Hey guys!

We are constantly answering emails and comments on tools and getting started with woodworking.  Ashley and I will be sharing lots of tips and video tutorials in the next few months on how to use the tools we love!

Today, we are sharing our VERY favorite tools with you.  Many of you want to know what you need to get started.  Today’s post is just for you!

These are tools that we recommend.  We use them on an almost daily basis, and LOVE them!

So… In no particular order… Here we go!

What saw do we use?

If you are looking to build furniture, we totally recommend investing in a sliding compound miter saw.  These are a little pricey, but such a great investment!  We have both furnished our entire homes using our saws, and I promise they are easy to use!

This is Ashley’s saw…

Kobalt 10-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Here is my saw…

Dewalt 12-Inch Miter Saw

For those of you looking for a saw to do simple crafts with, we recommend a small hand saw like this one.  This is what I started with!  I still pull it out occasionally for small projects.  It’s great for so many of the projects we have done on our site!

That’s a stocking stuffer gals!  Come on… You will thank me!  This is a perfect ‘craft’ saw, and you would be shocked at how many projects you can do with it!

Our Favorite Drill

A drill is like a hot glue gun.  You will use it ALL the time.  This is the drill that both Ash and I use it and we LOVE it.  It’s lightweight and the battery lasts a really long time!

Don’t forget your drill bits!

Every great drill needs a bunch of drill bits!  I have LOTS of sets.  I use them all the time!  This is a great set below.

Brad Nailer

These are easily one of our favorite tools!  So easy to use!  Ashley uses Ryobi’s brad nailer that uses the same battery as her drill and loves it.

Ryobi Brad Nailer

Kreg Jig 

Obviously, one of our very favorite tools is the Kreg Jig!  This tool is the best thing ever!  If you are serious about wanting to build furniture like we do, we TOTALLY recommend this tool!

We are running a promo on their great ToolBox HERE!

If the entire kit is out of your budget, you can also buy the Kreg Jig by itself below!


This tool is not a must, but saves a ton of time and work.  I use mine on a ton of craft projects.  I like to round my edges when I do photo blocks and other small crafts.  This takes care of it quick!  It’s also great for furniture building!

I prefer an electric sander over a batter sander.  Here is the one I have and love!

 Staple Gun

Ash and I love crafting with our staple guns!

These are cheap, and will get as much use as your hot glue gun.



Our list is short!  You really can do so much with a small investment of tools.  We know for many of you they are intimidating.  We are here to prove just the opposite!  We have made it our goal to prove to you guys that these tools aren’t scary or difficult to use.  Building your own furniture really is easier than assembling prefabricated furniture from big box stores!

Let us know if you have any questions!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Have a great weekend!

~Shanty Sisters

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  1. I purchased the kreg jig 5 for my hubby for a bday gift Coming up. What do you recommend for tools for putting kitchen/ bathroom cabinets and shelving projects. I’m thinking about getting my husband clamps or the angle tools. What ones do you use? Thanks

  2. So looking forward to your update to this list! Great time on Periscope today !!! Thanks Ya’ll make my day! & its always a surprise!

  3. I’ve probably read this post about 8 times now! I think you should make a link to it on your title roll with the about us and contact us, etc. This is a really good post, and I’m afraid it’ll get lost for new readers down the line!

  4. I have a phobia of power tools so this list was very helpful! Ann @ Not Just Signs www.notjustsigns.etsy.com

  5. I am so glad you posted this list as well! One question…I borrowed my neighbor’s tools when building a bench recently, but his drill wasn’t powerful enough to maintain good power when drilling my pilot holes. I read somewhere that a drill with at least 2500 rpm is recommended for use with the kreg jig. I’m assuming you use your Ryobi drill with your Kreg Jig. Has it worked pretty easily for you?

  6. Thank you SO much for posting this because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left questions on ana white’s site about which saw to buy! I truly appreciate you doing this. Thank you!

  7. Kreg jig is on the top of my Christmas list! Thanks for the list and all the inspirations to convert this not so handy girl to a DIY lover!

  8. Just wrote a good message before my browser crashed….blah, but I really wanted to mention something so I will try to write what I had…
    I bought my husband that exact kobalt miter saw a few Christmas’ ago and would love to know how to use it before asking him to use it….or at least showing him I know some basics. I would love to be able to build furniture like you guys do but I just have felt like I wouldn’t ever be able to unless my husband helped. Honestly, I immediately shut off one of your tutorials because you started busting out tools and I felt defeated already. I would looooove if you took the intimidation out of some of the tools, especially the saw. I’m looking forward to your tutorials! Thanks so much you guys.


    1. I can’t wait for them either but I taught myself how to use our miter saw…lol…that first pull of it I think I did with my eyes closed! Hahaha (REally not a good idea while using a sharp object…my hands were out of the way)
      I was scared to DEATH! What is funny is that every time I pull it down it makes the lights go out in the shop until I let up on the arm (I really have no idea why except something about the saw being too powerful for the shop’s wiring??) Anyway….that first pull and I thought the shop was gonna blow up…and it was SO LOUD! hahaha
      I was bound and determined to build something because everyone I told that I was gonna start making furniture laughed at me!!!! So after only a few months of finding this site and Ana’s I have built a bench and a console table :))
      My next project will be building my son a bedroom suit!
      Good luck…you can do it!

      1. That’s great Brooke! I was the same way with my miter! lol I was SO nervous! lol My guy friends laugh at me when I talk about using power tools and the new tools I plan on getting, but I’ll show them! lol I am trying to freestyle build a desktop file sorter for my cubicle at work, because I have case files EVERYWHERE!

        It’s been 2 years since your post…how did that bedroom suit come out???

  9. Great list! I have a version of just about every thing you posted. But my sander just bit the dust so have to get a new one. And my Kreg is only the Jr. Would love to upgrade that one to the one you show. I’m a girl that loves her power tools! LOL