Whitney’s Frugal Fall Centerpiece

Oh I am so glad Fall is here!! It is by far my favorite season and by far the most fun to decorate for. I have been itching to start busting out the pumpkins and this weekend that is just what I did. My mother-in-law mentioned that the Marketstreet had their baby ghost pumpkins on {…Read More…}

Whitney’s PB Pillows on a Shanty Budget!

I have been wanting to do pillows for my couch for months now. While I do LOVE the look of those super cute burlap pillows, I can’t imagine laying my head on one. So… I have been eyeballing these pillows over at PB… So cute and simple and I love the big buttons. I decided {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Whatnot~ Floral Fun Minus the Silk

The words “silk” and “greenery” have become bad words in my house. I will say that I do enjoy silk arrangements in other people’s homes but I have banned them from my own. As I have been putting my new home together I have noticed how it did need a little bit of something to {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Vintage Looking Dice

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! My latest project is a few antique looking dice! This was such a fun project from beginning to end! I have been wanting large dice for some time now and well, when you can’t find exactly what you want you create it right? Their {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Lantern Makeover ~ A Weekend Whatnot

We had another fantastic day of shanty shopping… Ashley and I decided to spend the 6 precious hours we have from drop-off to pick-up of the kids at school trolling the local HomeGoods and Marshalls stores. My youngest was still with us but I will say that 1 was quite easier than 5. Our trolling {…Read More…}

My Ballard Inspired Pears ~ Whitney’s Weekend Whatnot

So I had another lucky day at Home Goods… LOVE that store. Like many of you, I too have been eyeing those Ballard pears and wanting some of my own. I wasn’t able to find an exact match but I do love my new wannabes! I found the 2 smaller ones for $3.99 a piece {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Wall Art Makeover!

On to my latest shanty… I made a trip to Hobby Lobby last week while Ashley kept all 5 of our kids. It was so nice to walk through the store without listening to screaming… or having to scream myself. I was able to find lots of goodies but this one had to be the {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Wonderful Whatnot ~ Bathroom Accessory

So, I have slowly been decorating the boy’s bathroom in a mature, rustic/cowboy theme. The towel bar was the last addition to the bathroom and that was some time ago so I decided that I needed to address their bathroom once again. I just wanted something cute and colorful to put on their counter tops {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Wonderful Whatnot ~ Clock Transformation

Hi all! I haven’t posted any projects this past week ~ to say it has been a crazy week would be an understatement ~ but, on with the projects! My newest Wonderful Whatnot is my clock transformation! I was inspired by the clock that Kim did on her blog Twice Remembered! Her clock transformation turned {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Candle Holder Redo ~ A Wonderful Whatnot

My latest Wonderful Whatnot turned out to be a favorite of mine! I now have an obsession with painting everything insight! As I walk around my house something catches my eye and I am immediately on a mission to paint it! That’s where the story starts with my candle holders. They were just the basic {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Towel Bar

So again, I have been wanting to replace the ugly standard towel bar in the boys bathroom ~ badly! I am decorating it in somewhat of a cowboy theme, Not a youth cowboy bathroom but it will have a cowboy feel to it. So, Whitney and I went rummaging through her left over trim in {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Wonderful Whatnot – Shanty Shutter Makeover

Hi all! I just love shanty “Whatnot” makeovers! They are quick, easy, one-day projects and they are often nick knacks that you already have in your house! My first “Whatnot”, I am excited to share, is my Shanty Shutter Makeover! So, I just love shutters and I also love the little antique store downtown (it’s {…Read More…}