Road Kill Rescue

It’s no secret….we LOVE a little trash turned to treasure!  We love taking someones junk from the side of the road and repurposing it!  Are you a curb scourer? Do you love the transformation process? Do you get a thrill out of turning junk into beautiful and usable décor? Well then you will LOVE… Beckie {…Read More…}

Dining Table Redone!

Hey guys! I wanted to show you guys the next step in my dining room overhaul.  I spent the last few days revamping the dining room furniture.  Here is how I did my table… You guys remember the before?? The top of the table was stained wood but it had a red cast to it {…Read More…}

Labor Day Weekend

Hey friends! WOW.  I have had a crazy weekend!  It has been fantastic though and I just wanted to share a few details with you guys! I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and on Friday I had my 3D/4D ultrasound done at Ultraview Imaging!  It was awesome.  I kind of love the ladies up there and joke {…Read More…}

Dining Room Window Panels

Hey guys! I wanted to share my window panels I just made for the dining room.  If my directions seem a bit wonky just go with it… They probably are.  I have made several drapery panels and I made these using my favorite method. I found my fabric at Joann’s.  It’s a Waverly print called {…Read More…}

Painting my Walls Gray!

What’s going on guys?? I have been crazy busy this week revamping my dining room.  I got the itch… And decided to scratch it.  I was afraid it may not come back if I didn’t! I have a picture of the dining room that I took 2 years ago.  The photo is a bit dark {…Read More…}

Crate Shelf Video Tutorial

Oh hey!  It’s time for another video tutorial!  Check out how we made crate shelves from furring strips for under $5! I’ll be back later this week to show you how I dressed them up:) If you missed our first video turorial you can check it out here! Thanks for stopping by!

Reclaimed Wood Nightstands

Hey everyone!  I have to show you what I’ve been working on!   Love!  I found the Reclaimed Wood Nightstand plans over at Ana’s!  They are a perfect match for my son’s Reclaimed Wood Headboard that I built him! I used the Kreg Jig for this build and it made things so much easier!  Kreg is my new BFF! {…Read More…}

Little Pink Tools Winners

Hey friends! Thanks so much to all of you who linked up to our Little Pink Tools Giveaway!  We LOVED reading the comments on this one more than any other giveaway we have done!  Several of them had us laughing! We randomly chose our two winners on this giveaway, and here they are…. The winner {…Read More…}

Farmhouse Side Table

Hey guys! If you saw the scrap wood pile in my garage you might never come back to visit again…. Seriously. My girls were in need of a nightstand for their bedroom so I decided to put these scraps (well a few of them anyway) to good use! The result… A great table that cost {…Read More…}

Little Pink Tools Giveaway

What’s up guys!  You all may have seen my new BFF around the blog lately.  If not let me formally introduce you! Meet my Little Pink Drill from Little Pink Tools!  I have been in the market for my own drill, after borrowing my hubs, for some time.  I love this drill because it is {…Read More…}