Garage Organization System Plans

Hey guys!  I am SO excited to share my new DIY Garage Organization System with you!  Check it!
DIY Garage Wall Storage Unit

Garage Wall Storage System DIY

How great is that??  The best part about this bad boy is how easy it is to build!

Kreg Tool recently released an awesome kit that we are so excited to share with y’all!  It’s called the DIY Project Kit, and it recently hit the shelves.  You can also find it HERE on Amazon!

This is an amazing kit that includes 3 of Kreg’s Must-Have tools…

The Rip-Cut cuts plywood and other sheet good quickly and accurately!

The Kreg Jig R3 joins wood with Kreg’s proven pocket-hole joinery… The strongest and fastest way possible!

The Kreg Shelf Pin Jig drills perfectly-placed, repeatable shelf-pin holes for custom adjustable shelving!


When you buy this kit on Amazon HERE
or Kreg Jig’s site HERE, it also comes with 10 AWESOME free plan downloads including the plans for the garage organization system!!

We have teamed up with Kreg Tools to do LOTS of fun giveaways over the next few weeks!  Today we are giving 3 lucky winners all of these!

The Kreg Jig DIY Project Kit (R3, Rip-Cut & Shelf Pin Jig)

The Kreg Shelf Pin & Screw Combo (500 Kreg 1-1/4″ coarse-thread pocket-hole screws and 40 5mm shelf pins)

Kreg Automaxx Face Clamp

Kreg Right Angle Clamp

Now that is a WHOLE LOT of DIY!!

So, how do you enter?  It’s easy!  Tell us!  What’s the first project you would build with all your new Kreg Tools??  Leave us a comment below telling us!

And in the meantime… Check out some more shots of my garage all finished up thanks to these AWESOME Kreg tools!

DIY Garage Wall Storage Unit

Garage Storage System DIY

Garage Storage Unit DIY

Garage Wall Storage System DIY

Clamp Storage DIY

Good luck guys!  We will announce the winners in a week!  You can see more details on the giveaway rules here!

  • jonathan davis

    is there plans on this shelving system you put in the garage?

  • Sherri McClellan

    We just finished building a stand alone garage, so definitely garage shelves would be my first project.

  • Angela Hodge

    I would start right here with my garage shelves. Been on my list a long time!

  • Heather Benfer

    My garage is in serious need of shelves!

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  • AlohaEd

    I’d build some garage cabinets!

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  • Peter A. Walsh

    Does anyone have the website for the DIY kit from kreg? Saw it this morning and thought I could find it online but have not been able to do so. It consisted of a 3 payment plan, this close to the holidays that would be the best option. Please let me know.

  • April Freitag Hannah

    I have a very long list of things I want/need to build, but I’m thinking if I start with shelves and a cabinet to organize my workspace, it would make my project list a little more easier to accomplish!! I’ve been wanting a Kreg Jig for a while now, but the Kreg package would be an awesome (and very helpful) addition to my small tool collection.

  • Kevin Hanes

    A proper router table/cabinet with a homemade lift. I have outgrown my Craftsman benchtop unit. I want to get into larger profile bits but cannot with a small table.

  • Natasha W.

    I’ve slowly been collecting tools and a Kreg Jig is the last thing on my list. My first project will be a dining room table and benches. My favorite is the DIY Restoration Hardware Dining Table – it will be perfect for my currently empty dining room! Thank you for all you amazing (and practical) projects!

  • Jon N.

    The first project I would build is basement storage shelves. I already own an earlier version of the Kreg Jig and have built tons of stuff using pocket hole joinery. Having the package of goodies you described would make future projects even more easy and fun! Thanks for all the great projects you guys do!

  • Jacinta Willis

    I would make a desk and bookcase for my son, Amir. This is my second year homeschooling him-the dinet table is ok, but he would really benefit from having a dedicated study area.

  • LD

    A custom shed!!! I dream of this project for all of my equipment.

  • Kristin

    That garage storage is beautiful & boy do I really want this set now so my man & I can build that! We have a 1 car garage that his truck gets parking in so everything is up to the wall. Right now we use 2 of those typical metal & plywood shelving units, his toolboxes, some metal ikea shelves we got for free & 2 shelves that were already up on the walls, but everything is just a cluster. One whole wall of storage like that would be AMAZING & really get that garage in shape!

  • Ashley

    Were the winners announced? 🙂

  • Susan in MD

    First thing….Kitchen Table! We’ve been without one for over a year and my fiance and I want to build our own!

  • Tanya

    I would build a queen storage headboard for my daughter!

  • Lynn

    I would build the cabinets for my kitchen remodel. Love the garage organizer too, that has to go on the list.

  • garage organization would be nice!!

  • Andy harris

    I would make some laundry storage with base cabinets with tilt out bins and wall units with inset frosted glass and hanging rails.

  • Liam K.

    Would probably build a coffee table and some built-in shelving

  • Cerita Edwards

    I so need this in my life….my garage is a mess and I have been looking for a cool organzation idea and here it is!!!

  • Tony Daddario

    I have to much stuff in the garage and need to build some organizational type cabinets

  • Terry Mc

    I would use it to build me a bookcase for my office out of vintage wood. I’ve been waiting to start it. It would be so GREAT to use these tools to do so! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Jeff

    I need more garage shelves.

  • Alyssa Walters

    What WOULDN’T I build?! 😉 In all honesty, we’re building a new home and we really had planned for the builder to put in some shelving but I much prefer your garage organization system above. THAT’s what I’d build first — and then some bedroom furniture for my family.

  • David Thoresen

    A wall storage unit for my stuff in the garage!

  • Nikki

    I would use it to build a bench for my new miter saw, so I can get started building all the great DIY projects on this site!

  • Aldrich

    I would build a built in media wall unit in our family room, a side table for the living room, and a suspended bed for the neighbors.

  • John Chickerell

    I would build better kitchen cabinets for my family, Because the ones I currently have are an embarrassment, As well as unsafe. A kit like this would make it so very easy to do.

  • Colleen

    Well, I was wanting to build a rolling side buffet for my Kitchen but now that I have seen the Garage storage unit I may have to make it first so my car can be parked in the garage again. Love Kreg products!!

  • Lilia

    I would like to build 2 different build-in-cabinets, 1 entertainment center, desk hatch for my husband and my son.

  • Joel

    I would build a new wall storage system for my tools in the garage similar to the one pictured above.

  • Matt Cunningham

    The next thing on the list is beds for my boys.

  • Karen A.

    Built-in bookshelves!

  • Wesley W

    I would start by building a work bench to build the garage organizational system to make way for the dozen or so projects I want to build after finding this site 2 weeks ago. Im building my arsenal of tools and these Kreg tools are at the top of my list.

  • Kane Wrench

    A king sized headboard and frame for my beautiful bride of 15 years!

  • Casey

    A new set of bookshelves!

  • Jacob

    I’d want to build a second work bench like the 8′ plans found here but maybe 4′ to center in the garage as an assembly surface. Another project would be an entertainment stand. Small cabinet doors and adjustable shelving for movies and consoles.

  • Jeff Holbrook

    I would build a set of doll furniture for my 3 1/2 year old. She loves playing with her dolls and needs an appropriately sized bed, dresser, and changing table.

  • Joey Sturgeon

    headboard and side tables for our new king bed

  • Mary

    workbench! Then many other projects!

  • Thom

    A tool shed!

  • Thom

    A tool shed!

  • Beaver95

    First thing for me would be to build a workbench with these tools that would house these tools.

  • Jeremy Lundgren

    New loft beds with built in storage and reading nook for my three daughters.

  • Bob Booth

    I want to build cabinets foe my garage and laundry room

  • Seth

    I’ve been wanting to build my son a headboard for his twin bed. I would use the set to build his headboard and a nightstand to match.

  • Elsa Olivera

    I’d build that new entertainment center we’ve been wanting and a new bed frame for my daughter!

  • Oh My! I would so love to win this. I would use the plans you just posted to build shelves in my super small (8×10) shed to help get it organized and then I would use the same plans to build a shelve system in my craft room that is in dire need of organizing to get rid of all the wire cubes and miss matched shelves. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Tyler

    An exterior toy box for allllll the trucks and ride on toys in our backyard.

  • Anita T

    I would build a corner entertainment unit for my living room.

  • Mike Duval

    Office workstation, bathroom cabinets and I’m sure a few other things just to get started.

  • Matt

    Bookshelves. Lots and lots of bookshelves.

  • David Shockey

    I would build a workbench and cabinets for my garage as a new workshop.

  • Gloria Ruiz

    As a stay at home mom caring for 4 children (ages 18, 13, 11 &6), I find myself having to stick to a strict budget. There is not much wiggle room to go to a furniture store and purchase an expensive and possibly overpriced entertainment center. We currently have one of those armoire type cabinets that holds our tv, but it takes up a lot of space. That will be my first project with the awesome Kreg Jig kit if I was to be so lucky and win. Then after, there is a large wish list of other household items that I would eagerly tackle!

  • Ashley Mills

    I would build some floating shelves for my master bedroom and organization for the garage

  • Poohla

    I have wanted to build an entry bench where anybody coming in the back door can sit and remove boots or shoes and store jackets and hats. Having these Kreg Tools would make that job easy and painless!! What a great giveaway.

  • richard

    I would build a nice entertainment center for my girlfriend

  • Patrick

    I would build a closet organizer and a new entertainment center.

  • Brett P

    Entryway bench with coat hooks and storage cubbies!

  • Coralie B.

    I would love to build an organizing unit for my craft room.

  • anna mccurdy

    I would build the farmhouse kitchen table. That would definitely be my first project. My husband and I just buildt a new home and the experience showed us we can do more than we think. We are so excited to get started!

  • adam leard

    I will be building a diy queen bedframe with storage, headboard and footboard. Once that is complete i will be building a storage system similar to the one pictured in my garage. So excited to get started!

  • Sandie Emig

    I’d love to begin with a table and go from there!

  • Danielle J.

    I would definitely start building my dining room built in cabinets with hutches! I have the plans all drawn up, it’s just a matter of actually doing it!

  • Greg Stacy

    My first canoe

  • Kimberly g jones

    absolutely have way to many projects that I want to build my list is endless but I’d start with beds for my kids then rustic table for my living room followed by cabinets in the laundry and most definitely the wall shelf with the metal piping! I have already built so many of yalls projects!!! I love the rustic finish on everything yall do! My goal is to eventually have built every piece of furniture one project at a time! I have built the coat rack, blanket ladder five stand mirrors and now we are putting them all of stands with swivel screws. My headboard, a desk, a entertainment stand, the towel racks and even routed them for a fancy finish and made some for our bath towel racks too! Love love love yall plans & site! I have become so addicted! 🙂 thank you for the inspiration!!!

  • Greg Stacy

    I would build my first canoe…

  • Phil

    I would build a changing table/dresser for our soon to be born baby for their room. I’ve built 2 others for my 2 daughters. Using the Kreg Jig would make building it easier.

  • Jason Kupiec

    I would love to win this to build something for my wife as we are celebrating our 14th anniversary. I’m thinking that a new TV console for the living room would be a perfect idea to break this in.

  • I would probably build some type of storage for my entry way!

    • Rick Hawkins

      I would love to be able to win this great Giveaway for I would love to have these Great Kreg Products to be able to use them in A Church Ministry of teaching the youth group Wood Working. I started this ministry after I had a few from our youth group ask if I could help them learn Woodworking. I have been Blessed with adding more youth to the group but I have been having to pay for everything that is used for the church doesn’t think it is something that the Church Should Help Fund. But I have refused to give up on this ministry and myself being on Disability it is not easy to purchase some Great Products like this in this giveaway. I have been reaching out to anyone that would be willing to help me. So if I could win this great Giveaway it would be a great blessing.

  • Michael Lugar

    I am currently in the process of renovating my basement so my 2 year old daughter has a bigger play area. We are in desperate need of storage for all her toys and games. I’ve been searching the Internet for plans for some kind of built-in storage system. Attempting this project with a Kreg Jig seems like it would make it a whole lot easier for a weekend diy’er. This would be my first project with my Kreg Jig and I know there will be many more to come. Thanks and I love your site. Keep up the great work.

  • Denise A

    O.M.G.!!! I would love to win!! If I did, I would build THIS exact plan! I LOVE it!!! This is perfect!!!

  • Patrick Hupp

    The first thing I would build with this are new beds for both my kids. My daughter’s would be a twin day bed to go with her room. My son’s would be a full with built in storage underneath to help him get more organized.

  • barlypop1969

    i plan on building the ultimate organizing shelving system in my basement that will also roll out to let us select the stuff we need and not have to empty the whole shelve.

  • Annette

    I need to rebuild a storage unit on my patio and would love to build some shelves for plants as well as boxes for growing veggies. I’d use the tools for that.

  • Chelsea

    I would use the tools to build some storage for my laundry room that is in desperate need of some!

  • Brenda

    After seeing this post, I would build a garage organization system. I have no organization in my garage what so ever, so it would definately help!

  • Josh

    I would build a headboard for my bed.

  • Amanda

    I would build a bed for my son!

  • Mendi

    I would start with a basic shelf and hopefully go from there!!

  • Sue Long

    Hi!!! I just recently found your ladies blog, and I LOVE IT!! I use to be very handy then I had kids:) I love being a mom and all my time went towards them. Now my kids are a little older and I want to pick back up doing projects around the house while they are in school. My first projects are going to be the Taylor’s console and the Corona coffee table. I have the wood ready to go but then I realized I need a Kreg Jig. So, my projects are on hold for a little bit. Well ladies keep on doing what you do. You are a huge inspiration to people. Thanks for the chance to start doing what I love again.

  • Molli

    I would make some more shelving in my closet so I have a little more organization. We just moved into a new house and I decided to sell everything and build it new. So I have a massive list of things I need to build. After the closet I definitely need to start on a dresser for the master bedroom. Thankfully I have your website to turn to with so many step by step guides. Every time I see a new post I happily add it to my never ending list of things to do.

  • Samantha

    I would start with the floating shelves. This project would complete my DIY bathroom remodel. Of course, I would much rather make the Coffee Cabinet first, but I made myself a promise not to start another project until the current one is complete! The Kreg DIY Project Kit would make this project easier and faster to complete. Good Luck everyone!

  • Ross

    A bookshelf

  • Sarah E

    a coffee table or headboard!

  • theresa J

    I want to build the Farmhouse table and bench

  • Julie

    I love your garage organization idea. My husband has been longing for something to organize our garage…so I would probably copy your idea and do that first.

  • I teach infant swim seasonally in my back yard. I have my swim families enter the backyard through the garage. With 3 kids of my own riding bikes & playing with outside toys (ok, I have my DIY messes too) it is SO hard to keep the garage clean. I have been spying garage organization DIY and came across this just in time! Crossing my fingers…

  • Stephany Oliver

    I would start with new headboards and room storage for my growing kids. Then move on to closet storage units for each of them.

  • Megan A

    I would build a kitchen table!!

  • Laura

    I would love to build some cabinets for the storage area of our basement, then a bar for the part of the basement that we’re attempting to finish.

  • Amy Teal

    Storage, storage, storage, I desperaty need storage shelves and cabinets in the garage and in my craft/woodworking/all of my crap room!

  • Christine

    Where to begin?! On the to-do list are garage organization, closet organization, custom desks, a workbench, sewing machine cart, coldframe for plants, etc. Think I’d start with the garage, though. Thanks!

  • Tina Smith

    Organization please!!! I have 3 projects in mind- 1st pantry drawers that slide and soup can organizers. 2nd- closet organizer for our “L”shaped master closet and 3rd shelfs for my 8×8 workshop area in our garage. You are wonderful keep up all the awesome stuff!

  • Jessica w

    We want to build cabinets with door similar to that but above and around our bed for extra storage. Thanks for the chance to enter!!
    Jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  • Rebecca Acx

    What wouldn’t I build! I think first priority would be a master closet organizer.

  • Dee

    I have so many projects in my head. We recently purchased our first house so the project list is growing rapidly ;). But I think that I would start with using the kit to organize the garage (or the dungeon as I call it).

  • Peggy Smithson

    My garage needs some desperate organization but I think the first thing I would build with these tools is a twin bed frame to replace a window seat.

  • jonella

    I think I would have to start with garage organization. My hubs is getting anxious because I have stuff everywhere – paint here, scrap wood there, unfinished project materials over “yonder”, etc. Not to mention my student desk I use as a work table for when I made my grandson the sandbox from your plans this summer.

  • Leslie Stewart

    I need this organization for my garage! It’s amazing!
    House on the Way

  • TracieOB

    I have been wanting to make a bed for my son’s new full size mattress. and then……such a long list! A bar for my dining room – long overdue – thank you

  • chris

    man, that kreg kit is a good deal. Would be dandy for the patchwork dresser. ripping long cuts and joining the shelves.

  • Michael B

    We’ve been in our new home almost 3 years now, still lots of unfinished jobs to take care of. A big storage cupboard for the laundry is next on the list and then some additional shelving for our master bedroom closet. The shelf pin set would be most helpful. Love the blog.

  • Cheryl Coleman

    I would build 2 things this awesome garage storage and your coffee cabinet which is next on my list.

  • nmdew

    At the top of my to-do list is the Restoration Hardware dining table.

  • jennifer simon

    First you are my absolute favorite site and I check it daily, Thank you! I will be making a coffee table

  • Darin Brown

    mine’s going to be a miter saw mobile station

  • Christina Dalton

    I am anxiously waiting to create a functional and welcoming entry foyer. I want to build floating shelves, table, and hooks for it. I also want to build a patio dining set.

  • Amys

    Without question I would make that AMAZING garage organization system. Not only is it functional but it looks amazing! My kind of project!

  • Arianah Watts

    I really really want to build a big ol’ table for our back patio!

  • kelly

    Basement storage for starters! Then look out!!!

  • Karen

    A console table, the narrow one and a planked wall, altho that probably doesn’t use the Kreg 🙂

  • i want to build the lumber cart and the workbench.

  • Kali Blodgett

    I would love to build a Planked Sideboard which all of these would come in so handy for!!

  • eng-chick

    A built in filing cabinet for my never quite done kitchen.

  • Silvia Fong

    I would build bedroom furniture for around the bed.

  • Austin

    I would start by building an outdoor sectional, followed by a built-in bookshelf/desk area that spans three walls in our office.

  • Robin Myers

    I would build some toy storage and bedroom furniture for my kiddo’s 🙂

  • Sharon Odio

    We would build a check out counter and cabinets for a new business.

  • Erica Walsh

    Shelving and a tv stand for the basement we are currently in the process of finishing.

  • Erin C.

    I’d love to try my hand at a couple pieces of furniture, especially a large wall unit for my living room.

  • Dana Philbeck

    I would build a console table for the flat screen tv with storage

  • The farmhouse table! I’ve been planning one for quite some time now.

  • Liz

    we just moved into a new house. Garage shelves are the first on my list.

  • Deb Mathenia

    First would have to be shelving/cabinet for the laundry/storage area. I make crafts to help our local animal shelter, These tools would definitely help my endeavors.

  • Brionne Angel Reynolds

    I would definitely make the garage organization system first. My garage is in desperate need 😉 next would be 2 end tables!!!!

  • Joni

    I want to make an entire guest room of furniture, so I could use all the tools I can get! Thanks for all that you guys do,

  • Tara Bramblett Caldwell

    I would make new shelves for my pantry and organization for my garage.

  • Kristina Marie

    I’d finally work on my sofa table that I’ve been putting off, and make a few corner shelves for the bathroom, and more shelving for my closet, well, I’d make everything! 🙂

  • Sandy

    The list is endless but…. I would love to build the garage organization system, and then a desk, and then a storage cabinet, and then a dining table, and then…..

  • Joni Atha

    Oh, the possibilities!!! I have several future projects in mind. The first is a custom parrot cage for our vet clinic. Then on to a garage organization project & then shelving for one of our son’s bedrooms. This would be awesome!

  • Sean Walworth

    I have two projects in mind. One is roll-outs for our kitchen cabinets. The other is a tall, skinny dresser using reclaimed wooden wine boxes as the drawers.

  • ChelseaJosh Larson

    would love to win the tools! The first thing I would do with the tools is start our floors! But there’s a ton of things I want to do on here!

  • Cara

    I just discovered you site two days ago and have a whole list of projects I would love to build (esp. the DIY coffee cabinet) but since I am a beginner I would probably start with the floating shelves 🙂

  • Ryan

    I really want to modify your murphy desk into a bookshelf we have!

  • BRuff

    A crafts table and toy storage box for my son. It’s amazing how much space a tiny person needs!

  • IB

    I would build a side table first, and then many other projects while I am working on furnishing and decorating my new house! I’m sure Kreg tools would make it so much easier, and inspire me to build a lot of things!

  • kyle townsend

    Would love to build a vanity I saw on ana white plans. Would love to have the Kreg tools to help.

  • Angelique Scott

    I want to build the exact storage you just built in your garage! We need it soo bad!!!

  • Jennifer Stewart

    I have been wanting to build a breakfast table version of your farmhouse dining table. That is what I’d build first!

  • Lindsay Machemer

    I would LOVE these tools! My husband and I are looking forward to making the hexagonal dining room table or the farmhouse coffee cabinet!

  • After years in an apartment we finally moved to a house with a garage. So, I can finally get back to woodworking again. I would love and cherish these tools.

    • Sallie Gordon

      I would build a closet organizer.

  • jess

    I am a beginner with no tools that are all mine, and I would love to build the $20 Shelves Anyone Can Build. These would look great in our homeschool area!

  • I want to build a new dresser. Winning this would be AMAZING!

  • Shelby

    We just moved to Alaska, so I’m thinking some garage storage so I can get the cars in there. Maybe some quilt stands, too!

  • Mary Cook

    I think I’m gonna have to go for the garage organization. Our tiny garage needs some vertical storage BADLY.

  • wrexiesmom

    My kids would have beds (not just a mattress on the floor) and an organization system for toys!

  • kristin

    I would build the lumber organizer that you guys made! 🙂

  • rarecomment

    I’ve become addicted to Ryobi tools thanks to you lovely ladies!! My next build before the snow flies will hopefully be great garage storage and a portable work bench!! #buildlikeagirl

  • Nancy Daigneault

    I would love to build cabinet to oraganize my garage, before winter comes, so we could put the cars in and still can build things for our home all year.

  • Fiona

    A dining room table with a bench seat. Our old hand me down needs an upgrade!

  • Emily

    I would build a workspace for tools/woodworking in our garage, and a garage organization system. Since we don’t have a table for cutting wood or storing power tools. I would also work on building more beds. We just bought our first Kreg Jig over the weekend and we are attempting to build 2 twin beds from your plans!

  • Mark Koehl

    I would finally build that Murphy bed for my guest room/office and reclaim all of that valuable lost floor space.

  • Brenda Hayes

    My next Kreg project is going to be either a giant bathroom medicine/storage/display cabinet built out of extinct
    American Chestnut or a garbage can with a magazine holder for
    The bathroom

  • Lori

    Definitely shelves–we need some in our garage and laundry room!

  • Ginny Jones

    There are so many of your projects that I have in mind. The first thing I would do is make some furniture for the new nursery.

  • Kim Macare

    I have to admit I just went out and bought my first Kreg Jig last week and already built 2 desks for my daughter’s room. I’d love the DIY project kit to continue tapping into my creative side. I see kitchen cabinets and a mud room in my future (all built by me!)

  • Jessica

    We would build cabinet organizers in the kitchen cabinets. I dream of slide out shelves and drawers instead of having to get on the floor to dig into the cabinets!

  • Ammon J. Hardy

    Oh my, the list just got longer, beds for my girls, dressers for my boys, a playground, oh and shelves for the closets.

  • Megan L

    We are converting attic space off our master bedroom into a huge closet. I’d love to DIY the closet system and this would help tremendously.

  • stcarroll

    a head board cube for my daughters’ beds 🙂

  • Cherie Ball

    The Mirrors you built!

  • Marion

    Master closet system! I’m overdue for a new Kreg Jig as mine has rusted over after three years in the salty air climate we live in. Since it’s my best garage friend, I still use it rusty and all. But, it would be so nice to have the new version. 🙂

  • Karla Wilcox

    I would build the shelves and benching system we want to install in our mud room!!

  • Mary

    WOW! I have a list of things I want to
    build and those tools would really come in handy. Just last week I was drooling
    over the Kreg Jig Rip Cut at Lowe’s. Unfortunately, my budget would not allow
    me to buy it so I had to build my own jig to rip up a piece of plywood. If I win
    I will use those tools to build a headboard and night stand for my son room,
    work on building my dream master closet, and eventually tackle a huge cabinet
    project in my 1950’s kitchen. Thank you Shabby 2 Chic for your inspiration and
    tutorials. I love watching my fellow Texan gals Build like a Girl.

  • Mark Richardson

    I would build a garage system similar to your fantastic project. I’m about to move into my girlfriend’s house. We’re going to need a place to put all of my junk that she doesn’t let through the front door.

  • Brad Ellis

    I would build a triple-lofted bunk bed! This would be an incredible kit to have!

  • Maegen Anthony

    I would love to build a “custom” closet…need some serious organization in there!

  • Teri Swanson

    I would build a locker system for all my kid’s bacpacks, sports equipment, and shoes.

  • Nicolle Jansson

    My very first project was actually the Kreg’s work bench! It was my very first intro into woodworking and I was so impressed that I did it myself, I made a second one,that same week!

  • Denise Johnston Waghorn

    I would start with garage organization. My two-car garage is such a wreck that I cannot move the cars inside. And then it’s such a mess that I can’t work on projects. These tools will help me get started, since the organization will allow me to continue to make projects, and maybe move the cars inside. Good luck to all.

  • Coralee

    I would also build an organizational system for my garage. It is currently embarrassingly trashed. I have a plan and drawings, just waiting on time, money, and tools!

  • Jessica Lynn

    This would be SO helpful to build cabinets for my garage with adjustable shelves and a workbench!! The e possibilities are endless !

  • Christa Smith

    Ah, this set would be amazing!! I would start with our garage…it’s a mess and in need of some serious organization. We have been updating our house for the past 6 months slowly and still have several projects on the list to complete, but I need the right tools. We’re a young couple with littles so saving money is essential…hence why I love your website! After the garage, I want to make floating shelves on one side of our mantel in the living room and then I have a huge blank wall in our entry I want to do something with. Thanks for your inspiration, tutorials, and giveaways!!

  • markDinOB

    We went out to eat the other night and were talking about a fun redo for our kitchen eating and sitting. My wife wants a farmhouse table and we want to pair it with our own cool “booth seating” to surround it. I need serious #Kreg help to pull that off!

  • Nicole Matthews

    I would build this awesome garage system! I need this organization so bad!

  • Joanna

    I would build shelving for my garage. It is in serious need of some organization. ;D Thanks for the great giveaways!

  • Heather

    Your garage redo looks amazing! I’d either build that or build up my daughters’ closet! Thanks for all the inspiration! 🙂

  • Bobi Jones

    I plan on building up my master closet. The current metal shelves have to go!

  • Jo Ashley

    I would build a shelving system for my office.

  • chispitacarreras

    We would definitely build lots of shelving in our garage. We have a nice garage with tall ceilings, but everything is pushed to the sides because there are no shelves! It would be sooo helpful. =-)

  • allisonwhitman .

    We would build a shelving system in our upstairs. After my father in law passed away, we have converted our upstairs to accommodate the inventory from his business. This would be extremely helpful!

  • Sheila Wilson

    That garage system is exactly what I want!! I spent all weekend researching table saws and realized the Kreg rip guide is really what I need!!

  • Jamie Roberts

    I would build the farmhouse bedroom set (queen bed, nightstands) from ana white. I just love it and it would help me be more relaxed when I go to bed – something one needs with a 4 month old 🙂

  • Shelly Bailey

    We have been looking at garage organization plans recently. That would be the first thing we would create with these tools! Thanks so much for the giveaway! – Shelly

  • Julie Marks

    A storage bed system for my son. We have been overrun with stuff and he not only needs a big boy bed, but a place to put all of his toys. The ones I’ve seen online are just way too expensive so I’d like to try to make it myself.

  • Erin

    I would build so many things! I want to build a bookcase for my room and dressers for each of my three kids. Not to mention some of the AMAZING beds I’ve seen on your site.

  • Susan D

    I would love to build a farmhouse table and benches for our deck!

  • Ashley Temple

    My first project would seriously be this awesome garage organization! We just moved in and have been building away but it’s so much harder with ZERO organization in the garage!

  • Jodi Hoopes

    I have been wanting to make a dreser… these tools would make it so much easier!

  • Tifron

    I would start with my husband’s shop, he needs some serious organizing shelves. Next my kids’ rooms, my pantry, and then my craft “area”. I caught a little of the infomercial spotlighting you and the Kreg DIY kit and was smart enough to jot down your site before running out the door. Hope to catch the segment again to see all of it and better understand how easy the kit is supposed to be. I’ll be checking out your site from now on as well! Very inspiring! Oh yeah, add to my project plans..the ladder for blankets!

  • Nancy

    I would use them to build what you posted here for garage storage. What an awesome use of space!

  • Cara Marco

    I would built a queen-size storage bed, and that rip cut would be a huge help!

  • Lisa Holts

    I would be using them to build my new barn doors for our basement we are finishing! We would love these tools!

  • My husband and I have loved building a few of the projects on your site and gifting them. I mentioned I’d love to build the Restoration Hardware inspired Dinging room table and benches, more day dreaming. But I keep catching my husband looking over the plans, and I find Amazon open with the Kreg Jig pulled up. He’s trying to get the guts to take it on 😉 All we need is that Kreg Jig!! Pick me, Pick me!! I need that big beautiful table to set my family around! 🙂 Keep up the gorgeous work ladies!

  • StephanieMali

    I would build a bunk bed for my boys and some shelving in the garage for my lumber.

  • De

    Are there plans for this garage organizer somewhere? I think it might be one of the things I’d build if I won. 😉

  • Jodi Bickel

    I would build a farm table and the garage organization system. Hope I win!!

  • Raquel Shoch

    I would like to build a hallway locker organization system, but build it for the garage to hang coats, store shoes and hang dog leashes.

  • Melissa

    I would build a workbench as a place to work, keep my tools and organize!

  • Courtney

    I would build us a new bed!

  • Sarah K

    I would build a new table for my family.

  • Angela Shoulders

    I would build new nightstands!

  • Laura Stenquist

    We are currently building a dresser for my son, but I have a list of plans that I want to build.

  • Carla Taul

    I want to build your farmhouse side table!

  • Millie

    I have a wall bed to build!

  • sara sprangers

    I have been following your posts and projects for over a year now and my ultimate fave was the hall tree! My dad built it for me although I wanted to try my hand at it. Half the battle of building is having the right tools 😉 my husband is on the farm milking 7 days a week and I take care of our home and 2 kids. He is not a “handy man” like my dad so I do most projects alone or with dads help! If I won the tools I would be confident in building my sons bedroom furniture (dresser with red bins and barn door head board and frame) as he is growing out of his crib and small dresser 😉 thanks for your time! Good luck to all!

  • My husband recently built a new garage behind our house. He needs work benches so that’s what he would build!

  • Darlene Hill-Parks

    Custom shelves for my utility room!

  • Krista Franks

    I have been wanting to build an entry way table/shelf for shoes/dog food and water bowl station so everything will stop being deposited on my kitchen countertops!


    I would definitely build your tool organization system for my shop. Hope I win!!!!!!!!

  • Heather Lee

    I would build a headboard with some storage!

  • Kimberlee

    I think I would finally be ready to tackle a dining table and bench seat!

  • hillary

    I would build some cabinetry in the attic space that we’re finishing. This would be a huge help!

  • Tasha oliver

    Def a new kitchen table.

  • Amanda

    A bookcase and console table for my living room would be my first projects.

  • Laurie Howell

    I want to build a coffee table and get my 17 yr old involved so she learns these skills. She is interested to learn (yeah)

  • Jeff Wright

    New headboard for my youngest son’s new room.

  • DJ

    I would build nightstands for my boys rooms to match the beds I already built.

  • Debbie

    Where do you do your painting/staining? Do you do it all in your garage? It looks way too pretty to get it messed up! Sadly, I can’t enter the contest… being a Canadian. But I’m thinking I need to go out and buy this kit…all your posts are so inspiring!! Thanks

  • Terry

    Would enjoy making a farm table.

  • Kristy Taylor Altomare

    Where oh where to begin… I think I want to build the coffee cabinet for sure, thinking about building a couple for Christmas gifts and the blanket ladder. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome tool set!

  • Felicia palmer

    We just had cherry logs, milled for a farmhouse table! Would love a Kreg Jig to make it even better than expected!

  • Kristie

    Love to make the kitchen coffee cabinet, some shelves for my living room wall, and some dressers for my girls’ room.

  • Sharon Hendricks

    This kit would be PERFECT to customize shelving, much like these in your garage, for my craft room. We’re also getting ready for a large storage building and I need a storage system in there as well. Kreg tools along with your awesome plans, would allow me to get some much needed projects done. The best part about it is, I could pretty much do all that stuff by myself as hands-on help is limited. Thanks for the opportunit to win!

  • Karilea Cate

    My first project with the Kreg tools would definitely be your farmhouse dining room table and benches! My husband and I recently moved (again) with military orders and this is the first home we’ve shares that had a dining room instead of just an eat in kitchen or breakfast nook. I would love to be able to fill that room with beautiful pieces that didn’t cost us a fortune!

  • Jill Nelson

    I would build a storage pantry/hutch. We are a family of 5 living in a very small rental. Organization is key!

  • Debbie Goss

    I would help my husband build a potting bench.

  • monee2000

    I would build the dining room table that’s next on my list! Love my kreg jig!!

  • Kelly Sunshine

    With the Kreg tools, my first build would be a farmhouse table for my dad and step-mom

  • I am moving into my newly built home with a garage and planning to use your tutorial for the epoxy floor. This bad boy would be so awesome to build and house my growing collection of Ryobi tools (thanks you two – I have confidence I can use them).

  • Erin Meerzaman

    I am about to start converting a closet into a build in desk area off my kitchen so this would be a great help!!

  • Eric Phillippi

    I would build some custom closet shelves, hanging racks, and drawers! And the best part is that instead of building this FOR my wife, I would build this WITH my wife! She’s been so inspired by all of the beautiful things that you are building!!!


  • Ashley Lawyer

    Temporary faux fireplace and bookshelves built-in for my LA apt living room. Renters are terrified to add storage space because it seems so daunting but there are plenty of ways to transform a rental space with the right Kreg Jig tools to help! -Ash

  • Cindyscarb

    Hmmm, first a kitchen island, then a farmhouse table!

  • I have so MANY projects that I want/NEED/would LOVE to do with a kreg jig! I think I would start with a dining table since we don’t even have enough seats at our round one for the 5 of us. The possibilities are endless from there!

  • DeNaya Cooper

    Would LOVE this kit!! I would build a nightstand for my boys’ room and a media console. Start crossing some things off my “to build” list now that cooler weather is coming!

  • Sandra E.

    Would love this! Definitely start with a desk for my boys

  • Krista ‘Whiddon’ Carpenter

    I’m about to start building a mud room bench area in my garage. Having a kreg jig would be great for this project!

  • Karla Undeberg Preston

    I would build a bed.

  • Tyi Duncan-Whitcomb

    I would build a desk and bookcase for the front room we are turning into the library…

  • Rsbatt7

    If I won all the Kreg tools, I’d build my wife a custom desk for her makeup studio!

  • Megan Bark

    Garage storage shelving would be at the top of my list as well! We have stuff everyone and desperately need a place to put it. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mindi

    Shelves for my kids closets!! Thanks girls, I love your garage storage Whitney!

  • Angela Gardner

    A king size bed frame for us and a kid bed frame for our little guy!

  • Jami Bingham

    Closet organizer

  • Teal

    Bunk beds for my boys, night stands, farmhouse table, and farmhouse benches (already have the wood!)! The list goes on!
    -the wooden peacock

  • Brad Rodriguez

    I would totally love to have this combo kit! I would build a chevron pallet table or a farmhouse style desk for my sister. My niece is just starting middle school and needs a place to do her homework and they want a desk for the kitchen. Some pocket holes and quick cuts and I’d be well on my way!

  • Savannah Evans

    Farmhouse dining room table! I’ve been wanting to do this project for months.

  • Kim Lilledahl

    A long list of wants…tables and bookshelves

  • Zoe

    A chicken coop!!

  • Guest


  • Tia C

    I would build floating shelves for our living room.

  • Rachal

    My mom wants a new rustic console table for her living room. It would be great if I could make it with adjustable shelves!

  • Kelly Burks

    A big ol’ bookcase!!

  • Erin Antoon

    There are so many projects I want to make, but I think I would start with a set of floating shelves to display my husband’s grandmother’s antique cake plates we just inherited! I can’t wait to put them on display in our home!

  • James Conley

    I would build a power tool storage shelf first, then a wood rack for lumber…just for starters!

  • bonnie

    I don’t have tools to make my cats a cat condo so I’ve been letting them outside to run off their energy, well last week my one cat was hit by a car, he’s got some problem now with his back leg but I’m just thankful he’s alive! I’m now keeping them inside so if I won this kit I would finally have the tools to build that condo!

  • sweete1326kjr

    I would start with the arbor leading to my shop. And then continue with projects in there that would go back into the house. First project will be the canned food organizers.

  • Frank Cooper

    I would build the farm table that I would love to have for our family to gather around at Sunday dinners!

  • Jaime Sherwood

    how did you guys know i just starting cleaning out my garage today to reorganize it! My first project would definitely be some new shelving for my garage!

  • Ashley Holloway

    I would start with making shelving in our kids closets, and then tackle the garage like you! And hopefully it would turn out like yours too!

  • Becky Gorman

    A tower/shelf for our front loading washer and dryer. No more switching laundry on my knees!!!

  • tammy marshall

    My dream custom closet..thanks for the chance to win 😉

  • Joey Lui

    Garage storage for my new home that I am purchasing as a first time home buyer

  • jvan3

    A bedroom set for our son, from your PB inspired plans of course! Please, please, pretty please!

  • Misty McKitrick Wells

    I would sooo be making this for the garage and our garden shed! Then a fireplace mantel, mud room lockers and a few more shelves in my office!

  • I would build a workbench with my son and more importantly teach him to use a good set of quality tools he can use the rest of his working life!

  • Stephanie Mead Treme

    Extra storage for my holiday decor closet 🙂 You can never have too many shelves (and if you do, it’s just another reason to fill them up!)

  • Sue Sidletski Dyroff

    Well, since you made such a fabulous garage organizer, I’d have to make one for my garage! Really like that shelf pin jig.

  • Sara

    Built in desk in the office!

  • Dee Lawton Masterson

    Bookshelves for our playroom.

  • Andrea

    Well I am in the middle of dining room build and my craft room. Dining room would be shelfs across on wall which will have my husbands photos (a surprise for him) and craft room would be a table for my sewing machine.

  • jennifer edwards

    I really want to start building for others. My dream is to interior decorate but to help others along the way who can’t afford an interior decorator! To make this more affordable, is like to be able to help them build pieces of furniture for their homes! I don’t have a kreg jig yet but hope to get one soon! It would be awesome to win one but regardless, I want to help others!

  • Chris

    I’d be putting all those AMAZING KREG tools to use on an entertainment/kids toy storage unit for our front room. Just got inspired by seeing this garage project. Fingers crossed!

  • Gary

    Moved into a full renovation home, with the to do list never ending, the farmhouse table would be numero uno. #txsizedhome

  • Melanie Hoehn

    I would start by building my two oldest boys a Volkswagen bus bunkbed. They sleep on the daybed right now and it’s too bulky for their room. Then I would build a new dining room table, a coffee table and new kitchen cabinets. I plan on redoing my entire house so new tools would be awesome!

  • Athena Detrempe

    A table for behind the couch in my husband’s gaming room. THEN a new round dining table.

  • Emma Strobelt

    A storage cart! And a patio set! And frames! 🙂

  • Heather Yeager Workman

    Just moved and 1st project is laundry room storage

  • Sherri Howell

    This is so organized, I love it!! I would love to finish my mud room that was started 4, yes 4 years ago. 🙂

  • Jenny ‘Joyce’ Amundson

    I would love to build a big girl bed for my little lady!

  • Chris

    I am going to tackle my garage with this garage organization plans. Hope it works!

  • Kelly Halliburton-Munoz

    I would like to build an entry way table.

  • astcgirl

    I”m busting to make that Tiled Bar you posted on your blog a little while back.

  • Alison Poorman

    I would put up board and batten in my dining room. (I really need tools!)

  • Brenna

    A new big boy bed for our littlest guy!!!

  • Luiza Kleina

    A console table, a bench, shelves for my daughter’s room…. lotsa things 🙂

  • Debbie

    We are planning to build a mud room locker system ASAP before the winter coats, etc have to come out.

  • Sabrina Sweetwood Lawton

    I just finished my first build (your fancy x table) and had to borrow most tools. Y’all are so inspiring I’d love to build a table for my kitchen and shelves for storage in my garage! Y’all are amazing!!!!

  • A farmhouse table with benches! Or possibly some cabinets. So many possibilities!

  • Sarah Kravetz

    I would build a bed for my husband and I, so we can finally have more than the cheap metal frame.

  • Ashleys13

    My husband and I are finalizing plans for our dream home. We are doing tons of finishing work ourselves, and the first thing I would do with the Kreg would be mudroom bench and storage. Then laundry room shelving/organization. Then garage and basement organization. Ohhhh and stools for the kitchen island. AND a new bed frame for the guest room. Sooo many awesome ideas that I’ve gotten from this website! Thanks girls!

  • Survivor Cynthia

    Storage for our basement! Desperately in need of help since we just moved in!

  • Lisa Marie Loosier

    I would build mud room storage! So desperately in need!

  • Dorcas Chung

    A shelf above my mother’s throne (she has a tiny toilet room).

  • msagraves

    The farmhouse style bedroom desk is calling my name, followed quickly by a custom bedroom closet build. Thats literally just the very tip of my iceberg I call a honey-do list. Im a guy and im not afraid to say it, thanks to your site I guess I #buildlikeagirl

  • Stacy Y.

    I would build a dining room table for my mom. We’re blessed that our family keeps growing, however we aren’t able to eat together as a family when we all visit.

  • aeverkaik

    I would love to build these shelves. Out garage is a mess. I would then build my own workbenchtomgo with the shelves

  • Kevin Hennings

    I would build a new bed for my daughter.

  • Brooke Walter

    I have so many from your DIY blog that I want to make, but I will be starting with the floating shelves!! I would love to do this to our new garage too!

  • Kayla Mae Lucas

    My sons first big boy bed!

  • Corinne Cori Amerman

    A bed frame for the built in alcove bed we need to make for our son!

  • Dana Parmelee

    My garage is in serious need of a makeover, my car barely fits any more, and will not be parked outside during our Pennsylvania winter!

  • Tashlyn Webber

    I’m a beginner and would love to build some picture frames from your blog!! Eventually I want to build that gorgeous farmhouse table!

  • ByDawnNicole

    We have a long list of DIY projects (mostly from your blog!) but we’d start with a TV console table!

  • Aimy

    I would tackle our unfinished basement storage space. Hello holiday storage!

  • Kathy kolbeck

    I will make my grand baby the dress-up center, play table and play kitchen!

  • Lisa

    My girls are begging for big girl beds, so that is what I would build first!!

  • Melissa Kors

    I would love to make some floating shelves. I’m just starting and would like to create something that looks professional.

  • gloria mccarthy

    A new desk for my daughter’s room.

  • Tom Caliendo

    With moving into my new house with my new wife. I would use this to make some custom book shelves for her and some garage storage for me.

  • Jennifer Reynolds

    A new coffee table and a new bed

  • Lauren

    Basement shelving for storage

  • Bobbi Richardson Gilbert

    My garage needs this SO BAD!!! I would send you pictures, but I’m too embarrassed. I can barely even walk through it, much less park a car in there! Our anniversary is coming up and I’m going to buy him more tools, but I have no clue where he is going to put them…HELP!

  • Danielle Harte

    After living in an apartment for the last four years, (and building projects in my kitchen!) I was finally able to buy a home this past June. My new home has a two and a half car garage that is just SCREAMING for a project like what you posted here today! 🙂

  • Trudi McDaniel

    Holy moly! This is an amazing giveaway! Drooling over the Kreg goodies! My newly married son and his bride have asked me to make them a coffee table and the rip cut would be used to plank my daughter’s bedroom wall.

  • Amber Garza

    I would build shelving for my husbands man cave!!!!! Show him how girls build!!!!

  • Carrie

    A dining room table!!

  • Kim O

    I would build shelving in my closet immediately! I’ve been looking for a solution, and I think I just found one!

  • Tamara

    I’d be making triple bunk beds for my two 4-year olds and my 5-year old

  • Tracy Bagley

    I would love to build a desk and shelving units for my daughter while she is at college!!

  • Lacy Daniels

    I would start off with some floating shelves for my living room. Great giveaway!

  • Emma

    So many things!! I want to make a bed for my room, shelves for the bathroom and garage, and a sofa table! Just to name a few!

  • grover101

    Kreg projects are my favorite. The top of my to-do list includes a washer/dryer pedestal with sliding drawer, a laundry cabinet, and a farmhouse table for a friend. Usually by the time I get a project done I have two more on the list, many of which are ideas from Shanty2Chic. Now I’m thinking I need to re-do my garage storage. Thanks for the inspiration and great ideas.

  • Darla Bunyan

    I would transform my closet with shelving!!! Shoe storage! You girls are AMAZING! I love this blog! I hope I win!

  • Denise Hill

    I want to build a sideboard cabinet for my kitchen. This would certainly help!

  • Amyhb

    I would love to get this and use it to build storage shelving in my basement.

  • De

    I would build a workbench so that I can make LOTS of things!

  • Shancy Lusk

    Where to begin!!! Storage shelves in my basement. Cute shelves for the nursery. Finish the laundry shoot. Personal lockers in the garage!!!

  • krissy samples

    I would love to make an extension for our kitchen island. Love all of your projects!

  • Byron

    There are many but my top two would be a side table for my daughters baby room (she is expecting child number three) and a bench/desk for our guest room which will double as a grandkids playroom.

  • NewFarm

    I’m replacing shabbily built kitchen soffits with removable covers – so I can still stash things on top of the cabinets, but out of sight. The covers are 2x12s mitered together in sections, so they’re heavy enough to hang my blue-and-white plate collection for display, but remove them to get at the extra coffee cups if I ever need them.

  • Jim Collett

    Personal locker storage for coats and shoes

  • centrd

    I have so many projects on my list, but storage is my biggest need so I’d probably start with two bookshelves for either side of the opening that leads into a little office alcove. I’d love to get my books out of boxes and into my living space. Thanks for the chance!

  • Crystal Montoya Harris

    a new dinning table

  • Laona K.

    I would love to make picture frames with new kreg jig tools!

  • Diana Friedmann

    I would definitely use it on the farmhouse style desk! Then the pottery barn knock off coffee table, then the pottery barn inspired truss end tables, and then the laundry sorter!

  • Tamar0804

    A very long farm table.

  • Lainey Tickler

    I would build a new entertainment center for our family room! Complete with floating shelves and lots of storage space.

  • Tricia

    A barn door for the bedroom

  • Jamie

    I would build the bathroom storage cabinet!!

  • Jill_Ann

    I would love to make a coffee table for my family room!! …or new frames around all of our builder grade mirrors in our bathrooms!…or the cute picture frames for our master. The possibilities are endless with the Kreg Jig!! My mind won’t stop thinking ever since I found your website!! 🙂

  • Cheryl :)

    A new country hutch like the one in Ana White’s book!!!

  • Emery Bautista

    I would make a bathroom shelf to keep items organized.

  • Michael Wood

    I’d build garage cabinets with these tools.

  • Tim

    an entryway bench!

  • Tiffany

    I would build a custom window seat with surrounding bookcases for my 4 year old sons room. & a study area! He is at that age where he loves books and displaying his model dinosaurs. I can’t wait to continue encouraging this behaviour with his own special reading area 🙂

  • Jeannie Garcia-Buechele

    The first thing this newbie DIYer would build would be the Shanty2Chic workbench. I think this is something every DIYer would need to start there building. KregJig would be a huge help in building it.

  • Heather Lefler Clarke

    My husband & I would build a work table for our garage & storage shelfs!!

  • Jill Rager

    I would construct some much needed shelving in my basement!!!

  • ha p.

    Omg!!! I love kreg jig and all their accessories! I just bought a right angle clamp and I can’t wait to use it. I’m probably going to make shelves to organize my laundry room. Ekk!!! I hope I win!

  • Michelle Millburn

    We are buying a “fixer” in a fantastic neighborhood, so our first project would be the whole house! So much that needs to be done, but it will be so worth it!

  • Autumn C

    I would build this garage organization!

  • Rachel Hickman

    I would build the kids table and chairs, my littles need one!

  • mrsmarycandice

    I would build a headboard for our bed in the master bedroom. That wall is still bare after being here for a year. :/

  • Kelly B

    4×4 truss table!! Still my favorite project!!

  • AverageGuy Woodworking

    I would make much needed kitchen cupboards for my home.

  • Jaime Mabray

    There are so many things I would love to build but have been wanting to build a patio table and benches.

  • Stacey Lee

    It’s so hard to decide what I would do first!! But I desperately need to get my garage organized so I would do this organizational system! Would love to have these tools!!!

  • Ryann Samsel

    I neeeeeeed this!!!! I would totally build this garage storage system! And I could roll my Shanty work bench right in the middle there.

  • Meghan

    Some toy and clothes storage for my 3 kids. It is desperately needed!

  • Debra

    Oh. First project would be a dresser for my boys. Whose dresser is now just a couple of totes.

  • Angela Henry Griffith

    Built-in bookshelves!

  • Amy Teague (Thrifty Chicken)

    I am tossed between a dresser for each or my boys or garage shelves.

  • Giovana R.

    I am very new to working with wood but I love it so far. I would LOVE to build my mother a garden/porch swing with the Krug DIY project kit! She has always wanted one and we just bought a new home together and I want to surprise her with it. 🙂

  • Lauren

    So many projects to choose from! While we desperately need a new bed, I would probably do a toy box or something holiday related! I’m loving your Fall Table Centerpiece! Would love these tools 🙂

  • Adrianna

    I am desperately in need of garage storage/shelves. Right now my stuff is literally spewed throughout my garage and it’s driving me crazy!! I would LOVE to build a setup similar to this one! I recently purchased my first saw and I also really need a workbench/home for all of my beautiful new tools. If I had this kit, the possibilities would be endless! 🙂

  • Mindy

    Hi shanty-to-chic!!! I have loved your site from day one…. Thank you for inspiring that creating and building can happen when you have kiddos and not a lot of spare time 🙂 If I had the give-a-way jig, the first project I would build is a headboard for my son! I have searched forever for a wood headboard and the one you ladies have with different stain color is PERFECT and goes perfect.

    On a side note… My kids think it’s cool that momma can #buildlikeagirl!!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Tashli

    I would so build the garage shelves first!

  • Julie-Anne

    I would first make some picture ledges to get the hang of using it. But I really want to do an outside dining table and benches!

  • Rana

    I would build some bookshelves. We have a nook in our room where they would fit perfectly plus I feel like it would be a good beginner project.

  • Natalie Yard Sale

    Too many projects that I can think of, but I would start with your cute flower pots that you made for my front porch!

  • Ashlee Ault

    I really want to build a bar for my downstairs!! Thinking about building the tiled bar and using it indoors along with the the bar stools 🙂

  • Melissa Gardner Halford

    The restoration hardware table and benches! I’ve been dying to build them but saving up for all the tools is hard to wait! Also need some new shelving in our shed so organization projects run a close second!

  • KMDM

    Ooohhh, we are in desperate need of building beds for our toddler boys. I’d love a loft bed set, where one bed fits under the other to save some space! When we’re done, garage storage is an absolute MUST! Great giveaway… thanks!

  • kelsey peterson

    We’re buying a new house so I’d use them to build something creative once we move in

  • Ashlee Bradshaw Barnhill

    Built ins in our family room. New to us house=lots of projects!

  • Natalie Eubanks

    My husband and I are trying to find a nice medium between our garage being my wood shop and his man cave. These tools would help get us organized and create two spaces that fit both out needs. I need a new work bench and shelving for storage and he needs me to have these so he can fit his car back in the garage and build his loft. Fingers crossed!

  • Jamie Nugent Morris

    If I had these tools I would build so many different things on your website because I don’t have a kreg jig and not exactly sure how to use it if I did :/ but all the plans I go to build on your site require that tool 🙁 I recently lost my job and have a ton of free time but no extra money and really want to start to learn how to build a lot more!! My first small project I would do would be the easy DIY shelves where you guys put the pretty white dishes! I also love any of the plans with the rustic X!

  • Brandy O’Neal

    I would use these tools to build a shoe shelf. I want it to have slanted shelves and a toe/heel catch. Next, I want to build a cute table that fits over our large dog cage!! So excited!

  • Erica Simon

    It’s a toss up between new shelves/storage in the garage & building a new homework table/station for the kids. I would love love love to win this!

  • Jen Johnson

    I would build a small storage unit in our closet for my husband to organize his army gear and his gun & hunting gear. I took up most of the closet space and therefore he has no space of his own I’m our tiny apartment. I would love to build him something that was just for him and that could also make his life easier!! He’s the best and he deserves it 🙂

  • Laiken

    I would build a frame for my bathroom mirror!

  • Ashley Deaton

    I have plans already printed for the bench you built with Ana White’s plans.

  • Jordan Swanson

    I would build a shelving unit for my husband’s man cave! He races sprint cars, and I’d love to create a unit to display his trophies and plaques 🙂

  • Michelle Irish

    Shelving in my two year old son’s room, the toys are taking over!

  • Taylor Sutton

    my first project would be EXACTLY the one you did in the garage. We just recently purchased a home and our garage looks like an episode of hoarders right now. there are SO many projects to do, and our garage has become a catch-all for everything so that my house stays neat and tidy. As a military child, the unorganized garage is driving me CRAZY…

  • Erika Moore

    Bathroom cabinet or shelves. Farmhouse dining room table…ahh so much more!!

  • amy425

    Some shelves similar to these…but in our school room!