All Finished…. Yeah!!

Remember my craft table I shared in my last post? I got it all finished up!! Here it is… Here is how I finished it all up!! I took my three separate pieces up into my loft where my table will be and put the top piece of mdf on my two bases.  I go {…Read More…}

All Finished!

I got my new table all finished up today!  Yeah!! I was able to score two baskets for my it at Michaels at 65% off… Whoop! Here it is all finished up… I normally don’t spray paint furniture but I decided to give it a go.  I was so happy I did!  It only took {…Read More…}

New Year… New Table!!

This happens to me… Every year. I move a few things around to make room for my Christmas tree and I end up really liking the new setup.  The only problem with this is that it leaves a hole.  Now I needed a table. Typically I know someone looking to get rid of one I {…Read More…}

Parsons Party!!

So I must introduce you to my new partner in crime… This is Erin!  She is a crazy talented girl who I have been getting into trouble with lately.  You have to go check out her BLOG!! She is a former graphic artist turned mommy who now spends her time painting and decorating just about {…Read More…}

Corner Hutch Re-Revamp

Hey guys!  So, Whitney is having her baby today!  Woohoo!  Happy time here in Texas!  Please keep her family in your prayers!  I’m sharing another piece of furniture from the nursery today.  No, it does not look like this now but this is before the first revamp! Here it is after the first revamp as {…Read More…}

Mexican Pine turned Shabby Chic

So I have been very fortunate not to have to buy any furniture for our new nursery (besides the crib).  I have been transforming funiture we have around the house to match the nursery decor! This is a dresser my husband had in his office (which is now the nursery).  We’ve had it for about {…Read More…}

Rockin’ Rehab

So, I have an amazing friend I have that I have mentioned about to you all before.  Well, she is amazing for many reasons but the quality I will share with you today is that she will dumpster dive just for me!  I can’t tell you how many times she has called me on the way {…Read More…}

Peek at the Baby’s Room

Yeah! I think my “nesting” phase has finally arrived.  I have accomplished more in the last 72 or so hours than I have in the last couple of months.  I just needed a bit of motivation and that came to me through some fabulous baby bedding that Ashley found for her little girl on the {…Read More…}

Styrofoam Headboards!

My girls had early dismissal twice this week which cut my crafting time a bit shorter than I had expected.  I did finally get these babies done though and I love them! I can’t wait to share them with you! Want to see how I made it?  You won’t believe how cheap and easy it {…Read More…}

A Few Features…

Hey Guys!! Thanks to all of you who joined our last I Made it Without My Hubby!  We loved the new setup with the picture links.  It made it a bit more fun don’t you think??  My hard drive crashed during that party and my dear friends over at Geek Squad got it all fixed {…Read More…}

A Satisfied Customer…

Hey guys!! Our cousin is getting married next month and he recently asked for my help with a table revamp.  His fiance that we love found this table on Craig’s List for $100. Please excuse my garage… It’s a bit shanty! This was a great table. It’s solid oak and has great traditional lines… It {…Read More…}

Crown Anyone?

It’s DONE!!!  I don’t know if I am more happy that my work is done or that I am finally enjoying it! No this one is not mine!  This one is actually around $3,000 when you factor in shipping and decor! This is mine!  Total cost for this piece is $300 including decor! How did {…Read More…}

My Girls’ New Headboards!

Hey Guys! I hope you all are having a great Spring Break!  I showed you guys my fabric I had purchased for the girls’ new room last week.  I had this plan for some fun headboards and after thinking it over way too much I decided to tweek my plan just a bit.  First tweek… {…Read More…}

Cameron Drawers

The building and painting is done!!!!  I finished the drawers this weekend and they were super easy! I got the plans for the drawers and the rest of this system over at Ana’s site, Knock Off Wood.   If you like name brand furniture without the ridiculous price tag head on over to her site!  She {…Read More…}


Hey guys!  I am DONE painting my Cameron Storage System!!!  I got the plans for this system free at Knock Off Wood! Now for my paint choice!!!  This is going in my playroom/gameroom so I really wanted to pick a fun and bright color.  Green came to mind so off to Home Depot I went. {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Inspired Storage System DIY ~ Part 4

Almost Done!!! Part 4 of this project is the Media Hutch.  It is not included in this picture but Ana designed her own piece to go over the TV!!!  This was definitely one of the easier pieces to this puzzle!   I started by joining the sides to the bottom. I marked a line to {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Inspired Storage System DIY ~ Update!!!

I’m finished with the cubbies!  Yay!!  I told you that I would be back with pics after completing the other three cubbies and here it is!!! Woohoo!!!  The only part that I have left to construct is the Media Hutch….oh and the drawers on the bottom corner bases.  If you missed the post on how {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Inspired Storage System DIY ~ Part 3

I’m back to share the latest progress on my storage wall.  If you have missed the last two tutorials you can visit Part 1 and Part 2.  I found the plans for this project on Ana’s blog Knock Off Wood.  Ana provides FREE plans for knock off furniture (i.e. Pottery Barn and  Restoration Hardware) so you can dress {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Inspired Storage System DIY ~ Take 2

I’m back from our crazy, busy weekend and I have a project to show for it!  I am continuing on with the Pottery Barn Storage System that I found over at Ana’a Blog ~ Knock Off Wood.  Last week I completed the open cubbies.  If you missed that tutorial you can check it out HERE.  {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Inspired Storage System DIY ~ Tutorial

Hey guys!  We recently discovered Ana’s blog ~ Knock Off Wood ~ and I have been on a furniture high ever since!  Ana is a carpenter who makes knock off furniture on the cheap…and she is generous enough to share her detailed plans with the blogging world!  Not only does she offer the plans for {…Read More…}

Cover Up Those Ugly Legs !!!

With the absence of my Christmas tree, the living room is feeling a bit bare.  I actually moved a small side table into the kitchen to make room for the tree and decided I liked it better in there. Now, I am left with a blank space… darn:)  Lucky for me I recently received this side table {…Read More…}

The Most Beautiful Lego Table Ever…

Hey guys!  I made it back from out of town safe and had a little something to show you before I start my own projects.  I spent the last few days with the two most talented people I know… Literally.  They ooze creativity and everything they make looks like it cost a million bucks even {…Read More…}

Shanty Sister went Clubbin’ !!!

Hello Guys!!  I hope you all had a great Monday!  I was able to get a few things done and celebrate one of our 4 Christmas’… not a bad Monday!  I wanted to share my lastest revamp with you guys.  I recently received a pair of super cute club chairs from my husband’s dad.  I {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Corner Hutch Shanty

Hi all!  Hope you are all fantastic!  I haven’t posted much in the past week because I have been pouring my blood, sweat and tears into this piece!!!   It may be hard to believe but it once looked like this! This is a piece from our game room.  There is nothing wrong with it but {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Little Black Chair

You just can’t go wrong with black.  It is the perfect color for almost anything… including chairs.  I have found that one of my favorite pieces of furniture is a dining chair.  They make perfect accent chairs… they have great lines, they are a great size and they are really easy and cheap to find.  {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Highboy Turned Hutch!

Yeah for more hand-me-downs!!! This weekend I hit the jackpot over at my father-in-law’s storage building. I went for one piece and came back with about 6! Woohoo! I will get to the rest later but I decided to start with my favorite piece first. He had this shanty highboy dresser he wasn’t using anymore. {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Faux Hall Tree

Hi all! It’s back to school week and although I miss my boys dearly I now have more time for projects! The project I’m sharing today is my Faux Hall Tree. I have wanted a hall tree for my entry/dining room since we moved into our new house. I scoured Craigslist daily but could not {…Read More…}

Whitney Beautified her Barstools!

Ok… so it was time to beautify my barstools. I found these cute stools last Christmas at World Market. Both Ashley and I love the look of saddle barstools. We were both looking for the perfect one and we found these. They were just a step up in detail from a typical saddle stool. Originally {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Wooden Bench

Hey Guys! Most recent “project”: Turning a shanty headboard into a wooden bench! I just loved this project from beginning to end. I have been wanting a wooden bench for some time now so I have been scouring Craigslist day after day trying to find the “perfect” bench at the “perfect” price to no avail. {…Read More…}