DIY Barn Wood Herringbone Wall Treatment and a Giveaway!

What do you get when you combine 2 sisters, 4 hours and some beautiful reclaimed barn wood?

This DIY Barn Wood Herringbone Wall Treatment!

We teamed up with one of our best-kept Shanty secrets, Reclaimed DesignWorks! Whitney and I discovered this place when we were searching for old barn wood, for a project we were working on. After scouring Craigslist ads, we finally found someone that was selling old barn wood, we went to check it out and discovered that, not only was the majority of it falling apart, it was filthy and needed hours of prep before we could possibly put it to use. We threw the wood away and started searching on google for other options.

That’s when we discovered Reclaimed DesignWorks! They have old barn wood that has been cleaned, dried, it’s BUG and MOLD-free, it’s been tested for lead-based paint, it’s already been cut and milled and wrapped in bundles, ready to pick-up, take home and install! We had just discovered the mother-load of barn wood and couldn’t wait to get our hands on it!

We visited their showroom in Dallas, drooled over everything in their store, picked the perfect barn wood for this project, loaded it in the car and took it home! They have showrooms nation-wide but if there isn’t one close to you, they also ship bundles directly to your door! You can check out the barn wood that they have in-stock and ready to pick up, at any showroom, HERE!

We picked the Faded Gray/Brown Face Planed Barn Wood for this project. You can see it HERE!

Want to learn how to create your own Herringbone Wall Treatment? Watch the video below and see just how easy it is!

Quick, easy and fun right!?!

And, we’ve got some exciting news!!!! Our awesome friends at Reclaimed DesignWorks want to give away ALL the wood you will need to recreate this wall ($1,500 worth!) Head over to their Instagram – HERE –  for more info on how to enter to win!

Good Luck!!!!

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  • Andrea Moffatt

    How did you address the light switch plate? It appears to be flush rather than against the back wall…

  • Hannah Jane

    Love this so much!! Question though….How would you go about estimating how much reclaimed wood you need for a wall? I want to do this so bad! I just don’t know where to start on calculations.

    • Andrew Lawerence Jewell

      Height X Width = Area
      figure in foot dimensions and you will have the sq. footage add approx. 10% for cuts and waste

  • I love this style


    These design ideas are amazing! I don’t know which one I would choose first. Is it possible to cut the angles needed for the wall project without a miter saw?

    • Veldask Krofkomanov

      Yep, you can use the miter gauge on a table saw, or a handsaw with a miter box, or a jigsaw or circular saw and using a straight edge as your fence/guide with a square that you can mark a 45° with, or even with a router if you have a bit that is as long or longer than the width of your wood.

  • Kerry Welch

    I just saw reclaimed lumber bundles in Home Depot for $26/bundle.

  • Pam Ballard

    Amazing pics. What a lovely giveaway. Followed the steps. This would be amazing in my home.