DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Welcome to Day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas Series!


I LOVE how this next project turned out.  I am always looking for fun and different ways to dress up the dining table at Christmas time.  Check out my latest DIY Christmas Centerpiece!

Dining Table Centerpiece for Christmas

Christmas Centerpiece DIY

I love it!  Really this can be used anywhere.  I set it on my entryway table and loved how it looked there too!  This is a really simple and inexpensive project!

Supply List

1 – 1x4x4

1 – 1x2x10

7 cup hooks

wood glue

1.25” finish or brad nails


1 – 1×4 at 41”

2 – 1×2 at 40”

2 – 1×2 at 12”

Wood Cuts for Centerpiece

The first thing you want to do after making your cuts is to attach one 12” piece to one 40” piece using wood glue and nails.

DIY Centerpiece Tutorial

I used my Ryobi AirStrike brad nailer to assemble the entire thing.  If this baby isn’t in your garage or on your list, get it there now.  You will thank me… I promise.

wood glue

Nail Gun on Corner of Centerpiece

Attach the other 12” piece the same way.

Now, run a line of wood glue down the center of the 1×4 piece.

Gorilla Wood Glue on centerpiece

Line the rectangle up on this piece and attach it using the brad nailer or finish nails.

Ryobi AirStrike Brad Nailer

At this point, your project should look a bit like this.

Building a Christmas Centerpiece

Before attaching the other 40” piece, we are going to attach the cup hooks.  I found my silver ones at Target.  I spaced mine evenly across and used a small drill bit to pre-drill where each hook will be.

Predrill with Ryobi Drill

You can screw in your cup hooks by hand, or use this awesome bit to save you a ton of time!  I LOVE this thing.  I don’t use it on every build, but it’s the perfect attachment for certain projects like this one.  Plus it’s like 5 bucks at Home Depot.  Done.

Ryobi Eye Hook Driver

Ryobi Eye Screw Driver

hooks for centerpiece

After attaching all of the cup hooks, attach this piece to the other 12” pieces to create a rectangle.

And you are done!  You can finish your centerpiece however you want.  I chose to stain mine using Varathane wood stain in Early American.  After it dried, I used a sander to distress the edges a bit.

I used some twine to hang some ornaments and I was done!

Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas Table Centerpiece

Shanty2Chic Christmas Ornament Centerpiece

Christmas Centerpiece DIY

Thanks so much for stopping by guys!

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