I have jumped on the white pumpkin bandwagon! 
I’m sure you all have seen these at Wal-Mart.
They are terrible looking faux pumpkins but I bought the box of them for $5 and the big pumpkin for $5!
Thanks to the weather clearing, I was able to get outside and spray paint the cheap right off with Rustoleum Heirloom White.
A paint project is just not complete without a visit from our dear friend Ralph.  Just paint on and wipe away to warm up any paint!
‘Tis the season for TWINE!
I put a small dab of  hot glue at the top of each line and wrapped the twine around to the other side.  Cut it to size and added another dab of hot glue.
What to do with the stem you ask?  I wrapped twine all the way around to the tip, placing a small dab of hot glue as I went.
At the tip I put a heavier dab of hot glue and coiled the twine until it was completely covered.  I then cut down the end of the twine so it was flush with the coil.
So cute but she needs some friends…
I followed the same steps for these little guys but I used the 2ply Jute Twine for the babies and alternated between the two twines with the medium pumpkins!
Before cheap faux pumpkins…
After white pumpkin Chicness!
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  1. Oh Shoot! I must be the only person in Blogland who doesn't own a glue gun. I may just have to get one, my daughter would be over the moon!

  2. Oh Shoot! I must be the only person in Blogland who doesn't own a glue gun. I may just have to get one, my daughter would be over the moon!

  3. KEEEEUTE! I am lovin' those white pumpkins. They need to come visit me. Ok I'll get out my own spray paint!!! It's a nice day and perfect for spray painting!!

  4. You know that you and your sister are making the rest of seem welll…. not so crafty 🙂 Do you sleep at night or do you lay in bed plotting on how to make us feel their not worthy?? I love everything you gals do you can never seem to amaze you astound me. I hop e the 2 of you have an amzing Friday 😉


  5. These are adorable!! I am heading to Wal-mart this afternoon and will definitely be getting some.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Julie =)

  6. How cute!!! I have everything that I need to copy your neat idea…so I think I might just get right to it…thanks soooo much for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend.


  7. I saw these at Wal Mart yesterday and thought the her awful…I am so going to get some today. That is so cute!