Now it’s time to make the chandelier!

Ryobi_Compound_MiterI used my Miter saw to make this cut but if you don’t have a saw, you can have your hardware store make this cut for you, or you can purchase this inexpensive hand saw from Amazon.

MeasurementStart with a 2×8 cut down to 32″ long.

Rustoleum_Early_AmericanNow for the stain!  I used my absolute favorite stain – Early American!  Just paint it on with a foam brush and wipe it  (after it has set for 5 minutes) with a clean cloth.  The wiping is not to wipe the stain off but to make sure it is applied evenly.


Drill-Holes-for-HangingNow, using a 1/2″ paddle bit, drill holes into all four corners of the board.


Slide-Rope-Through-HolesI purchased a roll of sisal rope from Lowe’s and cut 4 pieces at 42″ long.  Then just thread a piece of rope through each hole and tie a knot on the other side.

Cup-HooksIt’s time to add the cup hooks.  I chose 7/8″ cup hooks.

Cup-Hook-MeasurmentsNext, using a 3/32 drill bit, drill a small hole at the marks above.  You will just drill a tiny bit into the wood.

Inserting-Cup-HooksNext, just twist a cup hook into each hole 🙂


Step 3

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