DIY Floating Desk with Storage

Hey guys! I’m back to share one of the latest pieces that I have built for my sons room! He has this really cool space in his room that was not part of the plans. It was a closed off area over our front porch and it would have been completely wasted and valuable space! {…Read More…}

Outdoor Patio Revamp

Hey guys!!! I spent much of last weekend prepping our back patio for summer entertaining. We love having ¬†family and friends over, all summer, and I noticed that after two years of the hot Texas sun, my DIY Patio Table was looking kind of sad ūüôĀ I decided to give my outdoor table a much {…Read More…}

Wayfair Back Patio Makeover!

Many of you may know our deep LOVE of Wayfair… You can find anything on there! ¬†Recently, both Ashley and I were challenged to makeover¬†an outdoor space with Wayfair products. ¬†For me, it couldn’t have come at a better time. ¬†Last year, my stepdad built me an amazing fire pit. ¬†Since then, we have moved {…Read More…}

Ryobi Garage Door Opener & Giveaway!!!

**Thanks so much to everyone who entered this great giveaway! ¬†Our winners were picked! ¬†Congrats to Kristina S. and Denise Downs!** Maybe you’re a bit like me, and think… A garage door opener. ¬†Yeah. ¬†When our friends at Ryobi asked me to try out their new garage door opener, I quickly agreed, but it wasn’t {…Read More…}

DIY Engineer Print Frame

This DIY Engineer Print Frame is probably one of the easiest projects I have done and it makes such a huge statement in a room! It also only cost me about $20 to make – HECK YAH! I made this as part of the “baseball” theme room that my son asked for. He LOVES baseball {…Read More…}

DIY Twin Platform Bed and Headboard

¬†It has been bonkers around here. ¬†We spent the last week shooting our first several videos for our new YouTube channel that we are launching in the next month! ¬†Be sure to subscribe! ¬†Somehow during all of that I managed to build my daughter’s bed and finally start transforming her room. ¬†I have 5 kids, {…Read More…}

DIY Locker System

I LOVE this set of DIY Lockers that I built for my son! He LOVES baseball and asked for me to do his room in a baseball theme. So, I have been adding things here and there to make it feel a little vintage and a little baseball. He was in desperate need of a {…Read More…}

DIY $15 Wood Box Centerpiece

Good morning! ¬†I actually wasn’t real sure what to call this project… So I went with the obvious. ¬†It’s wood and it’s a box ūüôā ¬†I actually built this back in November and filled it with pumpkins and vines, and then filled it with birch logs and pine cones over Winter. ¬†Now it’s filled with {…Read More…}

DIY Floating Desk for Office Towers

I’m back with the free plans for the floating desk that goes between the office storage towers that I shared with you, last time I was here ūüôā If you missed the plans for the Storage Towers, you can click HERE to see them and print the plans! I love this desk because it looks {…Read More…}

DIY Industrial Cart Console Table

Hey friends! ¬†I am LOVING how this next piece turned out! ¬†I have been wanting something big and beefy for my entryway, and this console table fits the bill. ¬†It’s a beast. ¬†And it’s beautiful. ¬†Check out my new DIY Industrial Cart Console Table! I designed this based off my bookcase I shared several weeks {…Read More…}