DIY Farmhouse Window Trim

Our mission: To make our sisters house a home in 36 hours!¬†Our baby sis lives about 5 hours away from us and moved into her home about one year ago. She has 4 kids under the age of 5 and hasn’t had time to really make her house functional and says it hasn’t felt like {…Read More…}

DIY Rustic Modern King Bed

This is, hands down, my favorite bed that I have ever built (and I’ve built a lot ūüėČ )! After I repainted my Sliding Barn Door Media Cabinet and built the barn doors, which I stained Briarsmoke, I had to either paint my old bed or….build a new one. My old bed was a queen {…Read More…}

$40 Farmhouse Console Table

Hey friends! Today I am sharing the super cute $40 farmhouse console table we built for the Davis family on our 3rd episode of Open Concept on HGTV. ¬†They were in serious need of some love in this room and this design fit the need… And the bill! ¬†The best part of this table… 8 {…Read More…}

DIY Crate Coffee Table on Wheels

What do you get when yo mix eleven kids, a trailer full of lumber, two sisters and 48 hours? A #shantyhousecrash ūüôā A few months ago, Whit and I went to visit our baby sister, and her family, in Houston. She and her hubby had four kids under, the age of 6, and they just {…Read More…}

DIY Farmhouse Crib

Hey guys! ¬†Whitney here… For those of you that follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you may have noticed my big news. ¬†I am expecting a new little guy here in June and we are thrilled. ¬†Thankfully, the nesting phase kicked in and I have been busy building him all the things :-)… ¬†I decided {…Read More…}

DIY Rolling Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get these plans to you but I thought that with it being the new year and everyone trying to organize, the timing couldn’t be better for a project like this! If you caught our second episode of Open Concept on HGTV, you probably recognize {…Read More…}

DIY $5 Clip Frame Tutorial and YouTube Video!

Hey guys! ¬†Happy Wednesday! ¬†Today we are sharing a super easy $5 project! This can be modified so many ways. ¬†We can’t wait to see your takes on them. ¬†Before we get started, be sure to check out the video tutorial HERE on our YouTube channel! First step is cutting down the 2×10 scrap board. {…Read More…}

DIY Large Hand Painted Sign and How-To Video

After many, many requests, on our social media accounts, for a how-to on this Large DIY Hand Painted Sign, we had to give it to you guys ūüôā Not only do we have the free plans and how-to tutorial for you, we also have a¬†how-to video on our Youtube channel for it too! Just click {…Read More…}

DIY Wine Caddy and YouTube Video!

Oh hey friends! ¬†It’s almost New Year’s and we have a super fun and easy project for you! ¬†This would be great to tote along to your New Year’s party! ¬†You can see our how-to video on our YouTube Channel HERE! ¬† Check out our DIY Wine Caddy… How cute?! This is a really fun {…Read More…}

DIY Farmhouse Dining Bench Plans and Tutorial

For those of you that have waited a while for this plan…. Thank you for your patience! ¬†And, thank you for reminding me I never posted it… ¬†Oops! ¬†I hope you forgive me and enjoy the plans for this DIY Farmhouse Dining Bench that I built for under $30 in lumber per bench. ¬†Yep, you {…Read More…}

DIY Hanging Frames and YouTube Video

Hey Guys! ¬†It’s Wednesday and we are back with another YouTube video tutorial! ¬†As a mom of 5 kiddos, I am always looking for creative ways to display their pictures that make updating the pictures easy. ¬†We have shared lots of clip frames over the years, and this one might be my favorite. ¬†Before we {…Read More…}

DIY Blanket Ladder and How-to Video and Tool Giveaway

We are back with another 3-Tool build and it is SO easy and oh-so CUTE! And, P.S. we are hosting a giveaway at the bottom of this post. Five lucky winners will receive the 3 tools needed to build this cutie and the other four, ¬†3-tool builds that you can find in our new eBook. {…Read More…}

DIY $5 Wood Chargers and YouTube Video

Happy Wednesday guys! ¬†It’s Wednesday… Yeah! ¬†Almost Friday. ūüôā ¬†Today we have a new YouTube video tutorial up for you guys! ¬†This one is another part of our 5-Tool Ebook! ¬†Have you checked it out? ¬†You can find it HERE on Etsy! ¬†Before we get started, check out how cute these $5 wood chargers are! {…Read More…}

DIY Sawhorse Bookcase and How-To Video

We are back with another 3-tool project and another DIY video! Come build this DIY Sawhorse Bookcase with us! Just click HERE or the image below to watch our how-to video. With only 3 tools and less than $50 in materials, we built this super unique bookcase that’s perfect for any room! You can download¬†the {…Read More…}

DIY Console Table and YouTube Video!

Hey friends! ¬†It’s almost Thanksgiving… I hope you’re all having an awesome week and eating a whole lot of food… Don’t worry. ¬†We are doing our part. ¬†Today is Wednesday which means it’s time for another YouTube video! ¬†Yippee! ¬†Do you follow us on YouTube? ¬†Be sure to SUBSCRIBE HERE! ¬†We share a new video {…Read More…}

Sliding Barn Door Media Console

Well, I finally got around to finishing my giant Sliding Barn Door Media Console! If you remember the dresser and bookcase components, you probably notice that I gave the entire piece a paint job. I did this because we decided to upgrade to a king bed and I wanted to stain the new bed that {…Read More…}

DIY Mug Holder and YouTube Video!

Hey guys! It’s Wednesday and we are back with our latest YouTube video tutorial! ¬†Are you subscribed to our channel? ¬†If not, be sure to subscribe HERE! ¬†Today we are sharing an awesome gift idea! ¬†With Christmas just around the corner, we love finding fun and cute gift ideas that don’t break the bank. ¬†Check {…Read More…}

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table and How-To Video

I love a good mix of modern, industrial and farmhouse so this is one of my all-time favorite coffee tables that we have designed (and yes, there are a lot of them)! Come build it with us in the video below. Just click HERE or the play button below to watch! We built this coffee {…Read More…}

DIY Hanging Chalkboard & YouTube Video Tutorial!

Hey friends! ¬†It’s Wednesday! ¬†That means a new video tutorial! ¬†We recently crashed our friend Rachel’s house and built her a new kitchen nook. ¬†We have already shared the plans for the plank wall, dining table and dining benches, and today we are sharing plans for the fun hanging chalkboard! ¬†You can see the how-to {…Read More…}

DIY Diagonal Base Farmhouse Console Table

Oh hey guys! ¬†Happy Friday! ¬†As many of you may know, Ash and I took a little road trip to our sister’s house near Houston over the Summer and crashed her living room. ¬†We built her several new pieces and helped make her house feel more like a home…. It was so much fun. ¬†Today {…Read More…}

Industrial Farmhouse Bench

Hey guys! We are back with the free plans for this Industrial Farmhouse Bench that we built to match our Industrial Farmhouse Table! We built this cutie, for our friend Rachel, on our latest #shantyhousecrash! You can watch the crash and how we build this bench HERE or click below! If you missed the full {…Read More…}

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Table and How-To Video

We’re back with another how-to video! Click HERE or the image below to watch! We built this Industrial Farmhouse Table for our friend Rachel’s Shanty House Crash! Rachel asked us to crash her kitchen nook. She has three boys so we wanted to give her a table that was not only durable but chic and {…Read More…}

DIY Plank Wall & YouTube Video Tutorial

Oh hey guys! ¬†It’s Wednesday! ¬†That means another YouTube video for you… Yeah! ¬†We are so pumped to share this one. ¬†We recently crashed our friend Rachel’s house and gave her a brand new kitchen nook. ¬†They use this space a ton as a family, and we really wanted to give it some much needed {…Read More…}

DIY $25 Cedar Planter and How-to Video

We love decorating our porches when fall rolls around and we thought it would be fitting, for our next How-to, video to show you how to build this super cute, super easy and super inexpensive cedar planter! You can click below or HERE to watch us build this cutie! And, click HERE for the FREE {…Read More…}

Hidden Study with Sliding Barn Doors as seen on HGTV’s Open Concept

Hey friends! ¬†SOOOO excited to finally share this massive build with y’all today. ¬†This is one of our very favorite pieces that we have built together. ¬†It’s a 4-part unit. ¬†We each built one of the towers, and then came together to get it all attached and add the doors. ¬†Check out our hidden study {…Read More…}

DIY Rustic Modern Dining Table

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, our first thought is not what we are going to cook but what we are going to eat the food on! We designed this simple Rustic Modern Dining table that you can build with only 12 2x6x8 boards – that’s about $50 in lumber! Check out our How-To Youtube {…Read More…}

DIY Mason Jar Caddy and YouTube Video!

Hey guys! We combined our love of mason jars, storage and wood to make this cutie right here! ¬†First, check out the video to see how we made our DIY Mason Jar Caddy! How fun is that? Super easy build guys! HERE are the FREE PLANS! ¬†Just CLICK HERE to download and print yours! ¬†Here {…Read More…}

DIY High Back Bench

THIS! This is hands down one of our very favorite builds! If you caught the Davis episode of our show, Open Concept on HGTV, then you remember this piece well! We built this piece together for the Davis’ new dining area. They had a beautiful brick wall that we saved and repainted but we thought {…Read More…}

DIY Wine Rack Tutorial and YouTube Video

Hey guys! Ash and I designed this wine rack and LOVE how it turned out! How cute is this?? This is such a simple build guys! Before we get started, check out the video HERE! Now… Click HERE to download and print the FREE PLANS! Here is your supply list for the wine rack! First {…Read More…}

DIY Plate Rack for $95

  That’s right! This 7 ft. long by 8 ft. tall plate rack was built with only $95 in lumber! If you saw¬†our second episode of Open Concept on HGTV you know that we built this piece with the purpose of making a use of this space that was across from the new dining area. {…Read More…}