Walmart?? Really??

Hey friends! With 4 kids I’ve got to say that my favorite place to find clothes is Walmart and Target.  One of my favorite new things to do is shanty them up a bit using my Silhouette. For this project I used Silhouette’s Flocked Heat Transfer.  Love it! I found this cute shirt with an {…Read More…}

Quilt Clip DIY and a Video

Hi friends!  So, the nursery is still a work in progress.  I’m convinced that by the time I have it where I want it Tenley will be ready for a new theme:)  That doesn’t take the fun out of the decorating though! I’ve been wanting to hang her quilt above her bed but was stuck {…Read More…}

The Beds Finished… Well, Almost!

So, I thought I would share the girls’ beds finished… Almost. I love them!  The only thing I still have to finish is the storage underneath.  Here is one… I wanted a functional storage bed with a fancy headboard. HERE is the inspiration for my headboard!! HERE are the instructions I followed for my twin {…Read More…}

My Girls’ Beds ~ Part 1

I told you guys I was in a bit of a building kick… It’s addicting. I have wanted beds for my oldest girls’ room now for years but never could bring myself to buy any.  I have made my own headboards in the past but I was really wanting something more permanent. Then I saw {…Read More…}

Owl Art and a Giveaway!!!

So, I was recently asked to try out this product. I use blue tape on just about everything so I agreed to give it a try. This is ScotchBlue’s New Painter’s Tape Edge-Lock.I have always had trouble with paint leaking through my blue tape in the past but this tape has the new Edge-Lock Line {…Read More…}

This is at HOOT!!

Did I mention how much I am LOVING my Silhouette machine?  I wanted to show you guys yet another trick this machine will do for you.  Here’s my little booger sporting my latest craft 🙂 How cute is that onesie??  I am in love.  I used my Silhouette Machine to bling up my baby! “> {…Read More…}

Great News… And a few prayers

Hey guys!  We won’t be doing I Made it Without My Hubby this month for a few reasons… #1… Ashley had her sweet baby girl last week.  Her name is Tenley Nicole and she is a doll.  Ashley had a tough recovery but they are doing much better!  Here she is… We love her!!  Thanks {…Read More…}

A Little Mirror for Londyn

Hey guys!  I showed you all my new niece a few days ago.  She’s precious! My sister wanted a mirror for her room which brought us to this project! Here is how we did it… We found this super cheap mirror at Homegoods.  We loved the lines but it just needed a little revamp with {…Read More…}

Fab Flower Headbands… For mom too!!!

Before we get started with all of our Fall decorating posts I thought I would sneak this one in.  We had several questions about the flower headbands my little lady was wearing in her pictures.   These are super simple and cheap to make!  The best part… They are cute for mom too!  Here’s how we {…Read More…}

Shanty Onesie Dress

Hey guys!! So you non-sewing gals are going to have to bear with me for a bit.  My sewing itch has returned with the addition of my new little girl… Sorry!  There are many takes on the “onesie dress” out there.  I always try to do my takes the cheapest, fastest and easiest so I {…Read More…}

Here she is… Now let’s party!!!

Hey guys!! It’s been a week since we welcomed our new baby and I thought I would share her now with you guys!  I ran into my sweet neighbor down the street at Target about a week before I delivered and she asked if she could come “play” with the baby after she was born. {…Read More…}

Peek at the Baby’s Room

Yeah! I think my “nesting” phase has finally arrived.  I have accomplished more in the last 72 or so hours than I have in the last couple of months.  I just needed a bit of motivation and that came to me through some fabulous baby bedding that Ashley found for her little girl on the {…Read More…}

Styrofoam Headboards!

My girls had early dismissal twice this week which cut my crafting time a bit shorter than I had expected.  I did finally get these babies done though and I love them! I can’t wait to share them with you! Want to see how I made it?  You won’t believe how cheap and easy it {…Read More…}

Switch It… Change It…

You don’t have to spend much time with me to know that I change my mind OFTEN.  I think it is a sickness of some sort.  With the baby on the way I have been trying to get the older girls’ room finished and in the process I decided to change up the rooms.  It {…Read More…}

Baby Bandwagon

Hey guys!  So we said I had an announcement this week and here it is….. I’ve jumped on the Baby Bandwagon too and we are expecting our 3rd little one on Nov. 10 of this year!!! Baby Bandwagon????  Well, not only are Whitney and I pregnant but our baby sisters Leasha and her hubby are {…Read More…}

My Girls’ New Headboards!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are having a great Spring Break!  I showed you guys my fabric I had purchased for the girls’ new room last week.  I had this plan for some fun headboards and after thinking it over way too much I decided to tweek my plan just a bit.  First tweek… {…Read More…}