DIY Outdoor Spaces and a Giveaway

Hey guys! There is no doubt about it – I LOVE SUMMER! Especially right at the start. I have so many plans for entertaining and hanging out with my family, which of course leads to project ideas! Whitney and I have been members of Ryobi Nation for 4 years now. We contribute our projects to the site but we also love to go there and see what everyone else is up to and get inspired ourselves! Our friends at Ryobi asked us to share some of our favorite DIY outdoor spaces that Nation members have shared on their site and while it was hard to narrow them down, we did find 7 projects that we are so excited to share with you!

DIY #1 – GIANT Connect Four Game


This spoke to my heart 🙂 I LOVE Connect Four and to have a giant game of it and made from wood – OH MY! I may just have to tackle this for my backyard soon 🙂 Way to go on this one, Missy!

DIY #2 – Tree Bench


I don’t have a tree in the right spot for this BUT, as I’m writing this, my hubby just walked in and said “Hey that’s a cool tree bench”! And now, he is planning on where to plant the right tree and he has added building a bench to HIS to-do list. Wow, I couldn’t have planned that any better 😉

DIY #3 – Covered Sandbox with Seating


And yet another project on my to-do list now 🙂 This sandbox is AMAZING! The top flips open and converts to bench seats!

DIY #4 – Grill Pergola


Michael built this grill pergola for his back patio and it is such a smart idea! Building a covered patio is a huge undertaking and can be expensive. I love this little pergola that specifically covers the grilling area. It is a beautiful accent to their outdoor space and it provides shade for the “griller” 😉

DIY #5 – Bar Height Adirondack Chair


This cutie might look familiar 🙂 I built this for our patio two summers ago and it is still a favorite! It is the most fought after chair on the back patio, it’s super comfy AND it has a cup/wine glass holder! You can get the FREE Plans in the link above the pic!

DIY #6 – Corn Hole Game


Who doesn’t love a game of Corn Hole? This set was built by our friends from Crates and Pallets! This is definitely a beginner project and I’m tempted to build a set for my kids to play with in the yard. Maybe I can convince them to build them with me 😉

DIY #7 – Swing with Stand


This is such a fantastic idea! If you don’t have room for a swing under your porch, don’t have a porch or want to build a swing for the yard, this is the perfect solution! Tyler built a swing and a stand for the swing to hang from – genius! Way to go Tyler!


How is that for some inspiration to kick off your summer project planning?! Do you have an awesome outdoor project that you would like to share with Nation members? If so, you can load your project images to the site and that will automatically enter you to win $500 in Ryobi tools! You can enter HERE!

As if that isn’t enough fun for the day, our friends at Ryobi want to offer THREE of our Shanty readers a second giveaway right here!

The Ryobi prize pack will include:


One Ryobi Ultimate Combo Kit


One Ryobi Workshop Light


And, one Ryobi Dual Powered Stereo (this is one of our favorite accessories in our shops – it’s bluetooth and it charges your phone)!

How do you enter?

Just follow the instructions in the box below to get entered! There is only one mandatory step to enter and a few bonus entries to up your chances 🙂

Good luck and Happy Building!!
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  • Trang

    I love Ryobi tools and am slowly trying to collect them.

  • Jen

    We want to build a couple of raised beds for gardening.

  • Taylor Closet

    My hubby and I would tackle our old deck.

  • Familia Dubon

    My husband and I would love to build a sandbox for our 3 kids! We love working with wood, even though we don’t have all the tools we need, we’ve been building things in our house and it’s fun!!

  • Stacie Knudson Laursen

    The kids would love the outdoor games.

  • Gina M (Wild Orchid)

    I would love to use them to repair some old boards on my deck.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  • Rachel

    This would be great!

  • Suzanne


  • I would use my new tools to create the front deck I’ve always wanted!

  • Jessica w

    I would use it to build a small deck around the base of a tree with TONS of roots that we have so the space can be used and enjoyed.

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  • Brenda Hayes

    I have also pinned the giant connect 4 outdoor game. My grandkids would love this. This is the “first” thing I would make if I win the tools.

  • Ali Celestino

    Would love to make a bench and picnic table and a few extra chairs for entertaining on the patio.

  • Vanessa

    I would love to build an outdoor rolling console table

  • Lisa Geitz May

    A covering over our patio.

  • Leslie

    I would finally be able to save my lil old cabin from falling. It is about 39 years old and the floor and joists were cut when a person tried really hard to get water into the cabin. They were never able to get water in there. But this left the cabin without support and exposed to Alaskans harsh elements for a very long time. Everyone says to tear it down. I am determined to save it. My four little ones were homeless not long ago. If that lil broken cabin was offered to us. We would never had to spend half of a winter in a pop up inside a closed campground. So, I would use the rye I tools to save this small cabin. In case another mom happens to be in the situation we were, she will have a place to call home to!

  • Deb Yoder

    Awesome Giveaway!

  • Rana Jeree

    i would tackle the giant connect four. thats fun for all my guest while i grill .

  • Alyissa Eklund

    I would build a swing for my patio, a garden box, and a fire pit area. I’ve been wanting to really create a fun and beautiful area for my family to spend time outdoors at.

  • Haleigh

    I would build the tree bench!! love it!

  • Jenna O

    I woyuld build a garden table!

  • Matthew McClimon

    I would love to build that swing!

  • Anna Pry

    I would love to build my kids that sandbox if I won

  • Gloria Kressin

    We want to create a built-in look for our grill. Now I want to add a pergola too!

  • Jessica Arriaga

    I would build furniture for my house.

  • Susan

    I would create a herb garden box that is on long legs so no bending necessary.

  • Elle

    I’d make some cute flower boxes.

  • Ashley C

    We’re planning to build a fire pit with some adirondack chairs!


  • Erin Young

    picnic table benches :))

  • I love all of these ideas! I think it’s about time to finally build your awesome bar height Adirondack chair- been eyeing that one for a long time 🙂 My husband has been using all my Ryobi tools- I’d love to give him his own set!

  • Sallie

    I also love the tree bench. I have seen several different types and I would love to try one.

  • I would love to make an awesome plant stand for my deck.

  • Maria

    Id build a covered deck!

  • Anika

    Such great projects here!!! My favorite is the covered sandbox with seating! So genius!

  • Ronda

    Window boxes and planters for patio. New desk for computer area.

  • Roger Jewell

    I love the bar height chair and the tree bench.

  • Christina Aubin

    I am building some outdoor furniture for my covered deck.

  • Amanda Walden

    I would most definitely build the bar height chair. It looks like a great addition for a backyard patio!

  • brian ingram

    I’d build that tree bench, or at least something like it!

  • Jennifer D.

    I would love to make some flower boxes!

  • Jessica Quinn

    I have a whole list of projects but I really want to build some outdoors seating in my garden area!

  • Dora Mollere

    Would ♡ this for Father’s Day!

  • Anne Fleetwood

    I’ve been wanting to repurpose a head and foot board into a garden bench!

  • Shauna L.

    My kiddo would flip over that connect four game!

  • Shawn Coenen

    Seating around the new fire pit and a pergola for the front of the house

  • Trudi McDaniel

    I’ve had my eye on the big Connect Four game before. That would be my project for sure!

  • Michelle

    Building planters!

  • Kris

    My husband and I are planning on building a wood holder for our firepit

  • Tiffany Turpin Johnson

    A raised garden bed! My plants tend to drown and get attacked by pests. 🙁

  • Nathalie Berube

    I would build a raised garden bed. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Rust

    Shelving for the garage.

  • Liz

    A pergola for sure

  • Denise Downs

    I have a long list of projects…besides furniture for inside my house, I plan to build a backyard pergola, and some benches for sitting around a firepit. I would also like to build the shanty-2-chic patio table for my backyard patio…the list goes on and on…if only there were more hours in the day! 😀

  • Angie

    I would build wooden window boxes!

  • DJohnson

    I would build some new raised garden beds.

  • Susie Justus Eastwood

    I love the connect four game. I would use the new Ryobi Tool Pak to make my self a game and a few games for friends!

  • Tonya Camerer

    With the Ryobi tools I would make the “cool tree bench”, corn hole game & possibly the pergola for our grill (I’ve been wanting to do this one since we moved into our house 3 years ago).

  • Joanna

    I would make a swing set for the back yard and comfy chairs for my front porch!!! And then a shoe rack. ;D

  • Beth

    I would use my new tools to build a coffee table for my patio.

  • Jo Ashley

    Love that tree bench and the sandbox

  • Shari Carder

    I love your designs

  • deirdre

    I would definitely make some raised flower beds, and, then maybe picnic table/benches!

  • Julie

    It is so hard to decide, but I would either do the Connect Four game or the chair.

  • Megan

    I love the swing!!

  • Susan Heuer Rees

    Too many choices! Let’s make them all!

  • Sherry Fram

    Spruce up our fire pit area with some new benches!!

  • Aleane Bocconcelli

    Great inspiring ideas! The corn hole game and giant Connect 4 outside games would be fun to make. Love Ryobi tools for projects big and small!

  • Mary Ann

    Can’t wait to build the corn hold game boards!

  • deb rhoads

    our yard is need of so much! we are getting a new grill tonight and that pergola would be great for keeping the SW desert sun off of us!

  • wanda

    A planter box, a porch bench and a step for my hottub!!

  • Katina

    We just moved in to our new house so the list is endless. The first project I would love to tackle is raised beds. I miss my garden already!

  • Taylor

    My daughter would LOVE that sandbox!


    I’ve wanted a porch swing for awhile!

  • Mary

    Would love to make the s as ndbox and the connect four.

  • Becky

    I would love to make the sandbox for my kids. If I have time!

  • Carla

    The swing and stand definitely. Love that and don’t have a porch.

  • Jody Pelzel

    I love the cornhole set! I am definitely making that. Thanks for the plans!😀

  • Ginny Jones

    My outdoor build list is too long. I’m going to start with some planter boxes. I always find inspiration from your site and Ryobi Nation. Thank you for sharing your talent and for getting me hooked on Ryobi tools. I love their tools.

  • Love all of this!

  • queenopearls .

    Oh my stars, I have a HUGE project of repairing the fence. It’s getting old and has a whole lot of possibilities. 🙂 LOVE this package and definitely a winner in my house!! :))))

  • Melissa

    I would definitely build that swing. Love the Ryobi set. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Debora Cadene

    I have tools, but they are super heavy, making it awkward at times to use them. I’ve used Ryobi and absolutely love the feel of them in my hands. It was like they were designed just for me. Those summer projects would be extra fun to build with these.

  • Sarah Thomas

    Wow, that Ryobi set is amazing! I’d love to have my own set so I wouldn’t have to borrow my husband’s tools! I would definitely use the tools to tackle re-doing our deck. The railings are all wobbly and it was built very poorly. I know I can do better!
    And probably the cornhole game…so cute and fun!

  • Tonya Stewart

    We would tackle the seesaw we would like to make for the kids and were going to do when the reciprocating saw motor went out. That giant connect four game looks awesome too!

  • Rachel Chasse

    I’d build the swing- it would be the perfect addition to our fire pit!

  • Mishann Lepley

    Window boxes & planter boxes are on my to-do list.

  • Mishann Lepley

    Window boxes and anger boxes are on my to-do list.

  • Kristen

    So many! To start several window boxes and then garden hose holders. After that, likely outdoor table and seating. Maybe a pergola!

  • Dragonfly_Journeys

    Farmhouse table with bench seating for an outdoor eating space:)

  • Andrea Price

    I would love to build an outdoor seating/dining area, so that we can have all of the family over. My ultimate backyard dream is a large greenhouse with a work table, shelves and raised garden beds.

  • monee2000

    Awesome projects! Especially love the outdoor games! And maybe one day I’ll get brave enough to do my pergola myself…

  • ColleenB.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity. Your projects are awesome. I so enjoy your blog and seeing all your wonderful projects.
    I would build a storage unit and maybe some window boxes and then maybe mo9ve onto making a picnic table for our daughter and SIL

  • Elise

    I love these projects…and this giveaway…and you guys!

  • RebTarMa

    I would use them to create outdoor planter boxes

  • Mike Niederdorfer

    Hi! I´m following your projects since long and I´m fascinated by the great designing AND practical skills you show us here.
    With the RYOBI tools I would build the outdoor sofas for my newly built patio – a lot of work ahead with the need of great tools 🙂

  • Annette

    I have so much work to do on the back of my house including tearing down an old storage room attached to the house. I will have to replace rotton wood back there, too.

  • Danielle Carbajal

    I would love to win tools! I need to build a storage shed for my kids bikes and helmets!

  • Sandy C.

    I need to build a new table and benches. Can’t wait. I’ve gotten quite a few good ideas from your site. Thanks.

  • Michael Mann

    Getting our very first house in July. Definitely want to build a picnic table for the kids and all their cousins!

  • mjmoore

    I’d build some raised planters!

  • Bianca Munoz

    Our front and back yard!

  • Alissa Jenne

    I would build a Murphy table for outdoor entertaining. And I would love to build a sectional for seating as well.

  • Brandi Mueller

    A new front deck with pergola at my son’s house. His first home away from home.. Bittersweet.

  • 1froglegs

    We have been planning a redo of our fence for the last few years. The drill would make that much easier.

  • Megan Luna

    I would build Ashley’s lovely lounge chairs. I am new to the building world so getting a chance to possibly win these tools is really cool. Thank you!

  • Charles

    First would be a hammock stand, then an epic treehouse.

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I would build a shed.

  • Pam Ballard

    I would finish my church pew so I could add it to my deck.. Lovely giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  • I would build a pergola for deck

  • Abby Hodge

    I would LOVE to build a new dog house for my super sweet puppy, Trooper!!

  • JennW

    Love the connect four!

  • Anne Marie

    I would love to build some wooden planters.

  • I just bought a new house, so there are SO many projects that I would love to do! I think I would start out with some seating first!

  • Courtney Weston

    I would build a hanging mini-planter for small succulents to bring a big impact to my bathroom!

  • omotet

    I’ve been wanting to build a swing for quite some time now – winning these (totally awesome) tools would sure give me a leg up on this project!

  • I would build cedar planter boxes for my porch and deck! 🙂

  • Ingrid

    Love all these ideas and would love to win!

  • Christin

    I love the swing idea – already know where I’d put that!

  • Jessica Brennan

    We’ve been wanting a deck for years! Would love to get started on that.

  • Austin

    I need to build a new shed since my current one is falling apart. I would use any new tools to help with that.

  • Amy

    I’d start with the cornhole game, then a bench for the front porch!

  • Kaitlin Boles

    Oh how I have so many projects to do being that we are building a new home. I want to make an outdoor table for our covered patio, a fire pit, a ladder to hang plants on, some planters, and the list goes on and on!

  • Brek Ball Noice

    I just found your blog recently and my project list keeps growing. I gotta say though that giant connect four game could keep my four kids from driving me crazy this summer with their ‘I’m bored’ness.

  • Ally Arts

    My dad and I built an awesome “crooked playhouse” a few years back. It’s still my favorite thing to date.

  • Lynn

    Some cute chairs for my front porch!

  • Lindsay

    I don’t know about outdoor projects, but I have lots of indoor projects to tackle!

  • Tonya Kuper

    My hubs and I are just starting to try woodworking/building. We’ll definitely be building the corner hole game after we tackle a garage drop zone. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Kayla Wiechecki

    I would probably tackle the giant connect four or the corn hole game for my mom’s upcoming wedding. Her and her fiancee love outdoor games with their friends.

  • Alison

    I would work on a pergola for shade on our back porch

  • Stacey

    I would love these tools! I already have several, based on your recommendations, and would love to build the swing!

  • Kristin Friesen

    Love these! Our big project right now is removing an old deck and hot tub so we have room for new projects like a patio with pergola and privacy plank wall!

  • RustedOlive

    Love the pergola, we are looking to build one this year!

  • Lisa Brown

    My husband would tackle building the bench and table in our back yard.

  • Brandon Patterson

    Wow, great giveaway and great post! We are building a deck on our house so we will have lots of outdoor projects in our future! I think my first may be some Adirondack chairs. 🙂