BIG Ryobi Tools Giveaway!

Thanks so much to all of you who entered!!

Congrats to Krissy Buck and Lisa Beck!  We have emailed you with follow up instructions.  

Happy Thursday friends!

Those of you that follow us on Instagram already know that Ash and I are in Atlanta teaching a woodworking class at the Haven Conference this weekend!  We have such a blast at this conference, and our favorite part is that it is sponsored by some of our very favorite brands.  During our class we will be using all of our Ryobi favorites, so we thought it would be fun to team up with them today to bring you guys a great giveaway!

How fun is that?

There are 2 great prizes we are giving away today…


And we are also giving away our very favorite saw!

Ryobi Miter Saw

Not too shanty, huh guys??

So… There will be 2 winners!  One lucky winner for each prize.

And since you can keep up with us through our social networks this weekend, we thought it would be fun to make this a social giveaway!

How do you win??

Just follow the links to below to get entered up!  Winners will be announced Monday when I share my new bathroom shelf I made!  Make sure to come back and check it out… You guys will LOVE it!

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  • Lisa

    I won! I won! Me! A real person! I won the 6 tool set! Thanks to Ashley and Whitney and Ryobi tools! I am so grateful and excited!

  • Lisa Koss

    A new set of tools would be great to help build my confidence in my DIYing skills!! I want to try, but don’t know where to start..

  • Jenny

    I would love to enter this too, but don’t do the social media thing either. I just love your blog and can’t get enough of it!

  • Karin Thompson

    I would love an opportunity to work with really great tools instead of my garage sale finds!

  • Jeff Johnson

    I too dislike that one must be a member of all these groups ‘ I do like your site and repurpose lots of things. and could use the Ryobi tool pack hopefully I qualify with just facebook.

  • Guy Myers

    Hope you had a great weekend. We would love to be part of the tool give a way.

  • Heather Roberts

    I really hope that I can win the Miter Saw!!! Been wanting one! Followed you on everything. You gals definitely always have the best giveaways!

  • Regina Snyder

    Awwwww, I don’t do Twitter or Instagram, but I NEED these so bad! Especially the saw!

  • Rachel

    This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks guys. I am not sure who would love it more if I won, me or my husband. I am sure he would love that I wouldn’t have to steal his work tools anymore!

  • Cheryl Stone

    Well i so could use them tools..Unemployed so no extra money for such a great set..But i don’t don’t tweet or instagram so i guess its just not the right time for me to have some as great as them.. :-(

  • gale

    never mind-I figured out how to tweet it!!

  • gale

    Well I have no idea how to tweet but I do have a twitter that I read so I am following both on twitter and instagram now. :)

  • Danielle

    so excited for this! we recently just bought our very first drill (a ryobi!), and now we are on a mission to build ALL THE THINGS. these tools would definitely come in handy!

  • Lindsey Drennan

    I just made the Pottery Barn inspired coffee table and it turned out great! I’ve done so many contests with the same source you guys use, and it really is unfair that people without a twitter have over 50% less chance of getting it than people with all the social media, but the ryobi tools look like a dream come true for a broke college student!

  • Princess_Pikko

    Awwww! Come on! You’re killin me with the social networking stuff. :( Totally bummed out about that. As as already mentioned by others, made a personal choice not to get involved. Big time drain for me! NEED that Ryobi tool set, though. Could use it in my volunteer work. Always borrowing tools from others. Perhaps in the future you could have other options for those of us who still love and follow your site, drool at Ryobi tools they can’t afford online at Home Depot’s website, but just aren’t involved with social networking. Thanks!

  • TerriL787

    Great giveaway package, I would love to have the Miter Saw. Thanks!

  • Dakota Creek Chic

    I think I might just jump up and down screaming if I win that miter saw…LOL. Thanks for hosting a fabulous giveaway!

  • Robin Gorton

    Bummer. I don’t do Instagram or Twitter. :-(

  • Megan Borkowski

    I am so excited about this giveaway!! I have never done any woodworking projects in my life! I am a sewer/crafter but my husband is amazing at it so why should I learn?? He is deploying though in 3 weeks and my goal while he is gone is to learn. I want to build a coffee table and refinish an old oak dresser for our little foster babies to use in their room. It is likely to turn into a hot mess so wish me luck!!

  • monee2000

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the contest! :)

    P.S. Even if you don’t want to use Twitter or Instagram regularly, you can always register an account just to participate in contests…

  • Linda Gabbard


  • amanda

    There are so many projects I need to tackle at my house and borrowing tools is getting old. I’d love to win one of these prizes!

  • audrea

    Sorry I do have a twitter acct but very seldom get on it. Just can’t get n 2 it! On Instagram though! Winning one of these would b great!

  • Monique

    I so need new power tools, I have had to gut my basement due to water damage and black mold! I have so much to DO…thanks for your great tips and pics…I can’t wait to redecorate it when I solve my water damage issues.

  • susan

    I would love to win this! I plan on building a pergola on my back deck.

  • Catherine

    I am in a similar situation as Memaw 0624 here. But wow, that miter saw is gorgeous! Heck I could do my own crown moldings!!! :)

  • Sheron Brewer

    This is a great giveaway…my favorite tools! I cannot enter because I do not do facebook or twitter or instagram. I DO repurpose a lot of furniture from many sources. My next project in the designing stage is a computer table made from a piano top from large standing piano, beautiful legs from piano, drawers from rescued dresser, and drawer in table apron from printer’s tray. Please consider all of our posts as entries in lieu of social network entries. Thanks!!

  • Judy

    I hate that you have to have all those social media sites to enter. I love your sight and have made the items from several of your posts. But I’m not a tweeter! Lol

  • Doreen

    Great giveaway unfortunately it really limits the entries!

  • Memaw 0624

    I would love to win any of these. Unfortunate for me I do not tweet/tweeter nor do I do the instagram. I am one of the unfortunate/fortunate that have a real house phone and a cell phone that only makes calls — texting is blocked. This is a money, time, lifestyle choice. But I really would like to have these tools they are awesome!

  • audrea

    I guess I’m dimwitted or something but can’t figure out how to get entered for the tools giveaway. What links do I go to?? Thanks!

  • Melissa Goding

    I am currently building a deck using tools borrowed from my dad & boyfriend, this giveaway would come in so…handy!

  • Susan

    What a great giveaway! I just finished building my first three items- your built in spice rack, your built in tinfoil/ziplock/saran wrap holder, and your plant hanger! Now I can’t wait to build more. These tools would be oh so helpful! :)