DIY Cow Wall Art

We LOVE these DIY Cow Prints! Each print is 24″ wide, only costs about $12 and they are super easy to build – COWABUNGA!

So, grab your favorite cup of coffee and come build some DIY Cow Wall Art! Just click HERE or the image below to watch!

How easy!?! You can download the FREE printable plans HERE and follow along with the step-by-step tutorial, below!

You can have the hardware store rip the plywood for you. First step is to paint 2 coats of white paint over the plywood sheets.

While the paint dries, cut the trim pieces to size (this is trim for 4 cow prints).

I used my Ryobi Corner Cat Sander to smooth the rough edges of each trim piece.

Next, I applied one coat of Briarsmoke stain by Varathane to the trim pieces. Make sure to get all sides and ends.

Now for the cow prints! You can click the links below to purchase the printables that we used.

Cow 1

Cow 2

Cow 3

Cow 4

(Note: the prices of these prints have gone up since I purchased. You can search for Cow Printable on Etsy to pick from others if you like)!

I loaded these on to and ordered 18×24 engineer prints. They are less than $2 a print and ready in 24 hours!

While the stain is drying, apply a coat of ModPodge to the cow print, make sure to only ModPodge the cow.

Then, lay it upside down, on to the plywood. Make sure to smooth out all of the wrinkles and bubbles.

When the ModPodge has dried, you can rub away the paper to expose the cow.

The final step is to attach the trim. We used wood glue and our Ryobi Airstrike 18 gauge nailer to attach the trim!

That was it!

To hang them, just use wall anchors and slide the prints over the screws. Make sure to use a level 🙂

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