesome instructions! Just hung mine last night. My tiny bathroom is all weathered barn wood decor from families 100+ year old farm, so i attempted to artificially age/weather the wood using the vinegar/steel wool technique over top of a dry brushed white coat.

  • Susie

    Hello, where did you get the mirrors? Are the precut? What size did you get?
    Thank you for sharing! Such a great idea!

  • Marianne

    I would love to have one of these made for me by someone who is more handy than I am :(. I live in Northern California so if anyone is near and wants to make this please contact me at

  • Kelly Selvage Park

    Hi. I’d love to make this but I’m a little confused about the measurements. Is the door 24″ wide? Two 4″ pieces on either side at 16″ horizontal piece, top and bottom? If this is correct, shouldn’t the top and bottom of the frame, the back support pieces and all the shelves be 24″ as well? I think I’m missing something. Thank you!

    • Kelly Selvage Park

      Actually just answered my own question. A 1 x 4 is actually a 3/4 x 3 1/2. Thanks.

  • Keri Beth

    Thanks for the plans! I used them with slight mods to make this mirrored cabinet with jewelry storage for my bedroom. I’d been wanting a full-length mirror in there for years, and this is perfect!

    • Luciana Marques

      Hello, love yours. Wich color and wood did you use? I want to make a similiar one. Thanks!

  • I’ve always wanted to learn how to build stuff. I do have a little bravery to go for things, but carpentry is where I’m clueless at. I really feel like you explained things so well that I could tackle this. Thank you so much!!!! I love it so much!

  • Anita Bellefeuille

    I really need something like this in my bathroom, but I have no wall space. Could this be mounted on the bathroom door? Or would it be to heavy? Is there someway to attach it on a hollow door?

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  • Jessi Kean

    This is awesome! I wish I could find something like this from our bathroom. Unfortunately we are renting an apartment, so no major hole in the walls. We could really use more space like this in our bathroom. Any ideas that won’t damage the walls?

  • Bryan

    Great project! But could you tell me more about the mirror (in hopes I didn’t accidentally miss the instructions). Was there a frame on the mirror to begin with when purchased? And if so, did you remove the frame before putting it into your homemade frame?

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  • Shelly Ayers

    Excellent instructions – Thanks for the site, love it!! Mine is only 42″ x 23″ though to accommodate where I needed to put it, we don’t have a full length wall to put a bigger one. This held everything from our old cabinet, plus everything under the sink!

    • Cindy Laramee StGermain

      Shelly, I love your cabinet. The size is perfect, that is exactly what I am looking for. The door looks textured, what did you use for your door? Thanks

      • Shelly Ayers

        It’s not textured, but I used a piece of beadboard instead of the mirror.

        • Cindy Laramee StGermain

          ok, thanks. I think I might try to save this pic and make this one. You did a great job.

  • Adrienne Legath Livingston

    Do you have to use the kreg jig for this or can you just make regular holes and use wood filler to cover them? I can’t wait to get started!

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  • wood butcher

    Making one for my daughter. You did great! Your instructions were perfect. I did a rabbit on my door to inset the mirror then added picture clips to hold it in place. If the mirror ever gets broke its easy replace. You did a very nice job.

    • Thanks so much! That’s a great idea… So happy the plans worked well for you!

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  • Jennifer

    What tools do I need for this project in particular and what is a good list of tools to have for most shanty2chic projects? I am a DIY beginner. Thanks.

  • slmkenn

    Love it! My daughter and I are excited …. thinking of adding screws beneath the shelves for necklaces/bracelets – more to the inside of door for scarves/headbands … cute little bowls/boxes on the shelves for earrings, rings, pins, etc. Still plenty of room for makeup, perfumes, lotions & hair products! Genius! No more counter clutter!

  • Kara

    I LOVE this!!! This would offer the perfect solution in my master bathroom!! Did you have to lose access to the drawer that is right next to it or are you still able to pull it out?

    • Kali Amen

      I was wondering about that myself. It appears that the drawer can’t open fully.

  • jacki owens

    I was thinking about doing this using an old door with frame.

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  • ingram1225

    also, can you list all the tools you used? I’ve been interested in a KREG system for a while now, wanting to build shelves for my living room so I am familiar with the product.

  • ingram1225

    well done… and thank you for making a comment on that “other” diy site that took your idea (and pictures)… if it wasnt for your comment, I would not have found this page.

    What prevented you from putting the new cabinet inside the wall? I like designs that flow evenly with everything else, and having a shelf like this sticking out is an eye sore. Although, putting it horizontally may actually add value to the room but you lose out on the full length mirror… thus going back to a flush mounted cabinet to make things work. Thoughts?

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  • Genene

    I live in an apartment but I could really use something like this, do you think it would be stable enough to place on the floor vs it being wall mounted?

    • KenH

      If I were to use this as a free standing cabinet, I would attach an L shaped metal strip to the top of the cabinet and to the wall at a wall stud.

  • mschmidt48

    Impressive! Great easy to understand fabricating instructions.

  • Samantha Velez

    This DIY project looks fantastic. I can’t believe it’s homemade. I’m always looking for ways to increase storage space in the bathroom. This really looks store bought; great work. I bet the mirror makes the room feel bigger as well.

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  • Ali

    What about on an unused metal door? We practically never use it and it’s really the only space we have however I’m not sure it would hold properly

  • Amber

    Thanks for the awesome instructions! Just finished tonight! Perfect for the license plates!

    • Carr Cheryl Beavers

      Love it

    • I just saw this… AWESOME!!!

  • you did Great!! Looks awesome!! hubby should be proud. 🙂

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  • Meagan Kyle

    I love this and the jewelry organizer…and all of your other projects! 😉 I am a renter so my question is how easy would this be to move? Thanks ladies!

  • Nicole King

    I don’t understand this. I can see the mirror on the door, but where is the storage for the mirrors?

    • Jen

      it was mounted to the `1/4″ backer board earlier on, then she used a finish nailer to attach it to the frame.

      • Jason Peres

        Actually Jen , the mirror was the last thing she attached to the door with adhesive.

        • Jen

          I was talking about the “storage” for the mirrors like she asked, not the actual mirror part 🙂 I understood “storage for mirror” to be referencing the backer board that that she attached with the glue and finish nailer. 🙂 I could be wrong about what the question was referencing though

  • I absolutely love this! I have been wanting a full-length mirror, but I desperately need extra bathroom storage as well. We seriously have not a single closet in our house except bedroom closets. This is on my list of projects when we gut our master bathroom and remodel it!

  • denise designed

    Love this. I have had a vision on what I wanted, but now I can see what it the end result would look like and have the tutorial to help.

  • Earl Patterson

    I think it will make great gift for my mother. I remember she whine about not have enough storage in bathroom

  • Laurie Dickson

    Love it so much I want one of my very own! Thanks for sharing such an amazing tutorial! Laurie@Vin’yet Etc.

  • Lisa@PracticallyPerfectHome

    I love this and am absolutely making one! Pinned! ~Lisa

  • Tara Hayes Carrasco

    That is just way too cute!!! LOVE!

  • Love it! I did one for Hello I Live Here that was in between the studs of the bathroom wall It was an awesome project like yours. I gained a lot of room for storage I did not have before completing. Great job!

    • Carr Cheryl Beavers

      Love this:-)

    • Yeah!! Just saw this… It’s perfect!!

    • Aymie Nielsen

      I too would love to build this between the studs…how difficult is that?! Any help or suggestions appreciated 🙂

  • Debbie Parent

    Thats a great idea and it turned out beautiful! I would like to try that and build it into the wall.

    • Great thinking! I didn’t mind losing the 6″ of space, and now I have the ability to take it down and move it around if I decide to… I think in the wall would be awesome though!

  • Nicolle Jansson

    I love this idea!

  • Terry McMullen

    I LOVE your bathroom cabinet! Well done!

  • Judy Baron

    OMG I just love it! I am so happy I have found your site, you have great ideas.

    • Aww thank you Judy!! I am so glad you found us too 😉

  • Val Frania

    Wow, nice job! I’ve often thought the space between studs was wasted. This would work great recessed. Thanks for the idea!

    • Great thinking! I didn’t mind losing the 6″ of space, and now I have the ability to take it down and move it around if I decide to… I think in the wall would be awesome though!

  • Sharon Hendricks

    This really is a great idea, and as always you did a mighty fine job. I wish you had recessed it into the wall, though…I want to do something similar, only recessed. Any suggestions? Absolutely LOVE to read your posts and watch your videos!

    • Great thinking! I didn’t mind losing the 6″ of space, and now I have the ability to take it down and move it around if I decide to… I think in the wall would be awesome though! 🙂

  • Susan Omang

    something like this for hair appliances would be awesome!

    • so fun!!

      • Patty M Collins

        Susan, where did you find that? I am assuming that it holds curling iron and such?

  • Susan Omang

    I love this…you should get those curling iron/hair appliance plastic holders
    and attach them to the bottom shelf.

  • Debra Thompson

    That is an awesome build. Where you come up with the ideas is beyond me!

  • Jones Smith

    love this,going to try it in the spring!

  • Kim Larson

    I am totally doing this! I’ve been having the great debate in my mind about medicine cabinet vs. mirror above the sink in my tiny, storageless bathroom. I have a wall of unused space behind the door that will be the perfect spot for this. Bathroom saver!

  • astrollthrulife

    It is fabulous, I love this idea. Super creative idea. Hugs, Marty

  • Jill B

    Simply genius! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  • Mel Mac

    I think it’s fab! What a great idea, especially when storage space is an issue. Thank you for the how-to. Must make this!

  • Danielle Huddleston

    This looks great! What a great idea!

  • Your bathroom mirror storage is gorgeous. I love the color of your vanity also. I’m going to pin this so I can come back and replicate this when it’s time to redo our bathroom! Thank you.

    • Oh yeah!! Happy to give you some inspiration! 🙂