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  1. My biggest issue here is drastically changing the plans because I now have smaller widths than what the plans call for by 1/2” per piece. Do you usually just size everything up? For example, if it calls for a 2×4 do you buy a 2×6?

    1. I have this same question? If they rip all of their 2x4s do you have to change all of the measurements or do their plans automatically factor in ripped 2xs ?

  2. Is there a way to get that straight edge without a table saw? I’m just getting started and don’t have a full shop of tool yet. thanks!

  3. Hi! I just purchased the Ryobi table saw and when I tried to rip the edges of my 2×4 burn marks from the blade showed up all the way down the side. How do I prevent this from happening?

    1. Putting a sharper blade will help, also make sure your fence is straight. Sometimes the boards can be bowed, which will cause this, but you can sand most of it away.

      1. Great, thanks! Any blade recommendations? The blade is brand new but it is the one that came with the saw.

  4. I love your videos! I have a question for y’all: what is the best way to fix a blotchy staining job? Here’s what I did: sanded my wood stools, burned cute little designs on them, applied wood conditioner and then the stain (like I usually do) and…comes out super blotchy! Do I sand it and start over? Strip it? Use shellac instead of conditioner next time?

  5. I am building the Rustic Modern King Bed and in the plans it says that you did this to all 2x boards. However, in the plans it says that after ripping the curved edge off the boards the finished board is 3 1/4 inch. I tried this with a test board and I can’t seem to remove the entire curved edge and keep the board 3 1/4 inch. If I go down to 3 inches like in this tutorial I can cleanly remove the entire curved edge, but then I am 1/4 inch off according to the plans. Any clarifying thoughts?

    1. Is a table saw the only way that you can rip the curved edge off the board or is it possible to also do with a miter saw?

      1. Yes – you will need a table saw. The boards are too long for a miter saw. Once you get the hang of it with the table saw it is pretty easy and goes quick. I finished our Rustic Modern King Bed….laying in it as I type this. Started the matching barn door night stands this week. About 75% finished with the first one. Good luck with your build.

          1. Got it!! Thanks ladies. And I like the idea of making all the cuts first, then running them all through the saw, vs handling the full length board. Have a great day!!