Outdoor Lounge Chair ~ Update


Hey guys!  I got around to staining/sealing my lounge chairs this week! Yep!  I already have them in the backyard ready for cushions! I also enlisted some help;)  He did a GREAT job! Whoop!!!  I ended up getting 2 GREAT helpers who actually enjoy this kind of thing:)  I hope they don’t realize it is {…Read More…}



Hey guys!  Hope you all had a great weekend! I spent mine with Bapa getting the nursery closet just about finished.  I thought I would share some of the progress! So… Here we go! This was the boys getting ready to set up the shelving unit in the middle of the closet.  When we started {…Read More…}

DIY Outdoor Chaise Lounge

pottery barn

Hello summer!  I’m sure most of you are also experiencing the heat wave in your area!  It’s down right hot in the Lone Star State:) I couldn’t get this project started fast enough! Ahhh!!!  Swoon!  Love this set of chaise lounges from Pottery Barn….but I don’t love the $600 price tag (and yes that is the {…Read More…}

Made this Without the Hubby… But Not my Stepdad!


Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great Summer!  We decided to take a break from the party this month with school just getting out.  In honor of that, I decided to show you guys what I have been working on without the hubby.  I definitely had help from Bapa though! I will be turning {…Read More…}

Quick Photo Display


So, I have been very neglectful in photo displays around my house since we moved in.  I never have the right frames or the right place to display them but I have been on a mission lately to tackle this predicament.  I started with this picture that my friend took at Christmas.  She is WONDERFUL:) (thank {…Read More…}

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Hey strangers!  So yah, I’ve been away from the blog for a while.  I’m not gonna lie….I didn’t miss it because I was on vacation with the hubs and great friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!  I did miss my babies oh so much but it was  nice to get away and detach from internet {…Read More…}

The Craft Closet Finished


Well… Almost finished. I have gone through almost all of my stuff and have it put away so I thought I would share. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to look in this closet.  I love that I have all of my stuff in one place and it’s easy to get to {…Read More…}

My New Craft Closet…


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend and Memorial Day.  I feel like I got more done today than I have the last 4 months.  Pregnancy. With little bit on the way, I decided it might be time to find a place to put him.  This seems like an easy task, but for {…Read More…}

The BIG Reveal!!


Oh the past two days have been soooo fun! My husband and I took our kids on Thursday to my 16 week gender sonogram.  I found a lady in Arlington, TX that I LOVE who does gender sonos at 16 weeks with 100% accuracy.  For those of you that are super patient like myself, this {…Read More…}

No Sew Storage Baskets


Hi friends:)  I’m back to share a tutorial for the baskets I made for my Washer/Dryer Pedestal!  I can’t sew and don’t intend to learn anytime soon so I made these with my trusty hot glue gun. I started by purchasing these Willow baskets from Wal-Mart.  I chose them because they were the right size {…Read More…}