White Pumpkins and Pine Cones

Hey!  I’m back with more fall fun!  Whit and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby last week and I was on a mission for a fall arrangement of some sort. I picked up a few items on sale: a bag of pine cones/acorns for $3, a few fake pumpkins a glass vase that I {…Read More…}

Boo Blocks

Happy Wednesday!  I am so ready for fall and I’ve got the itch to start decorating for all things fall which means….Halloween!  I just finished my first Halloween project and it was super easy, cheap and quick! I made these Boo Blocks from scrap 2×4’s and chipboard letters that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for {…Read More…}

My $10 Fall Wreath

Hey guys!  Whitney here… I wanted to first say a big thank you to those of you that left prayers and sweet messages on our facebook page last week.  For those of you that don’t know, I was put in the hospital last week with low amniotic fluid.  I am 32 weeks pregnant and it {…Read More…}

My Sister’s Gift

Here’s to hoping she doesn’t read this in the next 12 or so hours… Hope you are all having a great Christmas week.  I have been more than busy getting gifts finished up because I am always last minute like that.   One thing I wanted to get for my baby sister were these jars {…Read More…}

Photo Block Tutorial ~ Great Gift!!

Hey guys!! We are gearing up to spend Christmas with my in-laws.  I love spending Christmas with them.  They are the most creative people I know and I hardly ever make them anything… Why make them something that I know they could make better :))?? But… I decided to brave it this year and make {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Inspired Votive Holder

Hi friends!  So, I was DIY shopping in the Pottery Barn catalog again when this came along. I just love it and I knew that I could DIY one that I would love just as much (actually more because the $129 price tag takes away from it). Anyone can make this with minimal supplies and {…Read More…}

Shanty Photo Display Idea #2

Hey guys!  I promised this to you over the weekend but found lots of other things to do… Sorry 🙂 My next frame/display idea is even cheaper and easier than the last!  It’s still cute though!  Here it is… These make a super cheap but so chic gift for Christmas.  Here is how I did {…Read More…}

Cheap but Chic Christmas Gift!

Hey Guys!! So my project is a great gift for neighbors, teachers, friends or family!  Here is the finished product… It’s a super simple photo, recipe or memo display! Here is how to make it! All of these supplies can be found at craft stores and hardware stores. You will start with some wood ovals {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Inspired Center Piece

Hey strangers!  It’s been almost three months to be exact!  I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post but we have had some distractions around here:)  Tenley Nicole born November 2, 2010 I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  We are doing great and starting to establish some {…Read More…}

Silhouette Christmas Banner

Hey Guys!! I wanted to share another project I just did with my Silhouette! I made a Christmas banner! This is how I made it! I used my very favorite new tool to make this project… It’s my Silhouette Machine!!  Have you entered our giveaway??! If not, click HERE!  If you already have then keep {…Read More…}

Burlap and Drop Cloth and Ticking… Oh my!!

I promised you more trees and guess what?  This baby requires no sewing!  I have been thinking that my ruffle tree was looking a bit lonely on the bar all by herself so… Don’t they make a cute couple?  I think so! Here’s how I made my rosette Christmas Tree! I started with a grapevine {…Read More…}

Bird Ornaments!

I have recently fallen in LOVE with a new spray paint from our friends over at Rust-Oleum!  I stumbled upon these super cute bird (maybe it’s a dove) ornaments and knew just how to revamp them! Aren’t those sooo cute!!  You want to know what makes them even cuter??  They were in the dollar section {…Read More…}

Burlap Trees… Take 2!

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on the ruffled trees in my last post!  I owe Erin for that awesome idea and I wanted to give you guys one more spin on these.  I decorate my house for Christmas in whites and blues… At least this year.  I am also a sucker for {…Read More…}

Ruffle Christmas Trees!!

Yes girls… It’s that time again! Well, for me it comes a bit sooner in the year than most but I am pretty sure that is a hereditary thing (our mom puts on Christmas music in late September).  So… Let’s get to it!  Here is my latest project…   How cute are those?? I can {…Read More…}

My First Touches of Fall!

Hey guys!! Happy Fall… Whoop!! I’m so excited to finally be saying that!  After way too many weeks of 100+ degree weather here in Texas I have never been so happy for Fall.  I just wanted to show you my first few touches.  I ran across these cuties in the paint section at Lowe’s several {…Read More…}

Kara’s Party Ideas

With summer here I think about parties!  The Fourth is always a time to party and both of my boys are summer birthdays so I am always stuck with the age-old decision….’What should I do for their party’.  Having their party in the summer we always end up at the pool but I have never been very {…Read More…}

New Twist on an Old Favorite

Hey guys!  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!  My family did!  We finished up everything in town today and will head out tomorrow morning for our final Christmas with the hub’s fam.  Since I will be out for a few days I thought I would sneak in a little project for you guys.  {…Read More…}

Ballard Inspired Acorn Ornaments

Hi all!  Well, the Christmas decorating may be coming to an end soon but I have still been working on decorating my tree.  My latest project is inspired by a precious silver acorn ornament that I saw in a Ballard mag several weeks ago.  Unfortuantely I cannot find it online but here’s my version! I {…Read More…}

Shanty Tree Topper

I have learned never to turn down FREE items!  I may not have a vision for it yet but if it sits in the garage long enough and idea will follow!!!  This is how I ended up with my tree topper this Christmas! My mom changes her tree decor a little every year so she {…Read More…}

Stackable Christmas Sayings… Too Cute!!

Hey Guys!! So… Another FUN project… super cheap, cute, easy and so fun for the kiddos!  Here is how they work… These are vinyl sayings you can make on your machine and a block of wood… All you have to bring to the party… paint and some sand paper! Woohoo… how easy is that? I {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Photo Frame Ornament

Wow… I feel like I have so much to pack into just a few weeks!  I love Christmas decorating and I love any excuse to display pics of the kids so this next project was a hit for me.  I have seen so many photo frame ornaments but I am not about to drop $6 {…Read More…}

A Simple Winter Wreath

So, after making our Shanty Wreath Hangers we had to pair them with shanty wreaths as well!  Which brings us to my Simple Winter Wreath Tutorial! Here’s how it started… 1 medium sized grapevine wreath at Hobby Lobby (1/2 off only:)… spray painted with Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint Snowflakes are a favorite of mine (among {…Read More…}

Ruffled Drop Cloth Stockings!!

Hey guys!! Thanks to all of you who left sweet comments on my drop cloth tree skirt HERE.  Now I want to show you what I made with the rest of my drop cloth…. I made my stockings to match my tree skirt! Here’s how I did it… I started by using a stocking I bought {…Read More…}

Jute Twine Monogram

Hi all! We had so much fun exploring all of your wonderful Rust-oleum Revamps! If you didn’t get a chance to check out all of the fun projects linked up you can scroll down a little to explore! So, moving on…I’d like to share with you all my Jute Twine Mongoram. I just love jute {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Walnut Wreath Tutorial

Hey friends!  Hope you are all having a great day!  Let’s go NUTS!  We recently told you about a spotlight we were asked to do for the Gorilla Glue company HERE.  We loved our wreath hangers and had to adorn them with cute wreaths as well.  I went with a nut and pinecone wreath and {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Drop Cloth Tree Skirt

Hello guys!! Hope everyone is having a great Friday.  We have had a fun week… It actually snowed here. Because this only happens about once every two years we were a bit excited!  Now to my project… I finally got sick of staring at the base holding my tree up.  I have had this planned in {…Read More…}

No one does it like Mom!

UPDATE~ We will be linking our mom’s tree up here… Peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, banana pudding….you name it but no one can make them like your mom right!  It never fails, you can use the same ingredients, same technique and spend even more time on it and it still tastes better when your {…Read More…}

Shanty Wreath Hangers

Hi all!  So, we have been dying to share with you a fun project that we created for our friends at Gorilla Glue.  Last month they asked us to create a fun winter project, with a tutorial, to share with their Tough Team Members.  It is now up for viewing on their Tough Team Page HERE but {…Read More…}

Whit’s Cheapo Jute Twine Ornaments

Hey guys!! Sorry for my brief break… I have been out of town with the fam for Thanksgiving.  I have spent the last week or so getting the tree up and planning how I would dress it.  This year I am in love with silver.  I have it all over the tree…  and I have {…Read More…}

Ashley’s Candy Cane Display

I will be linking this to Hooked on Houses Holiday Party  Hey guys! So, I’m still decorating for Christmas and still loving it!!!! Thought I’d share my latest creation with our blogging friends!!!! I love candy canes almost as much as I love snowflakes so I had to make this as soon as I thought {…Read More…}