Outdoor Patio Revamp

Hey guys!!! I spent much of last weekend prepping our back patio for summer entertaining. We love having ¬†family and friends over, all summer, and I noticed that after two years of the hot Texas sun, my DIY Patio Table was looking kind of sad ūüôĀ I decided to give my outdoor table a much {…Read More…}

Wayfair Back Patio Makeover!

Many of you may know our deep LOVE of Wayfair… You can find anything on there! ¬†Recently, both Ashley and I were challenged to makeover¬†an outdoor space with Wayfair products. ¬†For me, it couldn’t have come at a better time. ¬†Last year, my stepdad built me an amazing fire pit. ¬†Since then, we have moved {…Read More…}

Ryobi Garage Door Opener & Giveaway!!!

**Thanks so much to everyone who entered this great giveaway! ¬†Our winners were picked! ¬†Congrats to Kristina S. and Denise Downs!** Maybe you’re a bit like me, and think… A garage door opener. ¬†Yeah. ¬†When our friends at Ryobi asked me to try out their new garage door opener, I quickly agreed, but it wasn’t {…Read More…}

DIY Engineer Print Frame

This DIY Engineer Print Frame is probably one of the easiest projects I have done and it makes such a huge statement in a room! It also only cost me about $20 to make – HECK YAH! I made this as part of the “baseball” theme room that my son asked for. He LOVES baseball {…Read More…}

DIY Twin Platform Bed and Headboard

¬†It has been bonkers around here. ¬†We spent the last week shooting our first several videos for our new YouTube channel that we are launching in the next month! ¬†Be sure to subscribe! ¬†Somehow during all of that I managed to build my daughter’s bed and finally start transforming her room. ¬†I have 5 kids, {…Read More…}

DIY Locker System

I LOVE this set of DIY Lockers that I built for my son! He LOVES baseball and asked for me to do his room in a baseball theme. So, I have been adding things here and there to make it feel a little vintage and a little baseball. He was in desperate need of a {…Read More…}

DIY $15 Wood Box Centerpiece

Good morning! ¬†I actually wasn’t real sure what to call this project… So I went with the obvious. ¬†It’s wood and it’s a box ūüôā ¬†I actually built this back in November and filled it with pumpkins and vines, and then filled it with birch logs and pine cones over Winter. ¬†Now it’s filled with {…Read More…}

DIY Floating Desk for Office Towers

I’m back with the free plans for the floating desk that goes between the office storage towers that I shared with you, last time I was here ūüôā If you missed the plans for the Storage Towers, you can click HERE to see them and print the plans! I love this desk because it looks {…Read More…}

DIY Industrial Cart Console Table

Hey friends! ¬†I am LOVING how this next piece turned out! ¬†I have been wanting something big and beefy for my entryway, and this console table fits the bill. ¬†It’s a beast. ¬†And it’s beautiful. ¬†Check out my new DIY Industrial Cart Console Table! I designed this based off my bookcase I shared several weeks {…Read More…}

DIY Office Desk System

I’m so excited to show you the office towers that are part of my big DIY Office Desk System! Our office was the last room, in our new house, that I hadn’t touched and it was long overdue. I wanted to create a space that my hubs could work comfortably, a place that my kids {…Read More…}