Ashley’s Candle Holder Redo ~ A Wonderful Whatnot

My latest Wonderful Whatnot turned out to be a favorite of mine! I now have an obsession with painting everything insight! As I walk around my house something catches my eye and I am immediately on a mission to paint it! That’s where the story starts with my candle holders. They were just the basic {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Wonderful Whatnot~ Thrifty Birdhouse

So my latest whatnot… this AMAZING birdcage planter. Ashley and I were out running errands on Saturday. I mentioned that I needed to run into Lowe’s and get some spray paint. I left her in the car with the kids and ran in to get only what I was going for. That was until Lowe’s {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Towel Bar

So again, I have been wanting to replace the ugly standard towel bar in the boys bathroom ~ badly! I am decorating it in somewhat of a cowboy theme, Not a youth cowboy bathroom but it will have a cowboy feel to it. So, Whitney and I went rummaging through her left over trim in {…Read More…}

Whitney Beautified her Barstools!

Ok… so it was time to beautify my barstools. I found these cute stools last Christmas at World Market. Both Ashley and I love the look of saddle barstools. We were both looking for the perfect one and we found these. They were just a step up in detail from a typical saddle stool. Originally {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Mod Podge/Decoupage

Good morning all! Project of the day ~ Mod Podge! So, as I have mentioned, we have moved into a house that is substantially larger than our previous home and with that comes A LOT more wall space! Whitney has done many Mod Podge projects so I asked her to teach me the process. I {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Wonderful Whatnot – Shanty Shutter Makeover

Hi all! I just love shanty “Whatnot” makeovers! They are quick, easy, one-day projects and they are often nick knacks that you already have in your house! My first “Whatnot”, I am excited to share, is my Shanty Shutter Makeover! So, I just love shutters and I also love the little antique store downtown (it’s {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Wooden Bench

Hey Guys! Most recent “project”: Turning a shanty headboard into a wooden bench! I just loved this project from beginning to end. I have been wanting a wooden bench for some time now so I have been scouring Craigslist day after day trying to find the “perfect” bench at the “perfect” price to no avail. {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Dining Table Do-Over

So I mentioned I have a great fam that passes on goodies often… another one of my latest redos is an awesome dining table my father-in-law found for me at a Dillard’s clearance store. It was in their “scratch and dent” section and they pretty much gave it to him for free. I had a {…Read More…}


Hi all! This is Ashley! A little about myself: Whitney has always forced my hand into new hobbies, and although I moan and groan about my lack of time, I always give in and quickly become addicted! Our latest venture – making our new houses our homes! My family also recently moved into a new {…Read More…}


Hey guys~ Whitney here… A little background about me and what started this whole process… I would definitely call my style a mix of things. I love cottage, country and a bit of traditional as well. I have attempted (not always achieved) almost any craft. I have found along the way that I love, love {…Read More…}


Shanty2Chic was created on August 6, 2009.  In our first 3 months we have hit close to 900 followers and we average over 50,000 unique visitors per month!  We continue to grow everyday!  The majority of our readers are DIYers!  We are constantly answering questions, from all over the world, on the products we use and where they can be {…Read More…}

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We come from a family of five kids ~ four girls and one boy!  Ashley 29, Whitney 27, Kyndra 25, Leasha and Tanner 23!  We all still live within 30 minutes of each other so we are lucky to be able to watch our kids grow up together! We have both recently moved into new homes and {…Read More…}