Playroom Kids Table DIY

Hey guys!! Since building my last kids table for the playroom, I have added 2 new kiddos to the picture.  I knew it was time to “upsize” my table.  I had a design in mind and worked with  Ana, who delivered with these great plans  for a kids table.  I am in love!  It fits {…Read More…}

Nerf Guns Target Board ~ DIY

Let me tell you that my next project makes me smile!  You mommies of boys out there may know what I am talking about. Have you ever found darts stuck to your windows like this?? Or how about here??? Yup.  That’s the fan.  They are good shots 😉 In my effort to give these darts {…Read More…}

DIY Wood Toy Box or Blanket Box

Hi guys! Well it was ‘Project Organization’ at my house over the weekend.  I got a TON done, and managed to make a few things with my ever growing scrap pile! I had a bunch of Purebond Plywood leftover from my son’s dresser that I built, so I decided to make a toy box for {…Read More…}

Kids Art Supply Buckets on Hooks

Hi friends! I am so excited to share my son’s desk on Friday!  I have been busy getting it all finished up for pictures, but I thought I would sneak in one little teaser before then. My kids love art.  They love coloring on just about anything (including furniture).  I am always looking for fun {…Read More…}

DIY Bow and Clip Holder

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all your love and pins on the Memo Board I made for my girls’ room!  My next project for them was yet another solution to an ongoing problem at my house.  With 3 girls, we have bows and clips EVERYWHERE!  I decided to make a holder for them to {…Read More…}

5 Minute No Sew Lace Bow

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  My girls and I made some bows today, and I thought it would be a fun time to share one of them with you.  They love them, and I wear these all the time as well.  They take just about 5 minutes to make.  All you {…Read More…}

$10 DIY Chevron Brag Boards

Hey guys! With 5 kiddos (3 in elementary school) my fridge was running out of space to display their work!  I decided to make them each a Brag Board so they can show their latest art or grade they are proud of.  Here is how they turned out… These are really simple to make! I {…Read More…}

Magnetic Board for Student Desk

Hey there!  I’m back to show you how I went about adding the magnetic backing to the Pottery Barn Inspired Student Desk that I built for my son. If you missed the tutorial for this desk you can check it out HERE! I liked the idea of cork board for the backing but the thought {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Inspired Channing Student Desk

Hey guys!  It’s no secret…I LOVE Pottery Barn furniture!  So, when my 8-year-old spotted a desk in the latest Pottery Barn Teen catalog and asked me to build something similar for him and I couldn’t resist! I knew Ana White would have plans for something similar! Here are a few pictures during the building process: {…Read More…}

DIY Pottery Barn Storage System Redo

Hey there!  You may remember the first building project that I tackled 2 years ago…. Well, it’s time for me to finally get around to decorating our game room and I am less than motivated by this color!  In fact, the rule of thumb that you should never cut your hair when pregnant should also include…or pick {…Read More…}

Farmhouse Night Stand for a Boys Room

Hey there!  I took a little break from the Christmas craziness and finished a pair of night stands that I have been working on for my 11-year-old son.I got the plans for free over at Ana’s.  I built two for about $70.  I did spend about $20 on the pulls because I LOVE them.  They {…Read More…}

Sip and See with my Silhouette!

Hey guys! We celebrated baby Brooks this last weekend with a Sip and See.  I had so much fun decorating the place using my new Silhouette Cameo, and I wanted to share some of it with you guys! We cut a fun banner using some different shapes all found on the Silhouette software! Ties… Tricycles {…Read More…}

Free Closet Storage Shelves

Hey guys!  I am so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  This is my favorite time of year but one thing always comes to my mind about this time….SPACE!  My boys closets are cluttered and there is no where for the clutter to go…UGH!  I have been working on their closets here and there but I {…Read More…}

The New Nursery Plan

Hey guys!! How is everyone?  I am back in business!  I was surprised 3 weeks ago to meet my new little guy.  He was actually due this Thursday, the 10th.  He had a much different plan!  So, for those of you that haven’t met him just yet… Meet Brooks! He is wonderful and healthy and {…Read More…}

DIY Photo Canvas

Hey there!  So, I have seen so many cool DIY photo canvas projects on Pinterest and I had to do one of my own!  My son is playing his first season of tackle football and I have taken a ton of pictures!  I thought he would love to show them off in his room so {…Read More…}

Labor Day Weekend

Hey friends! WOW.  I have had a crazy weekend!  It has been fantastic though and I just wanted to share a few details with you guys! I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and on Friday I had my 3D/4D ultrasound done at Ultraview Imaging!  It was awesome.  I kind of love the ladies up there and joke {…Read More…}

Photo Wall Hanging

Hey guys!  I’m still working on displaying pictures in our house.  This is a process that I’m afraid I will never be caught up on but it’s fun to try!  My newest photo display is this Photo Wall Hanging.   This project was super easy and CHEAP!  It took about an hour to complete and was {…Read More…}

Table and Chairs for the Playroom

What’s up guys?! I’m still in the process (probably will be forever) of revamping the kids’ playroom upstairs.  My latest addition to is a play table and chairs.  I found the plans on Ana’s site and spent an afternoon getting them done. I used furring strips from Lowe’s for the entire project except the table {…Read More…}

Family Vacation!

Hey guys!  We thought we would share some fun pics of our family vacation last week with you all! We went to Gulf Shores, Alabama (Fort Morgan to be exact).  This was the first time we have ever taken a vacation all together! Our group included 3 sets of grandparents and all four sisters families {…Read More…}

Beach or BUST!!

Hey Friends! Ash and Whit here!  We are actually enjoying coffee together this morning.  We typically spend the morning chatting online with our coffee but for the next week we will be together.  We took a big family vacation to Gulf Shores, AL. Whoop!!! Here is the view from our balcony… Not too shanty, huh?? {…Read More…}

Play Kitchen Reveal

Hey guys!  I wanted to share my new favorite toy with you 🙂 Oh… The kids love it too! Remember the play kitchen I was inspired to build??  Well… Here is how she turned out! What do you think???  The kids love playing with it almost as much as I do!!  If you have any {…Read More…}

Play Kitchen for the Kids!

Hey friends! Let me first start off by saying… Never underestimate the power of nesting.  I have been a maniac here!  I finally got the girls moved into their new room over the weekend.   This involved moving all of the furniture and cutting the beds down a bit because of the odd ceiling lines {…Read More…}

Toy Storage Crates

My kids closets are awful….like embarrassing.  It’s my fault because I have never given them anything to keep them clean and organized.  They have turned into collect-alls. So there it is….nice huh!  I spent 2 hours picking up before I started on the organization…ugh!  I saw rolling crates at IKEA that were perfect but pretty pricey.  {…Read More…}


Hey guys!  Hope you all had a great weekend! I spent mine with Bapa getting the nursery closet just about finished.  I thought I would share some of the progress! So… Here we go! This was the boys getting ready to set up the shelving unit in the middle of the closet.  When we started {…Read More…}

The BIG Reveal!!

Oh the past two days have been soooo fun! My husband and I took our kids on Thursday to my 16 week gender sonogram.  I found a lady in Arlington, TX that I LOVE who does gender sonos at 16 weeks with 100% accuracy.  For those of you that are super patient like myself, this {…Read More…}

Simple Flower Clips

My girls asked if we could make some flower clips over the weekend so I thought it would be a good time for a refresher.  I have shown how to make these on a headband but these flowers are backed with a clip.  My girls love wearing them and I like to borrow them every {…Read More…}

Craigslist Goodie

Truth be told, I get way to much of a thrill off of a great Craigslist find!  Finding the perfect piece, making sure it’s still available and then bargaining is a total adrenaline rush! This old trunk is one of my FAVORITE finds! She used to look like this… And she lived right here in {…Read More…}

Shirt for her Birthday… And The Sale!

Hey guys!!  We celebrated my daughter’s birthday today.  When I saw the fabric interfacing out from Silhouette I thought this would be the perfect time to try this stuff out!  I wanted to make her a shirt to wear to her birthday party.   I am a sucker for fabric.  I walked into JoAnn’s to {…Read More…}

DIY Full Storage Bed

So, it’s spring cleaning time in our household right now!  I have a love/hate relationship with spring cleaning.  I love getting organized and redecorating but I loathe that you have to create endless messes in the house before the final product! One project I am starting this spring is my 7-year-olds room.  His room has {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Nursery!

Hey guys!! We have had lots of questions about our nurseries.  Ash revealed hers a few weeks ago.  I have been waiting until I feel like it’s totally “finished” but knowing my personality that reveal may not happen until she is 2 years old.  So… Here we go 🙂 This is E’s bed.  We found {…Read More…}