We love this living room renovation from the Berry home renovation that we did. The Berry’s have a 70’s ranch style home and their main complaint about their home was how closed off the rooms were from the living room.

Berry Living Room Before

Here is a before shot from their living room, looking into the kitchen. They hated the “service window” and the “jail cell bars”. They wanted to be able to work in their kitchen and not be boxed away from the rest of the family.

Berry Living Room After

To keep the renovation under budget, we opted to leave the header, as this was a support wall. Just opening up this wall made a HUGE difference. We wrapped the header in casing and it gives it a very intentional beautiful look! We were able to extend the island and give them a space to eat at, as well! The Berry’s can now see the living room and entry from the kitchen and they are ecstatic!

You can see the entryway/dining room renovation, that is to the right of this space HERE!