How BOW-Dacious is this???

So I had to share my latest craft with you guys! I ran across this site several years ago when my girls were just babies and fell in love!  With my baby girl on the way I have once again developed the itch to make some cute hair bows.  I tried very unsuccessfully to make my own bows and never came close to making anything cute.  I finally googled how to make a hair bow and The Ribbon Retreat pulled up.  I was hesitant knowing my very minimal skill but I decided to go for it and I purchased the instructions with the bow maker.  It has been one of the best purchases I have ever made.  I love the boutique bows but you gals know my shanty budget.  I was finally able to create my own bow for any outfit for almost no money.  LOVE it!
These are some of the bows I made in the past to go with the outfits I made the girls…
When you order you receive this bow maker…
… And a cd full of instructions on how to make literally TONS of different bows.  I really was worried that I would get the instructions and give up after 4,435 tries but it was really simple!  After I started making some bows for my new baby girl I knew I had to share this great find with you girls!  Here’s a few I have made in the last couple days…
How fun is that??!  After a little practice it will take just a few minutes to make your own super cute, custom bows.  And if you are like me, you will then become addicted to buying ribbon 🙂
Make sure you go check out The Ribbon Retreat.  I bought the TOTT Hair Bow Instructions and I encourage you gals to do the same.  I have sent many local girls to this site and nobody has been dissappointed!  Tell them that the Shanty Sisters sent you:)!  Happy Saturday!!

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  1. Hot Foil Designs on May 5, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    If you ever want custom printed ribbon I'd love to make some for you! These would be super cute for your Cheer Team to have matching bows and the ribbon could have the team name on them!

    See some examples of printed ribbon I've done..

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