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Anyone else dying over the cost of lumber at the moment?! We sure are! So, I have spent the last few weeks focusing on projects that can eat up my scrap pile or only take a board or 2. My kids recently played musical rooms (one of their favorite hobbies) and my son needed some shelves for his new room. I was able to build these shelves for $15 a piece, and I love the way they turned out!

Check out the how-to video below!

How cute are they?? I used THESE BRACKETS I found on Amazon. I bought the 6″ size. A set of 4 is $15.99 with free shipping.

For my lumber I used this 2x6x8 board to create the shelf. Yes, it’s 3x the cost it once was, but one will build two of these shelves!

I used my stud finder to check the walls for studs before attaching my brackets. Mine is older and unavailable to purchase anymore, but THIS ONE is a great option! Super affordable and great reviews.

If you are mounting into drywall like I did, you will want to use good anchors. My favorite EVER are these anchors! I use them all the time. So simple and strong!

I used Golden Oak stain by Rustoleum for the finish. I love this stain color lately! And this stuff dries so quick.

These shelves can be built in a few simple steps!

First, check for studs and use your pencil to mark where the screws are on the first bracket.

Next, use a level to mark where the other bracket needs to go.

Attach the speed anchors on the marks you made on the wall.

Next, line the bracket up over the 4 anchors in the wall and drive screws through the bracket holes and into the holes of the anchors.

Once all brackets are attached, cut the wood to size. I am using one 2x6x8 cut to 40″ each. I stained both of my boards at this point.

The final step is attaching the wood to the brackets through the holes in the brackets and into the wood boards.

I love how they turned out! He loved helping me pick all the goodies that went on them too!

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  1. I love the shelves. Thanks for the detailed directions. Do you remember what color paint the walls are?