No Sew Curtains Step 2

Now you need to measure for how long you will need the fabric to be.  I decided to make my fabric section 18″ long each.  So, I cut the fabric 2″ longer.

For the width I cut my fabric 2″ wider than the width of the drop cloth.

Now for the fun part!  I found this great stuff at my local craft store.  You can also get it HERE on Amazon!

Stitch Witchery Heavy Duty

I started with my fabric… I cut pieces of the tape the length of my fabric.  Then, I just used my iron to make the hem on both sides!

Yes guys… An iron!  Whoop!

Next I made my bottom hem the same way using a piece of tape cut the same width as the fabric.

No Sew Hem

Step 3

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  • Mehnaz

    I tried this with Stitch Witchery and it didn’t hold. My LO grabbed at the curtain and now I have a huge gap in the middle of my curtain and am probably going to go back and sew it together now, which wasted all my initial time. Is this normal?