HUGE Ryobi Tools Giveaway!

This giveaway is closed!  Thanks so much to those who entered!  Congrats to Kailey who was our big winner!  She has been contacted.

Happy Thursday guys!

We are super excited about today’s  AMAZING giveaway!

We have teamed up with our friends at Ryobi Power Tools to give one lucky winner our very favorite tools!

Check out what we are giving away!

Ryobi Giveaway


Ryobi Miter Saw

Ryobi Cordless Nail Gun

Ryobi Corner Cat

Now that is a whole LOT of DIY right there!

How do you win??

This one is super simple!

Ryobi has an amazing site that we love called Ryobi Nation!  It’s a free project sharing site, and an amazing source of DIY inspiration!  Not only do you get to share photos of your latest projects, they offer awesome monthly giveaways you don’t want to miss!

Ryobi Banner

 To be entered, you must sign up for Ryobi Nation!  ** You don’t need to leave us your member name in a comment.  The computer keeps up with it for us! 🙂 **

It’s easy!  We’ve also added a couple of extra entries by following us on Instagram and Facebook!  Just follow the link below to get entered and good luck!  

We will choose one lucky winner in a few days!

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  • Emily Grohmann

    I am so excited! Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity!! I am obsessed with all you do and absolutely love your site. Thanks for all that you have helped me with thus far and for all the inspiration! This is a wonderful giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  • Brenda Lee

    I love DIY projects. Would love to win this amazingly generous prize to add to my tool collection. I only own the Ryobi drill. Thank you!

  • Renae Johansen

    I almost forgot about this giveaway! So glad I jumped in to look at Ashley’s countertops today!

  • Karen May

    Sorry, I just read I didn’t have to give you my member name. Duh!

  • Karen May

    I joined and my member name is Karen

  • Mindi

    I am a part of the Ryobi Nation! I would die (in a good way) if I won!! Thank you so much for the chance!!

  • Michele Bailey

    It won’t process my registration without a promo code. Help!

  • Kris Collins

    Would sooooo love to win these amazing tools! What a great opportunity! Thanks!

  • Nicolle Jansson

    is it crazy that get mored jazzed about power tools than jewelry! :):)

  • Amber

    This would be an awesome addition to the very little tools I have! It would definitely kick start my projects to another level!

  • Robin Schar

    I don’t usually trade comments for giveaways BUT… this was too good to pass up. Now I just have to see how many different ways I can cross my fingers! Good luck all

  • Stephanie Phillips

    Awesome giveaway!! You girls are the best!!

  • Janet

    Awesome! I’m already a ryobi member but under a different email. It didn’t give me an option for that. Thanks for this super giveaway.

  • Kayla

    really hope i win!!

  • Super excited! Fingers crossed!

  • ColleenB.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  • Lauren Denham Pratt

    I want one of those miter saws SO BAD!!! I’m taking a woodworking class at my local community college—-I have been following the two of you for almost 4 years or more and every time I would see one of your projects—-I would always daydream of wanting to do those projects and wishing I could—-but I would always find an excuse of why I wouldn’t enroll in the class, I wasn’t knowledgeable about woodworking enough, I was too girly, everything under the sun—I had an excuse–BUT I am proud to say that I finally gave into my fears and enrolled into the woodworking class at Meridian Community College this past January and I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!! I still can’t believe all those years I kept putting it off, only day dreaming about it, wishing I had the skills and the talent to “build things and NOW FINALLY I am enrolled in the class and its something I look forward to every week!! “Thank you so much for inspiring me through your posts, your facebook messages, etc…. because of the two of you I FINALLY enrolled in the class, jumped out on faith and am absolutely loving it!! I wish I would’ve done it 4 years ago when I first starting following you guys BUT better late than never right!! Thanks again!!

  • Cheryl

    Amazing giveaway!

  • Courtney Harrington

    So excited about this! My husband and I are building a house in Midland and have used your site along with Ana White’s site to come up with lots of awesome things for our new home!!

  • Emily Lomont Arellano

    I’m excited!!!!

  • Thank you for a chance at an awesome giveaway! Have a great week~

  • cool beans .. it’s like Christmas in March! 🙂

  • Nora

    AWESOME contest 🙂

  • Kayla Mae Lucas

    Just signed up hope I win so I can start on some awesome diy projects from S2C!!! This is an awesome give away good luck to anyone who wins!!!

  • Natasha Pouliot

    Is this a US only giveaway, or is it international? Specifically, for Canadians as well.

  • Carrie Henry

    What if I’m already a Ryobi Nation member? Is there something else I need to do to sign up for the contest?

  • Tammy Krystofiak

    Crossing my fingers! I have been slowly building up my tools and this would be A-mazing! Currently building the Fancy X Farmhouse table for a friend! Oh and I finished the matching bench! Check out my photo 🙂 Looking forward to making many more of your awesome builds!

  • Alissa Flores

    I SO need this. I am doing a 30 days project challenge next month and my Ryobi drill is pooping out on me. This may be fate and perfect timing. 🙂

  • Marnie Schember

    It will not let me finish my registration on Royal Nation, it has a box blocking the boxes that I need to check, that says Sales Rep # and store#??

  • Christin LeGrange

    This is awesome. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  • Jillian

    My Ryobi Nation member name starts with ‘dakemisc’. What a dream giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Lindsay Eidahl

    I had a hard time with promo code too. I used on the Ruobi site but it was telling me Promo error. I follow you on Instagram and Facebook with mycreativedays! I NEED new tools so badly so I am hoping I win!

  • Darla Bunyan

    Oh my goodness! I want to win this bad!!!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  • Karen Moerke


  • Denise Huntington

    Entered and excited! User name is

  • Wendy Martinec Pierce
  • Lindsey Drennan

    I’m pretty sure I would faint if I got this! I would go crazy with everything I could make from your site!

  • Shannon Alford

    Best giveaway ever!

  • jenny chantler

    That’s an amazing giveaway! Fingers crossed, how amazing would it be to win all those goodies. Roll over hubby, it’s my turn 😉 Many thanks 🙂 x

  • Mary

    YAY! What a great giveaway! Fingers crossed

  • Benita

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity! 🙂

  • Stacie Warhurst

    Fingers crossed!!

  • Randi Pilon

    Very excited!!! hope I get to be the lucky winner 🙂 username:

  • Erin

    Entered!! My fingers are crossed!

  • Rebecca Sheehan

    Love this! What a great idea. Username: rsheehan

  • Heidi of

    I tried to enter….and I am a follower of you girls on Instagram AND FB!

  • Heidi
  • Amy Teague (Thrifty Chicken)

    already a member of Ryobi Nation. ThriftyChicken1

  • Diana Castaneda

    Would LOVE to win… Maybe my bday gift…. Lol!!! Username JDLE 🙂

  • username: kyliebeckajean also put the code in the referral box! Thanks!!!

  • Haley Eby

    signed up! email

  • Lacey
  • Mark

    username: MarkC

  • disqus_OB3qOLxJpy

    got in! already a member username: kimber What a great giveaway!!

  • seleav

    same thing trying to sign up…error code issue. signup up seleav2 [at]
    plus liked you on FB.

  • Ashleigh

    got it to work! username

  • Justin Bamberg

    Awesome giveaway. Already a member of Ryobi Nation… username: jrbamberg

  • base

    Whew! got signed up! wouldnt want to miss this great opportunity! Thanks S2C!!! User Name

  • Angela Evans

    I had problems with the promo code so I put S2C in the referral box. User name is GamecockGirl.

  • base

    error with promo code….not able to enter!

  • Shawna

    Putting S2C in the promo box prompted an error, but seemed to work fine when put in the field rep box. Just in case though, signed up with email Hope that helps!

  • Ayisha Joseph

    signed up with username MrsAjj already a fan on FB.

  • Jamy Bailey

    Username jamybailey ☺

  • Heather Wrench

    User name: raleighh but alas no promo code, so I put it in referral. Thanks!

  • Danielle

    I also had the same error, but stil hoping this entry will be okay 🙂 Username is

  • Gwen Uvalle

    Code is not working, but registered anyway as

  • Haley C

    Username: diylovin13
    So excited about this contest! I have been dreaming of getting new Ryobi power tools so I can do all the DIY projects I pin each and everyday! I may just be a little DIY obsessed 🙂

  • Katie Marie Sibrel

    had the same error but signed up anyway….username

  • Marli Connell

    username: Marls1287

  • Steph Knechtle

    I’m also already a member of Ryobi Nation with my email address:

  • Mandy Abbott

    Joined with email address Not sure where to find my username!

  • Crystal Oliphant

    username: CrystalOliphant

  • karen mcgowan

    how did i not know about ryobi nation? all signed up now as karenmcgowan and following you on facebook and instagram! awesome give away!!

  • Kat

    User name for the Ryobi Nation is: Katren722

  • ashley morphew

    Yay this would be awesome…I love y’alls giveaways!!! Already a member…username ashley_morphew.

  • Cheryl Coleman

    Would not let me sign-up using promo code, but I signed up anyway. Member name: DIY_Diva. Would love to win one of the prizes, I’ve been eyeing the Airstrike for a couple months now.

    • That will work! Sorry we had a few kinks on this one! 🙂

  • Nina Rouco

    Yay! Awesome giveaway!!!! Already a member of Ryobi Nation… username: nrouco88

  • Stacey

    Hello, I tried to use the promo code but it wouldn’t let me. I registered with an email address, but not sure what my username is either. Thanks

    • That will work! Sorry we had a few kinks on this one!

  • Debora Cadene

    Its still not accepting the promo code. Is it S2C or S2C! I’ve tried both, but this is the message I get ” Referral/Promo Code is not valid”

    On another note…I am a follower and this is a great giveaway, which would be ever so useful in my upcoming adventures.

    although I do live in Canada, I have a US postal service and used USA and country.

    • That will work! Sorry we had a few kinks on this one!!

  • Guest

    Hello, I tried to use the promo code but it wouldn’t let me. I registered with email address Thanks!

    • That will work!! Sorry we had a few kinks on this one! 🙂

  • Guest

    Its still not accepting the promo code. T Is it S2C or S2C! I’ve tried both, but this is what I get.
    Referral/Promo Code is not valid Do w

    • That will work!! Sorry we had a few kinks on this one!! 🙂

  • Alison

    I am trying to sign up, but it says the promo code is invalid :-/

    • Alison

      I signed up without the promo code. Username is: abladorn

      • That will work! Sorry we had a few kinks on this one! 😉