The final step is putting this bad boy together so that we can hang it!

Attach-Rope-with-WirePull all four pieces of rope together at the top

Twist-and-Cut-Wireand using the same technique that we used for the mason jars, twist the wire around the four pieces of rope until it is very tight.

Ropes-Attached-with-Wire  Then, just clip off the end with pliers!

Wrap-and-Tie-KnotTo cover up the ugly wire, just wrap another piece of rope around it.  I made 5 coils

Wrap-Around-Wireand knotted it in the back.  Just cut the long strands down with scissors.

Now it’s time for the finish!

How-to-Distress-WoodI used our favorite sander, the Corner Cat to distress the edges all around

RustOleum-Spar-Varnishand because this piece will be outside in the elements, I opted for another fave, Spar Varnish in satin!  *** You can finish this piece before adding all of the hardware but I like to finish it at the end for the smoothest finish.  And you can let it hang dry once you are done 😉 ***

Wooden-ChandelierNow drop a votive candle in each Mason Jar Lantern and hang them from the cup hooks!


That’s it!  It really depends on where you decide to hang this as to how you hang it.  I hung mine from a tree branch so I just hammered a nail into the branch.  If you are hanging this under a covered porch, you could use a plant hanger that you screw into the ceiling.  There really are so many options for this piece!





How-to-make-a-chandelier Mason-Jar-Crafts

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