There is nothing we love more than a good before and after! The Davis family wanted us to open up their living room, entryway and kitchen and give the entire space an updated look! After tearing down the walls, we wanted to make this huge fireplace the focal point of the home. Rather than tearing out the perfectly good brick, we opted to give it a fresh coat of paint! This DIY Painted Brick Fireplace is a show stopper in this renovation and it set the whole feel of the home!

Fireplace Before

Here is the space before. We tore out the walls on both sides, which opened up the living room to this entryway space. We called this space the “random room”.

Fireplace After

We gave the brick two coats of Pure White by Sherwin Williams!

Shiplap on the Fireplace

When we tore the walls out, we noticed that the sides of the fireplace had not been bricked. This was an easy fix! We used our DIY Plank Wall tutorial to plank both sides of the fireplace. Problem solved!

Here it is from the other side! We love the contrast of the white brick with the dark stained trim! We used Dark Walnut stain on the moulding and floors!

You don’t have to have a big budget to give your home an amazing update! We did tear the walls down, because this was a big renovation but just painting the fireplace and adding some decor would have made a huge difference!

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