DIY Wooden Window Cornice

Hey guys! So, I’ve been building furniture for our new home, like crazy and realized that I haven’t done much in the way of our windows! I have done panels for my dining room and living room which you can see HERE but I have neglected the rest. The hardware is usually expensive and my budget {…Read More…}

DIY Rectangle Christmas Wreath

Hey guys!  So, I’ve been on a mission to create a rectangular wreath, similar to many that I have seen in some popular home decor catalogs! I finally came up with a solution and I’m LOVING it! Isn’t it just too cute?  It only cost me about $15 and about an hour of work!! Here’s {…Read More…}

Easy DIY Tree Topper

Hey guys!  I’ve had a lot of questions asking me about the burlap bow that I used for my tree topper on my Christmas Tree! It is sooooo easy to make and the only tools you need are a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun!  Yah baby! I purchased this roll of burlap {…Read More…}

DIY Picture Frame

Happy Friday!  I’m excited to share the easy Picture Frame that is perfect for an easy project this weekend! It’s not only super easy, I made it for under $10!  Whoop! Here’s how: I purchased a 1×12 @ 4 ft. and cut it in half.  You can make 2 of these frames with one board! {…Read More…}

DIY Chalkboard Sign

Thanks so much for stopping by!  If you don’t already, we would love to have you follow us on our Instagram and Pinterest accounts to keep up with all of our most recent projects and sneak peeks 🙂 Hey there!  I’m so excited to share my first DIY fall decor project today!  It’s been a {…Read More…}

Clip Frames for My Bedroom!

Hey friends! I am sure many of you saw that I posted about Michael’s new line of fabrics!  These are so great… Like I said, no waiting in the cutting line with a screaming 2 year old anymore!  These bad boys are already cut and wrapped in a perfect little package. They are perfect for {…Read More…}

DIY Wall Art ~ Chevron and Burlap

Hey there!  I’m still working on my guest bathroom this week!  The last few weekends I have painted the walls, framed the mirror and built a towel hook.  I put together this fun Chevron Wall Art this weekend and it was inexpensive, quick and easy…SCORE! Here’s how I made it for about $15! I purchased 1.5 yards {…Read More…}

Fall Pumpkin

Hey there!  I’ve been having so much fun decorating for fall!  I had to stop and share my latest addition! I made this cute little fall pumpkin this week and I just love it:) I started with this fake pumpkin that I purchased at Michael’s for $7. I taped off the stem and hot glued {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Inspired Pillow

So, I finally have my OWN Silhouette Machine!  My first project for it was a stenciled pillow.  I just love these Pottery Barn pillows but I will never own one because they are too rich for my blood! That’s where my Silhouette comes in handy:) I purchased this pillow at Target for $17.00 I used {…Read More…}

How’s it Hangin’

Hi friends!  Things have been a little crazy this past week.  I coach at a competitive cheerleading gym and two of Whitney’s girls cheer there.  We had our Nationals competition this past weekend and although it was so fun, we have been drained!  I told you I would share how I put my DIY Wall Art {…Read More…}

DIY Wall Art

Happy Wednesday friends!  So, I have a quick, easy and CHEAP wall art tutorial to share with you all:)  When I say quick I mean you can do this while you are doing laundry and cleaning the house:)  When I say easy I mean anyone can do this:) and when I say CHEAP I mean {…Read More…}

Basket How-To & Winners!!!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my laundry room!  Reading them made me smile and I so appreciate you taking the time to leave them! My kiddos have been home from school the last 4 days because we were hit with an ice storm…. Then a snow storm.  The funniest {…Read More…}

Frame Display Idea #3!!

First off… WOW!  You gals really showed up for the party!! I need another day to go through all the posts, so I thought I would share my final (I think:)) frame idea with you guys.  This is probably my favorite.  These make a great gift for anyone and they take only a little bit {…Read More…}

Burlap and Drop Cloth and Ticking… Oh my!!

I promised you more trees and guess what?  This baby requires no sewing!  I have been thinking that my ruffle tree was looking a bit lonely on the bar all by herself so… Don’t they make a cute couple?  I think so! Here’s how I made my rosette Christmas Tree! I started with a grapevine {…Read More…}

Burlap Trees… Take 2!

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on the ruffled trees in my last post!  I owe Erin for that awesome idea and I wanted to give you guys one more spin on these.  I decorate my house for Christmas in whites and blues… At least this year.  I am also a sucker for {…Read More…}

Coffee Sack Magnet Board

Hey!! First for an update…  Our sweet little niece was released from the hospital yesterday.  They have figured out the cause of her sickness and she will be on several months of meds that will hopefully allow her time to outgrow this.  Thank you, thank you for all your prayers.  Your sweet words made me {…Read More…}

Napkin Rings for Any Occasion!!

Happy Wednesday! I want to share a fun and super easy project I did today.  I’m not much of a tablescaper but I do love to add a bit of fun here and there.  I made napkin rings that can be easily customized… and they are super cheap! You only need a few supplies for {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Burlap Monogram

Hey guys!  This week has and will be a bit crazy for both Ash and I.  This weekend is my daughter’s NCA Nationals competition for cheerleading.  This means that Ashley has been putting in 4837520 extra hours or work getting CCA ready to compete.  Forgive us for being a bit absent 🙂 So… I was able {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Corner Hutch Shanty

Hi all!  Hope you are all fantastic!  I haven’t posted much in the past week because I have been pouring my blood, sweat and tears into this piece!!!   It may be hard to believe but it once looked like this! This is a piece from our game room.  There is nothing wrong with it but {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Burlap Wall Monogram

Hi all!  I hope this post finds you having a great Sunday with your family!  My family is super busy with make-up baseball games right now since it has rained for the last three weeks but I have still managed to sneak in some craft time!  My latest project is another revamp.  You may remember my {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Burlap Photo Art

Hey girls… sorry for the long hiatus but I had to make a little trip this weekend. Where to?? Round Top, Texas for the huge flea market!! I found so many shantys to share but I can’t give all the goodness away in one blog! I will be sharing these over the next several weeks {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Burlap Wall Art

Have you ever “revamped” a “revamp”?? Have you ever had a project in your head that was so cute and then once it ends up in your house you wished you would have left it in your head?? This has been my problem for the last couple of months. I could not find the right {…Read More…}