How to Weather Wood

I’m back with my super easy tutorial on how to make wood look old, like I did with my Mason Jar Centerpieces last week!

aged wood

It was so quick and easy and I love the look!

wood stain

how to stain woodI started with one coat of Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut stain

spray painting wood

how to spray paint wood

I then followed with 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Heirloom White spray paint.

weathering woodFor the final step, I followed up with my 18-volt Ryobi sander and an 80-grit sanding pad.  There is no science to this process.  I just sanded away until I got the look I wanted.  I love this sander!  It works so quickly and requires no elbow grease;)  I love having cordless freedom!!

That was it!

diy old wood

aged wood

how to weather wood

I love the look!  If you love it, I’d love your shares below;)


  • Lizop

    Could I please have the dimensions for this box, we have made one but it looks bigger. much appreciated and love your work!

  • kristen

    How long did you let the dark walnut stain sit before you applied the heirloom spray?!

    • Wendy Farrens

      I’m making this now, and followed the directions from another stain and paint project. 15 min is good for a nice dark stain. Be sure you rub it down with a lint free cloth to remove the excess stain. That’s a must! And let it dry 8 hrs before painting. Patience is the key! I hope my answer isn’t too late. 🙂 This is an old post so you might not get a reply from the gal that made it. I’m excited to do this. It’s a beautiful idea! Good luck!

      • Thank you Wendy! If you are using Rust-oleum or Varathane you shouldn’t need much more than an hour between paint and stain. Hope this helps!

  • Tracy Buck

    Hi! I am a little late to the party, but I made this yesterday. I am hooked! I do everything else around the house, why not build, too?! Thank you for the inspiration and confidence!

  • Margie

    I have very old wood I found in my MIL’s garage after she passed away. On Monday, I WILL start on my caddy! I am SO excited to find this idea, and can’t wait to have it finished! Thank you!!!

  • Annette

    Just finished mine today. Love it!! Great way of aging wood – absolutely look the results!!!! I do wish I had thought ahead and done the inside portion before putting together; it was quite a chore to do so after it was already made. Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

  • myliltigress .

    Great Idea! So many uses for it! Thank You for the Link on how to make your wood look old!

  • Madaline Foglesong

    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Awesome.

  • Sarah

    Cannot wait to try this. I’ve been looking for old wood for months and NOBODY has it for reasonable prices. Now I can just make my own!!

  • this is fab. i love it!

  • disqus_QAFjgdAtWl

    How did you do the inside of the crate where the jars sit? Are they just solid white? I have a crate similar but larger however I won’t have jars in mine so just wondering how you get the inside to look the same. Beautiful!

  • disqus_QAFjgdAtWl

    How did you do the inside of the crate? Did u just leave it solid white or did you hand sand it a little to match? Beautiful!

  • Michele Duckworth

    Love the tutorial, I am a watch and do learner, so they really help. What if we don’t have this particular sander? I guess the brown almost disappears. Great effect. Love your projects. It keeps me inspired.

  • I want to make this next. Think I am gonna go to Home Depot and get the wood today. I love your tutorials!!!!!

  • nicole

    I love this!! How do you keep your round pads on your sander? Can’t seem to keep mine on…

    • I had the same problem with mine. I just had to replace the hook and loop pad. You can find them by the sandpaper at Lowes…It comes with a tube of e6000. It’s like having a brand new sander!

  • missytoe

    Love it! I wonder if you could swipe and quickly wipe a light coat of stain over it all to “redarken” the freshly surfaced wood created from the sanding…gonna try it!

  • I like the look! I would suggest following up with a coat of clear matte spray just to protect the final project.

  • Christina

    Thanks so much for this easy tut! I love the effect!

  • Kim

    I just love the old look of this and hope to make this soon. So no primer needed before the heirloom white spray painting??? Do you usually not prime the unfinished wood that you spray paint in most of your projects? Thanks for sharing another great tutorial.

    • No primer! The only time I have ever primed before spray painting was a wooden rocking chair that I painted yellow. I knew it would take a million coats so I primed first:). Hope this helps:))
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      • Lisa Taylor

        I really love your project and appreciate the share. Looks fun, quick and easy! I am going to do it today

  • Rebecca

    Ohh this is so beautiful!

    • Thank you so much Becca!!

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      • Triha

        Could this be done a black entry table? I love the weathered look!