I am so excited to share this latest project with you!  I collaborated with two great friends on this one, and I absolutely love the result.  Check out my DIY Metal and Wood Coffee Table!

DIY Metal and Wood Coffee Table

DIY Patterned Wood Tabletop

How about that tabletop?  I just love it.

I teamed up with my good friend Jamison, of Rogue Engineer to do the plans for this table.  The best part??  He is offering an optional wood base with the plans for those of you without access to the metal base.  You can see those plans HERE on his site!

I will walk you through the build of this table, but this one is more tips.  It’s a very simple how-to!

Before we do, let’s please talk about that table base.  It’s amazing.  We have another great friend that I’m so excited to share with you.  His name is Tyler Wayne.  You guys need to check out his Etsy store, as well as follow him on Instagram!  Ash and I love the mix of metal with wood, but have no interest (or ability 😉 ) to weld.  We decided to team up with Tyler on the base for this table.  He did an amazing job, and we are so excited to share more collaborations with you very soon.  The guy is an extremely talented welder and woodworker, so go follow!

Now… On to the top!

I started by cutting the hardwood plywood that you will build the pattern on.  I started with a piece that was 2′ x 4′, larger than the plan calls for.  I used Purebond Plywood from Home Depot.


Now for the pattern pieces.  I won’t lie… This did test my miter cutting accuracy 🙂  I used inexpensive white wood for the top pieces.  I love the way they take stain really unevenly.  It gives it a really cool finish.  I decided to make all of my cuts and lay them out before attaching anything.  A good tip is to measure each piece individually.  It’s tempting to use a cut to draw out the next, but I have the most accuracy measuring each piece, or creating a stop on my miter saw with a scrap of wood.  Before attaching each piece, I used my corner cat sander around each edge of each piece.  I really wanted the edges to be slightly rounded.

Ryobi Corner Cat

Then… I started creating my pattern.

Creating a patterned wood table top

After making sure all of my pieces lined up well, I attached them to my hardwood plywood.   There were pieces that weren’t exactly perfect, but once I stained the whole piece, it looked amazing.  It really adds to the vintage look in my opinion.  I used Gorilla Wood Glue and my Ryobi 18V AirStrike Brad Nailer to attach all of the pieces.

Ryobi AirStrike Nailer

Here is my pattern before I cut the excess!

patterned table top tutorial

My next step was cutting off the extra plywood.  I used my Ryobi circular saw to cut a straight edge on both sides.  Next, I flipped the entire piece around and added 1.5″ pocket holes to the back of the table top.  I used these to attach the 2×4 border.   I cut each piece of 2×4 for the edge, and then I then used 2.5″ pocket hole screws through the holes on the tabletop base to attach the 2×4’s.

Here she is all ready for stain!

wood tabletop by shanty2chic

I used Varathane Dark Walnut stain for my top.  Then, I used my Corner Cat sander to distress it a bit, and I came back on those spots with Varathane Carrington stain to give it a little contrast.  I love the reclaimed feel of the top!

DIY Patterned Wood Tabletop

Now… where is this baby going?  That I can’t tell… YET!  Stay tuned to see it in it’s new home.  In the meantime, here is a yard shot 😉

DIY Metal and Wood Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Table by Shanty2Chic

Thank you so much for stopping by guys!  Be sure to get the free plans at Rogue Engineer and check out our buddy Tyler Wayne!  We all made a perfect team for this build, and it was lots of fun!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!  Happy building!


Check out this video to build this DIY Rolling Storage Coffee Table!

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  1. Have you built a dining table with this same kind of top at all? I’d love to have this top on the Turned Leg Dining Table you did

  2. Amazing work! Just a question about the borders: I guess you used the same plywood ( but thicker right?). How many screws did you use for each border?
    Thank you


  3. Love this coffee table! Great job on the top. It looks awesome! I’m with ya on the welding thing. I’ll have to check him out. Seriously love the mix or metal and wood though!

  4. I really like the new format of the pdf plans. They are much easier to read and understand and VISUALLY APPEALING!

  5. This is an AWESOME table top! We have a patio table that had a glass top until hail and wind broke it to pieces one Colorado Spring! I have been looking for a way to make a table top because I love the base and chairs. This will be perfect, can’t wait to start buiilding!