DIY Lined Window Panels

As many of you know, Ash just moved into her new house.  She has been busy building all of the furniture for it, and hit me up to make her some window panels for her dining and living room.  She watched the kids… I did a little sewing… Fair trade, don’t you think? 😉  Here {…Read More…}

Windows ~ DIY Shades and Panels

Hey friends! Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments and shares on my new bedroom desk I shared on Monday!  We always love reading your comments!  I have been busy, busy redecorating my bedroom.  Today I am going to share my new roman shades and window panels I made for the room! I {…Read More…}

DIY Cube Ottoman Slipcover

As promised I am here to share how I made my ottoman slipcover! I must warn you… I am not the best at writing sewing tutorials! For some reason, I find it much harder to put sewing steps into words.  But… Here we go! First you will need to cut your fabric. I found my {…Read More…}

DIY Lined Roman Shades

Hey friends! I get asked about my roman shades all the time.  I decided it was time to change mine out, and I thought this would be a great time to attempt a tutorial.  You should be warned…. I feel like writing this tutorial is harder than making the darn shades… Just saying 😉 So, {…Read More…}

Dining Room Window Panels

Hey guys! I wanted to share my window panels I just made for the dining room.  If my directions seem a bit wonky just go with it… They probably are.  I have made several drapery panels and I made these using my favorite method. I found my fabric at Joann’s.  It’s a Waverly print called {…Read More…}

My Shanty Pillows

Hey guys!  I wanted to quickly show you how I created my lace pillows I showed you in my Master Bedroom post. I originally sewed the euro shams I used with my last bedding.  I wanted to somehow reuse these shams and just cover the fronts which led me to these. I found a great {…Read More…}

Changing My Bedding White

Hey everyone!  I’m going against my norm and showing you a project I have yet to finish.  It’s getting there though.  I recently ran across some Pottery Barn bedding pictures that gave me an itch to change up my bedroom.  I love white bedding.  I love Pottery Barn white bedding.  But, with a $400 price {…Read More…}

My Shanty Slipcover

I would like to preface this post by saying that this is indeed a shanty slipcover.  That’s how I roll.  So… For those of you that are here to learn the “professional” way you can just read this for your own humor 🙂 I showed you guys my brown corduroy rocker that I slipcovered for {…Read More…}

Shirt for her Birthday… And The Sale!

Hey guys!!  We celebrated my daughter’s birthday today.  When I saw the fabric interfacing out from Silhouette I thought this would be the perfect time to try this stuff out!  I wanted to make her a shirt to wear to her birthday party.   I am a sucker for fabric.  I walked into JoAnn’s to {…Read More…}

DIY Ruffle Drop Cloth Curtains

So, just warning you… This is another curtain post. I am a bit of a “phasey” person and my phase at the moment is window coverings. I have a favorite window in my house back in my bathroom.  It’s a big 4′ window that opens to my backyard.  When we built the house, I loved {…Read More…}

Cute Curtains!!

Happy Monday!!! I hope you guys had a great Super Bowl weekend!  I spent mine watching Cars and Toy Story 2 so it was great :-)! I have also had lots of questions about these… If you can sew a straight stitch… You can make these babies! I love the ease and look of panels. {…Read More…}

Burlap Trees… Take 2!

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on the ruffled trees in my last post!  I owe Erin for that awesome idea and I wanted to give you guys one more spin on these.  I decorate my house for Christmas in whites and blues… At least this year.  I am also a sucker for {…Read More…}

Ruffle Christmas Trees!!

Yes girls… It’s that time again! Well, for me it comes a bit sooner in the year than most but I am pretty sure that is a hereditary thing (our mom puts on Christmas music in late September).  So… Let’s get to it!  Here is my latest project…   How cute are those?? I can {…Read More…}

Ruffled Lamp Shade

Hey guys!  So, I owe this post to Whitney.  Number 1 ~ she gave me the hand-me-down lamp and Number 2 ~ she gave me the idea for the lamp shade and did the sewing part of it:) We started with fabric cut into 8 3 inch strips.  Then Whitney ruffled each strip and sewed red around {…Read More…}

Shanty Onesie Dress

Hey guys!! So you non-sewing gals are going to have to bear with me for a bit.  My sewing itch has returned with the addition of my new little girl… Sorry!  There are many takes on the “onesie dress” out there.  I always try to do my takes the cheapest, fastest and easiest so I {…Read More…}

Lace Flower Tutorial

Hey guys! I wanted to show you gals how I made my lace flowers that I used here… And here… It all started when I stumbled upon this great stuff at Joann’s. It’s called Wright’s Flexi-Lace Hem Facing and it comes in LOTS of great colors.  It also comes in two different sizes but I {…Read More…}

Thrifty Window Treatments

Hey guys!  I finally have window treatments in my living room!  It’s been a year since we moved in and I am a little embarassed that I have only one room that has window treatments…..make that two now thanks to Whitney:)  I chose to use the same fabric that I used in my dining room {…Read More…}

The Power of Patience!

I really should title this ‘The Power of Patience and a VERY Talented Sister’!  So, a year ago I found this so, so, so cute quilt on PBTeen at a great clearance price.  I fell in love and knew it was the perfect quilt for my oldest son.  Only problem was that the matching shams {…Read More…}

It’s Bedskirt Time!

Hey guys!  I finished the girls’ bed skirts a couple days ago and thought I would share how I did them. Here are the thrifty but oh so cute quilts I found at Home Goods… I love quilts and I have found the best way to find coordinating fabrics is to buy matching sheets.  I {…Read More…}

Ruffled Drop Cloth Stockings!!

Hey guys!! Thanks to all of you who left sweet comments on my drop cloth tree skirt HERE.  Now I want to show you what I made with the rest of my drop cloth…. I made my stockings to match my tree skirt! Here’s how I did it… I started by using a stocking I bought {…Read More…}

Whitney’s Drop Cloth Tree Skirt

Hello guys!! Hope everyone is having a great Friday.  We have had a fun week… It actually snowed here. Because this only happens about once every two years we were a bit excited!  Now to my project… I finally got sick of staring at the base holding my tree up.  I have had this planned in {…Read More…}

Whitney’s PB Pillows on a Shanty Budget!

I have been wanting to do pillows for my couch for months now. While I do LOVE the look of those super cute burlap pillows, I can’t imagine laying my head on one. So… I have been eyeballing these pillows over at PB… So cute and simple and I love the big buttons. I decided {…Read More…}