Ashley’s Christmas Apothecaries

Happy Saturday friends!!!!  So, I promised I would get back to you on my Christmas decorating ideas for my apothecary jars and I am keeping my promise!!!  I just love Christmas so I couldn’t wait to dress these babies in their Holiday best! The how to on the style! I purchased one bag of snow flakes at Hobby Lobby… and {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Magnetic Recipe Holder

Hey guys!!  My next project was inspired by my recent love of magnets and galvanized tin.  I decided to create a recipe holder for my kitchen!!  It’s a cutie!… This is what I did… I purchased a 1x8x4 at Lowes and a large square dowel… I also purchased a small craft circle… My first step {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Christmas JOY Plaques

 Like Ashley, I too like to start decorating for Christmas in early November… we inherited this from our mother!  I hope you all are not tired of seeing us create with candlesticks and finials because here we go again:)… This is what I did!! I decided to make wooden plaques that spelled JOY.  My first step {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Christmas Centerpiece

UPDATE~ I will be linking up with Today’s Creative Blog!  and  Hi friends! So, with the Halloween decor down I am just itching to move onto new projects to fill the lonely space. It’s early November but Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and we like to welcome it early in our house! {…Read More…}

Some Gorilla Goodness… And Winners!

Hello guys!  First, we want to thank all of you that joined in on our very 1st “I Made it With Gorilla Glue” link party.  We have had so much fun looking through all of your projects and getting some great ideas ourselves!!  Now for the fun part… Here are some shout outs to just {…Read More…}

Go Check Out Our Spotlight!!!

Hey Guys!! Just wanted to let you all know that Kari from UCreate has asked us to guest blog over at her amazing blog.  We are so honored and excited about this.  With the Holidays coming we chose to do a super fun Christmas project.  We would love for you go go check it out!! {…Read More…}

I Made it With Gorilla Glue Link Party and Giveaway!!!!!

Hi Everyone! I Made it With Gorilla Glue Link Party and Giveaway is here! We are so excited to see all of your projects! As we have mentioned before, we will pick several of our favorite projects to feature and put their names in a hat for the Giveaway. 2 yes that is 2 lucky {…Read More…}

One of our FAVORITE New Products!!!

Hey Guys!!  So I am itching to share an awesome product I found a few months back.  I had found a great platter to hang above my cooktop in the kitchen and wanted a way to hang it without using the ugly metal gripper hangers. So I found THESE!!! They are amazing little invisible plate {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Wannabe Antique Cake Stand

  Hey Guys!! I spent my weekend with the fam in Lubbock and made it home just in time to share my next project with you.  A few weeks ago I saw a picture of an antique cake stand in a magazine and was instantly inspired to copy… although this shanty is far from antique:)  {…Read More…}

The Chalkboards are UP!!!!

Well, the chalkboards are UP!  I spent today finishing up some projects and one of them was to get these suckers up on the walls!  I think I am more in love with the way I chose to hang them than the chalkboards themselves:) Have you ever seen these massive unfinished wooden clips at Hobby {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Rustic Chalkboard

Hi all!  I want to share the fun project(s) I have been working on this week!  This is actually a project for my boys and I love how they turned out!  This story starts with a chalk board that I made for a friend a few weeks ago.  Both of my boys were very upset {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Iron Wall Decor Revamp

Hey guys!  I bought this iron wall plaque in Canton several years ago.  I had two of them and they were in my bathroom at my old house.  When we moved into our new home I found a new place to put it… under my bed:)  I was just a bit “over it”.  I was just kind {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Burlap Wall Monogram

Hi all!  I hope this post finds you having a great Sunday with your family!  My family is super busy with make-up baseball games right now since it has rained for the last three weeks but I have still managed to sneak in some craft time!  My latest project is another revamp.  You may remember my {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Salvaged Shanty Turned Art

My next project came from one of my favorite people I met in Round Top at the Flea Market.  They were a couple from Gatesville, TX who used salvaged wood and tin to create some AMAZING pieces.  Lucky for me he was also selling his wood and tin.  This is a piece of salvaged tin {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Vintage Juggling Pin & Balls???

So after Ashley found her bowling pins that she transformed HERE, I knew I had to have one of my own!  Luckily I did manage to run accross one at TJ Maxx just a few days later.  I also found these great vintage looking balls with it.  I have been told now by three different {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Candlestick Revamp

Hi all!  This post is a revamp of a revamp and I am so loving the final product!!!  I bought these candle sticks at a store in Dallas off of Harry Hines.  I loved them at the time and needed 3 big candles to go with them.  Of course you can never find the color {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Too Cute Magnets!

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend… I spent mine cleaning house and getting my magnets done…woohoo!!  I’m really happy with how they turned out and wanted to share… If you want to see my magnet board tutorial just look here!! I found this great chipboard pack at Joann’s for $9.99 and used a {…Read More…}

Ashley’s White Pumpkin Bandwagon!

I have jumped on the white pumpkin bandwagon!  I’m sure you all have seen these at Wal-Mart. They are terrible looking faux pumpkins but I bought the box of them for $5 and the big pumpkin for $5! Thanks to the weather clearing, I was able to get outside and spray paint the cheap right off {…Read More…}

New Link Party and Giveaway November 5, 2009!

We are SUPER EXCITED to share with you all that we will be having another Link Party and Giveaway November 5, 2009! It’s no surprise that we are CRAZY about Gorilla Glue so we only saw fitting that the theme for our next party would be ‘I Made it With Gorilla Glue’!  How fun is that!!!! {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Tin Magnet Board

Hey Guys!! Fun project for you!! I decided to use the space below my serving bar in my kitchen to make my magnet board.  I also decided to make it a piece that I can take off the wall in case I decide to move it around.  Here’s what I did:) I was lucky enough {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Burlap Placemats

Hey Guys!  So, this has been the week for finishing prolonged projects!  It has been too cold and rainy to finish any of my outdoor projects so, I turned to my inside projects.  I am happy to say that I FINALLY finished my burlap placemats!  Whitney and I started these several months ago but I {…Read More…}

Swiney 2 Chic ~ Whitney’s Spindle Lamp

Hey girls! Wasn’t the party so fun?? It came at perfect timing for me because I came down with swine flu last weekend… and then managed to share it with all 3 of my kids. It’s been a bad week at Whitney’s house.  Luckily, I had Ashley to man the blog post and the party to {…Read More…}

Stop! It’s Hammer Time!

First of all we want to say thank you to all of you wonderfully talented ladies that linked up for our first link party!  When we started this, we thought it would be easy to pick features and a winner for our giveaway but you girls made it so HARD!!!!  We were so impressed by each {…Read More…}

I Made it Without my Hubby!!!

Hi Everyone!  I Made it Without my Hubby Link Party and Giveaway is here!  We are so excited to see all of your posts!  As we have mentioned before we will be sending one lucky winner a brand new pink hammer from Tomboy Tools and we will also feature several others! The rules are as follows: {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Door Turned Mantel Decor

I have quickly learned to never turn down a piece of junk!  It may not be vision at first sight but it will soon come!  My BFF, Lauri, is a true friend!  I cannot count how many times she has called me willing to dumpster dive through someones trash if I was interested!  That’s where {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Fall Apothecary

So, Whitney shared with you all her version of the mason jar turned apothecary idea we saw at Michael’s (still cannot for the life of me find what magazine it was in ~ if you have seen it let us know!).  If you missed it here is the link!  Well, she did beat me to {…Read More…}

Shanty2Chic’s First Ever Link Party and a Giveaway

Hello to all of our friends!  Before we get on with our post we want to give a HUGE thank you to Kim at Today’s Creative Blog for the feature she gave Shanty2Chic today!  It was such a heart warming feature and we are so flattered!  Drop by and tell her we said Hi!  She has {…Read More…}

Whitney’s $15 Lamp Makeover… WOW!!

Hey guys!! I am loving my latest shanty turned chic… so much in fact that I may steal it from my son, who I made it for!! He has been needing a lamp for his room and I recently came across this baby at Target. BAD… I know, but for $15 I knew it would {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Burlap Photo Art

Hey girls… sorry for the long hiatus but I had to make a little trip this weekend. Where to?? Round Top, Texas for the huge flea market!! I found so many shantys to share but I can’t give all the goodness away in one blog! I will be sharing these over the next several weeks {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Weekend Whatnot ~ Numbers and Chalk

Hey guys! I hope this post finds you all having a wonderful Sunday afternoon with your families! I have been crafting among many other things this weekend and I am excited to share my ‘Weekend Whatnot’ with everyone. Remember these cheesy FRIENDS blocks that I found at Home Goods for $5.00? I only made 3 {…Read More…}