Easy DIY Room Transformation!

Hey guys!  Happy Wednesday!

Recently, our friends at HP asked us how we could transform a space using their new Envy Photo 7800 Printer.  We had so much fun with this project!  One of our favorite ways to customize our decor is by adding photos of our kids and fams.  It’s a really inexpensive way to make your house feel more like a home!  I recently had a baby, and he is still sleeping in our room.  I wanted a spot where I could sit with him to feed and rock him.  Check out what we did!

How fun is that?  Here are the printables that we used!  All you have to do is print them, and you are ready to go!

Feather Printable 1

Feather Printable 2

Feather Printable 3

You are my happy Printable


  • Anaid Peña Suarez

    Thank you Girls for the inspiration. Had to modify some but love it !! 😍😍 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16be3288d86e0a107147ff94bfff0efc3a555537e5df206e571def7aee3534f3.jpg

  • Cori Rose

    What are the sizes of wood for each of the projects? For example, what are the dimensions of the white boards you used with the feather printables and each piece of barnwood for the frame? Thanks!

  • queenopearls .

    Brilliant transformation and you made it so easy. I’m moving so these ideas are soooo useful! Thank you!!

  • Angela G

    Love this! Planning to print off these adorables! Are the plans for your shelves on your website?